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Big D's Interview With Taryn Thomas
Inside Taryn Thomas

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When she first started she said she would never do anal. Now that she is doing it, she can't get enough. Never say never Taryn Thomas. Working almost everyday, Taryn has been popping up on box covers from some of the biggest studios in porn and has no plans of slowing down. Armed with a pharmacy technician's license, Taryn does not have to do porn but works in adult because she loves sex. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Taryn talks about her decision to do anal, how her family has reacted to her career choice and if there is a contract in her future.

Big D: You've been in the adult film industry for less than a year. On XRentDVD, 12 on 1 #2 is the first title you released. But that was not the first scene you performed in, right?

Taryn Thomas: Right. The first scene I did was in Hawaii. I don't know where the DVD went. I was told it was going to Hustler but who knows where it went now. I have never seen it released. I did read something recently on ADT (Adult DVD Talk) that the people that shot it just signed a deal with Old Pueblo Distribution or something. So that should be 'Hawaii Beach House XXX' but I am not sure. That was the first boy/girl scene I did and that was October 2004. I had not made it to LA until December. 12 on 1 #2 was the first scene I ever did in LA so it was my second scene ever.

Big D: How was that?

Taryn Thomas: Oh God it was so crazy. It was intense. I wasn't expecting to do that kind of scene. It was me and Penny Flame and we were newbies and Sandra Romain and Melissa Lauren. They put Penny and me with those girls and our eyes were so big and I didn't know what to do, but I had a ton of fun.

Big D: The first cover you appeared on by yourself was Double Cum Cocktails #2. Was that a big deal to be on the cover of just your second DVD?

Taryn Thomas: That was the second movie I did in LA. It was really cool that I got the cover. When I started doing porn I started with blowjobs and girl/girl and I went to Laguna Beach and I shot for this guy. Back then I had short hair when Double Cum Cocktails #2 was filmed and I had extensions in. I looked like the girl next door I guess. I asked why other people were there taking pictures. My agent explained that was for box covers. But a guy that I shot for his website had told me that I didn't have to worry about that because I would never make it on a box cover. That's what he told me. I am not going to say his name but, yes, that is what he told me. He said I would never make it or anything. It was really upsetting but I didn't want it to get me down because the first month I came to LA I got a box cover with my second movie I ever shot here.

Big D: You have over 40 titles available on XRentDVD and you have only been in the business eight months. You must work every day.

Taryn Thomas: I try to work every other day, about four times a week. Now that I started doing anal it has been insane. I am booked through mid-September and it is only the beginning of August. I am doing really well and I am really happy about it.

Big D: When you first started doing porn you swore off anal sex. You have since changed your tune. What made you change your mind?

Taryn Thomas: I didn't want to do anal until I established myself. Since I have been signed with Mark Spiegler and being around the Spiegler girls a lot I learned that most of them did anal. I realized being around them it wasn't that bad. So I started using a butt plug and learned how to clean out properly and everything. And you know what? It's been great. I absolutely love it! I just love it. I love anal sex now.

Big D: Wow! You normally don't hear that a lot. Speaking of anal sex, I heard that your mom didn't want you doing anal scenes. Your mom has been very supportive of your career but what was her reaction when you started doing anal?

Taryn Thomas: My mom's still very supportive of my career. Yes, her and Mark still talk on the phone on occasion. She kind of had a clue that I was going to start doing it so I told her, "No mom, I am not doing anal. I'm doing double anal". So as to make it sound like it was less than double anal. It was a joke for a little bit. When I went home two months ago I told her I was doing anal. And she said it was okay but told me to get tested more often. I said don't worry. And she also said she didn't want anyone to cum in my ass.

Big D: So no anal creampies as of yet?

Taryn Thomas: Oh, there will not be any anal creampies. But I will never say never so you never know.

Big D: How does a girl from New Jersey move to Phoenix and then get into the LA adult film industry?

Taryn Thomas: Well, what happened was I moved to Arizona when I was 12. When I was old enough, I had started working with a web company called Lightspeed Media in Arizona. It was like a solo, girl/girl and cheerleader type website. At the time they were just starting out. Right now they are a multimillion dollar company. I worked for them about 20 times and then I had a boyfriend. I was worried that there were naked pictures of me on the internet, so I chose not to do that anymore but we later broke up. It was Jan. 2004 I started working for them again and of course I had another boyfriend. They offered me a website twice and I declined because I didn't know how to tell my boyfriend. I think it came about last August I put an ad on sexyjobs.com. I got a few responses and I was just goofing around. I got a response from an agency in Arizona. I called them and they asked what I was willing to. I told them solo and girl/girl. My best friend told me that I needed to do more and told me to do blowjobs. So I agreed and started doing blowjobs. I decided to take it to the next step and started doing boy/girl. I wanted to come to LA and this agency didn't doing anything outside of Arizona. So I found Mark and I have been with Spiegler ever since.

Big D: How did you become represented by Mark Spiegler?

Taryn Thomas: Ampornstar Arizona was my first agency and I was with them until February this year. I came to LA with Redd Rose but it wasn't a good fit. So someone mentioned that I should try this guy DK. So I tried him out and it did not work because it was not the right agent I needed. Someone recommended me to Spiegler and Spiegler and I have been the right fit. He really is the agent I need. All the girls here are great. I get along with Spiegler. He's like my dad. It has been a godsend to have an agent like him. Any girl is very lucky to be represented by him. He truly cares about each and every one of us. There are no favorites. He cares about all of us equally. At other agencies the favorites are going to work more. Here we are all the same and he wants the best for all of us.

Big D: How have your impressions changed from when you first started in the business?

Taryn Thomas: When I first started I didn't know what to think because I was a bit shy. There was so much to learn. I was not going to do anal and doing a DP was like 'No way!' I was very shy and didn't talk that much in my early films. I didn't talk that much and just moaned. Now everything has changed and I have opened up. I can talk unbelievably and sometimes too much. I enjoy my work so much now.

Big D: Do you have a favorite title or scene you like the best?

Taryn Thomas: In all my scenes I tried to have tons and tons of fun. If I am not having fun then there is no reason for me to be working. I do my job for the pure fact that it is fun for me. I went to school. I have my pharmacy tech license. I went to real estate school. I don't have to do porno. I do it because I genuinely like my job.

Big D: But the money doesn't hurt right?

Taryn Thomas: Oh, the money is just an added bonus but I love to fuck. The scene I would really have to say is my favorite is Fuck Dolls #5. That is the scene where I did my first DP and it was the day after my birthday (May 28, 2005). I was working with Manuel Ferrara and Michael Stefano who happen to be two of the dreamiest guys in the business. For some reason this was my third anal scene and at that time I was not going to take Manuel in my ass. Well, I took him in my ass and I did a DP. I was very proud of myself. Another scene I like was from Ass Attack and that was really fun with Manuel. It's always fun to work with him. Also the scene I have a box cover called Fuck My Ass. That's a good scene. I did double vag and a DP with Michael Stefano and Tony Ribas. That's always fun.

Big D: Do you think double vag is something you will do more of in the future? Or is that a one time thing?

Taryn Thomas: Right now I am going to keep it as a one time thing. That was a spontaneous thing that happened. I wasn't planning on doing double vag that day. It was not supposed to be in the scene but it just happened. As you can tell I am very spontaneous. That scene is a really good scene. For some reason I really connected with Mike and Tony and that's a really hot scene too.

Big D: What other performers have you enjoyed working with and would want to work with in the future?

Taryn Thomas: Kurt Lockwood was tons of fun. Mike Stefano, Manuel Ferrara, Eric Everhard. Mr. Pete is always great. There's tons of performers I really enjoy working with them all. The European guys are really great to work with. I love to work with everybody.

Big D: What about any women you enjoy working with?

Taryn Thomas: Penny Flame is one of my dear, dear friends and I love to work with her. She knows how to brighten the day for everyone. Sandra Romain was always very good to work with when I did work with her. She has something about her that she knows how to bring out energy in everybody. I have worked with Belladonna. She is also really cool. It was great when I got to work with her because she is my idol. Rita Faltoyano, Katja Kassin, Tory Lane. I don't work with that many girls so there won't be that many girl/girl scenes I can think of.

Big D: Do you enjoy the fact that you are a free agent and can work for any studio or director in the porn business? Or do you think signing an exclusive contract with one studio might be in your future?

Taryn Thomas: That is a very hard question for me. I like the idea of only working for one company. It would give me more time to explore my options and be with my family. It would cut down on the amount of work I am doing everyday and I wouldn't be harming my body as much. Right now I am perfectly content with gonzo and doing features. I am happy with what I am doing right now. I have an even level of work. Eventually, one day, if the right offer comes along, possibly I would do that if I am financially stable enough to sign a contract. It is a big decrease in money though. We'll see what happens. At this point in time I am just sticking with gonzo. If I do decide to do anything like that I will not start looking into it until next May.

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