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Big D's Interview With Sunny Lane
Inside Sunny Lane

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Interview Date: 1/26/2006

Sunny Lane is just that, a bright ray of sunlight into the sometimes dark world of porn. Her bright smile and bubbly attitude is a shot in the arm to an industry that can sometimes wear a girl out before her prime. Her infectious smile and impeccable body are a byproduct of a childhood spent figure skating but now she has taken those talents straight to your DVD player. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Sunny Lane discusses how an ice skater can turn into a porn star, her thoughts on being recognized so early in her career by critics and what it is like knowing her parents watch her movies.

Big D: So how does a professional ice skater from Florida become one of the hottest new porn stars in 2005?

Sunny Lane: I started skating as a little girl. I had skated all my life. I had bunion surgery that took me out of the ice skating rink where I could not compete anymore. I was coaching kids and I owned my own business teaching yoga and pilates. I couldn't compete for myself. I could still coach the kids but I couldn't get out there on the ice and have fun like I wanted to. I had to make a decision and I had to change my life. I went to go dance down at Deja Vu in Tampa, Fla. I started dancing there for my first year. It was wonderful and I was named Showgirl of the Year for 2004. In 2005, Nightmoves Magazine, which is our local central Florida magazine, named me their 2005 Calendar Cover Girl. For the AVN that year, they said 'would you like to go?' I said, 'heck yeah!' and I got to go. It was really neat and I got to experience the whole expo and everything. They said at the end of the awards show when everyone was dancing on stage, they said, 'why don't you go up there and dance Sunny?' I said not yet because I was not part of the business but I did say that I would go up there next year. After that I went to Sean Michaels' party and I ran into Phil Hirsch from Playboy and he told me I had the look that they wanted and to call him. That's really how it all began.

Big D: I guess ice skating was a good way to keep in shape and gave you a dancer's body and eventually one that was made for adult films. Was it your look or your athleticism that got you into adult DVDs?

Sunny Lane: I think it was really everything, the total package. When I actually would go to a strip club I would see the feature dancers like Stormy Daniels, Belladonna, Teri Weigel, Jezebelle Bond and Briana Banks. They all came in when I was working there and I saw them put on shows and performances. I knew they were porn stars. I am not able to skate but that's my stage. To be able to go on and perform and to dance. I used to entertain kids but now I am entertaining adults. There are a lot of the same principles that pertain to skating and dancing to being in the adult industry and an actress. There is a lot that goes along with it. I got to have a really great experience and see another way of life and to see what it is all about. I thought why not go for it and have some fun with it and that's what I did. The awards show for Nightmoves came down there and I got to meet a lot of the stars. It was neat and it opened my mind up to a whole other life. I am really glad that I checked it out. I really enjoy what I do and I like to perform. I look at this a lot like skating.

Big D: Since your surgery and couldn't skate anymore do you think your hand was sort of forced to stay in an industry that you were still able to perform even if it was in porn? Did you struggle with the decision to get into adult DVDs or was it an easy transition?

Sunny Lane: I love my body and I was brought up to love who you are and appreciate who you are and to not be ashamed of who you are. If you got it, flaunt it. This was another way for me to perform and to still enjoy being a performer and an entertainer. Also I was able to still be athletic and look good. Of course you have to question it because it is this big life changing experience. You want to make sure you are going in the right direction. You want to make sure you are doing it right because you are making history here. All in all, it was a different decision but it was a good decision.

Big D: Your parents are very supportive of your career to the point that they have watched and critiqued your films. Is that weird knowing your parents have sat down and popped in one of your DVDs and watched it?

Sunny Lane: They watch them in an artistic type of way and to see what this is all about. They don't watch it in a sexual sense at all. Not even close. They are looking at it to see who else is in the movie. My parents were porn connoisseurs and were fans of the business themselves. Now that I am actually in the business they are enjoying it too to see what there is to see behind the velvet rope to see what happens. I don't look at it as they are just watching me. They are seeing what is going on with the films and what types of films I am in. I am so grateful to have the support of my family because this is my decision and I am an adult. I am out here having a lot of fun and spreading a lot of sunshine. There are a lot of people in the world that need that. This is a good way to do it. I used to do in skating and now I do it in the adult industry. Plus I do it on television and I do it in print. I just made Playboy Magazine's Special Edition Lingerie issue. It covers all different aspects so it is not just one thing.

Big D: You were one of the 15 girls nominated for AVN's Best New Starlet. What was your reaction to the news of being nominated?

Sunny Lane: I was soooo excited about being nominated. It's truly an honor because there are so many in the industry that didn't even get to that point. I look at it as I have been in the business for only one year and I was just so grateful and honored to have my name up there and be recognized within the industry by my peers. I was really excited.

Big D: You won the Nightmoves Best New Starlet award. Were you a little disappointed you didn't take home the AVN award too?

Sunny Lane: I look at it like this, it was so wonderful to be down there for it. Nightmoves was awesome in itself because it was my hometown and people were watching my movies and they were really enjoying them. Regarding the AVN awards, like I said, I feel like I already won just by being nominated because they are the Oscars of our industry. It was really neat to be nominated. At the awards show I was presenting with Ron Jeremy and Mary Carey for one of the categories. Right before we were supposed to go on stage to do that they announced best new starlet. I was backstage with Ronny and Mary and I had a documentary crew from AVN following me. They followed me the whole time for 20 something hours. They had the camera on me and when the opened it up and they announced McKenzie Lee and I just said, 'that was good, she deserves it.' I was very happy for her. She came up to me in Tampa and told me she was very happy that somebody won that was worthy of winning the award. I thought that was really cool. I was glad that she won. I know her and she is very nice. What can you do? I was still recognized among my peers in a good way. I did present right after that announcement and that goes to show people that I can handle it no matter what. My goal got answered by just being up on the stage and being a presenter. I shook it off for not winning and went out there and got to do what I set my goal to do. I accomplished so much last year. Last year I was a starlet and this year I want to be a star. I did go up to McKenzie Lee and I did go up to Jenna Jameson and I congratulated them both. Just showing the good sportsmanship that I learned. It's not easy what we do.

Big D: Of all the movies you appeared in since starting, which few do you think exemplifies you as a performer?

Sunny Lane: Definitely Dark Angels #2: Bloodlines. Also Sex Pix for Red Light District. Vault of Whores for Evil Angel which won for Best Vignette. I was actually in six movies that did win awards at AVN. That's pretty good out of the 30 movies I was in that were nominated. Those are all feature movies. Flower's Squirt Shower #2. I'm in the movie and that is really hot. Also She Bangs which is the newest one from James Avalon.

Big D: You've done the features like Dark Angels 2 for New Sensations but you have also done some hardcore gonzo stuff like Planting Seeds #2 and Whale Tail for Smash Pictures or Cum Stained Casting Couch #2 for Red Light. Do you have a preference or just want to be able to do it all?

Sunny Lane: I want to be able to do all. I want to be able to do gonzos and features and cross all different varieties of porn. I want to get a big fan base all the way around. I do gonzo. I do the big features. I also do soft core and pay-per-view stuff. Playboy TV, that is how I got my start was with Juli Ashton on the radio show. They liked me so much that they invited me back to be on their TV show and I eventually became a couch kitty. I have been on there like 12 times. I have done a lot of print for work Playboy and People magazine in Australia. I got the cover of that. I just love it. I just love crossing all the different varieties and different angles. I've even done mainstream for Comedy Central HBO, Showtime, all kinds of stuff.

Big D: Any directors out there that you like to work for? What about directors you have yet to work for and really want to?

Sunny Lane: James Avalon, of course. He is such an awesome director. He's great to work with and very easy to work with. John Leslie is a great director. Joey Silvera is rockin'. I absolutely love him. John Stagliano is totally kick ass. Scott Taylor from New Sensations. He is great. Michael Ninn, he is wonderful too. I was going to say another good movie to see me in was Innocence: White Panties. There are so many it is hard to name a few.

Big D: Are there some directors that you have not yet worked with but want to do that in the coming year?

Sunny Lane: Definitely. Jonathan Morgan. Everybody at Vivid and everybody and Wicked. PT. I definitely want to work with him. Michael Ninn, I would love to work with him again. I've only gotten to work with him once. Just about anyone that I haven't worked with yet.

Big D: When it comes to male and female talent, the same question applies. Who do you like to work with and who haven't you worked with that you want to?

Sunny Lane: I enjoy working with Mark Ashley, Mark Davis, Mark Wood. Basically all the Marks. Nick Manning is awesome. Kurt Lockwood, fabulous. All the hot, strong guys like Jerry. I got to work with Evan Stone in Sex Pix but it wasn't like a real scene. It was a halfway scene once you see the movie. I definitely would love to work with him again. Nick Manning, I worked with him for the first time yesterday and I would love to work with him again. He was awesome. I really love the veterans overall. The veterans are truly amazing. They know what to do with you. They put you in the right positions and don't hurt you.

Big D: Was that an issue when you first came into the business? You were new to it all and some of the younger guys hurt you in some of your earlier scenes?

Sunny Lane: Everybody is different. There is a lot to learn from each person and what they have to give to each performance. I learned that just as I go. I say now that I have been in the industry this is what I like and what I don't like as a performer. There are still some guys that are still going to hurt you but that is part of it. All in all, if they listen to a woman's body they are not going to hurt you.

Big D: What are to dos and don'ts when you walk on a porn shot?

Sunny Lane: I don't do anal. No insertions in my ass please. I don't like to be degraded. I don't like to belittled. I won't be demoralized. That doesn't turn me on or make me cum.

Big D: When it comes to performing sex on camera, some girls have a hard time letting go and allowing themselves to orgasm. Is that true for you?

Sunny Lane: Oh, I love to cum. No, not at all. For me, if I am with a hot man and we have really good chemistry, it's going to happen. I save myself for my films. That's because I want my films to be pure and real. When my fans see it, I want them to say, 'oh my God, you can tell she is really sweating. She's really cumming. Look at her face. Look at her body tremble.' I want it to be real. I want the people to be able to feel it on the other end so they can cum too. That's very, very, very important to me. Once I got over the initial 'open up here, look back here, blah, blah, blah'. That kind of direction thing. Then I just would focus on what was going on around me and I just let myself go. So it is all pure and real.

Big D: What is coming up for you in the near future that we at XRentDVD can look forward to seeing?

Sunny Lane: She Bangs from Red Light District came out in late January. I am an undercover cop that is a virgin at home. That is really hot and James Avalon directed it. The special edition of Playboy magazine just came out. Seven Lives Exposed is coming out on Playboy. Hot Bods & Tail Pipe #30 for Stoney Curtis came out in late January too. I am on the cover with Barbara Summer. That's a really, really good movie. I got the cover of People Magazine in Australia. That came out in February. I'll also be in a movie that was Christy Canyon's first movie she directed. Always, my website, SunnyLaneXXX.com is always a good place to go for my fans to come and watch me cum too.

Big D: First job?

Sunny Lane: Ice skating coach and professional ice skater. I also owned my own yoga and pilates center.

Big D: First concert?

Sunny Lane: Quiet Riot

Big D: First car?

Sunny Lane: Honda Del Sol. Really it was a Mitsubishi Eclipse but I got into an accident after I just got it so it would be the Honda Del Sol.

Big D: What's in your CD player right now?

Sunny Lane: Gwen Stefani, Black Eyed Peas, 3 Doors Down

Big D: Favorite food?

Sunny Lane: Filet Mignon with a baked potato fully loaded.

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Sunny Lane: I don't remember the name but I do know it had Ron Jeremy in it.

Big D: Favorite position?

Sunny Lane: The He-man. It's where I would sit facing the guy and he puts his arms under my butt and thighs and he lifts me up and fucks me while standing up.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Sunny Lane: The ballgame, of course. I am a sports fanatic. I love sports. My favorite teams in hockey are the Tampa Bay Lightning, who are the Stanley Cup champs. In football I root for the Indianapolis Colts because of Peyton Manning. He is absolutely fine. I was really disappointed they got knocked out of the playoffs. In baseball, Toby Hall, of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays is my buddy. I love sports. I like NASCAR and golf. I am excited for the Olympics too.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Sunny Lane: Cell phone is sure nice to have.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Sunny Lane: Dirty Dancing or Flashdance.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Sunny Lane: Malibu, California

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Sunny Lane: Hayden Christensen from the Star Wars movies. Also, Drew Barrymore.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Sunny Lane: Fiji. I am going to Jamaica in March for Hedonism III with Devin Lane. I've never been to Jamaica.

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