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Big D's Interview With Whitney Westgate
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Interview Date: May 2, 2013

With eyes that pierce like diamonds and a playful "girl next door" attitude, Whitney Westgate looks more like the girl you would want to bring home to mom. Fortunately for us horny guys in the world, Whitney Westgate has decided that a career in porn is her path she wants to take and all of us get to come along for a ride. In this exclusive interview with our own Big D, Whitney Westgate talks about the difficulty of suceeding in the porn industry without an agent, why keeping her natural looks works for her and her plans for an eventual move to mainstream movies.

Big D: Here at XRentDVD we have a ranking system for the popularity of porn stars based on how many times our visitors visit a particular porn star's page. You have been jumping up the rankings and have gone all the way to the No. 1 spot, pretty much coming out of nowhere. What do you attribute to your rise in popularity due to the fact that you haven’t been in porn all that long?

Whitney Westgate: I don’t know. I hear from people that they like how I kept it natural. A lot of companies asked me to get a boob job and everything else but I kept it natural. I heard a lot of people say that’s why I’m their personal favorite. At least that’s what I get from my Twitter fans. I did a signing about two days ago at Penthouse and that’s what people are saying. They were encouraging me to just keep it natural and how they like I didn’t go blonde and everything like that.

Big D: So when people approach you, whether it's the Penthouse signing or you interact with your fans via Twitter or anywhere else online, did that reinforce your decision to stay all-natural? That is was the right decision to not conform and have that classic porn star look? I'm sure you have seen the girls on set where they've had breast augmentation surgery or died their hair or had some sort of plastic surgery. Does your fan interaction reinforce your decision or keep you motivated to keep that "girl next door" look?

Whitney Westgate: Yeah, it kind of does. Also the fact that people hire me for the “girl next door” look and I feel like the “girl next door” doesn’t have fake boobs and bleached blond hair and extensions and stuff like that. I personally, well that’s just my personality, how I come up on camera is kind of how I am in person. I’m laid back and I’m not really superficial or anything like that. I want my look to be similar as to my personality. I think I prefer to be the natural, girl next door rather than looking like a Barbie Doll. So yeah, I don’t think I would ever get breast augmentation or bleach blond hair or anything like that, My fans seem to like the way I am right now.

Big D: How did you get into this line of work or how did you pick this career choice? You’re only – what 19-20 years old? What was the transition from turning 19 in January and getting in? You were just recently named Penthouse Pet for April 2013 so obviously you’re doing something right. For the people that might not be familiar with your body of work, please go through the progression of how you got to be where you are right now?

Whitney Westgate: When I first started, I got an offer to go out to California to shoot one time for one video. It was an amateur website and I ended up liking the business. When I came home, I found an agency and worked for them for a while. The agency just ended up not working out. There’s always so many girls in the agency and stuff like that. So I kind of just started booking myself, networking with everyone and finding out what the fans like. I gathered all that information via Twitter and emails and stuff like that. I talk to them a lot and I always answer my emails eventually even to the fans. I also like to network with the companies. Personally if I want to work for the company, I’ll send them emails or send them head shots or whatever they want and see if they’re interested in working with me. It was kind of crazy because Penthouse called me personally one day and was said “We’re interested in giving you a part. We want you to be the front cover and centerfold for our magazine. Would you like to do it?”. Of course I would love to do it. And they told me I needed to be in California in something like three days. So I flew out immediately. I booked my flight, flew out, shot with them and came back. I think it’s just motivation.

Big D: Most girls in this industry don’t have to handle their own bookings and let their agent do it. Here you are interacting with fans and doing things that an agent or a PR firm would be handling. We contacted you directly for this interview. How difficult is that especially for a gal who lives in Florida to have to come back and forth between California and in living back in Florida? How difficult is that to be your own agent, to be your own PR agency and be your own publicity? How difficult is it for someone who is 19 years old to take the reins with all those responsibilities?

Whitney Westgate: Well, it’s hard. It’s really hard because there’s so many companies and then again there’s so many big companies. There’s people that don’t really run the agency or really don’t run the company, and they’ll just email you because they’re not legitimate. It’s really hard to decipher what companies are legitimate, what companies would portray me the way that I want to be portrayed as the girl next door type. The companies help me out because they know I book myself. They’ll help me out and contact me whenever they’re having an event. They call me and ask if I would like to come to this event or a signing or an appearance. They’ll call me if they have openings for video shoots or anything really. So it’s definitely hard. I’m still learning everything. You learn quickly but I’m still learning everything. But I feel like it’s worth being able to pick what companies you want to work with instead of being told where to go. I've just figured out how to run everything on my own and know everything that’s going on. Kind of like having your own business. But yeah, it’s tough.

Big D: I see you’ve worked for Peter North, New Sensations, 3rd Degree and Digital Sin to name a few. Those are some of the larger and more respected studios in porn. Do you find it difficult in the fact that with some of these larger companies, not necessary the ones that I just mentioned, but some companies are stuck in a rut in only working and booking girls from the big agencies that are out here in Porn Valley? Some of them are just used to calling up an agent and asking “Hey who’s available?”. Do you feel that you miss out on opportunities because you are independent and are not plugged into that machine?

Whitney Westgate: It’s definitely harder. It’s definitely not as easy to get booked because you’re not with an agency. But I became good friends with the people who work within all the companies I have worked with in the past. They’ll email me personally or shoot me a text or give me a call if they want to work with me. Like Peter North, I still talk to him, just regular check up, how you’re doing, stuff like that. I’ve actually had a lot of the companies I’ve worked for like Amateur Allure and Peter North do that. They’ve asked me or contacted me directly to come back and work for them. So you definitely don’t get booked as easily because it’s not like they can call an agent and say “alright we want her for tomorrow, we will need her at this time”. They do have to contact me and book me a little further in advance in a week or two weeks and I’ll fly out. It’s not like it’s impossible. You become good friends. It’s a small industry. I feel like everyone knows everyone, so being in it a little bit you get a lot of the connections. So it’s not impossible. It’s just not as easy as calling an agent.
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Big D: Seeing how it is a small industry and everybody knows everybody and you’re able to network, in your brief time of working in it, who are the people who are on your favorite list? Who have you worked with in the past that if you did get booked and you could choose to work with someone in particular, who would it be?

Whitney Westgate: Talent wise or company wise?

Big D: Either or actually how about both?

Whitney Westgate: Company wise I really like working for Peter North. He has Craven Moorehead as his camera man. Craven does all the photography, all the filming and I get along with Craven and Peter really well. So I love working with their company. Amateur Allure, they are a great company. Everyone that works for them is awesome. I’ll definitely work with them again. I don’t know…there’s a lot. I like all the companies that I have worked for. But I would say that those two are my favorite. Talent-wise, they generally put me with the same people over and over again. So I haven’t really gotten to work with a lot of talent. It’s been typically the same people. I definitely would like to do more girl-girl because I’ve only maybe worked with two girls.

Big D: Seeing how you haven't worked with too many people on the talent end, who is out there that would aspire to work with but have not had the chance to work with them yet? Also, who have you worked with that you would jump at the chance to work with them again?

Whitney Westgate: I'd love to work with Lisa Ann. She and I have a weird connection and we both like sneakers and shoes and stuff like that. We actually get our sneakers from the same place. It’s weird. I would really like to work with her because I see a lot of similarities and I think we’ll get along very well. And I’ve never actually met her before so I would love to work for Lisa Ann. There’s so many girls. Probably Samantha Saint. She’s hot. Riley Reid. She’s really nice. I’ll definitely work with her. There’s a bunch of people I would like to work with. Johnny Castle was awesome. I worked with him before. I’ll definitely work with him again.

Big D: What are your future plans? Some girls come into the porn industry and set out to shoot as much as they can, do as much as they can, and when the time is right, get out. Some girls say they only want to be in for three, four or five years and after that, they take their money and start a real estate business, or whatever they plan to do. What’s your plan for down the road? Is this something that is fun and great for now and we’ll see where it goes or do you actually have a laid out plan for what’s coming down the road?

Whitney Westgate: I have a little bit of a plan. I don’t want to shoot myself out. If you’re shooting all the time and you’re brand new, there’s a possibility you can shoot yourself out. So I definitely don’t want to get shot out. I actually am interested in, since I haven’t shot a lot of new stuff lately, I would like to start my own website and get a website up and have my own content online. That’s what I really would like to do. Eventually I would like to cross over to the mainstream side. I’ve been talking to a couple of companies that have contacted me off the mainstream side and they hooked me up with an acting school, so I’ve been working with them as well. For right now on the adult side, I’d like to start up a website where all my fans could go and to gain new fans and stuff like that. So that’s where I’ll be going on the adult side and eventually crossing over.

Big D: The bigger crossover porn stars would probably be someone like Sasha Grey, who actually completely and totally got out of the adult side and is actually still doing mainstream work now. Is there a particular type of movie you would like to shoot if you ever make that type of transition?

Whitney Westgate: I would prefer to do movies instead of TV. I don’t mind either but I prefer to do big movies. Something like action movies or something like The Fast and The Furious. I’m very diverse so I would really do all kinds of movies. I think action movies would be my favorite.

Big D: What was your first job?

Whitney Westgate: I was a lifeguard at a pool.

Big D: First concert?

Whitney Westgate: Lil' Wayne

Big D: First Car?

Whitney Westgate: A Mercury Mountaineer.

Big D: Musically, what’s in your iPod, Iphone or your MP3 player right now?

Whitney Westgate: A lot of rap and hip-hop, Biggie Smalls, Tupac.

Big D: Favorite food?
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Whitney Westgate: Italian.

Big D: Favorite position?

Whitney Westgate: Doggie style or reverse cowgirl

Big D: Movie or a Ballgame?

Whitney Westgate: Sporting event. I'm a huge New York Rangers fan. If it’s hockey, I’ll definitely be there.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Whitney Westgate: The Green Mile.

Big D: What modern convenience you cannot live without?

Whitney Westgate: A car. I hate not having a car when I travel.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Whitney Westgate: Bahamas. It’s a family tradition. We go every year.

Big D: Who is a famous person, living or dead, you would like to meet that you haven’t had a chance to meet yet?

Whitney Westgate: Megan Fox

Big D: Where is a place that you would like to visit but you have yet to go?

Whitney Westgate: Australia.

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