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Big D's Interview With Wendy Williams
Inside Wendy Williams

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Interview Date: June 22, 2017

There are certain names within porn circles that are the biggest, household names in the business. Jenna Jameson, John Holmes, Ron Jeremy, Tera Patrick in straight porn and Lukas Ridgeston, Michael Lucas and Brent Corrigan in gay porn are legends. In Transexual porn, there is only one. Wendy Williams. For nearly two decades Wendy Williams has faced daunting odds and has come out on top and highly relevant in an ever changing porn world. Wendy Williams has seen porn transition from VHS video tapes to DVDs to the online streaming world and kept pace throughout all of it. In this exclusive interview with XRentDVD's Link diLontra, Wendy Williams reveals she has tremendous anxiety in large crowds of people, dishes on how she has been able to stay relevant in Transexual porn for all these years, how porn has changed drastically since she started and how today's politically charged society in an effort to not offend and to be politically correct, may actually be harming the Transgendered community's advancement rather than helping it.

Link diLontra: I saw recently on Twitter you are packing to go somewhere and you are traveling?

Wendy Williams: Right. I just recently purchased a bar in Tennessee. It's an LGBT bar in Cookeville between Nashville and Knoxville. On the weekends, I work in the bar entertaining in the shows or bartending or whatever I need to do at the bar. I am there every single weekend. And I am getting ready for a trip to Las Vegas in July where I will be shooting new content for my website.

Link diLontra: Wow, that's super exciting. What's the name of the bar?

Wendy Williams: It's called the Roadhouse Bar and it is off of Miller Road.

Link diLontra: How did you get into that as a business venture?

Wendy Williams: I've been working in nightclubs and in the drag shows for about 20 years. This bar happens to be a bar that I have been working in for a long time. The opportunity came up and I decided it was too good to pass up. I've had it for about three months now.

Link diLontra: You must be super busy all the time. You have your own production company, right?

Wendy Williams: I do. I also have my own website which is WendyWilliamsXXX.com. And then I do PR for Trans500 and Raven Roxx. I shoot content for myself and for others. I have the bar. And keeping up with all the social media that comes along with being any type of performer. That's a full time job keeping up with Instagram and Tumblr and Twitter and everything else I need to do to keep people thinking I am relevant after 18 years in the industry.

Link diLontra: You've been in this industry for a very long time. What is your perspective on how the industry has changed over these years?

Wendy Williams: I am the longest running transgendered porn star to stay in the business without taking a break. You've got to understand that when I first started in the business it was the end of VHS tapes. The business has changed a lot. Social media completely changed the era. I really don't think we have porn stars anymore. Anyone with an iPhone can record content and upload it to clip stores. We didn't have those platforms when I started. Being on a website or having a DVD was a big deal because not everyone had that capability. Now you have websites and the companies that make websites and provide all the hosting. There is all of that backend available for porn stars to do and makes it easier for them. Everybody is really balanced on social media. I think the biggest difference is that DVDs - anyone can pirate content. And it is sad because it takes away from people like myself who is independent. I think the whole transgendered, transsexual community has had a lot more exposure. It is not so taboo and as much of a fetish as it was when I first started.

Link diLontra: That's true. Trans really has blown up recently in the wake of all the Caitlyn Jenner stuff. It's been placed in the forefront in the media lately. What's you take on that and why now? Why not today or even before that?

Wendy Williams: Transsexual porn from that era has always been one of the top three specialty, niche selling areas. We've always been in the what I call "the basement of guys" - obviously people were buying it. It is a top selling genre. I think when you add Janet Moss and Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner, it does make it in mainstream areas more noticeable. But I don't think things have changed to the point where we are accepted. In porn, we're still considered to be taboo. We don't have a lot of crossover male porn stars. Their fucking us behind closed doors but they aren't doing it on film. Companies are still not hiring transsexuals to produce for companies. They think they are doing us some kind of favor by hiring genetic females but that isn't doing anything besides... you know, there are a lot more sys females working with transgendered actresses but there haven't too many transgendered girls hired to produce. You don't have a big producer for Evil Angel. In fact, even sys guys who own porn companies, they are hiring females to shoot transgender content and be big producers. But they aren't hiring independent transsexuals to do it. I think in the mainstream we are a lot more noticeable and that is nice. It does make it a little bit easier for people to talk about transgendered females or to identify as being straight compared to gay. I think on the porn side, it's basically compared to the mainstream side.

Link diLontra: Why do you think, in your own opinion, straight guys are attracted to trans women?

Wendy Williams: I'm glad you asked for it to be from my opinion. I only speak for myself. I don't like when the feminist trans women are trying to tell me what labels to use. I'll just say this is coming from my opinion. Some will agree with it and the majority won't. I think the reason guys are attracted is to the feminine qualities. Besides my voice obviously being deeper, I have spent money to transition. You don't have to ask me for my pronouns. You don't have to assume that I don't live or do not choose to live my life as a woman. I've spent the money to transition. I live my life like a female. My ID says female. My birth certificate, my social security. For 17 years, Wendy has been full time for me. I think that is important. So when a guy meets a trans woman, they are attracted to the qualities that make them feminine. Now it is up to them whether or not they can overlook all the extra functions that come along with that. Whether they can compartmentalize whether that attraction goes any further. I don't think that makes them gay. I don't think it makes them bi-sexual. If they are predominantly attracted to women or trans women, I identify them as straight. Everything else, I think, is just bonus.

Link diLontra: In my quest to understand, I pick up some words like gynophillic and androphillic. Meaning you are attracted to feminine qualities or masculine qualities.
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Wendy Williams: Right. And I think it is awful when - I don't remember her name - I'll have to look it up. But there was this "Transactivst" that said, men who consider themselves straight to say they are attracted to trans females without having ever dated a trans female, are transphobic. Well, that is just not true. That's like saying that in porn, actresses that choose to not shoot with African-American actors are racists. No! If you have a reason behind it that could be considered bigoted or racist, then yes. Who you are sexually attracted to has nothing to do with it. I have a penis. If you are not into women who have a penis, that does not make you transphobic. That just means you are not attracted to trans women. We need to stop putting the two together. Sexuality and who you are attracted to has nothing to do with a phobia. That's just attraction. A girl that is not attracted to a guy who has red hair does not mean she is "ginger phobic". It just means she is not attracted to men with red hair. I think we are becoming way too PC. I think we are trying to take huge leaps and bounds when it comes to the Transgendered community. In the long run, a lot of these transgender activists are hurting the community rather than helping it. Yet they are the ones who are claiming those who delve into sex work are the ones holding it back. 90% of the men who are introduced to trans women, are introduced to them through porn. It's what the porn star does to validate that education compared to someone who says they're an activist and says people can't do certain work. Or will say if you are not attracted to trans women you are transphobic. Or saying all trans women don't have to have surgeries. It's those types of education tools that are hurtful compared to what I do in porn.

Link diLontra: In your personal opinion, do you think transsexual porn has helped the trans cause?

Wendy Williams: I think trans porn can be healthy for education purposes. You can put 10 different people in a room and all 10 will see trans porn in a different way. It does objectify us as a fetish and I get that. But... But, so does Jerry Springer and so does seeing a trans woman playing a hooker on a mainstream show. Laverne Cox is a trans woman but she plays a felon. Yeah, great. She's a transsexual but why does she have to be playing a felon? Why can't she be playing... It's a great role and I am glad to see a transsexual playing a transsexual but she is still playing a felon. On any of the police dramas, most of the times, transsexuals are hookers. Candis Cayne, when she played on Dirty Money, played a mistress. So it is not like these mainstream roles for transsexuals are outstanding citizens or are on top of their hierarchy. We're still in taboo roles. Porn is the same way. They are either going to fetishize the fact or they will open up about their sexuality. Maybe that will lead to an open discussion. I don't think it is fair to pigeon hole all trans people who do porn or sex work into one area. I think it is up to the guys to whether they see us as women or if they see it as a fetish. And if they us a fetish, then it our duty to kind of educate. We need to say, "Hey, that is just porn." Just like genetic females doing porn, that doesn't make them any less of a feminist because all they are doing is embracing their sexuality. A girl getting poked on film, and she enjoys that, that means she is kinky. That doesn't mean she is telling all these guys to go out and poke all women. It's also the same thing on the trans side. If you see me as a fetish, that's fine. But that doesn't mean I am asking people to only see me as a fetish because I have a penis. I just think it is a gray line. Some guys are going to see us in a different way and some are not. I think it [porn] is a better and healthier way to see us than on a Jerry Springer episode. I think that hurts us more than me doing porn does.

Link diLontra: What is the dynamic like between the Sys girl performer and the trans performer in porn? Do they treat you like any other performer and you are a part of the club or is there a barrier between you and them?

Wendy Williams: I'm not attracted to females so I personally do not shoot with females. I don't have any stories to tell of me being out on set. I will say that I have seen an increased amount of bigger names working with trans performers, which is nice. But, you will notice that a lot of the times, we are not booked for these big tours. We are not booked for store signings. These huge companies do not have trans contract stars. But there still is a lot of room [to grow]. Now jessica drake just shot a feature film with three trans women. That's huge for a straight porn star like her. I think before that was Belladonna was the last to do something as ground breaking as that. Slowly but surely it is happening. But I still think that a lot of the females starts do not see us as equals. Which is sad because - if you look back at stars like Kimber James, they had just as big of a name as some of the girls on the genetic female side. I don't have a lot of experience with them because, like I said, I do not shoot with a lot of women. The only interactions I have with them are on social media. Social media is one thing to be treated a certain way, but behind closed doors? What do they really think of us? I don't know. I couldn't guess one way or the other because I really don't have a whole of of interaction of TS and CG when it come to that porn side.

Link diLontra: I think I hear you saying that you don't get as many opportunities to as the sys-girls do. Is that why you started your own production company? To give yourself those opportunities?

Wendy Williams: EXACTLY. The reason why I started the company - you have to understand - 1994 was the first time an AVN Award was awarded to a Transexual. And then in 2005, XBiz. So if the two biggest industry news networks didn't do it until 2004 or 2005 and I started in 1999? You can imagine what it was like. I started it because I didn't think I was getting - still on the trans side - there are still a handful of companies giving me work. I didn't fit the mold. Back then you had to be super feminine. That was what made the break out stars Gia Darling. Allanah Starr. Megan Savala. They were hyper feminine stars. I completely didn't fit that mold. I had a deeper voice. I was thicker and taller. I wasn't as feminine as those stars. I had a niche and did well because I was early. I started my business because I was getting mentored by Joanna Jet and Gia Darling and they were independent. They were doing everything for themselves. I just happened to be taught by two amazing individuals who educated me on why I should do everything by myself. And now I look back and realize that it was the best thing for me. I control my own video on demand. My own DVDs. I control my own website. Obviously I have some help from people but 98% of everything that is done, I do it myself. I was the forefront of publicity. Transsexuals didn’t have publicists when I started. So when I started doing publicity for people, AVN and XBiz was giving me the heads up on where to advertise and where to send press releases. Which events I should show up to. There was a woman named Pamela Peaks and she had these huge breasts. She was a part of the big beat phenom of the early 90's. She did interviews and publicity and management work and she taught me on on how to do it. Within a couple of years, transsexuals started hiring publicists. That was another thing the girls weren't doing. So it was right time and right place. Good mentors. Good education. It prepared us to succeed. And now I have my hands in 1,000 different things. And I can make a career out of it. A lot of girls will focus on how many different websites they can shoot for, but what happens when you are shot out? What do you do then that will keep you in the industry? What is your next step in your career?

Link diLontra: You do a lot of stuff. You do PR. You have your bar. You have your production company. A lot of porn stars have to do other things to help supplement their income. But it sounds like you are probably too busy to do other stuff. Do you have other things going on other than what I mentioned?

Wendy Williams: No. There is not a lot time left after web camming and my website and doing PR. I think most stars are web camming. That seems to be the big, popular thing right now. That's a good way to build a fan base and make some extra money. And to be honest with you, full time web cammers are probably making as much as porn stars if they are under a contract or you are just the "it" girl right now. Web camming is probably the new thing to do in order to make extra money. When I am not shooting or my website is slow, web camming is where it is at.

Link diLontra: What did you do before you got into porn? And also, as a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Wendy Williams: I was transitioning. I worked for the IRS as a boy. I have a bachelors degree in communication so I do have an education. I graduated college and I was new to Cincinnati. I lived in a hotel and I worked for the IRS and I did drag shows at night. I've always worked. Once I started transitioning and porn started making money, I just transitioned and gave all that up and worked in porn full time and getting involved in sex work. I've always been doing something.

Link diLontra: You transitioned later in life in comparison to other people. What led you to the decision to transition and also that stage in your life.?

Wendy Williams: I think the reason why girls are transitioning at a younger age is because now it is more acceptable and the resources are there. I'm from eastern Kentucky. I never saw a person that was transgendered until I was in my 20's. I didn't lose my virginity until I was 20. My sexuality was the least of my worries. Also, I was raised by my great grandmother so there were a lot of personal reasons. It wasn't until I met a guy in an AOL chat room, there I go dating myself, and I moved in with him. It just fed the transition process. I had met an older transsexual who had mentored me and helped me financially transition. It was a matter of money at the time. I was still living on and off, at night time I would be Wendy and during the day I would function pretty much androgynous. But it was really all about financially being able to go to a doctor and get on hormones and eventually have breast surgery and a nose job. And then lips and cheeks and buttocks. It was financial and also it was because I didn't really know what my sexuality was. I had always been around Christian, middle-aged, white people. In college, I was doing everything I could do to camouflage my sexuality because I didn't know until I had experimented probably in my sophomore year. After I graduated college and I got a job and I met a guy and he was attracted to Wendy. Everything started clicking and I moved in with him. Living as an androgynous boy during the day and as Wendy at night was no longer acceptable. It just helped me along in the process.

Link diLontra: Before you got into porn, were you a consumer of porn? Did you watch porn?

Wendy Williams: No. I did not watch porn. I had no idea. The guy I moved to Florida for, was the first person to show me trans porn. He told me there was this website there in Florida. And this was back when they paid for you to be photographed. There was no video. Video didn't come until a couple years later. He suggested I shoot for them and it would help pay for my move to Florida. I was like, "Oh, okay!" and I shot for a company. They set up three shoots for me and I shot photo sets. I was horrible at it. I didn't have breasts. I had little hormone nipples and I didn't want to show that. I didn't want to get completely naked. I didn't want to get hard. I just didn't know what I was doing. I got through that and got paid $500. I thought it was the greatest thing in the world. I thought I had made all this money. Then I met a trans porn star named Foxy Angel. She had her own website and she was one of the very first solo websites on the internet. She was telling me all about how much money she was making and how I should do this. She hooked me up with a guy and we shot some photos and we built my website and we just went from there. I had no experience and had no idea what I was doing.

Link diLontra: Do you have any crazy stories of anything happening on set?

Wendy Williams: No. I can say I have had an amazing experience when it comes to working in porn. I have not had any horrible experiences. All of the producers, for the most part, have treated me extremely well. Outside of a few funny bloopers, I have lived a very vanilla porn life compared to most I would think. Chemistry can always be awkward. Sometimes you get on set and are working with someone and you don't have that chemistry and that's when it turns into a job. You have to kick in that fantasy and make it work. Now I will say, the first ever DVD shoot I ever did, the DVD is called, Joanna's Jet Set 3. The guy that I shot with was a guy that I had playing with off-screen forever. We fought the entire time I was on set. To the point where I thought she was going to send us home. But I needed the money because I was living in Florida at the time. But we just fought. We fought the entire time. So that was probably the worst experience I ever had on set. Thank God Joanna let me get through it because if she hadn't, I don't think I would have ever had a DVD career. I lived in Florida and I didn't live in LA. She just happened to be shooting in Miami and someone referred me to cover a shoot, and here I am on set arguing with my male co-star the entire time. It was not very professional to say the least.

Link diLontra: Going from the really bad experience on set to a really, really good one, who are the ones you have had an amazing experience working with?

Wendy Williams: Most of the guys I have had amazing experiences with have been amateurs. On DVD, I don't remember his name but for Rogue Adventures #24 for Joey Silvera, was just an amazing experience as a whole. Getting to work for Joey Silvera is an honor. I had a few recent scenes for Trans On Top by Trans 500 which was the last DVD I was in. I was with Dustin Steele. He was a really good bottom. He was really a lot of fun. And then there is a scene on my website called Wendy and Donovan which is also on a DVD called The Wendy Williams Experience, and the scene was a versatile scene with him. It was probably one of the most turned on scenes that I have shot. Those are three that stick out in my mind that were shot fairly recently.

Link diLontra: I was poking around your website and I saw you did a couple of scenes with Rob Jaeger and Jackson Wheeler...

Wendy Williams: Oh, yes. Jackson Wheeler was a fun experience. I'd always wanted to work with him because I had seen his video and I found him to be so attractive. Jackson Wheeler was amazing. So professional. He made sure I was taken care of. I hadn't bottomed in a while so I was really nervous about that. He's an aggressive top, don't get me wrong. But he is a professional. And he is a good looking guy. That's a really good scene and it is up on my website right now. It will eventually be on a DVD called Wendy Does Vegas but right now, but if you go on my website you can see it and over 10 years of content. It's definitely worth the $29.99 if you go on there.

Link diLontra: I recently saw on Wikipedia that you had recently won a lifetime achievement award.
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Wendy Williams: I did. The Transgendered Erotica Award which used to be called the Tranny Awards. They changed the name a few years ago to be more politically correct and not piss everyone off. They awarded me the Lifetime Achievement Award because I shot for them 15 years ago. The company is called Grooby which does the awards.

Link diLontra: How does that make you feel?

Wendy Williams: It was nice. I've had a great career. I won AVN Transsexual Performer of the Year in 2009. I won XBiz Transsexual Performer of the year in 2010. I've received AVN Hall of Fame in 2014. I've been really lucky. I have continued to receive accolades and I have been nominated for the very first time for the fetish awards. In August they have Fet-Con, where they have these awards and I am actually nominated in three categories. I am nominated for performer, Web cam performer and my DVD, Trans On Top is in one of the categories. I've been nominated for those but I have never won one. So it would be nice to win one so I can add it to the collection.

Link diLontra: Do you have a wall at home where you put all these awards on?

Wendy Williams: Please don't take this as me being arrogant but I have two shelves full. I've won quite a bit. AVN. XBiz. Tranny Awards. BBW Con. I've won quite a few. So now when an award show pops up like the Fetish Awards, I want to win so at least before I retire I can say I won one. So hopefully I can win in one of the categories and that way I can just add it to the list of achievements before I retire.

Link diLontra: If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Wendy Williams: Being able to travel back in time.

Link diLontra: Is there a specific time you would like to travel back to or just the ability to do it whenever?

Wendy Williams: Back to the beginning of my career. There are a lot of things I would have liked to have done differently. I think I would have been a little more successful had I not been so hard headed and listened a little bit more.

Link diLontra: If you were turned into an animal and you had to live the rest of your life as that animal, what would you be?

Wendy Williams: An owl. I think that would be neat just because of the flying and they are very majestic.

Link diLontra: Any specific type of owl you would want to be?

Wendy Williams: No. Maybe a snow owl? I don't know what they are called. They are the white ones and they are very majestic. I think they live in Alaska. I just would want to be something that nobody else would think of, so probably an owl.

Link diLontra: Three words to describe yourself?

Wendy Williams: Determined. Reliable. Giving.

Link diLontra: What is the most attractive, physical feature about yourself?

Wendy Williams: My eyes.

Link diLontra: Any guilty pleasures?

Wendy Williams: Sexually - Rimming. Everyday life - Fast Food. Anything to do with Chicken. I am a big chicken eater. Chicken sandwiches. Chicken strips. Anything to do with chicken.

Link diLontra: What would you last meal be?

Wendy Williams: Chicken casserole, mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. I'm from the country. I eat.

Link diLontra: Pet peeves?

Wendy Williams: I can not stand people who eat with their mouth open. It drives me nuts. And I can not stand "yes" people. People who say yes just to agree with you. Either you can do something for me or you can't. Or you are available or you are not available. Have a backbone. Just be straight forward and honest with me. That's been my entire business model. When I started in the business, people were constantly yes people, or maybe, or we'll see. And they had no intentions of shooting or no intention of ever being honest with me. And that is one of the biggest things I have taken away in this career, just be honest with me. Just tell me yes or no. Just don't say maybe or yes and never come through. It aggravates me to no end. And it still happens to this day. Actually it happened this week. I was trying to work with a male model and he said it was okay. And every time I messaged him it was an excuse. I just want to say, "Dude, if I am not your type or you just don't want to work with me, just say so.". It just keeps me from being aggravated and you can move on and do your own thing.

Link diLontra: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you or they don't already know about you that they wouldn't expect?

Wendy Williams: I have huge anxiety in crowds of people. I think it might have to do with my gender dysphoria. Even after 20 years, I am always wondering if people are looking at me in a crowd. But it is crazy because I am a porn star and I am at events all the time. If people only knew I had to take medicine before I go into crowds and I will need to take breaks where I can go into a place and just regroup. Anxiety riddles my body when I am in crowds of people. Anywhere. In a Sam's Club. WalMart. In a mall. A convention. Any place where there is a large number of people, anxiety takes over my body.

Link diLontra: Have you had someone recognize you while you were out as being Wendy Williams the porn star?

Wendy Williams: Oh my God, all the time. It's usually via social media. I will get messages from people telling me they just saw me at the grocery store. It is very rare that they will come up and say something but they will normally reach out on one of my social media platforms and say something. They'll usually say they are a huge fan or they wished they would have come up and sucked my dick.

Link diLontra: If your house was on fire, all pets and people are fine, and you could save one object, what would it be?

Wendy Williams: A blanket that my great grandmother gave me when I was nine years old. It's probably the most sentimental thing I have. Everything else I can replace or I would get over. But I am so attached to that blanket.

Link diLontra: Do you have a favorite plant, tree or flower?

Wendy Williams: I am a fanatic over lilies. I love lilies. I have told people that when I pass away, I don't want any other flower around me, other than white lilies. The stargazer lilies, the real fragrant ones, in my house, we'll go buy the stargazer lilies. Because I just love the smell. If any fan reads this and they want to literally make me squeal like a schoolgirl, buy me lilies. Just one. Just one lily and it will make me happier than I have been in a long time.

Link diLontra: If you had one wish, what would it be?
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Wendy Williams: To be born a female and not have to live such a tortured lifestyle. I've made the best of it. Now I am proud to be a transsexual woman. I don't try to hide it. I think I have done the best that I can. It would have been a lot easier if I was just born the way I just mentally and physically feel. If I had one wish, I would have chosen to go the easier route in my life. Then I think about it and then my life wouldn't have been as exciting. I have lived a very exciting life. But it would have been mentally better for me if I was born the way I feel I should have been all along.

Link diLontra: Is there anything that we didn't cover that you would like to share?

Wendy Williams: I host a T-Girl and admirers party in Lexington, Kentucky every first and third Friday at a club called the Bluegrass Connections. So if you are ever in the area, come out. They are amazing parties. They are held in a swingers club. Very open. No drama zone. No judgment zone. Doesn't matter if you are a cross dresser, or the most beautiful transsexual who has ever walked or if you are a couple, these parties are really great. I have them every first and third Friday in Lexington. They can go to LexingtonTGirlParties.com and on calendar, it has any party that I host - There is one in Ohio, of course Tennessee, they are on a calendar. You can see what events are coming up or you can meet other ladies like myself or hang out with guys who are into the same thing you are into. Also, I truly meant what I said. These are just my personal experiences in life. They will not be like any other transgendered person. You have to remember. I am 43 years old. These younger ladies have it a lot easier than the ladies my age or a lot older who have totally different experiences when it comes to the lifestyle. I don't mind being called a tranny. I accepted the word and called it my own. I'm not this political feminist that says you can't have sex or the word She-Male is a slur. My experiences are going to be different. I just ask that other transgendered women don't make it so hard on these guys. We have so many words and so many definitions within being transgendered, you can't expect the vanilla people are going to be able to follow our way of thinking if we don't dumb it down a little bit. We can't get mad when people see you and assume that you have not had extensive surgeries to transition that they are just going to walk up to you and ask what pronouns do you use. I'm having a big fight with people assuming we should go up to people and tell them which pronouns we prefer. We are making this a lot harder on ourselves. I think we as a community need to work together and support each other. Some transgendered women don't find the word tranny offensive and some do. So stop fighting with each other or we will never be able to reach out to the vanilla people who don't understand us. I think it would be a lot easier on the community and we could go a lot further.

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