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There are many features to the XRentDVD website that can help to maximize your adult DVD movie experience. We are constantly adding new features to make your adult DVDs faster and easier to find. After all, with so many adult DVD movie titles available at X Rent DVD, adult DVDs can become difficult to find. This page offers helpful hints on using some of those features to find your adult DVD movie quickly.
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Advanced Search

Adult DVD Wishlist back to top
Your adult DVD wishlist is a great way to keep track of those adult DVD titles you might be interested in later. If an adult DVD title is not in stock it is also a good way to let our buyers know of your interest in an adult DVD title. Using the wishlist is as simple as clicking on any of the buttons throughout the site.
Adding Items By Type
The Add To Wishlist button is on both the product page and the product list page. The button will be grey if the product is not currently on your wishlist and there are two different ways to add a title. You can either click the button and it will automatically default to your rental wishlist. However, if you'd like to add it to your purchase or used DVD wishlist, simply mouseover the button and the other options will appear. Once an item is on the wishlist, the button will change to red and will display what wishlist type you've chosen. You can easily change the type by mousing over the button again and clicking on a different wishlist type in the drop down menu. Not only does this allow you to organize things, it also is helps our purchasing department to know our customer's interests so they can buy more of the dvds that you like. To remove a title, just click the reddened button again and it will remove the dvd from your wishlist.
(1) Mouse over the wishlist button: First mouse over the button and a drop down menu will appear.
(2) Select type: Choose between buy, rent and used and the dvd will be added to your wishlist.
(3) Button changes: Once you've added the title to your wishlist, the button will turn red to indicate that it's been added. The button will be red on the product page, the product list page and the wishlist to show that you've already added it to your wishlist.
Email Notification
Next to each item on the Wishlist page is a check box to turn on email notifications. By checking this box, the next time that item in the type (Rent/Used/Buy) becomes available, the system will send you an email. We make no guarantees that the item will still be available once you get the email and make it to the site, but it does allow you to be notified. This is very useful for being notified when an adult DVD product is released for Used overstock sale. Once an email has been sent, the check box is cleared for that item. If the item is no longer available when you got to the site then you would need to recheck the box if you wanted to be notified the next time it came in.
Filter by In-Stock
Our Wishlist page has the same features as our other DVD product browse pages. This means that you can use the Filter In-Stock Rental, Used, and Purchase sort options in the top right corner of the page. This is a very quick way to see only the items that are available now.
Exclude/Include Search
One of the more powerful things you can do once you have items in your Wishlist is to exclude or include them on Advanced Search. Excluding them allows you to skip those DVD items you have already looked at and saves you some time. Including them can be useful when your Wishlist has grown to be many pages long.
Ratings back to top
Throughout the site there are small rating stars that allow you to easily rate titles with 1 to 5 stars or as Not Interested. This can be very useful to identify adult DVD titles that you have already seen and to determine how well you liked them. After a while, adult DVD covers can start to look alike, this helps.

You will see previous titles you have rated indicated by the yellow stars
Note: These features require you to have registered with us and be logged in.

4.5 stars out of 5
If you are a new customer or are not logged into your account, you will see red stars indicating how well other customers enjoyed this particular title.
If no stars appear, that means that not enough people have rated the title in order to determine a baseline rating for this title.

XRentDVD encourages you to rate as many titles as you have seen. XRentDVD uses this rating system to suggest other titles that might interest you. These suggestions can be found by clicking the suggestions link on the left side of any page on XRentDVD.com. Also, your rating will be compared with other XRentDVD users that have rated the same title to determine the overall XRentDVD rating for a particular title.

Exclude/Include Search
Once adult DVD titles are rated, they can be excluded or included on Advanced Search. In fact, the Advanced Search even defaults to excluding those titles you have marked Not Interested. By excluding adult DVD titles you have rated, you don't have to waste time browsing adult DVD titles only to find out you already rented it. By only including adult DVD titles you rated, you can look back at titles you liked and find other titles like them.

The Suggestion page is influenced directly by the adult DVD titles you have rated. It also looks at adult DVD titles on your Wishlist, Rental Plan Queue, and in your rental/purchase history. However, your ratings are always given more weight than what is on your wishlist or in your history. The more adult DVD titles you rate, the more finely tuned your suggestions will become.

Unrated History
The Unrated History page under My Account is available with adult DVD titles that you have rented and/or purchased that have not yet been rated. This is the easiest way to catch up on your ratings and take advantage of all the features ratings allow.
General back to top
In this section we have items that are used throughout the site or are not big enough for a section on their own.

When browsing or searching you will see multicolored lists at the top of the page:

  • Home
  • >>
  • All Sex [x]
  • >>
  • 4.00-5.00 Stars [x]
[Show] [Hide]
  • Fetish (74) [-]
  • Oral (56) [-]
  • Anal (20) [-]
  • Big Cock (15) [-]
  • Bargain Bin (9) [-]
  • [More]
  • Evil Angel (57) [-]
  • Red Light District (57) [-]
  • Diabolic (42) [-]
  • Sineplex (40) [-]
  • Platinum X (34) [-]
  • [More]

These color coded lists help you narrow your results to find exactly what you are interested in. For example, if you select the All Sex Category you can then refine your search results even further by clicking on a particular Studio, Series, Cast Member, Director, or even a customer Rating. The total number of matching titles are listed to the right of each criteria. If you wish to exclude certain criteria from your search results, just click on the minus [-] link to the right of the criteria you wish to omit. The criteria you have selected will be displayed at the top of the search bar. If you want to remove criteria from your search that you have already selected, simply click the[x] on the right hand side. At any time you can click on one of the [more] links to see an even larger list of options for that particular criteria. This way of browsing makes it very easy to find exactly the type of adult DVDs that you enjoy.

The Settings page can be found under My Account. This is where you can specify if you want to receive marketing emails from XRentDVD. These emails usually contain announcements of new adult DVD product lines and site features. It is also where we include special coupons from time to time. You needn't worry about getting Spam when this setting is checked, we never share email addresses with anyone.

Also on the Settings page is the option to have large images shown on the Product pages. For those of you with high-speed Internet connections, this allows you to skip the Product popup in order to see the large image of the front and back cover.

Expandable Product Popup
On each of the Product pages you can click on the product image to get a popup with the large image in it. What you may not have noticed is that you can expand the size of that popup and the image will automatically expand or contract to fit the new popup size. You can even double-click on the popup header bar to maximize the popup. This can make scrutinizing the image much easier, especially if you use a high resolution on your computer.

Product Page Icons
Our product pages feature visual icons to alert you to the disc format, whether the title is a multi-disc rental, has been reviewed, in addition to other extra product information you may find beneficial. A visual legend identifying each of the various icons is provided below:

(A) DVD Format: Logo depicting the disc format (DVD, DVD-R, Blu-Ray, HD-DVD).
(B) Disc Rental Count: Number of included rental discs.
(C) Star Interviews: One or more performers featured in the title have been interviewed by our very own Big D.
(D) DVD Reviews: The title has been reviewed and is featured on XRentDVD.com.
(E) DVD Trailers: We've provided a link to a trailer of the title for you.

Advanced Search back to top
The Advanced Search is one of the best ways to find the adult DVD movie titles you are really interested in. Its power and flexibility go well beyond a simple name or cast member search. You can combine any number of criteria to come up with just the adult DVD movie titles you are looking for.

Items on your Wishlist can be excluded or included from your search. Excluding them is useful when you are looking to add more items to your Wishlist and don't need to see adult DVD movie titles already on it. Including only items on your Wishlist is useful when your Wishlist has grown to be many pages and you are trying to find a particular adult DVD movie title or two.

Items you have rated can be excluded or included from your search. Excluding them is useful so that the search does not bring back adult DVD movie titles you have already seen. There is even a checkbox to only exclude those adult DVD movie titles you have marked as Not Interested. By including only items you have rated allows you to find those adult DVD movie titles you have seen before and might want to purchase, recommend to a friend, or titles similar to.

Rental Plan Titles
Titles that are part of, or will be part of, our XRentDVD Rental Plans can be excluded or included from your search. If you are not a Rental Plan member you can use this to find out if the items you are interested in are included on the Rental Plans or not. If you are a Rental Plan member then you can use this to filter your search for titles you can add to your Queue or to find those titles that are excluded from the plans that you might want to rent on a weekly basis.

When using this search criteria, the "All Items" option will include titles that are released under both standard and premium rental plans. You may also refine your search to titles eligible under just the Standard Rental Plans or just the Premium Rental Plans. The "Items Not Available" option will refine your search to titles that are not offered under rental plans, which is very few titles.

In-Stock and New Titles
One of the more time saving search options is to filter for titles that are in-stock in the type you are looking for. This is one of the best ways to find Used titles you may be interested in. You will still need to fill in other criteria since we have more than the 1000 title search limit in stock for any one type.

For those of you who are predominately interested in the newly released titles, you can filter your search to titles added within a certain number of days. Keep in mind that we add up to 500 new titles a month so the number of days you enter needs to be a small number in order not to exceed our 1000 title search limit.

Category Matching
The Advanced Search has a very useful category search facility. As usual, you can search for titles in the categories you are interested in or exclude titles in categories you dislike. This section also allows you to refine your search to titles found under straight, gay, or any other category. The most powerful search is the "All" option. Many titles are classified in multiple categories. The "All" option allows you to search for titles that are in more than one category. For example, you can search for titles that are in both "Legal Teen" and "Asian" to see those young Asian girls.

Saved Searches
Once you have created just the right criteria to find the titles you are interested in, you can save and name the search so you can run it again at a future date. The search will then be available on the Saved Searches page. This saves you time when you come back to the site and want to look at some more titles of the same type as before.

New Item Email Notification
One additional feature of saved searches is that you can set it to notify you when new titles are added to the website. New titles are added almost every day and these emails are sent out just after the days new titles are added. If you check the box then any titles added to the website that qualify for the search are listed in an email.