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Big D's Interview With Roxy Jezel
Inside Roxy Jezel

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Interview Date: 7/26/2006

Roxy Jezel is one of the hottest imports from England since the Rolling Stones or the Beatles invaded America in the 1960's. Her distinct London accent has porn casting directors singing her praises to the point where she was asked to be on Jenna's America Sex Star television show. Roxy has subsequently won that contest and was awarded a performance contract from Club Jenna as a result of it. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, (conducted prior to the close of the final voting) Roxy discusses how the Club Jenna contract would change her career, why she has chosen to stop doing anal scenes and why she likes watching anime porn over regular porn.
   (Note: This interview was conducted on July 26, 2006)

Big D: You've been in the porn business for about four years now. How do you like it and now that you have been in for a while are you planning on making this your career choice for the future?

Roxy Jezel: Yes, definitely. I love doing it and I have no plans at the moment to get out of it. Actually I am trying to win this Jenna's American Sex Star competition. I got involved through my agent. They called him and requested that they would like me to be involved in the show. It was good in that I didn't have to audition to be on the show. They asked for me directly.

Big D: Right now it is down to the final four including you, Jenna Presley, Tory Lane and Daisy Marie. Along with being named the winner there is a contract with Club Jenna available as well. How would winning Jenna's American Sex Star change your career in adult films?

Roxy Jezel: I'd have to start feature dancing which at the moment I don't do that often. I would be so excited because I like her (Jenna Jameson) style of videos. It would be really cool to be doing all the glam and crazy stuff that she does. I would be taking a break from doing all the gonzo. I grew up on gonzo. I've done all the gonzo shoots and I have proved myself. I have also done lots of features for studios like Wicked and Vivid. I just landed a role as the lead in the next Wicked feature. It would be a nice change.

Big D: If for some reason you don't win Jenna's American Sex Star and you are not awarded a Club Jenna contract, is your career headed towards less and less gonzo in the future? Not necessarily closing the book on your gonzo career but moving in a different direction from what you have done in the past?

Roxy Jezel: For the last few months I have stopped doing anal. If I don't get the contract with Club Jenna then I would stay (doing gonzo). Maybe if someone else offers me a contract then maybe. It's funny that when I first started in the industry I was not interested in a contract. I was traveling back and forth so much but now it would suit me. I am launching my own website in a few weeks so I would need more time to concentrate on doing that. Having a contract would be great for all the publicity and would help make my website better

Big D: What prompted your decision to stop doing anal?

Roxy Jezel: I've been doing anal for about three and a half out of the four years I have been in the business. Sometimes it gets too painful and I wanted to save the anal for special occasions just for my website. If I got the Jenna contract, I would do anal for Club Jenna.

Big D: From the looks of it, potentially landing a contract with Jenna Jameson and creating your own website you are taking a more active role in your career. Is that a fair statement or is this just the natural progression after you have been in the business for a few years?

Roxy Jezel: I've done all I have wanted to do in this industry. I've tried all the crazy stuff and now I can move on from that. I can't just do that forever. It is going well.

Big D: How does a nice girl from London make the decision to come across the pond to America and start a career in porn?

Roxy Jezel: I left university after studying there and I decided to go backpacking through Europe. After that I went to Santiago, Chile and from there I went to Australia. In Australia I started to run low on money. That is when I started working in a strip club and I also did a few magazine shoots down there. I put an ad out online where you can advertise for more work. Through that I was approached by LA Direct Models. They told me about porn and how I could make good money and invited me to come to America. For the next month I corresponded with them every week and I finally said, 'okay, I want to come'. I guess the rest is history. I kept flying back and forth. I would come to America and work for a few months and then go home for a few months or travel. Initially it was never going to be a career for me. I was just doing it to make money and maintain backpacking. I just wanted to travel and make money. After that first year of doing porn I knew I was going to stay in this industry. I knew I wasn't going to go home and find a graduate job and work an eight to five day job. No way.

Big D: Why is it that a normal Monday through Friday day job is not something you are cut out for?

Roxy Jezel: I can't imagine myself doing the Monday through Friday job because I get bored really easily. That is what I love about the industry. I can go to work and meet new people and see different places all the time. Yeah, I work for the same companies and I work with the same people but it is still not exactly like going to an office and seeing the exact same people. Doing the exact same thing day in and day out with no change or challenge or excitement is not for me. I like new things and getting into some crazy make-up and knowing I am going to have some crazy, high energy sex. I have worked with so many different guys that it is rare when we get a new one. It is more exciting to do that.

Big D: Speaking of that, who are the guys you like to work with since you know pretty much all of them? The same goes for directors or even studios.

Roxy Jezel: I love working for Stormy Daniels. She is a great director for Wicked. It's always fun to be working on her sets. Her movies have dialogue which can be fun to learn and breaks it up. As a girl, I like movies to have that little bit of storyline for effect. It brings the scene together. Once you have the sex it is even more intense because you have a bit more of a connection. I like Jean Val Jean who is the hottest guy in porn. I like the pretty boy look.

Big D: Who are the girls you like to work with?

Roxy Jezel: I like Keeani (Lei) and Katsumi. Dani Woodward was really cool to work with. I was actually watching a scene I did with her last night. It was me and Dani Woodward and Mary Jane. I was dominating them throughout the scene.

Big D: You just mentioned that you watch some of your own scenes that appear in adult DVDs. Do you find that you watch a lot of porn whether you are in them or it is someone else?

Roxy Jezel: I never used to. I hardly ever do but it was something about that movie, Naked and Famous. It was the girl/girl scene that I was interested in. If Quinten Tarentino made a porno, this is what it would be like. That is what drew me to watch it. Usually if I am watching porn it doesn't get me off because I know the people in the movie. For the length of time the porno is on it is guaranteed it is going to include someone I know. I really don't watch myself either. I did watch a few DVDs that had me in them and I thought actually it was not as bad as I thought it would be watching myself. My new fetish that I like is that I bought my first new porno the other day. It was a Japanese anime title. It sucks that I know so many people in the industry and I am bound to know someone when I watch porn. So that is what turned me on to the cartoon porn. I found some that looked good and when I watched I said, 'this is hot! This is really, really cool.' I was completely turned on by watching cartoons.

Big D: You have a very unique look with an English mother and a father who is Thai. You still have retained your English accent too. Do you think that helps set you apart from the run of the mill porn stars or is it your performances on screen?

Roxy Jezel: I would say definitely the English accent sets me apart. I have lots of feedback that people love the accent. It also helps that I talk dirty a lot. In all of my movies I chat, chat, chat. A great example is the scene I watched last night the other girls are moaning and groaning and the whole way through I am saying, 'yeah, suck that fucking pussy! Get down on your hands and fucking knees and eat my ass! Bury your face in my ass!' While watching that I was thinking, 'I talk a lot in these movies.' I think one of the reasons I have maintained working as much as I do in the industry is the fact that I have that different look. There are half Thai, half white porn stars. Tera Patrick is half Thai and half white but there are none that speak with an English accent.

Big D: In the July 2006 issue of Adult Video News, they did a big cover story on the influx of foreign performers in the adult film industry. They played particular close attention to the stars from Europe and mentioned you and other British porn stars like McKenzie Lee, Michelle B, Sabrina Johnson, Sarah Jane Hamilton, Nici Sterling and Taylor Wane to mention a few. Why are there so many of you British porn stars here in America?

Roxy Jezel: The industry in London is no where near as big as it is here in America. There are only a few companies that mostly do amateur to work for in England. I worked for a few companies from over there. We European people fuck good. It makes a difference. You come over here and the girls are very limp in their performances. They don't seem to be very into the scenes. Coming to work in porn in America is the next step. Girls that worked in England and liked it but there is not that much opportunity will take it that much further by coming to America. It doesn't go the other way. Girls who start in America do not go the other way.

Big D: Does being a wild porn star who is from England break the stereotype that English people are a bit uptight and stuffy? We only get to see the stuff you guys send over on the BBC that you see on public television. I guess Benny Hill kind of breaks the stereotype but we still have visions of the guards at the Tower of London that can't smile in our brains. Are you and others breaking that image down?

Roxy Jezel: People that tend to me more repressed are usually the nastiest and dirtiest. I bet the Mormon people over here really want to tie their husbands up and spank them on the ass with loads and loads of sodomy. They keep things behind closed doors. Keep in mind, behind closed doors there is some freaky shit going on.

Big D: You are pretty good friends with Penny Flame off camera. Did you guys develop a friendship because you are represented by the same agent or your mutual appreciation for weed?

Roxy Jezel: I met Penny through the agency and we had mutual friends through the agency. That is kind of how we met each other. We got a lot closer being on the trip together while filming Blazed & Confused. I think we spent a whole week traveling around and having sex. She is a very down to earth chick. We had the bud in common I would have to say. I now longer smoke anymore after that actually.

Big D: Really? You guys smoked so much on that trip you don't do it anymore?

Roxy Jezel: I just found that it made me very unproductive. I don't smoke and I don't drink anymore.

Big D: Is it hard to maintain a sober lifestyle being in the porn business? We all know that girls will show up to work high or strung out or hung over or will drink while on set and this industry seems to tolerate it. No other job would be okay with its employees lighting up a joint or doing coke while at work but in porn it is kind of normal. Is it hard to be clean in this industry?

Roxy Jezel: When I first got into the industry I went to every single porn industry party I could go to. There are a lot of industry parties. Now I just don't think I need them. It makes it easier to just not go. The fact that I went the first few years it just gets to be the same people and the same thing. I don't think I am missing out on anything by not going. I have been doing it for the past few years and it is the same old thing. Every now and then I may go to the bigger parties. I really don't miss it that much. It is just that it grew old for me.

Big D: Since you were so immersed in the adult industry your first few years and now you are do not seek that out anymore, do you find yourself seeking friendships outside of adult?

Roxy Jezel: Oh, definitely. When I got into the industry I was living with (LA Direct Models owner) Derek (Hay) and a bunch of the girls from the agency. When I came to America I knew no one. The only people I met were through porn. I didn't have a car and I didn't drive so if I wanted to go out I was forced to go where the other people who also were in the industry were going. Now I drive myself and I have been here on and off for four years. I don't really socialize in the industry. I have work associates within the industry. They are people I would talk to and I am friendly with them but they are not people I would necessarily interact with outside of work. All of my friends now are not in the industry.

Big D: Since you now have a circle of friends who are not in porn, who do you meet them? Also, how do they react when they find out what you do for a living?

Roxy Jezel: They are really cool about it. They know who I am outside of work and they find it fascinating. I have met most of my friends online and they typically have office jobs. I normally do not talk about work with them. They do know I am really excited about the possibility of winning the Jenna contract. No one thinks anything bad about what I do. They are very inquisitive about it when I first meet them. They want to know how did I get in it and what is it like on a set. Just stuff like that. One of my friends recognized me and they want to know if I know certain people.

Big D: How does dating work for you since you are in porn? Those can always be a bit tough seeing how what you do is have sex with other people.

Roxy Jezel: The last boyfriend I had was actually male talent in the porn industry. I think the fact that he was male talent added to the attraction of wanting to go out with him. I had worked with him and I can imagine how hard it is for any civilian to seriously date a porn star. They would get jealous every time you run off to work. I thought I could avoid that by going out with guys in the industry. It turned out that the guy I dated ended up being super, super jealous. Even though he was in the industry he would tell me, 'it's different for guys and I have to see these guys at work. They'll tell me (mimicking a man's deep voice) 'yeah, you're girlfriend is such a good fuck.' I guess he was really insecure because he was always jealous. I am actually dating a civilian right now. I have been dating him for about four and half months. I have moved in with him and he has never, ever said anything about my work. He's never said a jealous word. He knows what I do completely. I don't go into details about that I was fucking so and so. He just knows that I go to work. He is very supportive. Regarding the Jenna's America Sex Star competition, he will sit down on the computer and vote for me. It was with him that I was watching my girl/girl scene last night. Obviously he doesn't want to watch me in a girl/boy scene.

Big D: What are some future projects that Roxy Jezel fans can keep an eye out for on XRentDVD?

Roxy Jezel: They'll definitely have to keep an eye out for my new website, RoxyJezellXXX.com. That should be launched in September 2006. One of my last anal scenes was shot for Vivid and shold be coming out soon. I can't remember the title name but it is an alphabet porn. Something like 'A is for Anal' but I am not sure what it will eventually be called.

Big D: First job?

Roxy Jezel: Waitress at a pie and mash shop. It is typical English food.

Big D: First concert?

Roxy Jezel: New Kids on the Block

Big D: First car?

Roxy Jezel: 2005 Honda Accord

Big D: What's in your CD player or your iPod right now?

Roxy Jezel: Black Eyed Peas.

Big D: Favorite food?

Roxy Jezel: Anything savory and good. I am really big on food. Lasagna is always good.

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Roxy Jezel: Oh my God. It was Animal Farm. It's a European thing. I think it was made in Germany. There are these two chicks and a Collie dog and they bend over and the dog fucks them. There is a guy and he does the same only he is doing a cow. I was like 14 at the time.

Big D: Favorite position?

Roxy Jezel: Doggy

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Roxy Jezel: Ballgame. I'd like to go to a hockey game so I could watch the guys beat each other up.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Roxy Jezel: Air conditioning

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Roxy Jezel: Finding Nemo.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Roxy Jezel: Thailand. I've been there about five times.

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Roxy Jezel: George W. Bush because I want to kick him up the ass.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Roxy Jezel: Antartica. I want to see the penguins and the big ice bergs.

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