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9/05/2018He’s Got A Fetish, She’s Got A Fetish, We’ve All Got Fetishes!
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He’s Got A Fetish, She’s Got A Fetish, We’ve All Got Fetishes!

THURSDAY - 9/05/2018 Author: GlitteryKiki - News Source: Independent, The Guardian

Shoes, Stockings, Maids, Latex, Hair and even Stamps: academics have made it their duty to study the ever-expanding catalogue of things that turn people on. Feet and toes lead the list, followed by body fluids, then body size and head hair.

In one odd case, a Norwegian man paid porn producers to create a film of women burning the stamp collection that he had spent 40 years building. It is said that the amount of time he focused on building up his stamp collection, left him feeling depressed and lonely. After discussing his life problems with a professional, he knew what he had to do!

He paid a porn producer to film women burning his stamp collection... and no, these girls do not get naked like many of our other fetish porns! Instead three women dressed in school uniforms, and humiliated him by laughing at and destroying his collection. He said he watches it every day.

As bizarre as this case may seem, it’s really not that uncommon. Just look at the Evil Angel popular series Fetish Fanatic, it’s been so hot that 3 different titles came out in 2017 alone! My favorite being Sasha Heart and Adriana Chechik pushing whole oranges into juicy holes and immersing themselves in a big mess of macaroni and cheese Fetish Fanatic 21.

Fetish, it’s just taking a dive into what is beyond the usual!

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