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Up to 75% Off!
Pricing can be as much as 75% off our new selling price for those that want to build your collection, but do it in a cost effective manner!
All Used DVDs Are Quality Tested
We clean, polish, and inspect every used DVD that goes out for sale. This is to ensure reliable playback. You get adult DVDs that are in like new condition.
Cover Art Included
When you buy used DVDs, you get them complete with a DVD box and the original cover art unless otherwise noted on a product's detail page.
Get 'Em While They're Hot
If you see it used and it's a title you want, don't wait... it may not be available for much longer. Once we sellout that particular DVD, it may not be offered used again for a long time... if ever!
Affordable Shipping Options
As with every purchase at XRentDVD, we offer you a affordable shipping options. So not only do you save big on the DVD, but you’ll also save on getting it.

No matter what your tastes in porn, we have thousands of used DVDs for every interest. Numerous Adult XXX DVDs are added to our used inventory daily. Check your favorite categories regularly because you never know when different titles will be added.

Here is a small sampling of what you can find in our used dvd section.
Little Asian Cocksuckers #14
Little Asian Cocksuckers #14
Road Queen #18
Road Queen #18
Big Night Sticks White Chicks #2
Big Night Sticks White Chicks #2
True Anal #3
True Anal #3
Whore's Ink #3
Whore's Ink #3
Momma Gotta Big Ole' Butt
Momma Gotta Big Ole' Butt
Swallowed #5
Swallowed #5
Lesbian Sex #12
Lesbian Sex #12
Girls Kissing Girls #14
Girls Kissing Girls #14
Chocolate Chicks Cracker Dick #4
Chocolate Chicks Cracker Dick #4
Here is the fine print when it comes to the Used DVDs:
  • All used adult DVDs will arrive with our unique, bar coded rental sticker in the center of the DVD. Please do not remove this sticker until you have made sure the DVD works in your own DVD player. The sticker is required if you need to return any defective or damaged adult DVD's. NO STICKER = NO RETURN.
  • XRentDVD is not responsible for U.S. Postal Service delays. However, XRentDVD continually works with the Postal Service to minimize delays and endeavors to get your DVDs to you as quickly as possible.
  • These used adult XXX DVDs are available on a limited basis. That means all prices are subject to change and may fluctuate based on supply and demand. We can only guarantee pricing upon successful completion of an order. A general rule to follow: whatever price appears in your cart is accurate. If you do not complete your transaction in a timely manner, your cart may expire and you could lose the used adult DVD disk to another customer. What we are saying is when you see an adult DVD offered at the used price, buy it quickly. If someone else buys it, there are no guarantees that particular title will become available at the used price ever again.
  • All used adult DVDs will arrive in a DVD box with the original cover art. In the rare instance the box cover art is not available, the product description page will make a note of this. If this is the case we will automatically reduce the purchase price of your item by $1.00. Please note that any promotional materials, i.e. posters, audio soundtrack CDs or any other inserts that may have been in the original box will not be included. If you would like those items included with your DVD, we suggest buying a brand new copy.
  • All of our used adult XXX DVDs are cleaned, polished and inspected thoroughly before they are sold. They have been tested extensively on various platforms and have proven to perform flawlessly. Please understand that these XXX Adult DVDs are not brand new. They may show some normal wear and other blemishes which you will not find in a brand new product. We assure you that these are purely cosmetic and do not affect the playability of these used adult DVDs. We are so confident in their reliability that our used adult DVDs are guaranteed for 30 days from the date of your purchase.
  • XRentDVD's standard Terms and Conditions also apply.