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Big D's Interview With Sara Sloane
Inside Sara Sloane

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Interview Date: February 12 , 2010

Sara Sloane is a busty and beautiful young woman who, surprisingly, seems to know exactly what she wants in life. Talented in not only making her fans hot and bothered, it's definitely obvious that she's got it going on. And what's more, she knows it! Take a ride with us as XRentDVD's Backdoor Betty gets intimate with one of Zero Tolerance's new contract stars. Learn what made her become a big fan of late night talk show host, Jay Leno (Are you listening Jay?), how she knew from the start she was going to be a porn star and what it was like to pick her own talent for one of her newest releases!

Backdoor Betty: Where's your hometown and what was it like growing up there?

Sara Sloane: I am from Hicksville on Long Island, NY, and what I can tell you about my childhood is that I grew up in a really nice middle class town. My parents, who are still married to this day, had great jobs. My father got in business with my grandfather before he passed away and then took over the family business, my mother became an accountant and I also have a brother, it's just a pretty regular family. I grew up in New York mostly, we lived in California for a few years, but pretty much it was just a really close knit, not very religious family. My parents are both reformed Jewish people so my whole family is really reformed and laid back, and we get together throughout the year for the holidays. It's mostly for socializing and to see each other, which is always fun to look forward to. Growing up I played soccer, softball and I did the dance class thing. I was always into music and sports as a younger kid and that was pretty much what my activities revolved around: sports, music, summer camp and guitar lessons. It was the same for my brother, but being a boy he was more into sports. I always had fun doing things that I liked. My family and I are still all really close, my brother just graduated college and he's doing an internship while I'm out here in California. What I miss most about my hometown would probably be consistency and seeing the same people, like I always went to the same deli and my mom always shopped at the same grocery market. Here you meet people and you don't even know where they're from, and it's like "Wait where did you come from?". But it was nice and I guess I miss that the most.

Backdoor Betty: Ah a native New Yorker... so what were Sara Sloane's school years like?

Sara Sloane: Well, in high school, I definitely wasn't a party girl, I waited until college to come out of my shell. For the most part, I wasn't into many clubs, but I ALWAYS had a job, it was really important to me. So from 10th to 12th grade, I worked the counter at Dunkin' Donuts and worked at a hair salon where I did shampooing and swept the floor. I was always busy in high school, and I always had friends that were outside of my high school. To me, high school was just a waste of time... I mean, I loved high school and it was what it was, but I never felt that I learned anything valuable until afterwards. For college, I went to a relatively local college in upstate New York. It was for horticulture, so it really didn't strike me as something I needed to be involved in. It was a great experience, though. Going away and living in a dorm, having a roommate and just the whole college lifestyle was very interesting to me. I stayed for about 2 quarters and played soccer, which was a huge highlight, while I was there. I really wasn't getting what I needed out of college, so I left. So, before you ask, I didn't leave to become a porn star, that's not how it happened. I worked a ton of retail jobs and worked in all kinds of fields. I even worked with my dad for a time. I've always been a worker bee, from the time I was 14 working at the local Dunkin' Donuts. Where they let me serve coffee and bagels, but forbade me to use a knife... not even to cut sandwiches or bagels.

Backdoor Betty: So I hear you play guitar and are a vintage guitar connoisseur...

Sara Sloane: I have a Favilla. It's actually my mom's old guitar and I had a Fender Jag-Stang. It's a combination of the Jaguar and the Mustang, and Kurt Cobain designed it for Fender before he passed in '94. For my 16th birthday my dad went on this wild scavenger hunt for this kind of guitar because he knew I was a huge Kurt Cobain fan. He got it for me and it was one of my favorite gifts ever. I have it in storage at my grandma's, but the acoustic is a favilla and its super old. My mom used to play it in high school, we've since restrung it obviously, and she taught me the basic chords back when I was a kid. I always took guitar lessons and it's been a while, but when I get it on my lap and when I don't have my fake nails for work, then my fingers remember my certain chords. Yeah I've got to get something out here so I can play, but unfortunately I don't have one out here in California.

Backdoor Betty: What's this I hear about you being a huge Jay Leno fan? What's the story behind that?

Sara Sloane: Okay, the Jay Leno thing I've got to explain. When I was younger, I happened to come across his picture in the newspaper. Just a regular newspaper, and it wasn't a big article or anything, but I found him so attractive and I don't know what it was. I really couldn't tell you why, but he turned me on so much and I just remember masturbating to his picture in the newspaper. I don't know if that makes me really weird or what, but I was very young and very aware that I had private areas and that they could be stimulated. I guess I kind of figured that out on my own because I didn't really learn from anybody else. It's funny I once broke my braces masturbating. I had braces for like 4 years and I remember I had the night brace on, which is the thing that you wear at night and it's a big metal contraption, probably the most un-sexy thing in the world. Anyway, I was laying on my stomach, masturbating, and my back brace broke because it was digging into the pillow. So I lied to my mom and I told her I must have eaten something and it snapped the back brace, but I knew the real reason. Oh I felt like such a loser and I had to go to the orthodontist the very next day for an emergency appointment, and all because I had to cum. I even remember that I thought to myself, "Shit my braces are gonna break!".I knew something was gonna happen, but it was either that or cum... so I chose the latter. I wasn't really sexually active, I was just aware of my sex. Tell you the truth, I didn't really become sexually active until later on in high school. Actually, I was extremely self conscious and I didn't think I was pretty. I knew I had a clit, but I just didn't feel pretty. I was just starting to grow into my sexuality, but my flower didn't completely bloom until I was working at the brothel. For me I was never really promiscuous, I wasn't a high school slut, I was just really reserved and kind of shy.
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Backdoor Betty: Wow, Jay would be happy to hear that he makes all the women horny. I'll bet he never thought late night could be so entertaining! So you worked at a brothel? How did that come about?

Sara Sloane: Well, as I got older I became more confident with my sexuality. I realized that I could make a career out of it and wanted to get started right way. So I got a job at a local video store and started dancing to get my feet wet. Then I started working at a couple of porn shops, and the owner one of them, the Pleasure Palace, is still a good friend of mine today. He's actually like a business mentor for me. After I felt comfortable, I went and worked at 2 different legal brothels (Wildhorse and Sheri's Ranch), and I had a great time. It was a safe and secure environment and everyone was friendly and tested. It was a 100% legit and the girls were always tested so you know everything was clean. So after that I wanted to take it even further and see how I can start getting some real money out of this industry. It's all about my future and ultimately everything I do today is about when I'm forty, fifty or sixty years old, because I want to be secure in my life. I don't want to have to worry about paying my bills when I'm forty-five. So I knew that the only way to really benefit was by putting both feet literally in and just seeing where it went. Thank God I just picked up this contract from Zero Tolerance! But even prior to that I was always staying busy. I did have agents, but I was on my own when Zero Tolerance contacted me. I was booking my own work and I figured "I have networks, I've worked so hard to be here. Why not do it myself?"

Backdoor Betty: You really know what you want, that's impressive! So, as a native New Yorker, how did it feel to work on the Official Jersey Shore Parody?

Sara Sloane: I play Jenny Jaywow, and she's kind of a tough broad. Actually, I take that back, she's a bad ass bitch, but I had no problem tackling that role. It was totally fun and I'm just happy to have something creative to be inspired by.

Backdoor Betty: So do you have any other movies we can look forward to?

Sara Sloane: Well, I have my interactive coming up in April which I'm super excited about, its gonna be amazing. I also have a few other things... I just finished my first movie called "All About Sara Sloane" (originally called Sara Sloane House of Sin) which is a 3rd Degree Films. It's actually really fucking cool because I actually picked the entire cast, I put it together myself. For the first scene we have Annmarie Rios with Pat Myne and I'm actually watching as they perform their scene. Prior to the scene, I coach Anne Marie and have her get me off pretty much. Second scene is an all girl threesome with myself, Franscesca Le and Raylene. Then we have a MMF with myself, John Strong and Mark Wood which is gonna be really fucking hot. Next is a hot scene with Miss Phoenix Marie, myself and Mark Davis. And last, but certainly not least, we have the gorgeous Kristina Rose, Mr. Pete and me for MFF anal scene, and that's it. Yeah it's an all star cast and this is MY first movie. I'm totally thrilled and I couldn't wait until it came out.

Backdoor Betty: I'm sure you get this question all the time these days... but what inspired the name change?

Sara Sloane: There wasn't really an inspiration, it was a domain name issue. Sarah Vandella is me, I'm always gonna be Sarah Vandella. That was my creation and she is me. Sara Sloane is still Sarah Vandella, but a fine tuned version. Zero Tolerance owns my name and that's the way they wanted to do it. I felt comfortable with that because I have a lot of respect for Greg Alves, he's an amazing boss. Everyone at Zero is nothing but nice and completely understanding, and they're always willing to make everything better for the girls, they're just so accommodating. So when it came down to the details of like, the domain name, which unfortunately in this industry and I'm sure in many other aspects of entertainment it starts and it ends with owning that name. It's a sad reality, but I'm not complaining because like I said I have so much respect for the company that I'm happy that they own my name. You know what I mean? I'm probably going to get behind the scenes after my contract expires, I was actually offered a 2 year contract with a 2 year extension so we'll see how the next 2 years go. I'm fucking stoked about it. For the longest time I felt a little discouraged because there are a lot of girls that come in and out of the industry, a lot of competition, this and that. I was able to sustain my name throughout all of that... and little by little I started getting a little more recognized. Whatever, but I'm not perfect, we all have one or two things that we wish no one knew, but I'm really super grateful to Zero Tolerance and they just really made me feel like this whole thing has been really worth it. It's my first contract.

Backdoor Betty: And congratulations on that. I know it's the pinnacle of porndom to be a contract girl and eventually direct or start your own company. Of all the scenes you've done, do you remember your first one? When you popped your porn cherry?
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Sara Sloane: As a matter of fact I do. It was for Naughty America's "My Sister's Hot Friend #9", believe it or not, and the gentleman was Jack Venice. They actually gave me the box cover for that one. It was at one of those really ritzy location houses, and to me it seemed like the biggest house I'd ever been in to date. Of course, after 3 months in the industry, that house was like nothing... but at the time I was so impressed with it. Plus they had a makeup artist and everything was so professional, I said to myself, "These guys aren't fucking around". Working with Jack was great too. He's super sexy, great personality and he was really sweet to me because he knew it was my first scene. He actually came twice in the scene because my pussy was so tight. I really enjoyed it.

Backdoor Betty: So I hear you really like women and love turning them on.

Sara Sloane: Yeah I really love women's asses, I'm like totally perverted, I could just eat pussy and ass pretty much all day and be satisfied. Yeah I'm a giver I'm a total giver and when it comes to myself I just love being teased with hands, lips, genitalia whatever you got just tease me.

Backdoor Betty: And what do you think about bondage?

Sara Sloane: You know what, I believe in pushing my threshold, so I would totally explore that. I've always wanted to shoot for KINK, but they never booked me. I even filled out that stupid application thing on the internet... man and it took me like an hour. They never booked me, but, whatever that's cool. But, I always wanted to push my threshold with that and just learn. I've heard so many stories about being in bondage and the chains, or being in the suspended in the air. I don't know, I mean for me I'm such a vouyeur that I would love to watch people do that stuff. But when it comes to myself, I would certainly want to start slow so I don't freak myself out. (LAUGHS)

Backdoor Betty: Has your family been supportive? How has your being in porn been received by those that are close to you?

Sara Sloane: Well I am single so I don't have to worry about a partner, but my family, friends and people back home in New York have pretty much been there for me since the day I started working at the video store. They knew years before I even did porn that I was ready to get my feet wet in this industry, but I really wanted to start slow so they were always very supportive, especially my mom and dad. As long as I'm getting paid, I'm happy and I'm safe that's all they care about. They don't need to know all the details and trust me I don't want to tell them all the details, boundaries!! But my mom, she is so cool because she used to be kind of a square, kind of reserved. Now that I'm in this industry, she asks me so many questions about men and the female body. Like she comes to me for things and I'm like "Mom I really hope your not talking about dad right now!!" (LAUGHS) but she's not. Unfortunately, my grandmother never really taught my mom much about sex, but I'm glad that at least my mom was able to kind of give me a heads up when I went out into the real world. Now I can report back to her and we can just laugh about it, so its really cool that she's there for me. And if I quit tomorrow they would still love me, or God forbid, if my contract expired or whatever would happen, they would still love me because I'm their daughter.

Backdoor Betty: Is there anybody in the industry: performers, directors, male or female, that you would love to work with?

Sara Sloane: Yes... any time I get to shoot for Mike Quasar I know it's going to be a fantastic day... same with Nate Liquor. Of course, Pat Myne or Danny Case, whatever he goes by these days. But when it comes to performers, the reason I was so stoked about this movie I told you about is because I got to pick the whole cast. Everyone I picked was someone I had either worked with previously, I had a great connection with, or somebody that I was just totally lusting after. One of the people I had been lusting after for the longest time was Kristina Rose. I finally got her and it was wonderful, it was better than I thought it would be. I also lusted after Phoenix Marie like crazy because we were always on set together and we were always in the same movies, but we never fucked like actually. She was also my roommate two AVN's ago and when we stayed in the same room together, she was super fucking cool. So we totally clicked from day one, but I finally got her all to myself.. well I did share her with Mark Davis, but that was fine. I would also really love to work with Manuel Ferrara and Rocco Siffredi... two legends that I could only dream to work with, and hopefully I will be able to one day.

Backdoor Betty: So is there somebody special in your life? Or are you currently single?

Sara Sloane: I'm single by choice. I date here and there, and I have a couple of fuck friends... if you will. But, for right now, I'm just really focused on my fans and my duties as a contract girl, and getting my appearances lined up and going over scripts. I'm just really focused right now, but I feel like I do want that monogamous relationship one day. You know, with that one person and maybe, who knows if a family would be in the equation. I just want to make sure I've lived my life first, had my fun, made some money, got it out of my system and then I can focus on being with someone else. But like I said I totally get my groove on.
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Backdoor Betty: Are you an outdoorsy type girl?

Sara Sloane: I love to play sports, I'm a HUGE Yankee fan... and I'm very mad at my Jets, they blew it, they had a chance this year, and they blew it. The Colts are a strong team though, so just the fact that the Jets were even there was a fucking miracle. I'm pretty balanced though, I love going shopping with my girls and doing the whole girls day out just as much as I love going on hikes with friends and spending the whole day outside, going river rafting or bicycling. I just love being outside.

Backdoor Betty: Sounds great! Is there anything that you'd like to tell the fans that they don't know?

Sara Sloane: Well, just that I appreciate the support and the commitment they've made following my work. It means so much to me and if they can enjoy what I do and find some relief or personal satisfaction out of it, then I am super happy to be doing it. So pretty much just thank you so much to everybody and look forward to some more fucking, because I've got some good things coming out and some crazy fantasies of mine that will one day be explored.

Backdoor Betty: Tell me something funny or cool that's happened to you.

Sara Sloane: When I was a kid and we lived in California, my dad and I had like a father-daughter night. So we use to do our version of the midnight movie club. For instance, I went to see Edward Scissorhands when I was a kid, and my mom totally freaked in the morning when she found out that we snuck out to see it at midnight. Anyway this one time in California, my father and I were supposed to go watch a taping of one of the late night shows that were on and we ended up getting lost. My father's very good friend is a mainstream agent, and the guy's got his connections. Anyway, my dad and I got really lost, and were way too late to go to the taping. So my dad's friend hooked us up, because we were in Burbank or something, with tickets to see the Married With Children 200th episode taping. I met the entire cast and I got a copy of the script.. which I still have it to this day, it's in New York. I have everyone's autograph on it. I got to meet everyone from Ed O'neil to Christina Applegate to Kathy Segal, you name it... everyone was on set and it was awesome. So go figure my dad and I got lost and we missed out on the late night talk show, but we got to watch the taping of the 200th episode of Married With Children. That was an amazing experience, it really was, and like I said I still have the script. We were just at the right place at the right time

Backdoor Betty: First Job?

Sara Sloane: My first job was Dunkin' Donuts, but my first REAL job was the Gap retail.

Backdoor Betty: First Kiss?

Sara Sloane: First kiss was in California... playing this stupid game with the neighborhood kids called flashlight tag. I kissed the kid that lived in the cul-de-sac named Josh, well we kissed each other. He had braces and I totally remember feeling his braces, but I didn't care.

Backdoor Betty: First Concert?

Sara Sloane: James Taylor with my parents at Jones beach. I must have been 11 or 12.

Backdoor Betty: First Car?

Sara Sloane: A red, 1996 Volkswagen Beetle

Backdoor Betty: What's in your iPod or CD player right now?

Sara Sloane: Led Zepplin, Rolling Stones, Beetles, mostly classic rock.

Backdoor Betty: Favorite Food?

Sara Sloane: PIZZA!!! I'm a New Yorker, so you know I gotta have some good pizza. But anything my mom makes is great too.

Backdoor Betty: Favorite Position?

Sara Sloane: Ummm... spoon or doggy-style, I mean I like it all but spoon or doggy really gets it for me.

Backdoor Betty: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Sara Sloane: Depends on what's playing and who's playing. Most likely the ball game if my Yanks are playing.

Backdoor Betty: Favorite Mainstream Movie?

Sara Sloane: If I had to pick one I would probably say Braveheart or anything Woody Allen. I also love a good action movie or a good romantic comedy. I'm really open minded too, so I would watch anything, and if I didn't like it, I'd obviously turn it off.

Backdoor Betty: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Sara Sloane: Texting! I know that sounds lame but its true. It's just so much easier to get answers quick.
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Backdoor Betty: Favorite vacation spot?

Sara Sloane: Probably Florida... I need to get out more.

Backdoor Betty: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Sara Sloane: Courtney Love

Backdoor Betty: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Sara Sloane: Well, I want to go somewhere really exotic like, I don't know, Fiji. But I would also love to go to Italy. Anywhere far and just totally different from here is good.

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