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Big D's Interview With Nikki Nine
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Interview Date: 01/10/2007

You've probably heard the old saying, 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'? That statement has proven to be very true to the point that pissed off women have gone to great lengths to get back at men. Take Nikki Nine for example. She was so upset when she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her with her own best friend; she decided to let him know what he gave up on. She promptly went out and became a porn star and was quickly picked up as a Hustler contract girl. Imagine his surprise when he found out. Imagine your surprise when you find out what really makes this small beach town girl tick. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, conducted at the 2007 AVN Expo in Las Vegas, Nikki Nine talks about her decision to become a porn star as revenge on her ex-boyfriend, what she discovered she really likes sexually since getting into porn and her thoughts on becoming an overnight sensation in the short lived world of adult films. (Editor's note: Since this interview was conducted, Nikki Nine has been released from her Hustler contract and is now a free agent.)

Big D: We're sitting here in the Hustler booth at the 2007 AVN convention and you are 18 years old, as we sit here nothing has hit the market yet and still you have a contract with one of the biggest names in porn, Hustler. How did you get in and how did you land a contract without performing in other things before coming on with Hustler?

Nikki Nine: I was approached by a director when I was working at a clothing store. I believe he worked for Seymore Butts. He asked me if I was interested in doing porn and at that time I said no because I had a boyfriend. I thought I was in love. I found out later that the boyfriend was cheating on me with my best friend. He got her pregnant too. He had a subscription to Hustler so that prompted me to call the director and tell him if he could get me into Hustler, I'll do porn. He said, 'I can't get you into Hustler but let me set you up with an agent who can'. I signed on with my agent, Matrix Models, and he brought me into Hustler and I shot for barely Legal and Hustler magazines. Afterwards they said they liked me and they wanted to sign me. It happened so fast and it was so perfect. I am waiting for someone to pinch me and wake me up. (laughs)

Big D: When you first approached while working at a retail store you turned down the opportunity to work in porn. Were you that pissed off at your ex-boyfriend that you wanted to do porn to get back at him? Or was it you were interested in porn but having a boyfriend you didn't think it would be okay to do porn and still have a boyfriend?

Nikki Nine: I am funny about things in that if I have ever decided I want to do something I always go for it 100 percent. I was originally going to pose for Hustler Magazine so that way his friends would see it and then they would tell him, 'dude you fucked up. How could you let this girl go?' You know how guys talk. When Hustler asked me to sign a contract, by then I had already learned that I loved doing what I was I was doing. I had shot a girl/girl scene and a solo scene and I was enthralled with it. I loved it. I figured it was a good way for me to pay for college too.

Big D: So how has the reaction been? Did you get the reaction you were hoping for in that your ex saw you in the magazines and now he wishes he would have never cheated on you?

Nikki Nine: Oh yeah, it definitely got back to him. I did Adam Corrolla's radio show and my ex-boyfriend called into the show. He said that he was buying my porn. I thought that was really funny considering he is still with my best friend. I come from a really small city. It is more of a beach town. It's been the talk of the town. My mom has been really great about it. She's been super supportive which is nice. I don't know if I could have done it without my family's support.

Big D: You mention that family support has been huge for you. Did you talk to them about this before you got in or did they find out after you already jumped in with both feet?
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Nikki Nine: I told them after I already made the decision and I was in the process of moving out to Los Angeles. My mom was shocked. She tried talking me out of it at first. Then she realized that it was something I like doing and she supports my decision. She is actually coming to Las Vegas and she and I are going to go hang out and walk the strip and do mom/daughter fun things.

Big D: With just a small amount of experience under your belt before being offered and accepting a contract from Hustler you said you loved what you were doing. What is it about porn that makes you feel as if you are living a dream and someone should pinch you to wake you up?

Nikki Nine: I've always been a really big Tomboy. I have been into dirt bike riding. I wear loose clothing when I am not working. This allows me to have kind of like and alter ego. Being Nikki Nine allows me to be girly and pretty. It allows me to have that release. The people at Hustler are so great. It is like one big family. Everyone in this industry is awesome. It is like one big dysfunctional family. I have made some really great friends. It lets me explore my sexuality. There are different things I have been afraid to try with people and now I get paid to try those new things. I get to figure out what I like more.

Big D: So what have you learned in the brief amount of time in porn that you found out you like and don't like?

Nikki Nine: I've learned that I really, really love girls. At first I was thinking that maybe I am into girls but I just didn't really have a good experience the first time. Then I worked with one girl and she just rocked my world. From that moment on I decided that I just love girls.

Big D: So who was the girl that rocked your world and brought you to this epiphany that you now love girls?

Nikki Nine: Janae Foxx was great. I like the girls that are not signed to contracts and are brand new to the industry. I love girls who are not 'gay for pay'. I love girls who are really bisexual. If the girl is 'gay for pay' you can really tell because they don't want to get their face down there and they are just kind of flicking it with their tongue. The girls that are really into it, I just love that. I get really into it and I will shove my face down there and just love it.

Big D: What about the guys you have worked with?

Nikki Nine: My favorite scenes have been with James Deen and Evan Stone. I say James Deen because he did everything I asked him to do even though it made the people at Hustler a little upset. I asked him to slap me around a little and call me a slut while pulling my hair. He did it. It was the best sex I have ever had. Evan Stone makes any movie set funny. He is a great guy and I love him. He is fantastic and I love working with him. He makes the best behind the scenes.

Big D: It's interesting that the two you mentioned are quite different on the age scale. James Deen is a younger guy still making a name for himself while Evan Stone is a well establish porn veteran that has been in a ton of movies. Do you have any preferences between someone closer to your age or you just want someone that can bring it?

Nikki Nine: I don't care what they look like. I don't care if they are older or younger. If they have the personality that I like and they can fuck me good I am totally fine with it. That's why I am totally excited to work with Manuel Ferrara in the movie Educating Nikki. (laughs)

Big D: There are a few of the male performers out there that carry a huge reputation of being a favorite of all the girls in the porn industry. Who else have you heard about like a Manuel Ferrara, that you should ask to be cast and paired with in an upcoming movie?

Nikki Nine: Scott Nails. I think I am going to be working with him in one of the Barely Legal series. I think it will be in Barely Legal Corrupted #9. I think that is funny because I am Nikki Nine and that will be number nine in the series. I think I will be working with in a 'bad boy corrupts an innocent girl' type scene.
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Big D: You are so brand new that no one has seen your DVDs yet. People have probably only seen a few photos shoots that have appeared in the Hustler Magazine publications. Despite being so fresh and new, you have a line of people around the Hustler booth here in Las Vegas waiting to get your autograph or a picture with you. What's your reaction to having fans already yet you haven't even had one DVD hit the market yet?

Nikki Nine: I was actually laughing because of that. I don't think I should have fans yet. I haven't shown people what I can do yet. All of my fans I guess I could call them my friends. I have a lot of friends on myspace.com. People laugh and tell me those people are my fans and not my friends. I disagree because those people are my friends. I talk to my friends all the time through myspace and message them. I am AOL instant messenger with my fans or my friends or whatever you want to call them.

Big D: Obviously you have other projects in the works but give us some details on your contract with Hustler and where you see this brand new career in porn taking you?

Nikki Nine: I am going to college and it is going to be at least five years until I am finished. Maybe I will do it until I graduate college and then go do what I really want to do which is zoology. I want to go and study marine animal behaviors.

Big D: First job?

Nikki Nine: I worked at Tilly's which is a clothing store.

Big D: First concert?

Nikki Nine: Kiis FM Jingle Ball

Big D: First car?

Nikki Nine: Ford focus

Big D: What's in your CD player or iPod right now?

Nikki Nine: Britney Spears and Cottonmouth Kings which are totally opposites.

Big D: Favorite food?

Nikki Nine: Junk food. Chocolate. Stuff with chocolate in it.

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Nikki Nine: Deep Throat

Big D: Favorite position?

Nikki Nine: I like spooning or doggy because they both give me really easy access to my clit.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Nikki Nine: Movies. I did movie interpretation in high school and I loved that class. Now I go to the movies to interpret them now. I just saw Pan's Labyrinth and totally interpreted the whole movie with my date. He was sitting there and telling me he didn't get that from the movie. I said to him, 'no didn't you see the parallels?' He was just looking at me like I was insane. (laughs)

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Nikki Nine: My sidekick cell phone

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Nikki Nine: I like a lot of underground, independent films. I guess The Boondock Saints is now considered mainstream.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Nikki Nine: The Colorado River in Arizona. Laughlin and Lake Havasu.

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Nikki Nine: I think I would like to meet Jenna Jameson just to see what she is like.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Nikki Nine: New York. I have never been there. Or Australia.

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