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Big D's Interview With Renee Perez
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Interview Date: 05/21/2008

Renee Perez never sought out a contract from a major studio but it was inevitable that she would be locked down by one of the big ones before it was said and done. Her stunning Latina good looks and a voracious appetite for sex has made her a fan favorite despite her insistence on only working with girls or her boyfriend. Her loyalty to her boyfriend is so deep that she was even afraid to touch another man's dick while on set. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Renee Perez discusses her decision to accept a contract from Ninn Worx_SR, how Michael Ninn doesn't have to give her directions on set and how her own grandmother reacted when she found out her granddaughter is a porn star.

Big D: You appeared in a number of other DVD productions before signing your contract with Ninn Worx_SR. How did you get your start, what was it like working as a free agent and now what is like to be on contract?

Renee Perez: I started out doing a Hustler magazine shoot and two months later I ended up in Penthouse. I was just doing print work. When Penthouse named me a Penthouse Pet, Pets have to do videos. Just a couple of girl/girl videos and a few solo girl videos. That's how I broke into doing videos. Before that I was doing internet stuff that was pretty much a couple of private sites and a few European sites. The video stuff is what launched me and that started out with Penthouse. Penthouse tried to make it so that I wasn't doing any work for any other people but they didn't want to contract me. Because they wouldn't offer a contract I went off and did a lot of work for other people. One of those companies was Ninn Worx_SR. Michael (Ninn) had approached me a few years back at one of the AVN shows and asked if I would be willing to work for him. I told him I wasn't really interested in a contract at that time. So he just hired me a few times and every time we got together he would talk about a contract. Eventually he would tell me he wanted to talk contract but he was in the middle of a merger then. He told me to wait two months, which I did. He agreed to work with my boyfriend for the boy/girl scenes and I signed the contract.

Big D: You said you were not interested in a contract when Michael Ninn first approached you with the idea. What changed your mind?

Renee Perez: I changed my mind after working with Michael Ninn and the crew for the past year or so, I was comfortable with them. I was comfortable with the business and everybody that worked there. I know that there is a lot of arguing on other crews. There isn't much room for the talent to get to know anybody. I just felt it was not like that on Michael's crew. Everyone was a big family. If you had a problem you could go talk to somebody. You don't just bottle it up and say, “fuck you! I am not in the mood to talk to your ass right now.”. They actually communicated with one another and I liked that.

Big D: How do you get along with the other girls on contract with Ninn Worx_SR?

Renee Perez: I get along with all of the girls perfectly. Jana (Jordan) and I worked a lot together before I even signed a contract with Ninn. Actually it is really exciting but I just found out that we have the October issue of Hustler coming out. I haven't worked with Brea Bennett yet. I have only done promotional stuff with her. We did a promotion together about two or three years ago when we both first started in this industry. She remembered me from that. We hit it off really quickly. She was okay with me, I was okay with her. She didn't feel threatened by me because I do a lot of girl/girl and I only work with one guy.
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Big D: Do you find that your refusal to work with other guys and only have one guy on your 'yes' list inhibits your ability to get more jobs before you went on contract with Ninn Worx_SR?

Renee Perez: No, not really. In that regard I pretty much have defied a lot of rules. A lot of companies have told me they do not work with boyfriends and then they end up calling me back a week later telling me they will work with my man. Hustler did the same thing. They wanted a boy/girl layout and I told them I only work with my boyfriend. Larry (Flynt) said, “Okay fine, never mind. We don't need this shoot.” A week letter I got a call back and they asked me to send them pictures of my boyfriend. It really hasn't affected me much. Companies come around within a week or so. (laughs)

Big D: Speaking of your boyfriend, how did you get him into this? Did you guys make the decision together to get into porn or was it that you wanted to be exclusive with him and to continue to do boy/girl you needed to bring him into porn?

Renee Perez: When I first started I was working at a restaurant and was going and doing this internet stuff on my days off. The internet people wanted a boy/girl scene and I told them that me doing another guy on camera would come off as me not being very comfortable. I needed to be comfortable and if they wanted a good scene I needed to at least know the person I was sleeping with. I brought my boyfriend down and did it with him. I was comfortable. He was kind of nervous at first but he got used to it. We did a couple of scenes for the internet and I didn't do any more. Once I went to L.A. I didn't do any boy/girl stuff really at first. I only did those still shoots for Hustler. That was all. About a year into it I was open to the boy/girl stuff but I don't want to try it with another person. I just kept it with the person I was comfortable with or it would have come off awkward if I tried to sleep with another guy. There was an incident where we were shooting a movie, it was a scene with Charles and Daisy Marie. I was supposed to be in the foreground cheering him on and telling him, “yeah, fuck her, yeah!”. There was a point in the scene where I am actually pushing her up and down on his cock and his cock fell out. The camera guy was yelling, “put it back in! put it back in!”. My hands were fidgeting back and forth as if to say, “should I touch it or shouldn't I touch it?”. Everyone stopped filming and started laughing. The crew said I seemed like a little girl that was afraid to touch the first penis she saw. That was the one time they got me to touch another guy's penis. Which was hilarious because I guess I looked so weird.

Big D: Because you have that little bit of innocence to you still, was it a big leap for you to jump from nude modeling to full-blown hardcore boy/girl scenes on camera?

Renee Perez: It was a little bit. I had to get over the nerves. I also had to get used to my voice because people always wanted me to talk. I don't necessarily like my voice but it took me a couple months to really get comfortable and relaxed to the point where I could walk around set completely nude with 30 people on set. That was the part that was trippy for me. Having six camera guys and three lighting guys and the director and his helper. You know there is all these people and that took me a little while to get used to. After you get past all of that it was pretty easy. Once you realize they are not judging you and they are not looking at you. They see thousands of girls a day.

Big D: What about that business side of porn where it is such a business?

Renee Perez: I call it “porn politics”. Actually it can be kind of hectic. There is always something going on. If it is not one thing it is another. When everything start to roll or gets rolling something always seems to get thrown in the middle like a monkey wrench. I like this company because they are not afraid to be straight up with me and straight forward. There are no smoke and mirrors. They don't make me feel like I have no clue what is going on.
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Big D: What's it like working with someone like Michael Ninn who you are working exclusively for? What's it like working for a guy who has been in the business as long as he has, who knows what he likes and has a particular taste and likes to shoot a particular way? Was that kind of an adjustment to get used to or since you had shot for him before coming on contract it was a comfort level for you?

Renee Perez: Michael has never really had any complaints about me. First time I ever came on set he told me that I know what I am doing and then walked away. That kind of freaked me out but the other people told me that obviously he thinks I know what I am doing so I should just take over the scene. I pretty much direct my own scenes. Michael just lets me do what I want. That's awesome because he doesn't do that with everyone. He pretty much likes to be right there telling people what to do. He has told me that he likes the fact that he doesn't have to tell me to take off my clothes, now move to the ground, now do this, now do that." He doesn't say anything to me. I know what he likes and how long he needs. He's never been mean. He's never showed that “this is all wrong, come here. Come here.” attitude. He has done that to plenty of other people but not to me. He always asks me what would I like and gives me those combinations. He lets me direct which is actually awesome. I love to do it. I love sitting in the director's chair or coming onto a set and telling the girl “This is your light, this is my light. Don't block the light. Open up this way and this is camera one and that's camera two.”. Michael always tell me I am going to make a great director.

Big D: Is directing something you would eventually like to transition into once you are done performing in front of the camera?

Renee Perez: Definitely, I would like to dabble in it. I know that I can't do the modeling forever. It's not as if I am doing the boy/girl and the hardcore stuff right now. I know I can only go so far. I know what my limitations are. I would love to direct. I would love to dabble in that part of the business for a little while. I have my own production company and I am in the middle of producing a couple of series. I also do all the content for my website, reneeperezonline.com. When I come home I am not just chilling. I am pretty much working.

Big D: You split time between working in Los Angeles because that is where the majority of the shoots take place and your hometown of Las Vegas. Does that provide a nice break because you are not fully entrenched in the Porn Valley lifestyle or does it make working a pain in the ass?

Renee Perez: Actually it is really good because it does split my time and it helps keep me grounded. My friends here, they don't really pay attention to what I do. They don't treat me any different. The people that I run into that recognize me, I'll say hi or sign something for them. For the most part I am just myself out here. When I go out to L.A., that is when I am Renee. That's when I hang out with all the girls that are in the business. It is a good break. I need that break. I need to not get caught up in the persona of “Renee”.

Big D: You made mention of signing autographs when you are recognized by a fan. Is that still a little bit weird for you that you have fans that want your autograph or pay for a subscription to be able to access your website?

Renee Perez: Yeah, sometimes it is weird. Sometimes it does hit me that I am known nationwide, especially when it comes to my MySpace page. I'll get about 100 messages a day from people all over the world. It's crazy because these people will send me stuff. I have a P.O. Box where they can send me stuff. They will just me stuff to sign. It could be the smallest, insignificant thing to you and me but to them it means the whole world. Sometimes it is mind blowing. Sometimes I have to just look at it as this is my life. I've created it and it is actually pretty amazing. My parents are dumbfounded that I have even created a name for myself.

Big D: Some porn star parents are very supportive and follow their daughter's career closely. Others want nothing to do with it. It sounds as if your parents already know what you do for a living. Was it something you kept from them or did they just find out by themselves?

Renee Perez: I kept it secret for the first year. It was just nude modeling and I hadn't come out in anything. Once my magazines started to come out... I am in a family of nine kids. I have three brothers and they are more into porn. It wasn't like I would be able to keep it from them. Their friends kind of let the cat out of the bag for my brothers. That was a little weird because my brothers and sisters are in their 30's and I was babysitting their kids. Now these people are looking at me differently. I kept it a secret for about the first year. When my magazines starting coming out I told my parents. My dad's first reaction was, “oh Mija, Why Hustler? Why Penthouse?”. It was more that I should have done Playboy because it is considered to be more classy. It was a completely different reaction than I thought it would be. They told me they support me in anything I do. After nine kids there are no surprises. My parents support me and they respect that this is my choice and it is my life.

Big D: Was it harder to break the news to your parents or your siblings?

Renee Perez: I would say my parents were harder just because I thought they would have a different reaction. My sisters and brothers were like, “that's cool! that's awesome!”. Their friends will constantly tell them they saw me in this and that. My brothers are like, “thanks but we do not need the visual.”. When they need something normally they will call and ask if I am in town or if I have a magazine, have any pictures or can I come down to to their work. Am I being used here? Just a little bit. (laughs) My family is completely understanding. Even my grandparents are supportive. My grandmother will say, “oh my Mija is so pretty. She's in magazines.”. I thought that was going to be a really different reaction but she supports me as well. I respect my family for respecting me and not judging me in what I choose to do. That is something that I cherish. I realize that not all of the girls in this industry have the support of their families. I love that my family supports me.

Big D: Some of your upcoming projects includes the big budget production, The Four. It kind of looks like it is a porn version of the movie 300. What was it like working on a movie like that?

Renee Perez: It was awesome. I had never seen Michael in that type of artistic mode. And when he is in that mode you can't really talk to him about little things. He gets sidetracked and then he goes right back to whatever he was doing and you will never get any answers. We just kind of let him do his artistic thing. I talk to the other directors when it comes down to that. It was really all mainstream basically. We didn't shoot any of the porn, the sex scenes, until the very last minute. When we first started shooting was back in November and it was all mainstream. We had 30 extras and we had animals. We had horses and black panthers. We had everything including stunt crews. Michael had me doing all my own stunts for the movie. So I worked with a stunt crew for two days. That was cool because I never had done that before. They even offered me a job. It was awesome. Michael said he would represent me if I wanted to do mainstream stunting. They said I was small and I could do everything that most people try to do with two or three years of schooling.

Big D: After doing so much non-sex acting do you think you may be able to make the jump to mainstream?

Renee Perez: Possibly. I don't have any objections to doing it. I just know there are a lot of mainstream people that look down on porn. Everyone tells me all the time that I have defied every rule in porn and I can do mainstream. I would like to do mainstream but I have heard there are a lot of people in mainstream that are uptight. I like fun and outgoing and interesting people. I don't like people who walk around with a stick up their ass. That is something I have to check out for myself. You can't always believe what you hear.

Big D: Outside of The Four, what other projects do you have coming out that we can look for you in?

Renee Perez: I just recently had a movie released that was put out a few months ago called Dark Flame. This past month we just shot Meet Renee and that should be coming out soon. I am scheduled to shoot another week in about two months. I am not really sure what he will name it but that is coming. I have three girl/girl scenes in there. The past movie we just shot has a few boy/girl scenes in there. The two scenes a year that I do that are boy/girl, one is in The Four and the other was in Meet Renee.

Big D: First job?

Renee Perez: My parents own an auto detail shop so my first job was detailing cars. After that I worked at a Hallmark Store and I also did granite and tile installation. I also worked for a few restaurants.

Big D: First concert?

Renee Perez: It was actually a music festival in 1998 out in Cochella, Calif..

Big D: First car?

Renee Perez: 1994 Dodge Shadow. I called is my Shadillac.

Big D: What’s in your CD player right now?

Renee Perez: 311, System of a Down, some Britney Spears, her new stuff. Janet Jackson. I have a lot of country and everyone calls me the country girl at heart.

Big D: Favorite food?

Renee Perez: Italian

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Renee Perez: I don't remember the name but I do remember it was a squirting DVD

Big D: Favorite position?

Renee Perez: Missionary. I like to look into the eyes of the person who is fucking me and hold on to their shoulders.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Renee Perez: I'd go to the ball game. I am into sports. Normally every Sunday and Monday when it is football season we go out and watch the football games and have a couple drinks.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Renee Perez: My cell phone. A week ago I threw my phone on ground and it bounced off the ground and landed in a freaking glass of water. My initial reaction was to jump off the bed and say, “Yes! One in a million.”. Actually I was like, "Fuck!". My roommates came upstairs and asked what was going on. I had to tell them I dropped my phone in water.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Renee Perez: Four Rooms. It is my all-time favorite movie.
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Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Renee Perez: Florida or Hawaii. I like the warmer waters. I like to surf and Boogie Board and do a lot of different things. I need the warmer water and California water is so cold.

Big D: Person you’d like to meet that you have not met?

Renee Perez: Angelina Jolie. She is a person that has made that transition from being a movie star to going into politics and trying to make a difference in the world. She goes to different countries and is more of an ambassador. She has done a lot of stuff in her life and I would love to pick her brain.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven’t yet?

Renee Perez: Fiji. I just like islands and I am really interested in that. Fiji or I would like to go to Greece.

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