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Big D's Interview With Penny Flame
Inside Penny Flame

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She loves to act in features but loves to have sex like a gonzo princess. No wonder she is one of the hottest porn stars to hit the Valley lately. She is versatile, winning awards at last year's AVN awards show but she is also the girl that hardcore gonzo directors have at the top of their wish list. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Penny Flame talks about if porn makes you a whore, how she got her name and becoming a squirter.

Big D: How did you make the transition from doing solo work on websites to doing boy/girl and hardcore scenes?

Penny Flame: When I first got into adult I didn't even do anything. I did solo stills and single finger penetration. I wouldn't even use toys in my scenes. That went all the way to about a year ago. I've been in the business quite a while and felt comfortable knowing that there are certain parts that actually are business. I am a total whore, I will admit that. Just because you fuck on camera doesn't make you a whore, but it totally does. But I eventually became okay with my 'whoreness' so to speak.

Big D: Were you struggling with that or doing adult made it okay?

Penny Flame: Doing adult made it okay. It opened my eyes that there can be purely casual sex. As a young woman it is really hard to keep that in mind as I was growing up. There's always this look for someone that has to meet all these standards. Sex isn't really the biggest one anymore. I just woke up one day and felt differently.

Big D: How old were you when you first started doing boy/girl and hardcore?

Penny Flame: 21.

Big D: You've been showing up on quite a few box covers. Is that flattering or it just goes with the business?

Penny Flame: It is flattering. It is a little bit of both. It's a Catch-22. All these beautiful girls are on the top of boxes. It's really neat to be put up there with very beautiful women. But then again there are some nasty fucking box covers out there. It's neat though. I'm stoked that it shows I am doing something right. I'm sucking someone's dick right.

Big D: You were awarded the 2005 AVN Best Solo Scene for your performance in Repo Girl by Digital Playground. Did that reaffirm your decision to go into hardcore adult films?

Penny Flame: Yeah, actually it did. It's really cool winning an award. I was really excited because it was an award for solo and it was just me. It made me a lot more confident as a business woman and as a porn star. It was nice to know that I could succeed if it was just me. I think that was what was holding me back from going into hardcore. Anybody can get into hardcore. But not many people can make it last. It was definitely reaffirming. I had no intentions of going anywhere in the first place. I love porn.

Big D: Outside of winning awards and being recognized, is it your goal to stay in porn for a while?

Penny Flame: I really think so. When I used to do softcore type stuff I really didn't think I was going to be in the business for a long time. But as I got further into the business I realized it was a lifestyle. It's something that once you've entered you really just can't turn away from it. I am sure tons of other girls have left the business and done just fine. It's nothing I ever feel like I am running from. If there comes a point where I stop liking it then fuck it, I'll quit.

Big D: What about working in porn that you like? Is it the money, the flexible hours, the people you work with? What about it makes you want to be in this for the long haul?

Penny Flame: I think it is a mixture of all those things you mentioned. I love the hours. I've never been happier in a job. There really are no better hours than porn hours unless you are on like a Vivid set or something crazy like that. I love the people. I like the people because there are so many good people and then there are some bad people as well. It's a very close knit community and at the same time a lot goes down. It's a really interesting, living, breathing entity to watch they way we all take over the valley like locusts.

Big D: Since porn is the best job you've ever had, what are some of the other crappy jobs you had before you got into porn?

Penny Flame: I worked in a pizza joint serving pizza. A coffee bar making espressos. It's not really my dish.

Big D: Did you get hit on a lot while you were working those jobs?

Penny Flame: Yeah, but I grew up in a fairly small town in the Bay Area so the only people that would come in there and hassle me were people that I knew. People that I probably went to school with.

Big D: Since it was a close knit community, do people know what you do and do you get recognized when you go back home?

Penny Flame: Well, a lot of the people that lived in my town have moved out and gone away and gone to college. Fortunately I don't have to run into to them all the time. Everybody knows. It's funny because everybody knew before I came out and told anybody. It's not really something you can hide because it's something everybody looks at. You better be ready to tell people, especially if they are important to you. My parents have known since day one. My mom is just stoked that I took the course that I did and really stretched out my career as a talent and made the most of it. As long as I am proud of what I am doing and it's something I am not afraid to share with other people, then there is nothing morally wrong with it.

Big D: Everyone has heard of the Beatles song Penny Lane, but how did you come up with the name Penny Flame?

Penny Flame: The Beatles song was the inspiration but I was scared of what might happen legally if I used that name. I didn't know if there was a trademark or what. I didn't want to look into it. And I smoke a lot.

Big D: You've done features and you've done gonzo movies. Do you have a preference of features or gonzo?

Penny Flame: I'll take the gonzo any day. Just because I know what I am in for. Typically I am going to go and get made up for about an hour and a half tops. Scene takes about two hours and then I am out. It's normally a four hour deal max. Features can be 14 to 16 hour days. But I love doing the features too because you don't get to act too much in gonzo. I do like to act. I just did James Avalon's first feature film, Darkside. I do a lot more gonzo stuff than feature stuff but any chance I get to do a feature I'll take it because it's fun.

Big D: Darkside was the first feature for Red Light District. It's essentially a feature but has gonzo type sex scenes. Was that weird doing a high budget feature but the sex scenes were what you would expect from a regular Red Light District production?

Penny Flame: That was actually my favorite part of the whole shoot. In gonzo work, the scenes are so quick. You really get to enjoy yourself sexually. You don't have to hold back. You can fuck like crazy or you can take it slow. There's a shorter amount of time so the energy is always hotter. I like that more. I would take that kind of scene over a five hour, make it beautiful, all this bullshit because it is not enjoyable. I do my job because I love it. If I get to go to work and get to act for a feature film and get to fuck like a gonzo film? Oh my God, that's like the perfect day. And plus it was a James Avalon film and he is a great guy.

Big D: On the set of Darkside, James Avalon said about you, 'I fell in love with Penny Flame. She's the best actress - and sex actress - I've come across.' What is your reaction when you hear something like that?

Penny Flame: It makes me feel much more confident in what I am doing. I am not as afraid to take these risks that you take when you act when you put yourself out there emotionally. With someone like James Avalon who is so respected in that kind of environment it's a great thing. It makes me feel great.

Big D: You have the girl next door look with natural breasts, freckles on your face. Do you think that works in your favor that you have that innocent look to you but when it comes right to it, you do the down and dirty gonzo scenes with the best of them?

Penny Flame: I think you can say that. I look like you can still take me home to your mom and play it off. I am not all that sure about your dad, but your mom you could probably play it off. But I am nasty. I am a nasty girl. I had no idea how nasty I was until I started doing a lot more gonzo. Once again I was able to be nasty. They (directors) would say, 'Oh you can talk? Talk nasty!' and I would say 'Yeah okay, I'll do it'. But then I will go home and live my life next to someone who would never guess what I do.

Big D: If you were talking to someone who had never seen one of your DVDs, which two or three would you say if you are going to see one you have to see one of these?

Penny Flame: I would have to say Darkside as the number one. It just covers everything and shows who I am and the different ways in which I fuck. There are different style scenes that are really intense and then there is a love scene where you get a nice perspective of everything. A great scene was with Manuel Ferrara and Erik Everhard directed it in Sport Fucking #4.

Big D: Is there a particular director or studio you like to work with? If someone called up your agency and said they wanted to book you, you would jump at the chance to work for them?

Penny Flame: There are a couple directors out there that have watched me progress throughout my career that I would work for any day. Robby D from Jack's Playground or all the guys over at Red Light are awesome. They broke me in sweetly. Everyone that I have ever run across in my career I would be happy to work with again at any time. I've had a really lucky run.

Big D: You are in Axel Braun's Squirting 201 too right?

Penny Flame: Yeah that was a pretty awesome scene. Me and Scott Nails and he finally got me to squirt. He positioned my butt in this upright position and just fucked me harder than I've ever been fucked and just brought it out in me and that was that. Scott's great. I love him.

Big D: The AVN nominations are approaching. Do you think there are any scenes or movies that you have done that are worthy of a nomination?

Penny Flame: I am hoping so. I am crossing my fingers. I am really hoping that Darkside gets feature film of the year. That was really one of my best performances and there were so many other people that worked on it that deserve an award. That would be awesome if that won.

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