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Big D's Interview With Sunny Leone
Inside Sunny Leone

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Interview Date: 7/6/2006

Sunny Leone is a rare find in the world of adult DVDs. Her choice of name not only is indicative of her personality but her radiant smile and scorching sensuality. Her East Indian beauty and outgoing personality made her a natural choice for porn superpower, Vivid, to lock her down to an exclusive contract. With only two DVDs to her credit, Sunny Leone has already sent shockwaves through Porn Valley. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Sunny Leone discusses her decision to do exclusively girl/girl scenes, why she chose to sign a contract with Vivid and why you should always check your email.

Big D: So I guess the big news is that you are coming out with your own DVD, Virtual Vivid Girl: Sunny Leone this month. How was making that a bit different than your other movie you have done for Vivid?

Sunny Leone: The biggest difference is we start to have sex and then we have to stop after like two minutes so we can switch positions or switch angles. It's not just having sex with another girl. You just don't go at it and go at until they say, 'okay, you're done'. It's completely different in that way.

Big D: Was that hard for you going from one type of shooting to a completely different one for the virtual DVD? Did you have to concentrate more on what you were doing?

Sunny Leone: I don't think you have to concentrate more when you are shoving a big dildo into your pussy. (laughs) It was more just tedious because once you get all into it you have to stop. They have you switch positions and you do it over and over and we did it for four days straight.

Big D: Since you only do girl/girl, this DVD is all girls and no guys?

Sunny Leone: No, there is a man in the film along with Lanny Barbie and Lexie Marie that do stuff with him. They are put into different positions with him. It's the most amazing thing. We shot almost nine hours of footage and it is two discs. It is a lot of stuff including myself and the other girls as well.

Big D: This is your second DVD while under contract with Vivid. Sunny was the first one. Was it part of your contract to do a virtual DVD or did that idea come from already working under contract?

Sunny Leone: When I signed a contract with Vivid, (owner) Steven (Hirsch) and I had talked about what it would be and we decided I would do two films first. One would be a feature and the other would be a virtual title. It just so happened that I had gotten really lucky and he had just gotten done talking to Bob Quinn who was the director and he produced the whole thing. It was just great timing for me.

Big D: You got your start in the adult business by doing nude modeling and eventually were named Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003. How was it taking off your clothes in the early stages of modeling up until you decided to do adult DVDs?

Sunny Leone: It's a huge difference. I have been very fortunate in my career. In being able to do what I want. There are not a lot of girls that get to do that. I've taken it nice and slow. I was in every adult male magazine you can think of. I've done Penthouse Videos which as you know is all simulated, soft core type stuff. It was a huge decision because this is entering another side. It's a huge decision as far as will this be good for my career, will it not be good for my career? What's going to happen? Am I going to like? Will I hate it? I figured if I can ask one of the largest companies in the adult industry if they want to sign me that will probably be my best bet.

Big D: Did you approach Vivid with the idea of coming on contract of were you on their radar screen because you had been in Penthouse and were in a lot of the men's magazines? Take us through how you became a Vivid Girl.

Sunny Leone: I met with Steven and told him I only wanted to do girl/girl scenes. I basically sold myself to him. I said I had already done a lot of the hard work for them and established my name in the industry for a while. I had never done anything outside of nude modeling and soft core so this would be a first. He liked that and so far we are doing great with the sales of my movies.

Big D: So you called up Vivid and asked for a contract?

Sunny Leone: I actually was sitting at home working on my website, which I manage myself, and I was looking at their website. I had been contemplating whether I should move in this direction for about six to eight months. One day I was looking at Vivid's website and I emailed their technical guy. (laughs) I wrote, 'Hi, I'm Sunny Leone. Here are some pictures and here is my stat sheet. I want to do girl/girl but that is all I want to do and I would like to be on contract.' I wrote them a nice letter and the next day Steven wrote me back and he suggested I come in and see him. We had a meeting and that is as far as it went.

Big D: From that meeting did you get offered the contract right away that day you met with Vivid?

Sunny Leone: Yeah, basically it came down to, 'here's what I can offer you'. He was a little hesitant especially because I only wanted to do a girl/girl contract. We worked out a really nice deal that we work at a slow pace. The first contract was for two movies which was Sunny and then the Virtual Vivid Girl: Sunny Leone. I was excited because if I like it, it will be awesome. If I don't then we both aren't tied down for three or four years and I don't like my job.

Big D: You really took a risk in saying you only wanted to do girl/girl scenes. Why was it important to you to only do girl/girl scenes and to make sure that was included in your contract?

Sunny Leone: Whether Vivid was going to take me on or not, I had no expectations going in. To be honest with you, I wasn't expecting them to agree to it. My attitude was, 'the least I can do is try and if they say no I won't be hurt by it'. Let's face it. They are the largest and most well known adult company out there. My attitude was if they like me, great. If not, I will be okay with it. As far as doing just girl/girl, that is just the limitations I am placing on myself and that is what I am willing to do. It's not about if I have a boyfriend. It's not about the other weird reasons girls come up with to only do girls and not guys. I believe in moving slow and moving at my own pace. If Vivid was willing to accept that then it is awesome. If not that was fine with me too and I wasn't going to compromise who I am as a person for money.

Big D: You are originally from Canada but your family moved here while you were still in high school. It seems like there are a pretty good portion of porn stars that have come to Porn Valley via the Great White North. Lauren Phoenix, Nikki Benz, your fellow Vivid contract girl Lanny Barbie, ClubJenna contract girl Jesse Capelli, etc. Even male porn stars like Erik Everhard, Brandon Iron, Peter North, etc. Are you guys just really horny up there in Canada?

Sunny Leone: My parents came from India about 25 years ago. They applied for American citizenship before I was born. We got our green cards when I was about 15 so it was over 15 years just to start the process. For them, it was something they decided they wanted to do a long time ago. At that age I really didn't have a choice of where we were going to live. I am not sure what everyone else's story is but I came down here because my parents made me.

Big D: Do you consider yourself to be more of a Canadian or an American or Indian because both your parents are from there?

Sunny Leone: Actually, I just became an American citizen in June 2006. It's kind of hard to say because both Canada and here are both very Americanized cultures. It's not like there is a huge difference as far as our cultural backgrounds or the way things are there. There are a few things they have like different food but for the most part I am American or Canadian as the next person. It just so happens that that is where I was born.

Big D: Your first movie was a DVD that was titled after you, Sunny. Any extra pressure knowing that one of your first movies was all about you?

Sunny Leone: Not at all. I was glad it turned out that way. If I was going to do my first scene in anything, I wanted it to be in my own DVD. That is what Steven and I had agreed upon. I was really happy about it. Having sex is fun. It's not like you can really do it wrong. That is especially true when you are working with hot girls and people that know what they are doing. I just figured I can't mess this up. This is too easy. I am glad he made it this way. I wouldn't have wanted it any different either.

Big D: Your initial contract was for two movies so both you and Vivid could test it out without having a huge commitment. Sounds like things are going well and both sides are pleased. What can we expect from you in the future?

Sunny Leone: I wasn't even halfway through my first contract and they pulled me into the office and they asked me to resign and to do more movies together. As long as my movies are selling well I see my career with Vivid getting larger and larger. I am looking forward to having more fun with Vivid. It's a great company full of nice people. I believe as long as you have read your contract and you have run it past your lawyer, you are fine. You are golden. I don't see them or myself being in a situation we both don't like. I look forward to the next few years. I hope we do work together. I am having the time of my life with them.

Big D: Since you only work with other girls, who are some of the girls you have enjoyed working with that you would like to see on set in the future?

Sunny Leone: That's a really tough one. All the girls that I have met have been really nice, really cool and lots of fun. Vivid is really good about picking girls that have a lot of energy and that are really nice. It's a close knit circle. Once you are in, you are in as far as girls who aren't signed to contracts. I've liked them all. I wish I could just package them all in a box so I can keep them.

Big D: Your first two adult DVDs are already on the market and you are continuing to do more for Vivid. Do you know of any others that are on their way that we can look forward to seeing soon?

Sunny Leone: I've shot two more films and those are already finished as far as the production and the post production goes. They are still in the process of being edited. The problem is I don't know exactly how they are going to spell the names of the movies or even if the name they think it will be will change by the time it comes out. So it is hard to say a specific DVD because they might change the name later. There are two more films coming out that are fun and exciting. We have two more to shoot that are going to be great. Also Debbie Does Dallas is coming and we are working on that right now which will be awesome. I do have my toy line that will be distributed by Doc Johnson. Then of course, my website, sunnyleone.com.

Big D: First job?

Sunny Leone: I worked at a mom and pop German bakery. I ate everything there. Of course at age 15 you can eat everything.

Big D: First concert?

Sunny Leone: Depeche Mode.

Big D: First car?

Sunny Leone: It was a little two-door Ford Escort.

Big D: What's in your CD player right now?

Sunny Leone: My iPod has so much stuff it is not even funny. I have everything from Andrea Bocelli to Snoop Dogg to Brazilian music to Egyptian music to just about everything.

Big D: Favorite food?

Sunny Leone: Italian food.

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Sunny Leone: I don't know the name of it. I accidentally popped in an adult film into the VCR downstairs in the basement of our house. It was called something about blowjobs in the title. I found a bunch of tapes down in the bottom of a box of my parents' closet. I took it downstairs with my brother and my cousin and popped it in. When we saw what came on we ripped it out and we put it back really fast. I think it might have been Seymore Butts or Shane's World.

Big D: Favorite position?

Sunny Leone: Doggy.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Sunny Leone: Sports event. The reason being I can always go to the movies and see the same movie next week. You only get one chance to see that game. Plus it is more exciting to feel people's energy in a big stadium and you can eat nachos.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Sunny Leone: My cell phone.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Sunny Leone: I like to watch Finding Nemo a lot. I am not sure if I should say that or not and come up with something that sounds a little more intelligent than that.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Sunny Leone: Hawaii. Especially Kauai.

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Sunny Leone: The Dali Lama. I read a lot of books and I just think there couldn't be someone better. If Mother Theresa was alive I would like to meet her.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Sunny Leone: The Maltese Islands.

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