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Big D's Interview With Roxy Reynolds
Inside Roxy Reynolds

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Interview Date: 12/12/2006

Roxy Reynolds is not just another pretty face with a bubble butt looking to get paid through porn. This is a porn star that wants to be known as the 'Black Jenna Jameson'. With a year left in college and a business savvy head on her shoulders, she already is on contract with Black Ice Limited. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Roxy Reynolds discusses finding the 'major people' in the industry, her first on screen experience with none other than Mr. Marcus and reveals that no guy's dick is too big.

Big D: You are not only a porn star but a college student as well. How do you balance your career in adult DVDs with school work?

Roxy Reynolds: I take online classes because I travel a lot. I don't have a lot of time to go on campus like the regular students do. I had to drop down to part-time instead of being a full-time student. I am trying to finish up but it is hard to balance school and work. I really don't have a choice because I won't have this body for the rest of my life. I have to have a back up plan for that so I have to stay in school.

Big D: Seeing how you know that a career in porn will not last forever, do you see yourself finishing your college requirements while still performing in porn or will you need to take a break and then once you are retired from adult films go back to school?

Roxy Reynolds: I think I will actually have to move back to Ohio, to Ohio State University's campus, and travel back and forth from there. Right now I am living in Atlanta, Ga. and I have to travel back and forth to Ohio. Even though you are taking online classes you still have to go on campus and to take the actual mid-term and final exams. In order for me to actually finish school I think my best bet is to move back home to Columbus, Ohio where Ohio State is located. I would travel from there and do the adult industry things while still living there.

Big D: Since you are in Atlanta now but the majority of adult DVDs are shot and produced on the west coast, how are you able to balance traveling all the way across the country to work?

Roxy Reynolds: I am signed to Black Ice and they are located on the west coast. They understand that I am in school. Actually they knew that before they signed me. That might have been a reason why they did sign me because I have a good head on my shoulders. They (Black Ice) work around my school schedule. They fly me out there and that is more convenient for me because being in school and trying to work I have to budget my money in order to pay for my tuition. Black Ice is very understanding and they make it easier for me. I am not doing it by myself like how I was doing it before I was signed.

Big D: You're relatively new to the adult film industry. Why did you want to sign a contract with someone like Black Ice so early in your career?

Roxy Reynolds: This is what happened. I had a contract offer from West Coast Productions around my fourth month in the industry. At that time I was under my first agent, Ron Ellis. He told me not to take it. I was wondering why. I came to find out that once you are signed, your agent is not making their commissions off of you anymore. I kept on working with Ron representing me but later I broke it off with Ron and started doing my own thing. I did my own website. I did my own appearances. I hired Tommy Noe who is my publicist and he helped me get my MySpace page up. He helped me with my content and a lot of promotional things which helped set me apart from the other girls. I also hired DJ J.D. from Sirius radio station. He helped me get into a lot of the mainstream magazines to get my name out there. He also helped me get into some music videos. Me being Roxy Reynolds and being a hard worked and still staying in school I got noticed a lot more. I got tired of looking for work by myself so I got on Vanessa Blue's website and asked her some advice. Vanessa Blue is one of the legendary black porn stars in the industry. She went ahead and put up a website to help book some of the girls. She picked about five of her favorite girls with strong heads on their shoulders to put on there. Three days she put me up on that site, Black Ice found me. They wanted to sign me because I had not done a lot whole of adult videos. They wanted someone who was fairly new but was going to be strong in the industry and not leave after a short stay. There are girls that come in and do it (porn) for about a year or two and then they leave for various reasons. Either they have kids or have other family reasons. I don't see that with myself right now. I see myself actually going far in this because I just started my own company, Double R Productions. I am happy Black Ice found me because it made it a bit easier on me and I don't have to have an agent trying to take my money. All the money is mine now and I can invest in different things.

Big D: Did you do any research on the porn business before you started or did you learn all these things about marketing yourself and agents on the fly while you were trying to make it?

Roxy Reynolds: I actually learned what I know by doing it hands on. I just jumped into it. I went to a porn party while I was living with one of my good friends, Suave, who is a well known male porn star. He taught me a little bit about the business. He told me I could make a lot money but I need to be smart about it. Don't go and do drugs. Instead I needed to stay in school and pay my tuition with my money I make. I followed that advice and I did save up some money and found a manager who is black and was from Platinum City Entertainment. He helped me get my company off the ground. He helped me build my logo. He helped me to the point where he was starting to try to control me and I did not like that. I am a Capricorn and I don't like when people try to take control. What I did was I bought the contract out for $10,000 and now I own everything again. That was one mistake I made was getting a manager so I could invest on top of my investments too. I learned that when you do come on set you need to have your own test and your own paperwork. You should ask questions about the title of the DVD. What is the name of it. You should ask about the casting and what male talent you will be with. You need to have your own folder with you so you can keep track of those things. A lot of people do not do that. I learned that from Courtney Cummz, Carmen Hays, Vanessa Blue and Ron Ellis. Any industry talks where they are a lot of rumors and innuendo within the industry. I never hear anything bad about Roxy Reynolds. I don't live in California and I fly back and forth so I don't have time for the gossip. I never hear anything bad about myself. That's a good thing because I try to separate myself from the bad and the good. This is where I stand because of that. I appreciate the people that helped me. It is getting harder because I have a lot of projects in mind. Some of my financial needs do not meet together but I am working it out. I still have school so I guess it is going a little slower than I expected. When you first start out it just jumps off so quickly. When you are in it, it kind of slows down. I have some ups and downs but I am glad I am signed to Black Ice.

Big D: It sounds like when you first got into porn that your original intent was to help finance your college tuition. Now that you have been in for a little more than a year, are you approaching this industry as more of a career and not just a way to help you get through school? Is your decision to go on contract more of a springboard for bigger things to come within the adult film industry?

Roxy Reynolds: Yes, absolutely. At first I didn't look at it that way. At first I wanted to save my money and get out. I didn't want to be as big as I am now. I didn't want my family to find out. I didn't want to go through the ups and down with my family. I am actually a Christian female and I haven't been in any trouble before. For my family to see me open up this door, it was kind of weird for them. I sat down and talked to a couple of my close girlfriends and I realized this will open up new doors for me. I really, really want to be an actress, a big screen actress like Halle Berry. That's what I really want to do. I feel that this will probably open up new doors for me. I said, 'Hey, they are doing it. Why can't I do it too?' So I started my own company. I am trying to get some movies out and see how it goes with my distributing deal with Black Ice. I do plan on graduating at the end of 2007 only now because I am a part-time student. I was supposed to be done this year but since I got into the industry I had to move down to part-time status. That is only two classes compared to four classes I was taking. I do understand that this is actually going to be something that is major. As long as I keep a strong head and have my eyes open for new things and take advantage of them, I'll be in it for a while.
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Big D: You've had the opportunity to do some mainstream work like appearing in music videos and magazine modeling. Are there more things coming in the mainstream that your porn fans can go out and pick up and see you in?

Roxy Reynolds: I am looking into doing a shoot with SED magazine soon. I said on my website that Ron Ellis will be my first and last agent but deep down in my heart I know that is not true. I want to try to do Fox movies. I want to find an agent who will help me audition for a few parts in movies. I have a lot of fans that believe in me and believe I am the next black Jenna Jameson. I don't see that right now. I know other people probably see it but I don't. The reason I say that is because I have done a lot of research on Jenna Jameson and she did it in a different way than I have. She also met someone else in the industry that was willing to help her that had a lump sum of money to match hers. I don't have that because I am not looking for a significant other to help me. I am not looking for a male figure in my life right now because I have school and I have my company. I am looking for investors to help me. It is not that I don't want investors to help me but I think that will help me get further than where I think I would be.

Big D: You mentioned that when you first started out you did not want to become as big and as popular as you have gotten now. You also said you didn't want your family to find out. They did in fact find out, in particular, your brother opened up some of your mail and found out that way. How did they react and were you able to patch things up with them?

Roxy Reynolds: I did patch things up. I sat down with my one brother because he was actually crying. He and my mother were crying. I have three brothers. One of them I rarely talk to him but my other two brothers I do talk to a lot. My middle brother he understood because he knows me a bit more. My younger brother really didn't understand because I lived with him all my life. I lived with him since we lived in Philadelphia to West Virginia to Columbus, Ohio. It really hurt his feelings. When I sat down to talk to him I tried to make him understand that I am not a 'Ho'. I am not a Ho and if you think that at least say I am a 'Paid Ho', okay? I was trying to get him to understand that I had other plans other than just porn. Of course I had to start my own company within the porn industry but then acting in my own movies with other talent that I select. The next step was to get behind the camera and shoot porn and then after that was to shoot independent films and independent videos. I wanted to do it like Spike Lee did. The way Spike Lee did it was he started his whole company on credit cards. I told my brother that I really didn't want to do it that way because I hate owing people. I don't like to owe anybody anything. I was telling him that I was sick of asking mom and him and my other brothers for money. I just wanted to have my own money. I didn't want to ask my boyfriend for money. My brother had to understand that everyone has their own hustle. He asked me, 'why didn't you just get a regular job?' I've worked regular jobs but I am still in school and I don't have my degree to make the money that I want to make. It would take even longer if I had a regular job to still try to graduate and make my family happy. I really want my family to be happy because we really have been through a lot. We have moved from Philadelphia to West Virginia to Ohio. How many families do you know that have moved from state to state? I've seen my mom go through a lot of stuff and I did not want to hurt her feelings. This was the only industry that I could actually jump in and be someone in it. I have a nice body. I am not a conceited person. I am really a down to earth girl. I don't like to brag. What I did was save my money and I didn't let anyone know how much I made. My family doesn't have problems asking me for money now. (laughs) My brother and mother understand now. What I told them was that I don't do it anymore. I don't do it as much as I did because when I first started in September of 2006 I was working almost everyday. I worked enough to get recognized and Black Ice signed me. Now I do about one or two movies a month, a couple of box covers and some store signings with Alektra Blue and Courtney Cummz. I do some things on my own too. I do some appearances at different clubs. On my website I have a list of all the clubs I have appeared in. I do a lot of radio shows. Since I have been in the industry I have met a lot of different people. My publicist, Tommy, usually takes care of the bookings for me. It's funny the way I met Tommy. We actually met over the internet. We became the best of friends. I go over to his house and he comes over to mine. It's just funny because I have never met anyone over the internet that was willing to help.

Big D: It's obvious that you are approaching your time in porn from a business standpoint and not in a casual manner. How are you able to find people to surround yourself with in order to make sound business decisions and not find people who are going to take advantage of you and coattail your success?

Roxy Reynolds: I think I get it from my grandmother. She always had this quote she would say when I was little. She told me, 'don't spend major time with minor people.' The way I found the 'major people' versus the 'minor people' was not from the 'he said, she said' stuff but rather I would meet them. I would make my judgments from meeting them and not rely on what other people had to say. Because I am so young and my grandmother always told me to listen to my elders, I would listen to some of the older people who are in this industry like Vanessa Blue. I heard about the contract she went through and the TV show she had with Hustler. I just wanted to have my own personal relationship with them and to listen and learn from them. Don't ask too many questions. Just sit and listen to what comes out of their mouths. From that, I caught a couple names. I hate to say this but, the porn industry for black and white people is totally different. I feel that I am on the white side. I don't want to separate us or anything like that but there is a big difference. A lot of the black porn stars do not realize they can get far if they surround themselves with the major people and not the minor people. I have been trying to help a lot of my friends like Vida Valentine, Victoria Allure, Candace Von and Fetish Fatale and others to get their websites up and get out there and get going. Once that happens, you will start to meet the major people. Instead of taking the approach of, 'I have a shoot today. Going to the shoot and going to get my check. I'm going to go cash my check. Going to get this and going to go pay some bills.' I didn't look at it like that. I looked at it like, 'I'm going to do my shoot and I am going to meet new people. I'm going to open up new doors. I'm going to go and try to get this box cover.' I want the box cover. I don't go there to shoot and shoot and that is it. I go shoot and find out more information about the next shoot. I find out about the box cover information. I surround myself with those major people who can give me those answers. I will go to the companies and talk with the different producers. A lot of the porn stars make fast and quick money. We make it so fast that it is easy to spend it. A lot of people will go through that. A lot of my friends in California do not even have cars. When you don't have transportation you can't get up and get around to go to different companies. If I lived in California, I think I would be popping more than I am now. You know popping is a slang word for 'doing better'. I really believe that if my girlfriends that are living out in California really got their act together they would be just as big as I am. They have been in the industry longer than I have. I try to help them because I am trying to be that major person just like Vanessa Blue helped me.

Big D: What DVDs that are already out and on the market are the best examples of your best work? What DVDs are a really good representation of what Roxy Reynolds is all about?

Roxy Reynolds: First off I'll give you examples of my Black Ice DVDs and they are Let Off In Me #2 and Big Bubble Butt Hunt #3. Black on Black Crime #6 from Devil's Film. I would say my Hustler DVD featuring Slim Thug. That one is not even out yet. I shot that one a while ago in Texas. It is a sweet DVD. That one is Hustle & Blow #2. Another Hustler DVD features D4L. They are a rap group out of Atlanta. That one is Hustle & Blow #1. I would recommend that one because that is a funny one.

Big D: Going from a title that is schedule to come in January to remembering your first scene ever in porn. You were cast with Mr. Marcus in your first scene. How did that come about that a brand new girl like you was able to be broken in by a guy like Mr. Marcus?

Roxy Reynolds: I wasn't scared. That is one thing I can say. A lot of people ask me about my first time on camera they ask if I was scared. I wasn't. I wanted to do it because my sex life wasn't really that good. I didn't have a boyfriend at the time so I wasn't having sex a lot. When I was cast for this DVD I was so ready to the point where I was saying, 'let's get it on.' I did that one with Mr. Marcus and I tore his butt up too, it was funny. He kept on pushing me off of him saying, 'hold on. You're a wild one.' I have a lot of energy. I get that from my mom from putting me in all these different sports that I played in high school. I have a high metabolism and I can just go forever. I did another one with him. It was Lexington Steele. I did another scene with him as a follow up to the first one because a lot of fans were screaming to do another one with him. That one was fun too and I rode the hell out of him in that one too.

Big D: Is there anyone out there that you want to work with that you haven't had the chance yet?

Roxy Reynolds: I want to work with one of the new guys. I can't remember his stage name right now but I did a head job scene with him in a Black Ice DVD. His dick is so big. I can't think of his name because he is so new. He is a shorter, stocky guy. His dick really isn't that long that he doesn't have to be long because his dick is so fat. When I was giving him a blow job I was thinking, 'I want to do a scene with him. I want to see how this feels. I've never had a dick that big before.' Also, Ron Jeremy. I had said something in my interview in Excitement magazine when I did a show at Strokers and I mentioned something about him. I was hoping at the AVN show we could hook up and do some content together.

Big D: I read that you once said that 'no guy's dick is too big'. That's saying something since you are in the porn business and there are guys like Shane Diesel, Lexington Steele, Jack Napier and Mandingo out there that have some pretty big cocks. Care to expand on that?

Roxy Reynolds: I worked with Lexington Steele in a DVD called Nightstick: Black POV #2. Our scene was at least 30 to 45 minutes long. We had one or two cuts out of all of it. That whole scene is nothing but natural sex. We are all in his office in California. I am sort of clowning him a little bit and he throws me on his desk and I am spinning the world around and telling him that 'pussy make the world go 'round.' I enjoyed that one a lot. This was at the time when he was dating Vanessa Blue and she was behind the camera at the time. She was saying, 'Dang! This is good.' You can't actually here her when she was shooting the movie. I also did a scene with Justin Slayer. He has a nice size dick too. Now I haven't taken the guy I was just mentioning to you that I can't remember his name. In my earlier interviews I never had a dick that I couldn't take. This new guy, I'd have to see if I can take it because I am not sure if I can take that one.

Big D: First job?

Roxy Reynolds: I worked at a nursing home. I worked in dietary. I actually fed them. I really loved that job. I got attached to them. I like to be around elderly people. You can learn a lot from them.

Big D: First concert?

Roxy Reynolds: Immature Marcus Houston and two of his other friends.

Big D: First car?

Roxy Reynolds: I got it when I was 16. My mom got me a new red Pontiac Grand Am with a sunroof.

Big D: What's in your CD player right now?

Roxy Reynolds: Young Jocks

Big D: Favorite food?

Roxy Reynolds: Breakfast food. I like Fruity Pebbles

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Roxy Reynolds: I never really watched porn movies. I never really have. No one knows this but I will tell you. When I was younger and living with my mother, I was playing in the living room and something fell behind the TV. I think it was one of my Barbie dolls or something. One of my girlfriends was over at the house and we were playing Barbies. I was a Tom Boy growing up so instead of having tea parties with the Barbies, we would make the Barbies fight. I think I kicked her Barbie behind the TV and when I went back there I found a blue and yellow VHS tape. I had never seen it before and I thought it was Superman or something. We put it in and it was porn. That was my first porn movie and I was only 10 or eleven years old. I don't remember the name of it but they were Caucasian people. I never knew anything about sex so when I saw that tape I said, 'what is this? What's going on?' I never told my mom and I just put it back behind the TV.

Big D: Favorite position?

Roxy Reynolds: Reverse cowgirl. I used to like doggy a lot but I like reverse cowgirl now. It's just the way you position yourself. For some reason your legs open wider when you are reverse on him and it is easier when you ride them. You guys get the same pleasure when you do it that way.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Roxy Reynolds: I'd say both. My favorite movies are the James Bond movies. My favorite sport is football with my favorite team being the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Roxy Reynolds: Cell phone

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Roxy Reynolds: I like the Island Fever series with Tera Patrick. That movie inspired me and gave me new ideas for the way I am going to shoot movies for my company. My movies will not have anything like booty shorts or have ghetto music in the background. I want my DVDs to be out in the environment.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Roxy Reynolds: Miami, Florida

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Roxy Reynolds: Bill Gates. I want to learn about how he started everything. I haven't been able to learn that much about his family. I want to know some person stuff about him that only he knows.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Roxy Reynolds: Egypt. I have not seen a real mummy before. I want to see some of the museums. I want to see the pyramids.


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