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Big D's Interview With Vicky Vette
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Most women start their porn career when they turn 18. Vicky Vette started 20 years later and despite being 40 years-old, she is one of the highest sought after names in porn. To look at her you would never guess she is 40 years-old. Born in Norway, Vette moved to Canada when she was a young girl and now calls Atlanta her home. When most women are looking to get out of the adult industry, Vette was just getting started. Vette claims she was 'born for porn' and with her husband, Frank, approving of her decision to work in adult, she couldn't ask for a better situation. In this interview, Vicky talks with XRentDVD's Big D about how she got her start, her pension for group sex and how she reenacted one of her porn scenes with her husband and his friend.

Big D: You got your start in porn a little later in life than most but it seems to have been a good decision. Do you think a later start has worked to your advantage?

Vicky Vette: I think so. I wasn't trying to corner the MILF market when I started. I didn't even know there was such a thing. I didn't start in porn. I started in regular modeling doing bikini work, head shots and fine art nudes. We've been nudists for something like 15 to 20 years so I am pretty comfortable being undressed. It was only once I put some fine art nudes up on the internet in a couple of model portfolios that I started getting offers for porn. In the beginning when I went to see the LA based agencies I was a couple of days away from my 38th birthday. Everyone was telling me that I shouldn't put down my real age. They would put 27 or 28 and that is what they told people until I got hired. When I would go do a scene they would see my ID with my real age. By that point they didn't mind.

Big D: Having seen pictures and your DVDs I would swear that you don't look 40. I am sure that once they saw the way you look, they didn't care if you were 38 or 40.

Vicky Vette: The thing is that I prefer to be truthful. It's terrible. It's a horrible world we live in that age is so disrespected. I wouldn't get any work if I put the truth. That's how I got started in Atlanta. I called all kinds of modeling agencies in Atlanta when I wanted to get started and I was never more rejected in my life. Everybody that I called I told my real age. They said I was too old, I told them my real height and they said I was too short and I told them my real weight and they told me I was too fat. What a slap in the face! Being the persistent person that I am, I kept going until finally I found an agent that would meet me. He said, 'I'll book you some work but only under the condition that you don't reveal your real age'. So he put me on his website and that is how I started working.

Big D: You weren't trying to corner the MILF market when you first started. Are you a MILF in real life?

Vicky Vette: No, but my husband has a daughter. She's actually 22. I am definitely old enough to have a 22 year-old child.

Big D: You've been in the shipping industry, chemical manufacturing, computer wholesale, construction and even snack food distribution. While doing all these jobs, did you always think you would end up in adult films doing what you do?

Vicky Vette: No, it was the furthest thing from my mind. I had spent my whole life trying to cover up for my sexuality and apologizing for it. Everywhere that I worked I would have to try to act respectably, put my hair in a bun and wear long skirts. I was known as the prude. It was ridiculous. I had a lot of people working for me so I had to be kind of strict because I was young. I had to be very careful of any sexual innuendo in the office and I had to really cover up a lot. It was killing me because at night Frank and I would go out to swing clubs and meet other couples and we would have group sex and licking pussy. And then the next day in the office I would have to be all respectable. I was living a double life. I would always be careful of what I said and I could never just act like myself.

Big D: So has venturing into the adult industry been liberating where you don't have to be restricted and stuffy and you can now have the freedom to be the person you have always been?

Vicky Vette: Absolutely. I've never felt more free and comfortable and at ease. I feel like this is where I belonged all along but I never knew it.

Big D: You started in adult with mild modeling of bikinis and lingerie but didn't do it earlier because you say you didn't have the confidence or the opportunity. What changed that you had the confidence to start modeling?

Vicky Vette: I still don't think I really have the confidence. It is just that I was completely running out of time. I was 37 and I said, 'If I don't try this thing right now it will be a dream that I will be sorry I never tried'.

Big D: How did you come to that decision?

Vicky Vette: We had been running a construction company for about five years. We had worked our butts off. Frank and I got a lot more gray hair and wrinkles and we looked a lot younger before that business. That business killed us. We worked really, really hard and we did really well. We were just going to take a year off. We didn't know if we were ever going to go back to building again. We just thought we would take a year off and enjoy the fruits of our labor and kind of regroup. We asked, 'what do we want to do next, maybe open a restaurant later'. We had bought a travel trailer and we were going to go to the Grand Canyon and we had not been to Vegas at that point. We were just going to travel for that whole year. We got the trailer and pulled it 100 miles to this nudist resort. We were going to stay there for two weeks while we were learning how the travel trailer worked with all this funky stuff we had on it. It was really nice and two weeks turned into two months and two months turned into two years. We didn't stay in the trailer though. Once it started cooling off there was a house for rent inside the nudist resort. We put the trailer in storage, and it is still in storage, and we lived in this little house on the nudist resort. We ended up staying there for two years. After the first couple of months of laying out by the pool everyday, laying in the sun naked, going to parties, eating, it was nice for a couple of months but I got bored out of my mind. I was so used to working 80 hours a week. That was when I took some HTML courses just for fun. I never thought I would need them. I went and did some day courses. That is when I decided to try modeling. I had the time and I never had the time before. I figured I could give it a shot. It just took off from there. We never expected it.

Big D: You have been married for almost 20 years and your husband is supportive of your career in adult. Is it because you are both swingers and nudists in your private lives that helped you make the jump into adult films?

Vicky Vette: There are no jealousy issues. Frank loves to come and watch me work. He really likes it when I get off. If I am not really getting off for real he gets really disappointed. With other couples in the industry it can be the other way around.

Big D: You won the AVN Award for best tease performance in Nectar's Metropolis. Did winning the award affirm your decision that performing in adult is your calling?

Vicky Vette: It made me feel great. I never knew there was such an award. I never paid attention to any of it before. I wasn't consciously trying to win an award. I was just doing what I like doing. It really made me feel good to win an award at that age when all the 20 year-olds could have won it.

Big D: You are 40 now. What is it about you that you can do a movie like Cheating Housewives but then also other all sex titles like Ironhead #2 or Blow Me Sandwich #3 with girls that are in their teens or 20's?

Vicky Vette: I guess I am just lucky. I'm immature for my age. I never grew up. I certainly don't feel 40. I certainly don't act 40.

Big D: You are bisexual and you used to hide it from other people. Does that help you in the fact that you know that no matter who you are working with, you will be turned on by the scene?

Vicky Vette: Yes, as long as the girl I am working with is actually bisexual too. There are a lot of girls in the business who aren't. They only do it for the money and are not really turned on. I can tell. If I can sense the other person is feeling awkward or uncomfortable I am going to feel awkward and uncomfortable too. I like it to be real. I don't ever want to fake anything. I don't see why we ever should have to fake anything. I think the directors should put people together that are really hot for each other. If two people are not hot for each other, don't make them do a scene.

Big D: Is it more prevalent to work with girls that are not really into it as much as you and are just there for the paycheck?

Vicky Vette: I am pretty easy going and I'll work with anyone. I am easy to get along with. I get off really easily. If the other person can't get me off I'll get myself off. I'm going to get off no matter what. I just think it is better if the girl really is bisexual and really does like girls.

Big D: You and your husband watch your movies together. Which would you say are your favorites? If someone has never seen one of your DVDs, which one would you suggest they check out?

Vicky Vette: Last week we had a friend over and they were in Frank's office watching Cum Drenched Tits #3 together. He was just showing it to his friend on his computer. I walked in and I was kind of embarrassed because they were watching it. I was going to leave but they encouraged me to stay. So I watched it with them for a minute. Five minutes later we were all having sex together. The movie was playing in the background. William H wrote the song that goes with it. It's really kind of a silly song, but it gets in your head. At the end of my scene in the movie I'm lying down with about five guys cumming on my tits. I laid down on the couch and then Frank and his friend both came on my tits while I was singing 'Cum Drenched Tits'. I guess you had to be there but that is a good movie. DVSX has one, Off the Rack #2 that just came out and Cheating Housewives by Smash Pictures was out in July. From my last trip out to LA, I think there has only been about two or three movies that have come out so far.

Big D: You live in Georgia. How does that work with so many of the movies being made are filmed out in Southern California?

Vicky Vette: I miss so much. I think I could have probably furthered my career so much more if I lived in LA. I am just really happy where I am. We built this house. It's on the top of a mountain overlooking Atlanta. I built a cam room upstairs where it is 20 feet long by 15 feet wide. I have my office and it's where I do my cam shows. One end of it is an office set-up and I have all my cameras and lights pointing at that. I have a little living room set-up where I can turn the cameras and lights around and film over there too. I do cam shows every week. When I look out my windows I can see black bears that come up to the deck, there are herds of 12 to 15 deer, I have deer feeders out there where they will come and eat. There are flocks of wild turkeys all over the place. We have a lot of dirt roads and blue skies and trees. I am just so happy that I know what I am giving up to live here but to me, it's worth it.

Big D: How often do you make the trip to Southern California to work? When you are there, how many scenes or jobs will you go on before you come home?

Vicky Vette: I didn't go for a long time. During the AIDS scare I stayed home for nine months, maybe longer. I didn't go back for a long time. It's a little bit difficult because I don't go anywhere alone. Frank and I go everywhere together. I have to pay for airfare for two. I usually end up paying about $1,200 a month to rent a car, $3,000 a month to rent a furnished apartment plus meals and everything else. It's really expensive to go out there to work. When I do go there, I try to work every day to make it worth the trip. Even though I am there I still have my $2,000 mortgage payment and my car payment back home. You really have to work. I don't like working every single day because I think the scenes suffer. But then again, I really don't have a choice. And the days can be really long, especially if you are doing features. You can get there at eight o'clock in the morning and not leave until two in the morning. And then you have to do that five days in a row. Plus still try to do my cam shows from there and keep my website going because I do everything myself. I really don't like doing it that way but that is the way it's been. I really haven't had a choice. I'll probably try to start going more often but not stay as long. I am combining that with dancing. For example, my first dancing gig was Sept. 22 at the Blue Zebra in North Hollywood. I was dancing for three days and I tried to shoot a few scenes at the same time. I am dancing again Oct. 6th in Rialto, Calif. so I will probably just hang around because there is really not a lot of point in my coming home. Then I am going to Medford, Oregon for a store signing and then I will come home to Atlanta after that. I am going up to Philadelphia for two more dancing gigs up there. Then I will probably come home and then I will go back to LA and do a couple of movies. I was always afraid to try the dancing before.

Big D: Feature dancing is quite new for you. Did you install a stripper pole at home and practice or did you take some lessons or do you just go up there and wing it?

Vicky Vette: I just completely wing it. That's how I do everything. The real feature dancers have all these tricks and expensive costumes. They are feature dancers. That is what they do primarily. I'm an adult actress/webmaster and I am not really a dancer. I'm not going to be up there doing cartwheels and handstands and all of that. I am looking at it as a venue for my fans to come and meet me. I am going to dance around and try to be as sexy as I possibly can and turn everyone on. I am not going to go overboard. I am putting together some costumes and outfits but I am not going to go crazy or stress out about it.

Big D: You are an established traveler and love to flash your breasts everywhere you go. What is one place you want to flash?

Vicky Vette: I flash everywhere I go.

Big D: I know but for example, if you have never been to France and you would want to flash in front of the Eiffel Tower....

Vicky Vette: Done that!

Big D: Okay, so what is one place you haven't been to that you want to add to your flashing resume?

Vicky Vette: I haven't been to Africa. I want to ride naked on top of an elephant.

Big D: Not bad. What is coming soon that your fans can look forward to?

Vicky Vette: I did two episodes for Sex Trek: Where No Man Has Cum B4 for Cash Markman. I don't know what company those will come out under. I played Yeoman Gland and Captain Quirk was played by Randy Spears. Ron Jeremy was in it and he plays Harry Balls. We had just so much fun making those two movies. Also, Buttman Comics: Vault of Whores for Evil Angel. Again, I play the MILF type in a business suit that goes into a grocery store's produce department on my way home from work. I start doing myself with a cucumber and I force the store clerk to watch me. His friend is hiding in the stock room and watching me too. I catch them and I bring them out and it ends up being a DP. It's really interesting because we ended up squishing fruit all over each other. Well, mainly over me. There were strawberries all over their dicks and I lick everything off. It was done kind of artistically so it's going to be really erotic. I hope it looks as good as it felt.

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