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Big D's Interview With Sasha Grey
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Interview Date: 8/14/2006

She's just barely 18 years old and she has become a porn sensation after making a handful of adult DVDs. Her first few scenes were a DP for Combat Zone and an orgy scene for the sequel to Fashionistas. With an insatiable appetite for rough and borderline violent sex, Sasha Grey is sure to be the next 'IT' girl in porn. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Sasha Grey discusses her fetish for having sex with older men, why regular porn is boring to her and get her definition of what really is pornography.

Big D: You just turned 18 and started working in porn relatively soon after your 18th birthday. What made you want to get into porn so quickly and at such an early age?

Sasha Grey: It's really a 'what' and a 'how' is more like it. I was working and going to college full time. It was really stressful and I was watching a lot of porn at the time. Originally I thought I wanted to dance so that I wouldn't have to work so much and could concentrate on school. Once I found out what that was really like I wasn't really into that. I knew a few girls that were strippers and it didn't appeal to me anymore. The more I watched porn I realized that I could do this. I wanted to move to L.A. anyway. It was a drive because I wanted to change my life. I was exploring my sexuality so quickly and in new ways. The person that I was with had taught me so many things that I was at a certain point where it just stopped. My sexuality kept going and his just stayed at a certain point and did not grow with me. I wanted to continue to explore my sexuality and show women it is okay to have sick fantasies and to have non-pedestrian sex. It's okay to fuck like a man. You don't have to be a lady in bed.

Big D: What was it about porn that got you excited about working in it rather than just stripping through college? Was all the porn you were watching pretty lame and you thought you could do better?

Sasha Grey: Well I was already having that kind of sex you saw in porn. I was just bored with my sex life at that point. Some of the porn I was watching wasn't very arousing and didn't get me off. I thought, 'if they can do this, maybe I can add a little something extra'.

Big D: We'll have to wait a while for these projects to be completed but you are going to be the main focus of two DVDs coming out. One for Belladonna in Fetish Fanatic #4 and the other for Combat Zone in The Girl Next Door #2. Were you surprised that this early in your career people are wanting to make movies where you are the main focus and appear ion the front box cover?

Sasha Grey: Definitely. I did get a good break into the business. It's not all just luck. I worked really hard to get to where I am. I continue to work hard. To answer that question, no, I didn't expect to get that kind of notoriety this soon. I did expect to get recognized down the line because I have a drive and I am not going to stop. Once you are in the business you are always going to be in it even if you have stopped performing. Someone is going to see you. I decided that if I am going to get into this I am going to do it 100 percent. No bullshit. I am going to go in there and give it my all. I knew I would do well and have a good name in the business but I didn't think it would happen this quickly in my career. I am very grateful for that. I am grateful for these opportunities.

Big D: What do you attribute to being able to work so much and be so popular with casting directors? Do you have a certain look that is hot right now or is it your work ethic?

Sasha Grey: I think it can be attributed to many things. Word of mouth is one of them. I have a great agent who helps me get good work. I have a good reputation. I don't show up 30 minutes late to work. I bring all my own stuff. I do great scenes. I am not a diva. I don't go on set just to have sex, collect my paycheck and leave. I like to contribute to my scenes in every way I can. If there is an idea I think needs to be voiced, I will tell them my idea. As far as my popularity with fans goes I started up a myspace page first. I saw that there were a lot of girls doing it and because I do not have my own website that was the first thing I needed to do. I also got on Adult DVD Talk (ADT) and that helped out a great amount with a lot of people. My agent started talking about me on ADT and a few directors had mentioned my name. It was basically word of mouth and putting a good effort into my work.

Big D: You made mention that once you decide to get into porn you are basically in it for the rest of your life. No matter if you do just a few movies, those DVDs are out there and available forever. So essentially you have to make the decision to go into porn knowing full well that you will forever be known and recognized as a porn star. Did you struggle with your decision to get into porn knowing that you will always be associated with adult films no matter how long you perform?

Sasha Grey: Initially when I first started doing my research on this back in August, it was an issue for me. I thought maybe I could wear wigs and then no one would notice me. After the second month of research I thought, 'if I am going to do something, I am going to be proud of what I am doing'. I don't care if anyone judges me. This is my decision and if you don't like it or you don't support my decision, then I really don't need you. If it is an outside person judging me then I will have to deal with that. It's what I want to do and I enjoy doing it. This is my life right now regardless of what other people want or other people think. This is what I do and I am going to keep doing it well.
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Big D: So you were doing research on the porn industry for a while before you turned 18 and could legally make the choice to jump into this?

Sasha Grey: Yeah, definitely. I knew right away that if I wanted to do this that I needed to give it 100 percent of my effort and all of my energy. That's why I tried to figure it out as much as I could before I got into the business. It is still a business that is based on reputation and word of mouth. There are so many things going on that you can't read online or read in a book.

Big D: After doing your research on what you could expect out of the adult DVD industry you obviously were not discouraged. What was it about this industry that made you think it was going to be a good choice, especially for a girl that just turned 18 years old?

Sasha Grey: What appealed to me was that for the past few years more and more women have been gaining control in this business. I thought I don't always want to be a 'middle man' or a 'middle woman'. Within this industry I don't have to just stay a performer. I can grow and collaborate on projects. Of course the sex appealed to me and was the main reason I got in. I want to explore my sexuality on camera. I am still young and I am still growing but I am still a woman. I thought it would be great to explore my sexuality on camera and do it in front of thousands possibly millions of people or just one or two people. That turned me on because I am a bit of an exhibitionist. The idea of doing it turned me on. Not even doing but just the idea of having sex and having people watch me turned me on.

Big D: Is it the danger and the taboo factor of having people watch you have sex or was it exploring your growing sexuality that was the bigger draw?

Sasha Grey: I think it was a little bit of both. One was because I need to grow sexually and also people could watch me while I do it. Secondly it was because, yes, this is wrong. So many people think porn is wrong. Depending on your point of view anything can be wrong. I really have a 'no taboo' policy.

Big D: You say porn is sexually empowering and liberating for you but there are a lot of people out there that would disagree. Many of those people think that porn is degrading to women and promotes violence and sex crimes and the decay of the moral fiber of the country, blah, blah, blah. What's your reaction to those people that say porn is degrading to women and promotes misogyny?

Sasha Grey: I think it is ridiculous. This comes from usually men who are controlling husbands and beat their wives that say this type of stuff. They are men that have abusive sex that is not cathartic nor is it consensual. These are usually the type of people that are hypocrites and religious people. These are the same people that will be the first to see the latest action movie or the first to raise their fist when America kills a terrorist. Violence is porn. What is their definition of pornography? It is not just sex. I haven't yet experienced how porn is degrading to me personally. Yes, sex can be violent but not all pornography is sex. In my mind, these people are watching pornography. These people are supporting and getting aroused by violent acts that are inhumane. These same people that are judging me and my fellow coworkers and the porn industry as a whole they are doing the same thing in my eyes. We could go back and forth on this topic all day.

Big D: You've made no bones about your desire to have rough sex. Where did that come from? Did you like it before you got into the business or did porn bring that out in you?

Sasha Grey: Oh no, it was before I got into the business. I was in a relationship and that is where most of my sexuality budded. Within that relationship the exploration came to a halt and I was ready for more. That person wasn't ready to keep growing sexually. That is another reason that drove me into porn. If I want to continue to explore my sexuality and my partner doesn't, I know I can be a great performer.

Big D: I know you got into porn to explore your own body and your sexuality but you are still relatively new to the business. Are there some things out there that you have yet to experience that is territory unknown? You did a DP in one of your first movies, The Girl Next Door #2, so there might not be a lot of ground yet to be covered.

Sasha Grey: I'd definitely like to explore more bondage and play a more dominant role in my scenes. Of course I am a woman and I don't get that chance very often but I would like to explore that. I'd like to be more dominant not only with men but with women. It's definitely hard in mainstream porn because there are so many legality issues of what you can and can not do. You can tie someone up but you can't fuck them at the same time. I am actually doing some work for a website that does electroshock on the pussy. I can not wait for that. That is going to be amazing. That is something I have wanted to do but at such a young age you really don't have access to that kind of stuff. Now that I am in the business I can do those types of things. I really don't have any limits placed on myself that I am not willing to explore. I am always willing to try anything. As long as I am in control and I know I am not being manipulated into doing something I don't want to do I am fine with anything.

Big D: Your first scene you ever shot was for the sequel to Fashionistas and it was an orgy scene where you took on six guys including Rocco Siffredi. How did you land your rookie scene with such a pro like him and also land in a movie that is bound to be huge as was Fashionistas #1?

Sasha Grey: I have to give all the credit to my agent Mark Spiegler. It all happened the day after I asked him to be my agent. He called me up and asked me if I knew who John Stagliano was. Of course I knew who he was. Well Mark told me he was shooting a sequel to Fashionistas. I had never seen the movie but I had heard of the show that is playing out in Las Vegas. I was told they needed an extra girl because one of the girls couldn't make it. It was either a yes or no situation and I said yes right away. Thankfully I was already ready to go out the door but I changed my plans and drove straight over to my agent's house. We drove to the Evil Angel offices and I met John Stagliano and his wife, Tricia Devereaux, that day.

Big D: From that one meeting they decided you were the girl for them and they whisked you off to Las Vegas to start shooting?

Sasha Grey: It was just two days before they had to leave to shoot. I guess they wanted to get a look at me and decided I was good enough for the part. They needed someone. Speigler was my agent and they knew they could depend on me. It was just a stroke of luck and good timing.
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Big D: You worked for Belladonna and that was your first girl/girl scene. Had you been with girls before that and do you prefer girls over guys now?

Sasha Grey: I never had any experience with girls outside the business. It was always something I wanted to do and I was curious about. There was really nobody that I could explore that with. There was no one in my life that I felt comfortable enough or I felt attracted to enough to do that. I wanted to fuck girls anyway and since this is porn, here is my chance. My first opportunity was with a person who I really look up to and respect as a performer and as a director. It was a great fucking experience. You couldn't ask for any better training in fucking girls that it coming from Belladonna. I don't have a preference over men or women. I guess in my personal life I enjoy men a little bit more. It is always fun to bring a girl in. Inside of porn, it is always great to have a girl there that you connect with. There are a lot of girls that do girl/girl porn but they do not like girls. That's an issue sometimes. Sometimes you just want to eat some pussy and you want to hump like lesbians. Sometimes you don't want a cock in your face and you want some pussy. That can sometimes be hard to get in the business.

Big D: You've said that most porn is boring and does not arouse you physically or visually. What makes it so boring to you? What can be done differently to appeal to someone like you?

Sasha Grey: I think some of it can be boring because there is so much product out there. It has sort of become a routine. Most porn has a tease, you have some dick sucking, a little bit of pussy play and then you have the ass pounding. I think the scenes could be shot differently. People spend a lot of money on porn and I think it could be done differently. Look at independent filmmakers. They make films on next to nothing budgets and the picture looks great. I think that if people took that into account they could see they can do things differently. They don't have to white out everything and have everything blasted out white. I think they need to pay a little more attention to the girl because that is who the audience is watching anyway. People strive to be different and make different porn. The problem is that they shoot it the exact same way. They might use a bit of a different storyline or different costumes but in the end it just seems like it is the same thing.

Big D: Is that something that you want to take later on down the line and take that vision and put it behind the camera in a director's role?

Sasha Grey: I would like to move more in the direction of learning more about the business aspect of this industry and not perform so much. Right now I am happy doing what I am doing. I don't want to say I want to be a director. I can do so many things. Everybody wants to be a director. Who knows? There are so many things ahead of me it is hard for me to see the future. I would definitely like to have more creative control in the films I perform in or even if it is just collaborating with the director or the other performers in the movie. Right now I am really happy doing what I am doing performing.

Big D: Since you watched a lot of porn before you got into the business, was there anyone out there that once you got in you knew you wanted to work with them? Have you had a chance to work with them yet and who have you worked with that you were unaware of that you really liked working with?

Sasha Grey: There wasn't anyone in particular that I really wanted to work with when I first got into porn. I do think it would be cool to work with Ron Jeremy and Peter North. They are legends and I think it would be great to get the chance to work with them. Of course Belladonna. I could never get sick of working with her. I really don't have a favorite performer. It's different every time for me. You are not going to get the same performance from me each time. Someone that I was curious about how the sex would be was with Brian Surewood. He looks like a pirate and pirates are sexy. He's an older guy and it is kind of wrong. I got to work with him the other day and that was cool to finally work with someone you have watched a lot. I saw him in a lot of gonzos.

Big D: You have mentioned guys like Ron Jeremy, Peter North and Brian Surewood as guys you have wanted to have sex with since getting in. You are 18 and these guys are in their 40's or older. Is that part of the taboo thing for you to be so much younger than they are but still fucking them on camera?

Sasha Grey: I've always been attracted to older guys. I never really dated anyone my exact age. I know when older guys fuck younger girls in porn they are thinking, 'oh yeah, this is some fresh pussy'. But I am thinking about it the same way when I am fucking an older guy. It's wrong. I get off on it just as much as they get off on fucking my 18 year old pussy. It's kind of a psychological thing really.

Big D: Do you prefer those types of scenes that are a bit more taboo and have a little more fetish compared to the standard three positions and a money shot?

Sasha Grey: Not all the time but some of the time. The fetish stuff doesn't necessarily make it better but it sometimes makes it a really hot scene. It just turns me on. Just because it is an older guy and I am a younger girl, some people see that as wrong. It does make the scene work well because it is two people fucking that really want to fuck each other. I can work with people that are not that much older than me and still have a great scene.

Big D: How do you prepare for a scene and make it a good one even if you are paired up with someone that may not be your type or you don't find that attractive?

Sasha Grey: I put tons of fucking energy into all of my performances. I prepare mentally and physically. If the guy isn't really all that attractive to me, his cock is still there. That's what works for me. He doesn't have to have a cute face for me to get off. That's what makes a scene work; the cock and the pussy and my performance.

Big D: Since this is your decision to stay in porn for quite a while and based on your initial popularity since coming in, do you think you would to pursue a contract with one of the bigger porn companies to prolong your career?

Sasha Grey: Right now I am happy being a free agent and being able to work for just about anyone. If I was offered a contract or I was going to take a deal, it would really have to be the right thing for me. I would have to take into consideration the money issue. You don't make as much money being on contract. At the same time, it is not the money. I would want a certain sense of freedom. I wouldn't want to be under someone's wing just because I sign a piece of paper. I would want the freedom to create the things I want to create or perform with other people. It would have to be the right deal for me. It wouldn't be just signing a contract to make my name look good and their name look good.

Big D: First job?

Sasha Grey: Cashier at a fast food restaurant.

Big D: First concert?

Sasha Grey: John Mellencamp

Big D: First car?

Sasha Grey: Hyundai Sonata. I am still driving it.

Big D: What's in your CD player or iPod right now?

Sasha Grey: What is in my CD player right now? I am actually in the car right now so I can tell you. Skinny Puppy.

Big D: Favorite food?

Sasha Grey: I do not have a favorite food. I like Greek food and Mexican and Italian food.

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Sasha Grey: I don't remember what it was called but I stole it from my dad. It was some shit from the 1980's. It was really bad.

Big D: Favorite position?

Sasha Grey: I don't have one. I really love them all.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Sasha Grey: It depends on who would be playing. I have never been to an NFL game which I would love to do. Seeing how I have never done that I would say go to the movies.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Sasha Grey: My ATM card. I don't like carrying a lot of cash around.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Sasha Grey: That's hard. A Band of Outsiders. Gummo is really great. Punch-Drunk Love.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Sasha Grey: I haven't had a real vacation in a long time. The most exciting place I have ever been to was probably New York. I also like San Francisco. I would put that first.

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Sasha Grey: Probably Martin Gore from Depeche Mode.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Sasha Grey: Greece

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