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Big D's Interview With Tera Patrick
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Interview Date: 4/14/2006

With the exception of Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick is probably the most widely recognized porn star not only in the adult industry but in the mainstream as well. Her immense popularity after starting in adult in 2000 is attributed to not only her ravishing beauty and impeccable body but her enthusiasm she brings to a sex scene. Now with her own production company, Teravision, Tera Patrick is back and is better than ever. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Tera discusses why it was her husband's idea for her to go back to making porn DVDs, talks about the one place in the world she wants to have sex and reveals her secret to convincing your girlfriend to make a home porno.

Big D: It's a new year, the AVN awards are done and the Vegas show is behind you. What new for 2006 with Teravision and Tera Patrick?

Tera Patrick: I am going to be releasing my biggest movie ever from Teravision in 2006 entitled Teradise Island. That will come out in June. That will be released through Teravision and will be my first anal. A month before that in May we'll be releasing the first anal movie from my contract girl, Nikki Benz. That's really big and exciting. I have a brand new contract girl names Yasmine Taylor. She's an Australian girl who has never done anything on camera before. We'll be releasing her first movie in November. It's a real exciting year. We are only going to do one movie a month. We are going to releasing Brittney Skye's movie and we have a new series entitled 'Sexpose'. I've already shot a few Vivid girls including Lexie Marie, Tiffany Taylor and Brittney Skye. I'm going to be shooting my first directorial debut the last week in April 2006.

Big D: You started your own talent agency, your own production company, your own website and are a Vivid girl. When do you sleep?

Tera Patrick: (laughs) I sleep every night. I sleep from about 11 at night until seven in the morning. Consistency is hard. It's hard to have consistency and a consistent schedule every day but I live in New York and Los Angeles. I live bi-coastal. Sleep is something that is treasured.

Big D: Your first movie was Andrew Blake's feature Aroused and your first boy girl was for "Adam & Eve's" Fire and Ice back in 2000. How has the industry changed in the past five to six years since you started as a performer to now owning your own production company?

Tera Patrick: I'm making all of the money now. (laughs) I'd say that's the biggest thing that has changed. I think for me personally I've kind of been in and out of the industry for the last five years. For me, I've grown personally. Some of my performances have changed and I have grown as a sexual performer and I have gotten comfortable in my own skin. I'm starting to do things now that I wasn't open to do before maybe because I wasn't comfortable. I think the trends have changed and the girls are getting harder. Some girls are doing double anal now and triple anal. Not that they weren't doing that before but I think it was more taboo. Now, anal is standard. I know that when I shoot for Teravision I try to get two or three anal scenes in a six or seven scene movie. I find that that definitely has changed. I think the girls are marketing themselves more. They are seeing the business much more like a business. I think the internet has helped a lot with that.

Big D: You mentioned that each Teravision DVD you shoot, you try to get at least two or three anal scenes in it. Why do you think that is the case that if you don't shoot an anal scene that your DVD might not sell or rent as well?

Tera Patrick: I think people are bored. I think there are a lot of fans out there that are fans of mine because they have seen me in different markets and they want to see you do different things. I think anal has always been taboo and it is definitely a turn on for a lot of people. I think it is pushing the envelope a little bit. I think a lot of people are comfortable with gonzo and amateur because it does not put the fantasy too far out of reach for them. They see amateurs and they look like them and they are not so gorgeous. Their bodies are a little average and they might say, 'hey, that could be me'.

Big D: It seems that porn stars and rock stars just seem to go together naturally. How did you meet your husband Evan Seinfeld of the hardcore band Bio-Hazard and also appeared on the HBO show 'Oz'?

Tera Patrick: I met Evan in 2003. I saw him on an episode of Oz. That was not a show that I would have normally watched but there were good looking guys on there and they were naked so it thought, 'hey, why not'? I saw him on an episode of Oz and I was so mesmerized. I thought, wow, that guy is hot. He is definitely different from a lot of the guys I had dated. I hadn't dated a 'bad boy' with all of those tattoos before. He scared me a little bit. I thought he would be someone that I could meet and he could meet my match. I called around the mainstream industry and I found a photographer that knew him. We were set up by the photographer. He flew out to L.A. to meet me and we instantly fell in love. It was like love at first sight. He's really the one that is responsible for essentially bringing me back into the spotlight and really revamping my career. He pushed me and helped me make the cross over to mainstream. Because of him and his contacts and his dedication is the reason why I have been able to cross over. With his mainstream experience he has not only crossed over into adult but crossed back into mainstream as well. It's funny. My dream is to be on the show "'Law & Order'". They call him every week and ask him to be on "'Law & Order'" and he would rather shoot a Teravision movie for a week than go to New York for ten days. I say to them, 'I'll go. I'll play a dead hooker. I'll play the corpse. I'll play anything. Please, hire me!' (laughs) We've gotten married twice. Once in Australia and again during the AVN show in Las Vegas. Alexis Amore was my maid of honor. We had the porn wedding in Vegas and then we had the family wedding in Australia.

Big D: How does being married work for you guys? You are still performing and even though you have performed in adult DVDs with Evan, who goes by the stage name Spyder Jonez, you still work with other men. How does that work in that you are an adult performer and have sex with men other than your husband but still are able to maintain a committed relationship?

Tera Patrick: When I met Evan I wasn't actively working in the adult business. He brought me back. He basically told me, 'you're a porn star and this is how you make your living. Let's make movies together'. He's the one that instead of being jealous and telling me I couldn't work anymore had the attitude that not only would I work but he was going to work with me. I thought that that was incredible. That's why I fell in love with him. That's how I knew I was going to be with him for the rest of my life. He wasn't jealous. He wasn't threatened or intimidated by the fact that I make my own money and I am a huge star. He is a huge star in his industry and he makes a lot of money too. He stepped up and started making movies with me, the first one being Tera Tera Tera. Because we did so well together and because he performs so well he asked me, 'do you mind if I do some scenes on my own'? I was okay with that and he suggested I do some scenes on my own too. I was the one that didn't want to work with other guys but I also realized that I have a career as being a porn star. If I don't work with other men and only work with my husband that won't help to advance my career. We shoot a Teravision movie a month and I do one scene with Evan, one girl/girl scene and one scene with another guy and Evan does one scene on his own. We make great movies together.

Big D: Speaking of working with other guys and not just your husband, who is on your short list of guys you really like to work with?

Tera Patrick: It's funny. When I first started working in 2000 and I worked from 2000 to 2002, I worked with guys like Nacho (Vidal), Mark Davis, Mickey G and Billy Glide. The list was longer back then because I knew more guys in porn. Now I kind of feel like a virgin. I am jumping back into the industry and I am asking, 'who do I work with'? I asked some of the girls for some advice. I did my first scene with Tommy Gunn who is a really, really nice guy. I really enjoy working with Tommy. I worked with Jerry. He is really nice. Jean Val Jean. I'll probably be working with Mick Blue and Tristian. I think I have a pretty long list. I can tell who I won't be working with. (laughs) Max Hardcore is not on my list. The guys are easy to choose from. I sometimes think the guys are easier to pick than the girls.

Big D: Why is choosing girls harder than choosing guys?

Tera Patrick: The girls are all under contract. That's the problem with contracts. I don't get to work with some girls. Some companies have a policy that she can't work outside of her contract and because I don't work for their company I am out of luck.

Big D: Because of your relationship with Vivid, do you find yourself able to work with some of the Vivid girls like Monique Alexander, Sunny Leone or Lanny Barbie because your DVDs are distributed through Vivid?

Tera Patrick: I always end up working with the Vivid girls. I love working with the Vivid girls. I did two episodes of Where the Boys Aren't. I think they were numbers 18 and 19 and those will be coming out next year. I got to work with all the girls except for a few of the new Vivid girls that I have not yet had the chance to meet. I think my favorite, favorite girl is probably Savanna Samson and Felicia Fox. She was such a hot memorable scene. That movie comes out next year. That was a Chi Chi LaRue movie. What I love the most about Felicia was that I felt like I had an emotional connection with her. I hadn't felt that with another performer in a long time. It's because you are performing and it is like, 'hi, how you doing', and the scenes are really quick. With Felicia, she invokes some feeling in me that had brought me back to being an innocent girl. I laughed the whole time with her and had so much fun. She was probably, definitely be the best. Savana was not bad too. (laughs)

Big D: Last year around this time, you lost your dog 'Chopper', who was taken out of your car. You had the news of the theft on AVN, all the internet bulletin boards and I personally even heard you talking to the "'Kevin & Bean'" Show on Los Angeles radio about it. You eventually found the dog relatively fast. I am thinking you should be put in charge of finding Osama bin Laden. How were you able to rally not only the adult industry to make it a top priority to get your dog back but to get other people outside of porn to get behind the search effort to find your Fox Terrier?

Tera Patrick: Chopper is my baby. A lot of my fans want to be close to me and love what I love. They have all grown to love Chopper because Chopper has been in my movies and he comes to a lot of my appearances. A lot of my fans were saying, 'we've got to find Chopper'. I was so thankful that people cared that much about me and about my family. Howard Stern even told me to come on the show and he said he would help me get my dog back. The day after I went on Howard Stern we got a phone call that Chopper had been found. Using the media was definitely a smart tool. I didn't even think about it. It was (Patrick's publicist) Lizzie Grubman that thought of putting an all points bulletin out there.

Big D: FHM Magazine held a poll of their readers to name the 100 Sexiest Women. You and Jenna Jameson were recently named number 57 and 33 respectively. How does that make you feel and does this mean that adult is getting more and more mainstream?

Tera Patrick: It's definitely a milestone in my career. As a young girl I started modeling and it was always a dream of mine to be in magazines. One of my first goals was to be in Playboy. I got to do that. Not only did I get to be in Playboy America but I got to be in foreign editions of the magazine and to be on cover. When I was a little girl I wanted to be Bettie Paige. I wanted to be Bettie Page, Betty Grabble, and Marylyn Monroe. I always wanted to be that sexy siren on the pages of men's magazines. My second goal was a magazine like FHM. Once I achieved that I felt like I had made it. Modeling has always been my first love. Although my movies sell and I like making my movies I love being on the pages of magazines more than anything. My goal is to get Chopper into Dog Fancy. (laughs) I would like to see chopper in something like a beefcake pose with a pink spiked collar on the glossy pages of Dog Fancy.

Big D: In that same issue of FHM, you also give pointers on how to make your own porn at home. What is the secret and how can the guys reading this on XRentDVD convince their girlfriends or wives that it is a good idea to make a home porno?

Tera Patrick: I always say that it should be her idea. It depends on the status of your relationship will determine how enthusiastic she is going to be about it. I think everyone's big fear is that the tape is going to be floating around out there. I actually have a few tapes floating around out there, heaven forbid. To talk a girl into it, just get a nice bottle of wine. Get a nice bottle of wine and you can talk her into anything.

Big D: So alcohol is the key?

Tera Patrick: (laughs) It really is. If you think about it, when people get drunk that is why they end up doing it. I'm not going to tell you to not drink.

Big D: Since you have been in and out and your husband has kind of brought you back into the fold, what movies would you suggest someone rent or buy to really get an idea of what you are all about in your performances?

Tera Patrick: The first one would have to be Tera Tera Tera. That one was my first Vivid movies and has my first girl/girl in it. I don't see that one as a comeback movie. I look at it as one of the most fun to make because it was a concept I was really happy with. It was the first time I had worked with Chi Chi LaRue. He told me he wanted to really showcase me by doing interviews with me. I felt like the movie was very personal. Reign Of Tera, which is an all Asian feature, and a lot of my fans are Asian men and I think they would really enjoy that one. Definitely my Andrew Blake movie, Aroused. That is just so visually stunning. It's my only all-girl movie too. There are so many. Collision Course has me and Briana Banks. She is definitely one of my favorite people to work with as well. Desperate is good and of course, soon to be released, Teradise Island. This one is going to be a good one because it is an island theme and was shot in Maui, Hawaii. I know a lot of my fans like to see me in the type of setting. There are great performances in there and it is all anal. There is some vaginal sex in there as well. When I like to watch porn, I like Andrew Blake's. I love Andrew Blake. I like the soft, pretty stuff.

Big D: I will have to admit that I do too sometimes. The first real quality porn I ever watched was an Andrew Blake film called Night Trips #2. A friend told me I should check it out and from that movie I fell in love with Racquel Darrian. I've been a fan of Andrew Blake's DVDs ever since.

Tera Patrick: Tori Welles was in the first Night Trips and she is one of my favorites. If I could work with anyone, it would be Racquel Darrian. I think she is so sexy and she is so beautiful. My personal, all time favorite porn movie is Cafe Flesh. There is a scene in there, I am not sure what part of the movie it is, but there is a scene in there with a man dressed as a rat. He's in a full rat costume with the girl. I don't know why I find that so arousing but I do. (laughs)

Big D: Your company, Teravision, recently signed a seven year deal with Vivid. ClubJenna also has a deal with Vivid as well. Will Teravision expand to the point where you will be signing contract girls much like ClubJenna is already doing?

Tera Patrick: Not as of right now, today. I am happy with the amount of contract girl that I already have. It is me Nikki Benz and Yasmine. I am really happy with that. I am at a point in my career where I am not done shooting yet. I still have to shoot Tera Patrick movies. Signing a lot of contract girls is really not in the cards for me. It's funny because I probably should because then I would be able to work with more girls. I am definitely shooting a lot with Nikki Benz and Yasmine. I still have a good crop of girls to pick from that are not under contract. I want to keep my company more 'boutique'. I want it to be just a few girls and my movies are the most hardcore, nasty sex but with the most beautiful women in the most beautiful settings. That's the reason I want to keep it small right now because we are still growing. As long as I am still shooting I don't think I could handle five other 'Teras'.

Big D: First job?

Tera Patrick: I worked at my dad's winery.

Big D: First concert?

Tera Patrick: Iron Maiden and Saxon. I wish I still had the concert t-shirt because it had Eddie on the front and it was the 'Somewhere in Time' tour.

Big D: First car?

Tera Patrick: Honda Accord

Big D: What's in your CD player right now?

Tera Patrick: Shania Twain's Greatest Hits. I hope I don't lose my fans by saying that. Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits, Korn The Hits. Wow, I have a lot of greatest hits albums in here. I have a German techno CD that is Kunst. I would compare it to the Chemical Brothers.

Big D: Favorite food?

Tera Patrick: Sushi. I love sushi. I usually eat brown rice and tuna. I love fish. I love Asian food. You could even say Thai food. I love Oriental food. I eat a lot of sushi and Thai food.

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Tera Patrick: I don't remember the name of it but I do know it had Tom Byron and PJ Sparxx in it.

Big D: Favorite position?

Tera Patrick: Missionary off camera. Doggy on camera. Doggy because it makes your body look really, really good. Missionary off camera and at home because it is easy.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Tera Patrick: Movies probably because it would be more stimulating for me. At a ballgame I would probably get bored. Although I would probably people watch and turn it into people watching.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Tera Patrick: Where do I start? That's like everything from my bong to my TV. This might sound kind of weird but I would say my Sidekick. It's like a minicomputer that has a phone and an organizer.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Tera Patrick: White chicks. The Wayans brothers' movie. I actually have an annual 'Tera Patrick White Chicks watch party'. People come over and we watch White chicks and we eat brownies and it's pretty funny.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Tera Patrick: Italy. I love the Maltese Coast of Italy, The Mediterranean, Milan; I love the countryside of Italy. The people are so friendly and nice. I love France too. Cannes in the south of France is nice. There is no other place in the world I would rather live than L.A. I've been everywhere and I just love L.A. I find that everything here is just everything to me. There is great shopping, there's great food, you can drive places, I love the houses here.

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Tera Patrick: Bettie Page. She's my idol.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Tera Patrick: Egypt. I want to see the Pyramids. That is a sexual fantasy to have sex around the Pyramids. You know what I'll be doing when I go to Egypt.

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