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Big D's Interview With Nautica Thorn
Inside Nautica Thorn

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Interview Date: 7/14/2006

The porn industry is always looking for that fresh face or that exotic look that no one has seen before. With that said, you can imagine the overwhelming pleasure and surprise porn lovers got when they laid eyes on Nautica Thorn for the first time. An exotic blend of Japanese, Hawaiian and Puerto Rican cultures, Nautica has demonstrated her versatility and sensuality through her adult DVDs for a few years now. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Nautica reveals how she injured Jules Jordan in her very first sex scene, her propensity for having sex in public and ends the debate on if size really does matter.

Big D: You did the typical transition from being a stripper to doing nude modeling to eventually doing hardcore porn. Was the transition from each level pretty easy or once you decided to make the leap to porn did you sit back and think about it before jumping with both feet?

Nautica Thorn: When I first got into the industry I knew that girls in porn typically do not last that long. I wanted to find a way to prolong my career. When I first got in I decided I wanted to pace myself and start off doing girl/girl and BJs. I did that for about a year until I felt that business would start slowing down. Then I made the transition to doing boy/girl and that was a business decision. Making the transition from being a dancer and nude modeling to porn was not a difficult decision at all. My friend was running the strip club that I was dancing at and I was asking him to work when I was 17. He told me, 'I would love to let you work because we are friends but legally I really can't let you.' I was always very comfortable with myself. Dancing was something I had always wanted to do since I was 16 so when someone approached me about doing adult stuff I wasn't turned off by the idea at all.

Big D: Did you think at such an early age you wanted to be a stripper and that you would find porn to be your calling?

Nautica Thorn: I think it was because I was already a sexually active person already. My first encounter having sex was at age 14. Also, I just thought it would be fun and interesting. And it is fun and interesting.

Big D: How so? What do you know now that you didn't know then that makes it fun and interesting still to this day?

Nautica Thorn: I think I know now more about the different challenges that make things fun. There are some girls that view it as just going to work for a certain amount of time and they can make all of this money. Sure that is the case sometimes but there are those months where it is hard. You can't be out to the mall everyday and you have to treat it as this is your business. You have to make sure you have money saved up just in case something happens. You need to keep money on the side because you are not going to do this forever. I learned my lesson my first year in the business. I brought my friend into the business and I told her I could give her all the advice in the world but she is going to have to experience it for herself. You're going to want to go shopping. You are going to want to buy this and buy that. I can tell you to save your money but you probably won't listen to me so I will let you go and learn your lesson. Once that happens then you'll start being more responsible.

Big D: Who is your friend that you brought into the porn business and tried to give that advice to?

Nautica Thorn: I had met Alexa Lynn in Texas when I was feature dancing. She had asked me how she could get into porn. I usually don't bring girls into porn for the fact that there are a lot of negatives in this industry and I don't want to be the one responsible for getting them in and then they don't like it. She seemed really cool and seemed like she had a really good head on her shoulders so I made an exception. I told her the pros and cons of porn and told her to make her decision. If she wanted to come out (to Los Angeles) come on out. She came out and stayed at my house for about two to three weeks. She then went back and forth between L.A. and Texas for a while and then she finally moved into my house.

Big D: You mentioned to Alexa that there are pros and cons to the porn industry. What makes porn fun and interesting to you to stay in it despite those cons you are aware of?

Nautica Thorn: One of the cons is the public perception of porn. It's funny how people tell me, 'Oh my gosh, your are so gorgeous. You should model. You are degrading yourself by doing porn, blah, blah, blah.' Then you go over to their house and they have 50 of my movies sitting on their shelf. That's a hard one to figure out. Just dealing with ignorant people is hard. The only reason why this industry is looked down upon by some people is the fact that society puts it in our head that this is bad. Some people just live in that box and can't think outside of the box. Dealing with my family and their reaction to what I do would be a con. Like it is for any girl. My parents just found out six months ago that I have been in porn for almost three years. I had to deal with that and build my relationship back with my parents.

Big D: How did that go over? Sounds like when they found out your relationship with them was a bit rocky. Has it repaired itself?

Nautica Thorn: Yeah, the only reason why it was a bit rocky was because I lied. My parents are really big on telling the truth and not lying to them. I had lied to them for all those years. It was the fact that I lied to them and the fact that they knew there was all kinds of things I wanted to accomplish and I haven't done those yet. I guess it was a little disappointment. Now that they have seen that I have started my own production company and I am using this industry to better myself they feel a little better.

Big D: You were born and raised in Hawaii but eventually moved to California? Are you the only porn star that has come from Hawaii or are there more of you that we do not know about?

Nautica Thorn: I think I am pretty much the only native from Hawaii that was actually born and raised there. I moved to California when I was about 16. I believe there are some girls in porn that maybe lived there for a period of time and then moved back to the mainland. I think I am the only native Hawaiian porn star.

Big D: You live in Los Angeles but go back to Hawaii twice a year. Do you have problems trying to keep a low profile while back home now that you have appeared on a ton of box covers in porn stores everywhere?

Nautica Thorn: Hawaiian people are very different. When I moved down here (Los Angeles) I was really scared because we have very blunt people that live here. In Hawaii, we are very laid back and very family oriented. When I go home people will recognize me but they will see that I am with my parents and they won't disrespect them by coming up and saying something or asking for an autograph. I am sure they know that my mom doesn't want to hear how much they love my movies. When I do go back home my fans will approach me at the appropriate times like if I am out at a club or out with my friends. Those are the appropriate times. If they see that I am with family members they will keep their distance. They still will acknowledge they know who I am and they will look at me and they'll smile but that is about it.

Big D: So why leave Hawaii? Everyone in the world seems to want to go there on vacation and live there. Why is it different for you that you wanted to leave and move away from paradise?

Nautica Thorn: I guess I took it for granted. When I came down here and I went to your beach I said, 'ew, this is nasty'. The thing that was driving me crazy about being in Hawaii is you can drive around the whole island in an hour. If I am going to drive that long I want to still be driving somewhere. I don't want to go around in circles. Now in California I live outside of L.A. When I am not working, I am not working and I want to be as far away from my industry as possible. I think it was just that I wanted to see other places and be in other places.

Big D: What's a typical week for you now that you are a bit more established and have your own production company?

Nautica Thorn: I try to limit myself to about five or six bookings a month. My schedule before? I used to work every day. At the end it just killed me. I kept on getting torn and yeast infections and I don't want to go through that again. Now that I can call my own shots I set my own schedule. I want to take time for myself and do other things like see friends instead of working every day.

Big D: It seems to me that if you are working so hard and making all of this money but have no free time to enjoy it, then what is the point of working so much?

Nautica Thorn: Exactly. If you keep a schedule like that and are so consumed with your work you feel trapped. Many girls I know work all day and then they go to porn parties at night and do almost everything porn related. There is life outside of porn. I was talking to a director a few days ago and he was talking about his heroes. All of his heroes were these other porn directors. There is something out there other than porn and people have done other things outside of porn other than shoot a camera and have a great angle. I don't want to be completely consumed with porn.

Big D: Your first scene on camera was with a girl but your first scene with a guy was with Jules Jordan in Flesh Hunter #6. Were you a bit nervous your first time on set especially with a guy like Jules to break you into the porn biz?

Nautica Thorn: The only reason why I was a bit scared was because I was on my period for that scene. (laughs) I had never done a boy/girl scene and I had my period and was wondering what I should do. I was talking to Jules and he suggested I stick a sponge up there. Now retarded me at the time, I just grabbed any sponge.

Big D: Wait a minute. You mean like a sponge you buy at the grocery store and put in your kitchen sink to do dishes? You mean that kind of sponge?

Nautica Thorn: Yup, exactly. So I stuck it up there and we are doing our scene and he stops and pulls out. He says, 'Something is scratching my dick.' I literally made his dick bleed. Jules is amazing because he still went on with the scene.

Big D: Jules is a trooper. Since then you have been with your fair share of guys in the porn industry including Mandingo in Invasian #2 and Mandingo #8, yet you still say that size does not matter. Come on. Are you just trying to make the guys with small dicks feel like they have a chance with you?

Nautica Thorn: No, it's really true. I've dated guys with many sized dicks and it really doesn't matter. If you know how to use it, you are fine. I guess it depends on the woman but for me I am a very clitoral woman. When I am having sex I like to be on top to grind the dick into my pussy so my clit is rubbing up against me while his dick is inside of me. That way will make me cum. It really doesn't matter how big your dick is. But that is just me. Some other girls might need a bigger dick to be able to find that G-spot in their pussy to actually cum because their clitoris doesn't need as much stimulation.

Big D: I read somewhere that you claim that you could fall in love with a guy as along as he can go down on you and do it well. That's has to be another one of those things just to make the guys feel good, right?

Nautica Thorn: For some reason I can have a guy eat me out for hours upon hours and never get tired of it. I love it. Any guy that can eat pussy for hours and hours, I love it.

Big D: Outside of porn you are pretty adventurous having sex on airplanes, public restrooms, in cars, on buses, while ordering drinks at a bar, etc. Any other places to add to that list and why the affinity for doing it in public? Don't you get that enough while working in adult DVDs?

Nautica Thorn: I think it is that I never dated anyone within the adult industry. They have always been someone outside of the industry. Most of them have not had an exciting sex life until they have met me. I guess I have done those things more for the guys to give them something to talk about later. (laughs) Actually the one while we were in the bar was really exciting because people we watching us have sex because we couldn't really hide it. The bartender was the guy's friend that I was having sex with. When the manager came out, who was his friend too, he said, 'come on dude, at least go to the bathroom or something.'

Big D: Any other public places that you have had a chance to add to your public sex resume?

Nautica Thorn: What about while driving on the freeway? That was a good one. Everyone should try it. You have to have a big car to do it. It was in a Lincoln Navigator and I was just got up and I faced him and put my legs on the side of the seat. I just started riding him while he was doing 80 mph on the freeway. That was hot.

Big D: Any passing truckers get a free show and honk their horn to let you know they appreciated the view?

Nautica Thorn: That's funny you say that because there was a lady that was driving past us and she saw us. She started slowing down and watching us. I was thinking this is so hot.

Big D: Seeing how you don't date within the industry how do you handle being a porn star but dating guys that are not immersed in the porn business? Are there jealousy issues you have to overcome to make it work?

Nautica Thorn: I can't say it is picking the right ones because I have had my fair share of picking the bad ones. It's weird because at first they will be cool with it and then they will start trying to control you and that is when they get dropped. I try to find people who are very open minded. Not necessarily open minded about sex but open minded in regards to that it is my business and it is work. They need to understand that when I am done working at the end of the day I come home to them. I guess the best advice is to pick the more mature ones or older guys. I think I may be contradicting myself because I have started to date someone who is kind of in the industry but he is not a performer.

Big D: With close to 150 titles to your credit, which titles would you suggest people watch if they have never seen a Nautica Thorn DVD.

Nautica Thorn: Definitely my first scene I did with Jules Jordan in Flesh Hunter #6 because it was so high energy. For the Nautica Thorn fans I would suggest Playing with Nautica Thorn because it is all about me. I just did two shoots Tera Goes Gonzo and Reign of Tera #2. I was in Reign of Tera #1 but I was only in the big orgy scene. In Reign of Tera #2 I will have a couple of scenes. Those would probably be my favorite ones.

Big D: Being with women on camera is your fantasy and you really enjoy it. Who are some of the women you love working with?

Nautica Thorn: I recently started working with Tera Patrick quite a bit. She is actually one of my favorites because we have a friendship outside of porn. We have a good time and we'll have fun and laugh while we are waiting for the guy to get hard. Avena Lee is another one of my good friends. I enjoy working with all kinds of girls, especially new girls that I have never met before, but those would be the ones I really enjoy the most.

Big D: You ethnicity is half Japanese, a quarter Hawaiian and a quarter Puerto Rican. You do your fair share of ethnic type movies like Invasian and Asian Brotha Lovers but you also appear on the covers of such movies like Control #2, Fashionably Laid, Tease Me Then Please Me #2, Super Naturals, etc. How do you separate yourself from being pigeon holed into just being labeled an Asian porn star?

Nautica Thorn: I guess it is because I have a different background. I can do Latin, I can do Asian. Of course I look more Asian than anything but with the right make-up I can look Latin too. I think it is because I am an exotic blend. They really can't type cast me as just an Asian porn star which technically I am.

Big D: You are all natural with no cosmetic surgery. What's your take on what seems to be an overwhelming number of girls in porn that are getting breast augmentation, nose jobs, tummy tucks, collagen lip injections, etc.?

Nautica Thorn: We've developed cosmetic surgery for people that really needed it. People that got into automobile accidents actually really need it. When I see girls that are enhancing themselves I am hoping that they are planning on being in the industry for a while and treat it like a business and do something with themselves. For any of the girls that are getting it I hope it increases their appeal or their marketability or their confidence. Hey, if they have low self-esteem, go ahead and do it. You are not hurting anybody but then again that is not why we invented the technology. If someone got into a car accident we can go and fix their eye. People are injecting themselves with collagen in their lips or getting 44F cup breasts and that is not what it was intended for.

Big D: First job?

Nautica Thorn: I was a promotion and marketing person for a record company when I was 14. I had a very good friend who owned a record label In Hawaii and he basically took me under his wing. I wanted to work and actually learn something and didn't want to go get a job at McDonald's. It was a great run. I actually did it throughout the time I lived in Hawaii and once I moved to California I obviously couldn't work for him anymore.

Big D: First concert?

Nautica Thorn: I believe it was Gloria Estefan. She came out to Hawaii. It was either her or Whitney Houston.

Big D: First car?

Nautica Thorn: BMW 750

Big D: What's in your CD player or iPod right now?

Nautica Thorn: Right now I am listening to this girl, Janita. It's a mix of music but it calms me down. I listen to her when I am driving home from work.

Big D: Favorite food?

Nautica Thorn: Sushi

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Nautica Thorn: I don't remember the title of it but I do know it had Asia Carrera in it.

Big D: Favorite position?

Nautica Thorn: I like to be on top.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Nautica Thorn: That's a tough one because I like both. My favorite sport is football. I am a big Robert Deniro fan, Al Pacino, Tom Hanks.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Nautica Thorn: My hair straightener.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Nautica Thorn: Lilo and Stich. It's either Lilo and Stich or Monsters, Inc.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Nautica Thorn: I guess going back home is kind of a vacation for me but I would have to say Jamaica.

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Nautica Thorn: Tiger Woods. I like to play golf and I would like to get his swing down. Also, Larry the Cable Guy. I love him. Larry the Cable Guy and Engvall. I love them. They are hilarious.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Nautica Thorn: Egypt.

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