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Big D's Interview With Nyomi Marcela
Inside Nyomi Marcela

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Interview Date: 3/7/2006

Nyomi Marcela started in porn using a different stage name but she has made an impact using her current name. Her sister, porn star turned director, Jade Marcela, got her into the business and Nyomi has enjoyed all aspects of being in front of the camera. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D she reveals how she has learned to really enjoy sex on set, what she would change about the porn business and what it is like to date while working as a porn star.

Big D: You've been in the adult industry for a few years now. You even performed under a different name, Nyomi Arman. Why the name change to Nyomi Marcela?

Nyomi Marcela: I was performing under the name Arman for only about six months. I only had that name because it was my manager that suggested it so people wouldn't expect me to do the same things as my sister, Jade Marcela. I changed it real quick right after I left that manager and wasn't with them anymore.

Big D: What was your first scene as Nyomi Marcela?

Nyomi Marcela: I really don't remember actually. It was a while ago.

Big D: What attracted you to the business to get into porn originally?

Nyomi Marcela: Money and my sister. My Sister she actually got me into the business. Just the sex and the money and traveling and all that stuff.

Big D: Since getting in have you been able to do all those things, meaning the travel and make the kind of money that brought you into the business?

Nyomi Marcela: Yes, I bought a house from working in porn. I don't think I could make that kind of money if I was working at a grocery store. I have a car that's been paid off. I look at it as I took advantage of a situation to get better things for myself.

Big D: What about the fact that you get to have sex while making all this money? We all want to enjoy what we do for a living, but you get to have sex.

Nyomi Marcela: At first I wasn't really into the sex. It was just a way to make money. A couple years ago I really got into the sex part and really enjoyed having sex on camera. I came to the realization that I can't be in the business this long and not enjoy it. I need to enjoy it and get myself into the situation so that it shows on camera that I enjoy sex. Now I do. I really, really do enjoy having sex on camera.

Big D: Are there any DVDs out there that you would say it is really apparent that you are enjoying yourself on camera rather than just working in a scene?

Nyomi Marcela: My first couple of scenes were really, really bad. Just from the way I was looking and I was performing in the scene. The ones I did enjoy were Asian Fever for Hustler. I am not sure of which one it came out in. Asia Noir, Miss JKP 2005, "Tight & Tuned". Too Fast For Love. I actually got to work with my sister in that one.

Big D: Really? How many scenes do you think where you have worked with your sister?

Nyomi Marcela: We've done two movies together. The first one was where we were just in the scene together with another guy and the second movie which we shot was Too Fast For Love, where we actually interacted with each other and Ariana Jollee was in the scene too.

Big D: Was it weird to be working with your sister? After all, I know she is a porn star but she still is your sister.

Nyomi Marcela: No, it wasn't. I don't know why. That's kind of sick huh? The first time it was weird but then the second time we, or I, was really comfortable.

Big D: It's not the first time that sisters have been in porn and have even worked in the same scene. Vivid has Lacy Love and Lyndsey Love. They even did a movie called My Evil Twin and True Hollywood Twins. Also, Cherish and Cali Marie have worked together in the same scenes and they are also twin sisters so it might not be too weird I guess. You are an Asian girl but you don't work in just strictly Asian themed movies. Why do you think you haven't been pigeon holed into just doing Asian adult DVDs?

Nyomi Marcela: I guess it is knowing the right people and being with the right agency you can do a lot. They help you out with your career a little bit.

Big D: What is the one thing you really like about working in adult? On the other side of the coin, what is it about the business that you can't stand and would want to change?

Nyomi Marcela: Some of my favorite things about being a part of this is I love taking pictures. I love modeling and wearing sexy little cute little clothes. I love posing and traveling and getting to meet with my fans every year. I used to sign a lot but now it is only about once a year now in Las Vegas in January. The thing I don't like is that being in the business makes you mature a lot faster than you should. I think girls that start getting in the business should be at least be 21. They need to enjoy their youth and enjoy being young. I am not saying I am old but 18 is kind of young to be in the business. That is what I think.

Big D: Did you have a bad experience because after you have been in and can look back you think you got in too young?

Nyomi Marcela: No, not at all. It is just that being around 18 year-old girls and they are talking so mature, thinking they know what they are doing and they are getting themselves mixed up with bad directors or bad people that could take advantage of them. They are young and people could play them and trick them into doing something they don't really want to do. I don't think it is fair for them.

Big D: What have you learned from starting your career using a different performer name and starting at a younger age to now when you walk on a porn shoot today?

Nyomi Marcela: You control everything. Do not let porn take over your life. If you don't want to do something, you don't have to. If a girl wants to do condoms only, she should do that. These girls just need to take care of themselves.

Big D: Since you mentioned that some of these girls could get mixed up with the wrong people, who do you think are the right kind of people to get involved with when making porn?

Nyomi Marcela: Some of the good companies to work for are Hustler, New Sensations, Playboy, Evil Angel and Penthouse. There are a lot of other good companies out there like Adam & Eve too but a lot of the names aren't coming to me right now. I like to work for David Aaron Clark, Christopher Hawke and Bud Lee when it comes to directors. The guys that are great to work with are Talon, Kurt Lockwood, Mark Wood, Mark Davis and Nick Manning. They are all very professional. They keep their wood at a perfect timing and they know what they are doing. They know how to position you and they know where to be as far as the lighting and positioning in the right places.

Big D: Are there any girls that you enjoy working with?

Nyomi Marcela: Ice LaFox, Lucy Lee, Luci Thai, Mikayla and my Sister of course.

Big D: Since you said that you want to do other things down the road, when do you think you will get out from in front of the camera and explore life outside of porn?

Nyomi Marcela: I don't want to jinx myself but in roughly a few years I would like to pursue a few of my goals. I want to go to school full time and eventually develop my own clothing line. I love fashion. I love to go to fashion week in New York. I love clothes, It is kind of weird but I am really into stitches and fabric and I want to make beautiful dresses. I want to make clothes and jeans for skinny girls and make them still look hot. Sometimes it's hard to get jeans when they don't have ass. The fit is kind of weird and I would like to design stuff that helps that.

Big D: Is fashion something your sister also is interested in and might join you as a business partner down the road?

Nyomi Marcela: She's a housewife. She directs for Defiance Films and she has her own line. Sometimes she acts in her own movies doing girl/girl stuff. She's married and is very happily married and I don't think her husband wants her to work.

Big D: Speaking of relationships, do you find it hard to date or have a relationship because you are a porn star and work in adult DVDs?

Nyomi Marcela: Very much so. If you are dating a guy outside of the business, no matter or however hard you try to make him understand what's going on, they never, ever get it. They say they do, but they never get it. I try my best not to date guys outside of the business. It happens and I date guys within of the business and it still gets weird because they still get jealous, believe it or not. I don't know if it is a male ego thing or what it is. It's really hard to keep a relationship when you are in the business.

Big D: Is there anything that you haven't done yet in your career that you would like to do before you start your fashion career?

Nyomi Marcela: Anal. I haven't done it but I would like to. Just one time.

Big D: You haven't yet? So what has stopped you if you want to do it?

Nyomi Marcela: I don't know. It hurts? (laughs) I haven't done it because I really haven't needed to. Right now it's fine working the way I have been and I am still working quite a bit. I don't feel like I have to do it. When girls do anal and they don't like it, they are just doing it because it pays more. I don't need to do that right now.

Big D: Do you think that can be a disadvantage for some girls that they think they have to do anal or they won't get any work or their agent won't work as hard for them if they don't do anal?

Nyomi Marcela: Exactly. Like I was saying, these girls need to take control of the situation. Don't base your decision on if you should do something based on what your agent tells you or other girls tell you. You should be able to do what you want to do.

Big D: Why is there such a focus on the ass and there has to be anal in every DVD out there on the market? Some DVDs that I have seen just seem to stick it in her ass just because that seems like the right thing to do and it doesn't always go with the movie. Why is there such a demand to put it in the ass?

Nyomi Marcela: I don't know. I guess the asshole is the new pussy, I guess. It might be the agencies pushing that because there is more money in anal and they get a percentage of that.

Big D: First job?

Nyomi Marcela: Ice cream scooper at Baskin Robbins.

Big D: First concert?

Nyomi Marcela: Santana

Big D: First car?

Nyomi Marcela: Ford Explorer

Big D: What's in your CD player right now?

Nyomi Marcela: Kanye West and Janet Jackson

Big D: Favorite food?

Nyomi Marcela: Indonesian food

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Nyomi Marcela: I don't remember what it was called.

Big D: Favorite position?

Nyomi Marcela: Doggy both on and off camera.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Nyomi Marcela: Movies. I like comedies.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Nyomi Marcela: My car

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Nyomi Marcela: Napoleon Dynamite. I love that movie.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Nyomi Marcela: Bali

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Nyomi Marcela: Usher

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Nyomi Marcela: Africa

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