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Big D's Interview With Veronica Vain
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Interview Date: April 9, 2015

It is quite rare for a porn star to jump right into the jizz biz and have such a media buzz surrounding her as Veronica Vain has experienced. Passing on a promising career with a large Wall Street financial firm, Veronica Vain has jumped into porn with two feet and a brilliant mind along with them. A self-proclaimed "ugly duckling" and a nerdy gamer type, Veronica Vain doesn't fit that mold if you just looked at her. And thankfully she has no problems taking off her clothes and exposing her gorgeous body to be filmed while getting fucked because it would be waste if we were all deprived of that pleasure. In this exclusive interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Veronica Vain explains why she chose to explore the Wall Street career route first before moving into porn, her plans on making her impact on the porn industry beyond being a gorgeous body and a pretty face and how while attending her first concert, she flashed the band and her tits ended up on the big screen.

Big D: Everyone pretty much knows the backstory about how you had a good job on Wall Street but decided to forego that opportunity and pursue a career in adult films. My question is, why didn't you go into porn in the first place? Why even go the Wall Street route if this is what you wanted to do all along?

Veronica Vain: That's a hard question. I guess the answer is really just because I thought or that's what society told me to do. That Wall Street and being a high powered career woman and breaking gender boundaries and getting this degree and whatever was sort of what I wanted. I do have business ambitions and I do enjoy using my brain, surprisingly. What happened is that I got there and even though I wasn't full time yet, because I was a full time and then a part time intern for eight months, that was enough for me. I did not like the culture or the atmosphere and they still give me a full time job offer because I'm smart. That's when I said, “No, I think I'll do porn instead.”. My goal was never to just start in porn and start getting naked on camera, not that there's anything wrong with that. I just always wanted to do something - for example - this whole porn thing, if I'm good and if people like me, I can last until my early 30's, maybe? Maybe I can go MILF status, but not everybody can transition that well. So what am I going to do for the rest of my life? That's where the whole degree and education comes in because I don't plan on trying to live off of what I made in my 20's for the rest of my life. I plan on having business ventures.

Big D: What was it about the Wall Street culture or that whole financial industry that showed you it was not all that it was cracked up to be? What made going into porn more appealing if you already had a good job waiting for you after you completed your internship?

Veronica Vain: It wasn't the Wall Street culture itself or with any corporate culture. Wall Street might have been good because so many of the guys are very... well, it's male dominated so you get the ripples of what a very male dominated world would be like. You get guys who are very prude but it's kind of funny. I have a perverted sense of humor and I don't take things personally, so I actually could've gotten along very well in that culture. The problem is the bureaucracy and the hierarchy and my boss and his boss and his boss and how long everything takes for things to happen. It stifles creativity and as an intern, I couldn't just get promoted to something because there are so many rules. Here's the thing, and maybe this is a bad thing about me I haven't figured it out yet, but I despise rules. I don't like when people tell me what I have to do and when I can do it and how I can do it. I like to consider myself an entrepreneurial spirit. I didn't realized how much I wasn't going to like the militaristic aspect. It's just so stuffy and I felt really suffocated. I couldn't really be myself because you always had to be in professional mode.

Big D: So too strict, too regimented, too “this is the way we've always done it so therefore we're always going to do it that way.” type of mentality?

Veronica Vain: Exactly. I'm kind of just too destructive of a thinker. I'm always trying to think of better ways and I'm very vocal. I tend to say those things and be very brutally honest and all those things are a really bad combination for a work place, especially one that has other women in it. It's not like I couldn't put a lid on it, because I could, and so I ended up putting a lid on it and doing better than when people would be so irritated by a little intern saying why they're dumb. But I wasn't happy. I didn't like having to stifle myself and I didn't like what I thought that might make me be later in life. I don't know if that makes sense.

Big D: Absolutely, that makes sense. How did you come from the “Nah this isn't for me, I don't really like this culture, I don't like the way it's being conducted” to “Hey, I think I'll take off my clothes and have sex with strangers?”

Veronica Vain: (laughs) I had been a striper before so I wasn't all together unfamiliar with the adult industry. I've never had that sort of shame. I've always been very erotic, always been very sexual, always really liked anything that had something to do with sex. I've always thought HBO really needed to lengthen their sex scenes. What I was doing actually was I was researching other industries because, maybe I don't like Wall Street but maybe something like video games or something like a start-up where the culture is a little different and I could start there. In the process of researching I ended up researching adult entertainment and porn, not as a potential performer, but more like, “Hey, what's going on over there. I bet I'd really fit into that industry.” Porn has to have analysts somewhere. They [financial analysts] have to be in their business. So in my head I was thinking there's got to be something I could do. I was actually looking up jobs in the adult industry and there's not that many or at least not that many that are publicly put out there for me to find. Around that time is when I came across the Sex Factor show, which I think you've heard of, and they were looking for amateurs who've never done porn. That's when I thought that maybe I could do porn and maybe dip my toe in it with the show, meet some contacts and find people and figure out more about the industry by being someone already in it. That was my endgame and within a week of that, I put two pictures on Twitter thinking that it would get me on the show and got I fired and the rest is history.

Big D: With that said, was your attitude, “Well, I kind of have my feet and toe in,” but after getting fired did your attitude change from dipping your toe in to actually taking the huge plunge, like you have with your first DVD from Evil Angel coming out?

Veronica Vain: I did really want to. I did really want something - in my head though being a porn performer was secondary. Not that I don't really like it because I do. Now that I'm more in it and have gotten all these great opportunities, it's now become my primary focus. The only things that were keeping me from sinking in and being a porn performer was because I knew the status of the industry and how it's just not great for performers right now. That was something I wanted to change by getting into it. I didn't necessarily want to bank on being a performer because I didn't think that would be the most lucrative. From my basic research I learned that you actually can be quite lucrative if you manage multiple revenue streams. At the time I thought the only reason I wasn't going to be a porn star was because I didn't think I could. I didn't think anybody would like me that much so I thought maybe I could try it out and in the process try to get behind the camera. It's funny because I didn't think I would be hot enough.
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Big D: Why do you think that? Growing up you probably had people hit on you or tell you that you are beautiful. Did you not get that and you just never knew?

Veronica Vain: I was the ugly duckling. I wasn't that attractive. I was cute in later years but I was mostly not attractive. I've had some work done and stuff. It wasn't like an insecurity thing. I'm very confident. I just didn't think objectively that I was at all comparable to any of the major porn stars. Maybe I'm not still. It's a little too early to say perhaps but my bookings would say otherwise.

Big D: Tell us a little more about your background. Where did you grow up, what were you like in high school and where you went to college? Help fill in the blanks for us because we know the Wall Street side of things and then jumping into adult, but please fill in the blanks from a little further on back.

Veronica Vain: I grew up with a middle class, single mom who was very strong and entrepreneurial, which is probably where I get my attitude. I was a little book worm, very nerdy and a little anti-social. I still didn't like school rules. It's very funny actually and when this [going into porn] happened my mom said, “you've never liked rules, never thought they applied to you and you've never listened to any authority so I'm really not surprised.” She's very supportive. I was a big nerd in the sense that I liked to read Sci-Fi and fantasy books and I played video games, and I still do. I was always in the smart kid groups. I also took a crap ton of AP courses and got into a really good school that I couldn't afford to go to, hence why I went to the University of Florida on a full scholarship.

Big D: Where were you originally accepted but couldn't afford?

Veronica Vain: Carnegie Mellon. I wish I could say Harvard. That would be a really good story but I didn't even apply. Actually Carnegie was the best school I applied to because I had to be really selective with where I applied because I couldn't afford the application fees. I wanted to apply to ones I had a really good shot at. Looking back, I probably could've gotten into Cornell but, oh well, it doesn't matter because I didn't get to go to Carnegie anyway. Back to high school, in high school I was a theater thespian geek and I competed in monologues. I have a little bit of an acting background. I played no sports, I was not athletic at all. That's about all there is to say about that. Just very nerdish and an ugly duckling is how I would describe myself. I then went to UF. The summer before I went to UF I pretty much moved out of my house like any other 18 year old trying to get away. I didn't know how I was going to pay for rent and books and all this crap even though I had a scholarship. How am I going to live at UF? That's when I started exploring stripping and sugar daddies. I started figuring out when I started stripping that I should get a little hotter. So I got my first boob job and that's what really changed me a lot. I started coming into my own sexually and physically. Then I just got another boob job and they're giant.

Big D: You must have had some sort of a level of self confidence. If you are saying you were the ugly duckling, how did you have any idea that you would have any success as a stripper? You had to have had something in you that you knew other people found to be attractive.

Veronica Vain: When I say “ugly duckling” I mean I really wasn't that cute and I didn't have my personality and my sex appeal. I wasn't like super duper average but I've always had and I don't know why and I don't know if this sounds conceited of me, but I've always had a really raw sort of sex appeal that has for some reason attracted men since I was 15. I guess you can say that's because I'm cute but I'm telling you, I had a giant nose and no muscles or tits to speak of. I always had men attracted to me and I had a mom who ensured that I was a confident type. It's not like my first time stripping I had the attitude of “Hey world, look at me!”. I wasn't. I was wearing this huge babydoll negligee trying to cover all the parts of me I didn't like. Once I saw how easily men were pleased I got a different perspective. Does this make sense? That is a hard question to answer. I did well even being all natural back then just because guys are guys and I didn't realize that. I wasn't a super ugly duckling in the sense that I was a terror to behold but I was just very, very average. At least compared to how people see me now, when I compare pictures, I see a huge difference. There's one on my Twitter feed (pictured at left) if you want to look. The stripping just did a lot to my psyche and my body back then. Now I'm in the gym all the time and got a huge boob job so I'm sure that will help.

Big D: It always does. So speaking of making the jump from the Wall Street background, how did you come up with your stage name Veronica Vain? We all know that adult performers don't usually go by their real name. How did you come up with Veronica Vain?

Veronica Vain: Even though everybody knows my name? I should've just gone by my real name. I discussed it with my boyfriend and started researching the adult industry months before I made any moves. I talked to my boyfriend about it sort of jokingly and I didn't think anything would come of it. Maybe if I found a job I would consider it. It was just sort of funny and I was thinking, “Oh hey, what would be my porn name?”. I was just joking around and for some reason I just kept thinking about what would be my porn name. Somehow I had that planted in my head and I went through a lot of different names. Veronica comes from a favorite historical heroine of mine who was a courtesan during the Venetian Renaissance. She was very powerful as far as courtesans go and super intelligent. She was a published writer and politician and all this stuff. So I definitely have always really liked the name Veronica. So when I was thinking what goes with Veronica, I definitely wanted some alliteration in there for branding purposes. That's how Vain came into play. When I heard Vain, I was thinking Veronica Vain. I'm a little cocky and I thought it was very reflective.

Big D: That's very cool. Honestly I've interviewed probably over 100 porn stars and some of them have told me “my agent gave me that name” with zero to no thought going into it unlike you.

Veronica Vain: Yeah, I definitely put some thought into it.

Big D: Since you mentioned that you were discussing this with your boyfriend, you met him on Tinder and apparently he's okay and cool with you jumping right into porn. How supportive is he of this whole decision and can you expand on his involvement?

Veronica Vain: Well, like any guy, he's super supportive of everything at first until it happens and they experience the flip side. He's very supportive but at the same time, everything happened so fast. It was just like a freaking bomb was thrown at us and the New York Post and the Daily News were showing up at my door. In hindsight, I can't believe that I didn't think they would latch on to this story. I did not think that I was that interesting but now I look back and I think of course it would be interesting to see this chick who could've worked at this major Wall Street firm to do porn. But I was not thinking that when I posted those Twitter pictures. It was just like suddenly everybody wanted to talk to me and call me and everybody wanted to shoot me. It was crazy and I just was basically gone for a month and off having really good sex and shooting this movie. He was just very uncomfortable at first. He didn't think it would start out like that. He though it would be something to ease into. So I can say it was a bit rocky with everything in the beginning but it has now since calmed down and now he's super behind me and supportive and he's good with everything. We're still very much in love and we are probably going to shoot a scene together.

Big D: That was actually going to be my next question. Working in the adult industry as long as I have, I get approached all the time by people, mostly guys, asking how they can be a performer. For guy performers, it's really hard, no pun intended. It's hard for a guy to get in unless you have a girlfriend who is extremely popular and wants to get shot by numerous studios. Then if she says, “Okay, I only want to shoot scenes with my boyfriend”,then you can get into the industry. Because then once they know you and how you perform, you can get your foot in the door. Did he have an interest in that or was that a by-product of you getting into performing in porn?

Veronica Vain: He's like any other guy who watches porn. He's actually kind of a porn connoisseur way more than me actually. He knows everything about porn. He also has an 8-pack and he's very attractive and handsome and funny and super duper well educated. He comes from an Ivy League school. Sort of when I made my own change and hated working in an office, he was pretty much at the same time of the same opinion of his own job. Now he's going to go to school to be a physical therapist because he's really into into health and nutrition and fitness and bodies and I am so happy for him. He's not like what he was before, a management consultant. Money is a little different. Obviously there's me but he's going to be a student now. He told me, “Babe, what if I did some porn with you?”. I don't know if it would hurt him to do porn along side being a student in a medical type field. I feel like it wouldn't hurt him and that nobody really gives a shit about the guys and wouldn't say, “You can't be a doctor because you were in porn”, like they would for women. That's something we were toying with and decided it's not that huge of a risk. He's very attractive and we were super sexually crazy before. We went to sex clubs and did swingers and he arranged a Gangbang for me, so he's performed in front of people watching him several times now. He's well endowed and really good looking and really in shape and younger. A lot of these top guys in porn, not saying I don't want to fuck them all because I do, but they're a little old nowadays. The guys that people book regularly, they're getting on you know and I feel like they need something a little fresher. All the younger dudes I see coming into porn are like tiny. This might be like a bad thing to say in an interview, maybe we should scratch this because I don't want all these younger porn guys to get mad at me, but like they're just not built. They're... I don't know... maybe not short, they are still taller than me but they're not like Johnny Castle. On top of that, a lot of these guys who are like Johnny Castle have done a lot of gay stuff and that's a problem for a lot of people I would think. Even if it was just gay for pay. I think he could benefit the industry frankly.

Big D: Don't worry you didn't mention anybody by name so I don't think you pissed anyone off.

Veronica Vain: I will still work with the guys. I still work with little dudes. I just think porn demands a very physically fit sort of dude to be a top guy and there's not that many out there. And the ones that are, are just kind of old now. Who knows what they're going to do? Maybe they'll settle down or find a woman or get married, you know?
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Big D: We covered the aspect about your boyfriend and he's very supportive to the point where he very well may be jumping into the porn business.

Veronica Vain: We are. We're pretty much booked on that. People like the idea of shooting a girl and her boyfriend for the chemistry aspect and I think it will be really nice.

Big D: So what about other family members? You mentioned you came from a single mom household but parents, siblings you didn't exactly mention.

Veronica Vain: Everybody has this question and I wish I could add to it and say I have a huge family and they're estranged from me and they're cutting me off because they're still offended. But I have a very tiny family that consists of not anybody. There was my boyfriend's family who were a little resistant at first, but they came around when they saw all the business objectives I have that have nothing to do with being a performer. I do want to be a performer and I want to be a top performer, but that is sort of still a means to an end for me.

Big D: Speaking of that, obviously you didn't come in under the radar. You came in with a bang. Some girls will come in with aspirations of getting into porn to pay off student loans, working for a short period of time and then getting out and moving on with their lives outside of porn. What kind of aspirations do you have? Do you want to do this, you said maybe you could transition to MILF but not sure because sometimes not all the people can do that, but you want to be able to have a back-up plan and have the education. What's your goal for what you want out of the adult industry?

Veronica Vain: Here's the thing. I'm never going to be shooting all the time because as a porn performer, you have a lot of free time. That is part of the lifestyle that I like. I could easily be a porn performer in tandem with whatever else I have going on. Now my aspirations are not to make money in porn and then go start a company somewhere else and be done with it. I came into porn, I'm committed to porn and I'm going to be in porn. The biggest thing is that I think porn has so much potential that it's not realizing. I'm sorry to say this, but I think it's just a persistent lack of well educated talent in the industry and I don't mean the performers. I'm talking about the people who are behind the camera and running the companies, they're not dumb, I'm not saying they're dumb. I'm just saying they're not Wall Street people. They don't have the same background that would drive business decisions differently. Now Mind Geek does - and this is sort of where I think a lot of the issues come from - forget the piracy stuff, but now why there's so many companies against Mind Geek...but Mind Geek is an actual real company. By which I mean if they weren't dealing in porn content they could very easily be publicly traded. A lot of these other porn companies that are in the space, in my eyes, could not very easily be publicly traded if they made [regular] movies. The reason being is that they're very like mom and pop and most of the industry is very mom and pop. I don't think there's anything wrong with mom and pop, but when you have rampant piracy and tube sites, access is so easy and it's very hard for anybody to make money in adult content now. As such, the budgets are down and the quality is down and even though the camera quality is up, the actual quality of the content is down and I think you would agree with that.

Big D: How would your entrance as a performer and then possibly having influence over the actual content itself... how do you think having a fresh new look and opinion on this, how do you think you could improve that?

Veronica Vain: Nothing. That alone is doing absolutely nothing. This is business as usual as far as my performance aspect goes. There's nothing I can do. The only thing you can do to improve all of these different variables is to improve the way revenues are generated themselves. Now how do you do that with piracy and tube sites? You give consumers better alternatives to tube sites that's also not subcription pay sites. That is a fragmented model and it makes no sense and nobody wants to give their credit card to a porn company for $30 a month and then it's hard to cancel. It's ridiculous. Nobody wants to subscribe to that model anymore, unless they're a real porn connoisseur, like my boyfriend. But most people are not real porn connoisseurs. Most people just go to [a tube site] and they're happy with what they can get. Would they like more if they had it? Sure, but are they going to pay for it? No. The only thing you can do is to think “How do you give people porn for free but still make money off of it?”. The answer is a premium mobile app type model where, for example, you have a 30-45 minute scene you give away 15 minutes of it straight from the beginning for free. Then you create a site with lots of content like that and people will go to it because they get those free 15 minutes. A lot of people will get off on those 15 minutes and be done with it. Some people, if the content is really good, will want to see more. If there's a button right under that scene that says buy for $1 or $3 or something, I know there are certain scenes that I would buy for a couple bucks if I had the option. I don't want the whole site but I'll buy this scene. Scenes that I go back to again and again when I masturbate because everybody has those. You can monetize that, but nobody is doing that right now. There's no way to buy porn a la carte, and I am now working with a company that is doing this. It's not available yet but it will be soon. I'll be talking about this in the media pretty soon. It's not necessarily what I can do. I can't make a company but I know what needs to happen in my head, what I think needs to happen and how it could improve it across the board. If you monetize the content better, then the studios can make more money. If the studios can make more money, then they can pay performers more money. It's all like a trickle down effect, but you have to start with the flaw which is distribution. So I can't necessarily do all this myself. I can't hire a bunch of people and I don't have that kind of capital. Even though I could get it if I really tried, but I don't because I found the people who are brilliant geniuses doing this. Where I come in is being the person who can articulate this, who can be a conduit between the business and the porn industry and who can go to the media with it because fortunately for me, the media wants to talk to me. I hope to just use my voice to improve the status of things.

Big D: Your first DVD was shot for Evil Angel, the just released Screwing Wall Street: The Arrangement Finders IPO. How was that experience in comparison to what you've done in real life with all the stopping and starting and the lights and the 12 different strangers in the room?

Veronica Vain: We didn't stop and start during that many scenes. Manuel [Ferrara] likes to have raw, natural sex. That's his vision. The only stopping and starting that really happened was around picture taking. Porn sex is totally different than real sex and it's not necessarily because there's any sort of stopping and starting. It's just because there's a completely different environment, which for me is an excitement factor. But it's with someone that you're not necessarily connected to. With Manuel for example, I wasn't connected to him. I know he's like madly in love with Kayden [Kross] and I had been hanging out with Kayden for days on end. So at first I was a little bit weirded it out, thinking how am I going to have sex with this dude and have chemistry when it's so clear to me that he has no desire for me. He has desire for this other woman. That's sort of what made it porn sex because you just have to get animalistic with it and not think about all the socio cultural bullshit stuff. The stopping and starting didn't bother me as much. Once I'm in the zone, I'm in the zone, so fuck me. One scene was more stopping and starting and I didn't like that so hopefully more of my scenes can be more natural if possible, but we'll see. I still like it because where it lacks in what real life has to offer, it also gains in ambiance and excitement and fantasy. I can't every day just walk into an office and have sex with my boss, right? That's a fantasy. That part is fun. You can get in the moment and enjoy it.

Big D: Fucking your boss, that's a sure-fire way to visit with the HR lady. So seeing as how you talked a little bit about working with Manuel Ferrara, what was it like working with another veteran like Mick Blue and doing girl-girl with Stoya and Kayden?

Veronica Vain: Both are very professional and obviously super experienced and have been doing their jobs for a long time. Honestly, I don't think I had any problems shooting the boy-girl scenes. I like dick and they're good at giving it. They're super professional so that was good. The girl-girl scenes were the ones that were harder for me. I'm not a lesbian. Not that I don't like girls. I totally do. I just haven't had much experience with that. I haven't messed with chicks very often. I've made out with them when I was drunk - maybe licked pussy on occasion - but I've never straight up had sex with a chick for a while, you know? Kayden was very well versed in that. With having that being something she's done an ass load of in her career. That was good to have. The girls were just a little harder for me I would say. I still enjoyed it. It was just a little harder and it's still porn and they're girls and there's a little bit of a performance factor on both ends. I really wanted them to tell me what they really like because I actually wanted to make them cum. Maybe I did, but I don't know for sure because I'm not that experienced in girl-girl. They're super well known performers, so I have no idea if I did anything right and no one really cares. I want to be a good lesbian, you know?

Big D: So would you consider yourself straight with some experimentation curiosity for girls or are you bisexual and like girls and guys equally? You obviously said you love the dick so you can't be gay.

Veronica Vain: I don't know. I just like new experiences really. It's all on a spectrum and it's just like I don't always want to fuck every guy I meet. I don't want to have sex with every girl I meet. It's actually more rare for me to be very attracted to women but when it happens, it happens and I am into it. I'm doing another girl-girl scene with a super hot chick in May so that's exciting. I'm doing it with a well known lesbian type if that makes sense. So I'm excited. I'll be better able to answer that question next month.

Big D: Seeing how you've been broken into the adult industry by some serious veterans - Kayden Kross, Stoya, Mick Blue, Manuel Ferrara - You really can't ask for anybody with more experience there. Since coming into porn, do you have any others, James Deen obviously is a well known name. Do you have any other guys out there, outside of bringing your boyfriend along, who you'd like to work with?

Veronica Vain: Johnny Castle. I have a thing for muscles. I'll just admit it right here. I like guys who are very fit and barbaric looking. If they could rock a loincloth, I'm all in. The problem in porn though is that a lot of the guys who could rock a loincloth, did a lot of gay stuff. I don't necessarily have a thing against it. I have no problem if you are a dude and you explored with a guy once or twice and you just were curious about your sexuality. That's fine. I have more of a problem with guys who get into it for monetary purposes because the fact of the matter is, a guy whoring himself to a guy is different than a woman whoring herself to a guy. I know porn girls who are escorts and it is a pretty pervasive phenomenon. But it's a lot safer, you know? If their condom breaks, if they're heterosexual, it's unlikely that there's going to be any problems unless the condom of the person it breaks with is involved with needles or something. If a condom breaks in the gay community for a gay male escort, that's a problem. If that happens after they just got tested and right before a shoot, you're fucked. That's the one sort of risk factor that I don't want to be a part of. The problem is that so many of the really hot guys fall into that category, unfortunately. If I do those guys, it will be really well established professional ones that I'm really comfortable with. I just can't shake that if you do a gay scene against your natural inclination for the money - also being someone who has also done things for money - I can't see you not doing other things for money. Especially when the gay porn watching community, I've researched, seems to really like fantasizing about turning some of these straight guys, gay. It's a really long winded answer but pretty much anybody who doesn't have that background and is very much in shape, I'm excited about. Surprisingly I'm not eying some of the big dick guys. I don't really want to get my cervix pounded. I like the guys who are shorter and thicker. That's my favorite. Performers like Erik Everhard I think is kind of like that and I've heard that thing is hard to take, but we'll see.

Big D: Do you have any other plans for any other kind of genres? You said your boyfriend set up a private Gangbang for you. Are there any things like Interracial or Anal or anything of that nature that you want to try to experiment with?
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Veronica Vain: I'm going to do everything because I've done a lot in my personal life. I've never been with a black guy but that wasn't on purpose. Yes, I do plan to expand but not anytime soon. I think I see a lot of new girls getting in and they're doing all of that stuff pretty shortly after [getting into porn] and I guess that's a testament to them trying to up their demand. Or agents talking them into it because they get a better fee I'm guessing. I don't plan to do that. It's going to be a while before that sort of stuff comes out mostly because I want to see if I can monetize it better on my own. If I'm going to do anal gaping, I'd like to get paid more than a couple grand for it. The status of the industry now is such that that's not really possible but I have some ideas. For example, Angela White is a good role model for this actually because she makes a lot of money on her own content. She has this beautiful website and it works really well for her. I don't know if that same model would work for me but I have similar aspirations. She owns all of her debut content and I'd like to do the same. Gangbangs are definitely on the radar because I freaking love Gangbangs and DP. That's pretty much all I watch when I masturbate. I have a thing for Kink scenes which is why I'm saying I wish I could buy certain Kink scenes. But the only way you can get them is by subscribing [or buying or renting a DVD] and I don't want to subscribe. I just want to buy some of those select scenes.

Big D: You alluded to that you've got a lesbian scene upcoming. Are there any other projects, with the major studios that are going to be coming out on DVD anytime soon?

Veronica Vain: I don't have DVD content on the radar. I definitely just booked up a lot of online stuff for next month because I seriously lack an online presence which is why my porn star rank is not that high. If you remember there was a DVD that came out with Lisa Ann, Who's Nailin' Paylin?, where they did a parody of a lot of political figures. I think a very similar thing could be done with Wall Street and business figures and I think it would be absolutely hilarious and generate a lot of media attention. This is an idea that I've brought up to certain places that would publish DVDs so we'll see. But that's my idea. It doesn't seem like studios are making a lot of DVDs anymore. They're making scenes and they're releasing those scenes on subscription sites and then they're packaging scenes together and putting them out on DVD.

Big D: First job?

Veronica Vain: Subway, I was a sandwich artist and my job after that was GameStop.

Big D: You would not believe how many porn stars have that same answer and worked at Subway.

Veronica Vain: Are you serious? Maybe you should just say GameStop. It 's a better story.

Big D: First concert?

Veronica Vain: Nickleback and I flashed them. I got on the screen for my boob flashing because I had just gotten them done the first time.

Big D: First Car?

Veronica Vain: 2000 Chevy Cavalier.

Big D: What's in your ipod, iphone, mp3 player?

Veronica Vain: Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, Disturbed, that kind of stuff. Oh and Mikey Cyrus. I liker her.

Big D: Favorite food?

Veronica Vain: Chicken fingers.

Big D: You order off the kids menu a lot?

Veronica Vain: I do. It's actually really funny. Whenever I'm at a hotel, I'm just always ordering from the kids menu. My boyfriend always laughs at me. I order chicken fingers and a cesar salad to make myself feel better.
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Big D: Favorite position?

Veronica Vain: It depends on the dick. Generally speaking, I like missionary with my legs up and out. It is the best way to hit my g-spot.

Big D: Movies or the ballgame?

Veronica Vain: Movies. I'm not sporty at all. I'm not cool like that.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Veronica Vain: It's so hard to name mainstream favorites now. They're all such eye porn. I don't know. I really like the Harry Potter movies.

Big D: What is a modern convenience that you would not be able to live without?

Veronica Vain: Oh God. Is internet too broad? I don't know. It's just a very philosophical question because I can't live without internet. But I also implied that I'd be living with other things by saying I can't live without internet. I don't know. I've been watching a lot of the Walking Dead and I don't think I could live like that. Can I say something broad like electricity and running water and internet all together? Yeah, I have no idea how to respond to this question. Let's go with internet because I'm a gamer.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Veronica Vain: I haven't been on a lot of vacations frankly. I'm from Florida so that's kind of vacation itself. How do you answer a question about something you've never done?

Big D: Who is a person, living or dead, that you would like to meet but you have not had the chance to meet yet?

Veronica Vain: I don't ever fantasize about meeting people, even really impressive ones. I don't know. Can we skip this question because I really don't have an answer? You've stumped me for the first time in an interview.

Big D: Where is a place that you would like to visit but have yet to go?

Veronica Vain: Morocco. It's somewhere exotic and I'd say Morocco. I don't really like beaches necessarily. I like beaches. I just don't consider them a vacation.

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