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Big D's Interview With Mia Rose
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Interview Date: 5/3/2006

Most aspiring porn stars come to porn valley from far off places like Florida, the farms of the Mid-West or even from Los Angeles but not too many come from the barren wilderness of Alaska. Meet Mia Rose, a 19 year old porn star with an appetite for sex as large as her home state is big. Breaking into the business of porn with her older sister Ava Rose, Mia's catalog of DVDs is small but growing by the day. In this Interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Mia discusses the challenges of moving from a small town in Alaska to Los Angeles, how her approach to sex is different than her sister and why she has been to the beach but never swam in the ocean.

Big D: Your start is a bit different than most. You are the younger sister of Ava Rose and you both got into porn at the same time. How did you guys come to the decision to go into the adult business and start making adult DVDs?

Mia Rose: My sister and I were born and raised in Alaska but we had moved down to Reno, Nevada when someone approached us on MySpace. They said they wanted to take some pictures of my sister for a photo shoot. Just pictures that were going to be nude and that was fine but she also didn't want to go alone. So she directed the guy to my own myspace page and we ended up going together. Once we got there it was pictures at first and then a masturbation scene. So we got tricked into that one. Afterwards he said, 'Well you did great. Why don't you come out to L.A. and do one?' We did that too but we ended up losing money. The guy ended up fucking us over. But we have found a better agent now. We actually got into porn by accident.

Big D: So it sounds like you had two negative experiences right out of the gate in getting into porn. What made you guys stick with it and not say, 'screw this' after losing money and getting fucked over by the first two guys?

Mia Rose: I'm not sure. I just love sex so much that I thought I might as well get paid for it. Just because this one guy fucked me over doesn't mean that everybody in the industry is bad. When my sister went to her first scene while she was still with our first agent the people that were on set were telling us 'you really should try a different agent'. We didn't know of any other agents. We did some research on the internet and found some cool people. We are now with LA Direct Models and just got with them a few weeks ago.

Big D: So since you have been in the business for a short time and you are already with your second agent, what is your impression so far?

Mia Rose: My first impression was I thought everyone was two-faced and I didn't expect to make any friendships or there to be any real people. I have come to find out that there are amazing people and different companies. I guess you could call them cliques. I used to think things were bad but things getter and better and the people are amazing. Not all of them but most of them. What I like is the people I have met are really, really great. There are some fake people you meet but the real ones you meet and become friends with make this worthwhile.

Big D: Both you and your sister come from Alaska. There are a lot of misconceptions about people that come from Alaska like you all live in igloos or have Polar Bears as pets. What are some of the most ridiculous stereotypes about people that live in Alaska? Also, how was living there different than living in Southern California?

Mia Rose: We came from middle of nowhere called Sutton, Alaska. There were 300 people there at the time. No igloos though. Alaska is amazing but it is really a secluded place. It is like living underneath a rock. I would recommend it for a vacation but not to live there. Down here in L.A. it is like tofu and egg whites. Up there we were eating bear burgers and caribou. I prefer living down here.

Big D: I've heard the male to female ratio in Alaska is one of the most lopsided than anywhere else in the country. Isn't it something like seven or eight men for every one woman in Alaska?

Mia Rose: That is so true. It is disgusting. When we were living up there it seemed like they were all lumberjacks and old men and those types of men. It's horrible.

Big D: You've only been working in porn for about five or six months and you have some movies that are in the can but haven't been released yet. Moving Violations from Smash Pictures just came out and you have done a couple for Evasive Angles, one for Combat Zone, etc. Of the movies that are already on the market or coming out, what have been some of your more memorable or more fun scenes for you?

Mia Rose: Basically anything that I have done for New Sensations and Digital Sin. DVDs like Fresh Outta High School and Teen Dreams #12. The scenes that I have done with Erik Everhard for Evil Angel are absolutely outrageous. They were so much fucking fun. Erik is a great performer in bed and is a great person. We did a scene together for What An Ass #2. Those scenes are so fucking crazy. I did one for Manuel Ferrara that was a boy/boy/girl/girl scene that was pretty crazy called New Whores on the Block that is coming out June 26, 2006. The trailer is already up on Evil Angel's website and that one is going to be good.

Big D: Of the ones that you have worked with already, who have been your favorites?

Mia Rose: Erik Everhard for sure. One hundred percent. I don't like 'pussy' sex. You know like the soft and gentle and no cussing type sex. You've got to be nasty and dirty and he fucks hard and he fucks for a long time. Innocence is not there.

Big D: Are you just naturally horny before getting into porn and this was way to feed that or did you discover you like that rough kind of sex after getting into the porn business?

Mia Rose: No, I think that is why getting into porno was a good thing for me. I hear people that are in porn say they love sex but I don't see it. Before I got into porn I couldn't keep a boyfriend because I wanted to fuck so much. Everyone thought I was a freak and not in a good way. I am into some pretty weird shit to the point where I like it to the point where it almost hurts. This might sound awkward but back in the day men didn't ask to have sex with women. They just took it. I find that to be so hot for some odd reason.

Big D: The same approach to sex goes for your sister Ava Rose?

Mia Rose: Oh now, we're total opposites in every way possible. In looks, in personality but we are total best friends. She is more into the romantic type crap. It's fun, don't get me wrong. Romantic sex is fun every once in a while but it gets old.

Big D: If you are this unbridled, for lack of a better term, nympho that can't get enough sex, and your sister is into the more gentle and soft type sex, how does that work with you guys both being in porn and doing a lot of the gonzos?

Mia Rose: I am not saying she doesn't like sex. She is a sexoholic like me. She just likes different types of sex. She could have sex all day long, every day like me, just not the same type. She doesn't like the feeling of being powerless. She is more of the controlling type. If the scene is going to be rough, she is going to want to be in control of it.

Big D: How is when you work with your sister on set? Obviously you are not working together in the same scene but it still is your older sister and you working in porn together. Is it weird and awkward?

Mia Rose: Yeah, it is for me. She doesn't have a problem with it. She is so good at taking pictures. When we do stills for box covers I feel so uncomfortable. It seems like we are always in competition of we are in the same scene. Who's hotter, who's louder, who fucks harder? It's always a fucking competition. I would prefer not to be in the same scene with her but it is always good. It's a little awkward but that is okay. We have a lot of scenes coming up that we are together. The first one was for Van Styles in Ass Appeal #4.

Big D: You both appear together on the box cover of Moving Violations from Smash so that was probably your first scene together, right?

Mia Rose: That was not a scene together. Those were scenes shot right after one another with the same guy.

Big D: I know you can't speak for Ava but you indicated that you are planning on being in the porn business for the long haul. What are your goals that you want to accomplish since you are so fresh and new to the business? Are there other directors, other performers, other studios that you want to work for?

Mia Rose: The number one person I want to work for is Jules Jordan. I really want to work for him. I have met him a few times and I feel like an ass every time I see him. I can only get a few words out without getting all shy. I've worked with Joey Silvera and Bobby Manila and both of them are really great.

Big D: What is it about Jules that you get nervous and shy around him?

Mia Rose: I've seen his stuff and it fucking blows me away. It's like Erik Everhard's stuff. It's really, really good. He just knows what he is doing and knows where he wants to go with everything he does. He doesn't say, 'I am kind of going for this'. He knows what he wants.

Big D: You made a comment that it was hard for you to keep a boyfriend because of your high sex drive. Was anyone shocked or surprised that you were choosing to become a porn star and work in adult DVDs?

Mia Rose: (laughs) No they weren't. They said it was just a matter of time. My aunt told me, 'I kept telling your cousin, and I told he to not to tell you, but I always knew you were going there.' Everybody knew it was a matter of time. We were strippers for a year before we got into porn.

Big D: Since your aunt had an idea that this was the direction you were going in, does the rest of your family know and do they support your decision?

Mia Rose: It's not that they support us but they back us up no matter what we choose to do. Let me clarify. They do support us, they just don't agree with it. They've always been there for everything in our lives and will always be there.

Big D: What's the transition like moving from a small town in Alaska to the big city like Los Angeles?

Mia Rose: When we first came down here it was just for a week and when we went back to Reno we said we didn't want to go back there. The second time we came down to L.A. we were supposed to be there for a week and I came back three days later and I never left. I love it here. It's bigger with more people. My sister and I have a great place together. It doesn't get any better than L.A.

Big D: You already have made a mention of a few DVDs that are on the horizon but what are a few more that we can keep an eye out for coming out?

Mia Rose: I did one for Bobby Manila for Doghouse Digital that is coming out. Erik Everhard's has two DVDs coming out that I did. It's a surprise and because everyone will eventually find out I might as well say it now. One scene was my first and only anal scene that will come out in This Butt's 4 U #2.

Big D: You say first and only. Does that mean first on-screen anal or first anal period?

Mia Rose: (laughs) Hell no. I did anal with him this morning. No, actually it was my first on camera anal scene.

Big D: But you said it was your only anal scene. Does that mean only up until now and more are to come or do you mean it was your only because you won't do it again on camera?

Mia Rose: Oh, for sure I will be doing it more on camera. Right now I am going to give that a little bit of time. I am in this for the long haul. I am sure that after people see that scene, that is all they are going to want to shoot me for. It was absolutely amazing and perfect. God it was good!

Big D: Both you and your sister are down in Los Angeles and living there full time. How often do you work?

Mia Rose: Right when I walked into my agency, L.A. Direct, I told them I can only work up to four days a week and only three days in a row. I will get burned out and I will get sore. I am a fucking beast in bed and there is only so much I can handle. Some girls I see doing two scenes a day for a week. There is no way in hell I could do that without looking like a damn zombie on day number four. I work up to four days a week and I think that is what my sister is doing as well. Those four days are always booked.

Big D: If you wanted to work more than those four days you could?

Mia Rose: Oh yeah. Sometimes we have to cancel scenes because I get overbooked. There are a number of people at L.A. Direct who book shoots and I sometimes have to call them and tell them they booked me for six days in a week.

Big D: Now that you have done an anal scene for the first time is there anything that you are still holding off from doing like creampies, DP, interracial, etc.?

Mia Rose: I do interracial but I am exclusive with Mr Marcus and Julius Ceazher. I don't do girl/girl. I want to give the best in every scene I do. I totally love the cock but if you get me around a chick and I am so not feeling it. I can't act and I can't fake it. Girls don't need a dick. Strap-ons? What's the point? I haven't done any creampies. I think that is more for when I am at home. It's definitely something that is going to stay like that for a while. I just did my first boy/boy/girl yesterday. I am very open to sex. I just think I will hold off on the anal thing and DP's for a while. You'll see once more of my stuff starts coming out. I can't wait for my stuff to come out.

Big D: I am definitely putting This Butt's 4 U #2 on my wish list to see when it comes out.

Mia Rose: Yeah, and New Whores on the Block too. That is going to be a good one.

Big D: How does it work for you when it comes to relationships? You said you had a tough time keeping boyfriends before. Do you think you will want to date someone that is in the industry so they can keep up with you or are you just going to stay single while you are doing porn?

Mia Rose: You are going to think this is really funny but I have been single for the past three years. Right now I don't even care. If a relationship comes along it doesn't matter if it is with someone in the industry or not. If they get don't upset with what I do that fine. If they do and they start to get jealous, I can walk away at any time. Why is that. There are a million and a half guys waiting on my doorstep to suck my toe. It's fine. I have choices. And so do you.

Big D: First job?

Mia Rose: Sushi waitress for four months. I thought to myself, 'making $4.50 really sucks.' That's when we decided to getting into stripping. My boss was this lady that thought taking all of my tips and not giving them to me was okay.

Big D: First concert?

Mia Rose: Lonestar the country band. I fucking hate concerts. I just realized that when we out to Cochella. Music is great and I like to listen to it but concerts are fucking boring. My sister and I went to an Incubus concert. We ended up going with Incubus to Sparta in Salt Lake City

Big D: First car?

Mia Rose: I actually still have my first car. It's a 1998 Dodge Avenger. I will be giving that to my mom for Mother's Day because I am getting a new one. I am looking at the 2004 Saab 95. I drove one that was my friend's and I said, 'oh, that's quick.' The Avenger is pretty quick but I need something faster.

Big D: What's in your CD player right now?

Mia Rose: I have a lot of Incubus. I love the Kidneythieves. We have Queen of the Damned, Rammstein, Marilyn Manson. I have a mix of stuff. I am listening to my iPod right now and I am playing Mandy Moore.

Big D: Favorite food?

Mia Rose: Sushi. I know everyone says that but I love it. Especially eel. I think that is why I stayed at the crappy job for so long because I got half off sushi. I could also say Cookie Crisp cereal. I fucking live on it.

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Mia Rose: There is a good story behind that one. I ended up watching Alex Sanders in a movie and I didn't know who the girl was. All knew was it was Alex Sanders because I had seen him before. I had to look him up. He was my fantasy porn star. I was absolutely in love with him. One of my first scenes was for TT Boy and the location was at Alex Sanders' house. I ended up fucking him that night on Valentines Day. I got to fuck my fantasy porn star. I don't remember what the name of the movie was. I even asked him because I remember exactly what happened in the scene because it was in a bed with all these purple colored silky thing hanging from the ceiling. The girl had really pretty brown hair and it was a pretty romantic scene. Unfortunately I can not recall the name of the movie.

Big D: Favorite position?

Mia Rose: I have a couple. Me on top and missionary with my legs to the side. Those positions because I can actually orgasm in those. I don't know what it is but lately I have been starting to squirt. I don't even know what it is all about so we'll just leave it at that. I can only do it every once in a while. I don't know what it is. I don't know what it is all about but it happens. I'm cool with it even though the camera man is not sometimes. Hopefully I can do it more because people love it. I actually did a scene with Ben English for Digital Sin and I squirted in that. That scene comes out in Nice Round Ass. After the scene I told him, 'you know what? You're an asshole.' He just laughed. This is before I knew who he was and before he was my agent. I feel like an asshole now. We had good sex though. We invented a position. It's called the Rose Driver. It goes from a doggy style to a pile driver. It's insane.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Mia Rose: It would depend on what sport it was and it depends on what movie was playing. If it was synchronized swimming, then hell no. More than likely sign me up for the movies as long as it is a scary movie.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Mia Rose: Oh dear God, my laptop. I am such an internet geek. Not to mention a myspace whore.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Mia Rose: Gladiator. Also Braveheart and Alexander.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Mia Rose: I really haven't had an opportunity to go on a vacation in my life. I will be taking a vacation soon to Hawaii or Cabo San Lucas. Somewhere I can drink some Mai Tais on the beach. I have never even been to the beach. I've never been to the ocean. Actually the beach. I've been to the ocean with glaciers but I haven't been to the ocean where I can actually go swimming. The beach is not even that far from me now and now I feel like an even bigger nerd.

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Mia Rose: This is going to sound weird but I want to meet the person that invented shower caps and then I would want to meet Hitler. Hitler might have been a sick ass freak but there was something going on in his mind and I want to know what the fuck it was. Shower caps are a life saver for me. Try being a girl that has long hair down to the middle of your back and you get in the shower but you don't want to wash your hair. Think about it. You curl your hair the second day. You are trying to soap up and you're your hair dry. There is no way in bloody hell. I want to meet the person that invented them so I can say thank you.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Mia Rose: Tahiti. I've seen pictures and that's where I want to go.

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