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Big D's Interview With Nadi Phuket
Inside Nadi Phuket

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Interview Date: 05/23/2007

So you think being a girl in porn is easy? You think all it takes is a great attitude, a hot body and a thirst for uninhibited sex? That's what Nadi Phuket thought too but she soon found it takes a lot more than a bottle of lube and a smile to make it in the world of porn. Despite having an exotic look and the versatility to portray many different roles, Nadi Phuket found porn success to be a difficult road. We can all be thankful that she never gave up and persevered to the point where she has appeared in numerous adult DVDs over the past year. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Nadi Phuket discusses the reasons why she got into porn in the first place, how she is sometimes mistaken for being Black or Latina and how staying in touch with her fans has led to the majority of her sucess.

Big D: After only about a year in adult your body of work in adult DVDs is not that extensive but you have an extensive portfolio of internet work. For those that are not familiar with you, how did you get into the porn business?

Nadi Phuket: Back in June 2006 I was flown out to Florida to shoot for an internet company. For some odd reason they ended up not shooting me. There was something that was not right and they decided not to shoot. I was actually going to give up that day but then I realized that I should still continue to live out my dreams. I have always wanted to be in porn ever since I was little. The first time I ever stumbled onto one of my brother's videos I wanted to look like those girls when I grew up. I've always wanted to model and get into porn so I sent in a few photos to a couple of talent agencies in Los Angeles. I landed at Foxx Modeling and they decided to represent me. I flew out in the middle of July last year. It was my first time coming out to L.A. to shoot. Things just started rolling from there. It's always been something I have wanted to do and now I am just living out my dreams.

Big D: You said you stumbled across some porn videos at an early age and you always wanted to model. At the same token, porn and regular modeling are quite different. What was it about porn that appealed to you more than just trying your hand at modeling first?

Nadi Phuket: It's because I love sex and I love being naked. (laughs) Growing up I just loved being naked and I just knew that there was something very sexual about me. I just had so much sexual energy that I wanted to get it out.

Big D: You are a combination of Cambodian and Thai heritage. What do you think sets you apart from the other thousands of Asian girls doing porn today?

Nadi Phuket: I think it is because I do not look like the typical Asian girl. A lot of people get my background mixed up. A lot of them think I am half black or they think I am Puerto Rican. I guess I look like all these different racial mixes. I don't look like your typical black haired Asian girl with black eyes and light skin. I have a very exotic look. All Asian women are exotic but I just don't look like them.

Big D: Was having a distinctive look a contributing factor in your decision to get into porn? What I mean is, did you think it would help you get noticed and advance further because you would not blend in with all the other Asian performers in porn?

Nadi Phuket: More than anything it would be my enthusiasm for this line of work. A little bit was the fact that I look a little bit more different and maybe someone will take notice of me.

Big D: Has it worked to your advantage in that you have landed shoots that are not just Asian themed porn movies?

Nadi Phuket: Actually, yes. I am cast in a lot of Black type movies. I have also shot for Ball Honeys which is a series that brings in girls that are Black, Asian and Latina. I think in that one they passed me off as being a Latina. A number of the Black films that I have shot for will say that I am Black.

Big D: Does that bother you that you are being represented as something that you are not? Is that misleading to the consumer or do you think of it that porn is a fantasy and you are acting out for their fantasy?

Nadi Phuket: It doesn't really bother me too much. The real fans would know that I am not Black or Latina or whatever role that I am playing.

Big D: You mentioned 'the real fans', just a second ago. How have you been able to establish a fan base after being in the business for just about a year now?

Nadi Phuket: It has been building up slowly at first. There were people who found my photos at my modeling agency and I hadn't even shot a movie yet. After that they would go on internet chat forums and tell people to keep an eye out for me. When I found that I jumped on board and started interacting with them. They would tell their friends that I was on their chat board. When some of my movies started coming out, it grew from there. I am actually one of those girls that will write people back. I will sit in front of my computer and write to them. That is what they know me for. Some of the people that found me through the internet forum were really surprised that I would keep in such close contact with the fans. They had not seen my movies but they would tell me that I seemed really nice and was getting popular just by the way I was interacting with people.

Big D: Your diligence to staying in contact with the fans and networking with them, was that to build up your fan base to further your career or you just want to stay close with them so they feel better connected to you as a performer?

Nadi Phuket: I think it was both. I think the fans are a very important aspect to my career. When I open up my member website, I know that they are going to go there. I am very loyal to my fans.

Big D: What has been the response been to get noticed by the major studios in adult DVDs?

Nadi Phuket: When I started with my first agency, I was only with them for a few months. When I came out in July last year, I was only out for a week. I didn't come back to L.A. until September. I stuck it out with Foxx Modeling a few more months but they really weren't doing anything for me. So I moved over to LA Direct Models and I told them that I wanted to start working for all the big studios. That's how I was able to work for the bigger studios.

Big D: We always hear about the roles agents play in helping to get jobs for porn stars and to help promote them within the industry. You have switched and been represented by a few agencies. For those that are not aware of what an agent does, what role do they primarily perform? Do they spend most of their time calling up studios? Do they spend their time setting up interviews? What function is the most important to you to have in an agent?

Nadi Phuket: A good agent will do a lot of things. They will make calls to the studios and send out my pictures to the studios. When studios would call in they would make suggestions if I was available that day. Sometimes the studios would specifically request me. The difference between one agency and another was one agency seemed to work harder. I came in with a specific goal in mind and they helped achieve that. Some of that hard work was done by me too. I was calling them every couple of days to make sure I wasn't getting lost in the shuffle. I would let them know my schedule and when I was available and that I am here and ready to work.
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Big D: You live in the Northwest, in the Seattle area. How difficult is it for someone that wants to advance her career but you do not spend all of your time in California where the lion's share of adult film content is shot? What is your typical schedule like when you are down in California and working?

Nadi Phuket: I would love to work every single day that I am down here. I like staying busy and I enjoy what I do. Otherwise I wouldn't be doing this.

Big D: You are married yet you perform with men who are not your husband. Are you a swinger in your life outside of porn or do you only have sex with other men on camera but are committed to your husband off camera? How does that work for you as a married couple to have one of you in porn performing with other partners?

Nadi Phuket: It's awesome because he is the one that actually initiated the idea of going into porn. In our personal life it was just so awesome. When we first met he asked me if I had ever done porn. I never had and he asked me if I had ever considered it. I had considered it so that opened the door for us to talk about it. We talked extensively about what I should and shouldn't do. It was well thought out and well planned for me. He loves it. He is so supportive of it. He is my No. 1 backer. He is so incredibly supportive of everything that I do.

Big D: Did you have any preconceived notions of the porn industry and how are they different now that you have been in for about a year?

Nadi Phuket: I thought that it would be super easy. I thought I would be booked every single day. I didn't know that there would be breaks in between. I didn't know how many different agencies were out here. I didn't know that some studios will only work with certain agents. I didn't realize that it could be so hard. My attitude was that I was going to be booked five days a week. That is just not the case.

Big D: Do you personally have to overcome those obstacles or is it all placed on finding the right agent?

Nadi Phuket: It's both. Right now I am with Gold Star Modeling and they have done a pretty good job for me. For some odd reason, some of the studios are just not picking up that I am out here. I don't know why that is. Maybe I am getting lost in the shuffle. I don't know. It's been pretty hard trying to find work.

Big D: This is something that you are committed to doing for a while. What do you personally do to get through the times when work is hard to find?

Nadi Phuket: I try to call the people that I have worked for in the past and tell them that I am available. I went on KSEX a couple of times. I interviewed a few times while in Las Vegas to try to keep my name out there.

Big D: Any favorite studios you enjoy working for?

Nadi Phuket: I would have to say Red Light District. Their staff is so fun to be around. They know what they are doing and they have their shit together. They are very organized. I like the way they run their business. They are always so fun to shoot for. All of their directors are so cool. If I had to pick out of all the bigger studios, my first pick would be Red Light.

Big D: What about any favorite male and female talent?

Nadi Phuket: As far as female talent goes, I am pretty open to work with anybody. I am really easy going and I can adapt to whomever I am put together with. When it comes to male talent, I like to work with Tyler Knight. He is really fun and easy going.

Big D: What's on the horizon for you?

Nadi Phuket: There is one that is coming out in late June or early July that is called Fresh Young Ass #2 by Metro. There are a few by Candy Shop including 69 Flava's #3 and Afro Invasion #3. Anal Addicts #28 is coming out and that is with Peter North's company, Northstar. I am actually on the cover. It is a solo cover and I am so excited about that. Also the biggest thing would be my members site that will be up and running this Spring. It is nadixxx.com and that is where all my fans can come and see me.

Big D: First job?

Nadi Phuket: When I was 15 and I worked one day at the local Winchell's Donuts shop.

Big D: First concert?

Nadi Phuket: Nine Inch Nails.

Big D: First car?

Nadi Phuket: Honda Civic

Big D: What's in your CD player or iPod right now?

Nadi Phuket: Nine Inch Nails the new album. Linkin Park, Coldplay, SilverSun Pickups, The Wallflowers.

Big D: Favorite food?

Nadi Phuket: Steak

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Nadi Phuket: I'm not sure of the name but I know it was one of those Playboy Playmate videos.

Big D: Favorite position?

Nadi Phuket: Doggy

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?
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Nadi Phuket: Movies. I am not really into sports and I am more of a movie buff. I plan on writing my own screenplay.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Nadi Phuket: Internet

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Nadi Phuket: Mulholland Drive, Lost Highway, Pretty Woman, The Secretary.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Nadi Phuket: Either Las Vegas or Palm Springs.

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Nadi Phuket: Trent Reznor

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Nadi Phuket: London

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