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Big D's Interview With Melissa Monet
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Interview Date: January 21, 2010

Melissa Monet is what you call a part-time porn star. This MILF, originally from New York, has been in a porn for over 15 years yet still makes her primary living outside of Porn Valley. Despite being in porn for a number of years, when it comes to the passion and the enthusiasm she brings to her scenes, you would think she just started. With a mix of all girl along with boy/girl scenes to her credit, Melissa Monet knows where she is going and can not forget where she has been. In this exclusive interview with XRentDVD's Backdoor Betty, Melissa Monet explains how her healthy appetitie for sex came an early age, why she has stayed in porn for this long and how a guy's tiny dick could launch a big career.

Backdoor Betty: Tell us a bit about your hometown and what was it like growing up there?

Melissa Monet: I'm from Staten Island, New York, which is one of the five Burroughs in New York City. Growing up there, wow... it was pretty normal. I mean we were 20 minutes from the city but we had a dairy farm and we had deer. We had a hot spring and when I was little, the beaches were where pristine people actually came from all over to come to the beaches. But that changed and then they didn't. I don't know, it was fun and I grew up in a great time. Who didn't want to grow up in the 70's? It was just a wonderful time to be a kid.

Backdoor Betty: What do you miss the most about back home?

Melissa Monet: I really don't miss my home town. I go back at Christmas time and I go back periodically but I just mainly miss my family the most.

Backdoor Betty: Were you sexually active at an early age?

Melissa Monet: Yes, too early. But it was by choice so if I had had my choice, it would have been even earlier.

Backdoor Betty: Was it with a girl or a boy?

Melissa Monet: It was with a boy.

Backdoor Betty: How were your high school years? Were you part of any school clubs or were you the party girl?

Melissa Monet: I was part of the burnout crowd on the side of the school. I mean if I had to be part of any crowd that would be it. Those were the ones I was with. I was also in band. I played trumpet and I had been in band since the age of seven. I made really great friends there and I even had long term boyfriends. I think I had two boyfriends throughout most of high school, but I mean, I fucked around like crazy. Not on them but in between. I even had a really wild boyfriend in high school who was into swinging and actually introduced me to 90 percent of the stuff I would have never heard of if it wasn't for him. He wasn't that much older than me. He was just a little freak.

Backdoor Betty: When was your first sexual experience with a woman?

Melissa Monet: Well the very first one was, I have to say, I was probably 15. Although I could've been 14 at the time. It's hard for me to remember whether I was in the hospital around that time so I can't really remember whether it was before I was in the hospital or after. But it was 14 or 15 and it was not a good experience; it was actually a bit horrifying. It was a swinging situation and the boyfriend I had at the time had made arrangements for us to go and swing with this couple. I had always been interested in women...well first let me say that I started watching porn as a child and so I was always intrigued by women. There was also the first exposure that I had to women in general which were these anti-porn women. It's funny. I have told this story before but there was this anti-porn kiosk on 42nd street and my mom was walking with my sister and me. You know we didn't know what was going on and these women were screaming. There were all these images of women in bondage and women with each other and I mean I think I was five. I still remember it as if I saw it yesterday. I think it left a really big imprint on my brain and so when I got into the situation to be able to be with a woman, I jumped at it thinking that every woman was going to be great. I wasn't. Thinking about the fact that this particular woman was not the right choice.

Backdoor Betty: Now have you noticed that you prefer girly-girls or more of boyish dykish?

Melissa Monet: You know, I don't really have a preference. I've been with both. But you know, its funny, because in my personnel life I would say that most of the women I've been with are more like myself. I can be a girly-girl but also can be tough as opposed to having one or the other. I tend to like women who don't need to have a role in life. It's just kind of like, “well, I feel like being on the bottom today or I feel like being on the top.” Or I feel like grabbing you by the hair and dragging you along the floor or I feel like dressing up in really pretty lingerie and worshiping you. Whatever the flavor is, you know? Sometimes when you're with someone really butchey, they don't know how to break themselves from that mold. Then when you get the ones who are too girly, they can't be tough and you just end up laughing at them. That's why you see that a lot of lesbian couples, although personality wise it may be that one is more one way than the other way, but physically speaking I think you see more real spice with women that compliment each other more than you don't. That makes you go “ooh, what's she doing with her?” kind of thing. I mean, you hardly ever see a really big bull dyke with a girl thats so frilly it looks like she's going to break her. That's only in the porno, fantasy world. I mean, I'm not saying there aren't people who like the other dynamic. I just mean in general, from a physical stand point, you don't usually see lesbian couples together where you go, “I just don't picture them together.” You might see that with gay men where you'll see like a little young twink and some old bear, but you usually don't see those kind of diverse things in real lesbian relationships. I'm not talking about one night stands or dating. I'm talking about when they are together because I think that we need more. Women need more. We need to have not so much diversity but we like to have our options.

Backdoor Betty: Now when did you know that you wanted to become an adult performer?

Melissa Monet: I came in with somebody who wanted to be a porn star and I just went along for moral support. They said “hey, want to work?” and I was like “well, I've done everything else in the sex business so, sure, why not?” But I never once thought about being a porn star.

Backdoor Betty: Are you able to say who you came along with on the ride?

Melissa Monet: He's still in porn but his dick was so small. It was the reason I actually came with him to this thing. I was trying to talk him out of it the whole way up to the point where he went in the back to get his Polaroids taken. Then I heard the laughter. It's the truth. It's what happened. My agent back in the day still remembers how funny it was but it wasn't really funny.

Backdoor Betty: Are you able to tell us a bit about what you did before you entered porn?

Melissa Monet: Well I started out in the sex business as a sex surrogate. Then I was a call girl and then I came here. In between I did mutual funds. It was basically I was a CFO. I did mutual funds mainly so I have a very heavy accounting background and it's nice to be well rounded. It really helps.

Backdoor Betty: How has your decision to be in porn been received by those that are close to you?

Melissa Monet: Well, I think it was very different for me because I came in at the age of 30. I had left home for well over a decade at this point. My parents are wonderful and have said that as long as you are happy and healthy and you have somewhat reasonable sanity, God bless. There have been some people along the line that weren't so happy, but my older nephews know, the younger ones are too young to know anything but they accept me for who I am. They knew me before I got here and I haven't changed. I was already 30. I wasn't a kid making a bad decision so there's not much that they could say.

Backdoor Betty: How long have you been in the business?

Melissa Monet: It'll be 16 years in July. I came in the week of my 30th birthday.

Backdoor Betty: Do you remember your first sex scene and do you remember where that scene ended up?
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Melissa Monet: God help me, I do. My first sex scene was a boy/girl/girl scene and it was dreadful in the way that I expected the girl to be cleaner and she wasn't. You know, it's so weird because you know in your personnel life if you're with somebody and you guys haven't showered for 2 days, it doesn't really bother you? But in a work situation, it's like I want you to be clean. I want you to squeak. I want you to fucking squeak, dude. So yeah, her hygiene left a little to be desired and it wasn't just her pussy. She was a little unkempt. I didn't know anybody, so I couldn't say yes, no or whatever, you know? She was a little too drugged looking for my taste. None of those things came into play. I came in and I did my scene. It was definitely not one of my more stellar scenes because the guy in it was not that great either. So it was what it was, and it was just okay. My second scene was much, much better and then as time went on the scenes not only got better but I learned after my second scene that I better find out who these people are around here. I can have a “no list” and that's what I did. I didn't have a very long “no list”, but I did have a no list and a lot of it was predicated from being on set with some of these people and seeing how they functioned and what they were like and who they were as people.

Backdoor Betty: So there is a black list?

Melissa Monet: No, not that there is a black list. There's no such thing as black listing someone in this business or there would be tons and tons of people who would not be here anymore. A “no list” is just like a couple of people. My “no list” are just people I didn't have great scenes with. It's people that I would never have a great scene with no matter what you did. There was just no way that I would ever have a great scene with those people because they are dead inside. But honestly, most of the people on the no list are guys because usually when it comes to girls, it's so rare to have a girl on the “no list”. The only girls I've ever put on my no list are drug addicts. Otherwise I have no list for girls. I will tell a director when they call me, I'll be like, “Listen, I don't know how stellar the scene will be unless you want me to dominate her and be in charge because you know she just doesn't have energy.” You know its funny because there was one scene I did not that long ago and I told the director that and they said to me, “Really? Because she's so great at everything she does.” It's like, oh my God, I've seen this girl fuck like 20 times and each time I want to go and check her pulse. They think she's stellar because she's beautiful but that doesn't make you stellar. Back in the day the girls were different. The girls were more enthusiastic than they are now. But enthusiastic without being over the top

Backdoor Betty: Have you noticed how women are being treated in porn now?

Melissa Monet: It's not that much different. I've never been mistreated. I mean, I know that there are directors and producers who are very rude and very harsh and very this and that but those people were always here. They'll always be here because it's not like we regulate anything. You just learn after the first couple of times of working. But I have never, ever been mistreated on set, most certainly not by production.

Backdoor Betty: Will you tell us a bit about your role in Triangle Films first feature, River Rock Women's Prison?

Melissa Monet: Oh my God, that was so great. You know, I don't think I've ever had such a good experience in a movie and its really hard to say that because I've had some really wonderful experiences. First let me say that Kathryn Annelle and Shoosh are great. There's no words to describe how absolutely delightful they are and how wonderful and human they are. They are so real. You know you feel so comfortable when your there. You feel like you're with family. We were all goofing around but we still got the job done and there's so much love on the set. I mean the two of them love each other so how could you not want to do the best that you can when these two women are hugging and kissing and crying together and going through the process in front of you. There is nothing like that. I don't care what set you're on or with whom, you never see a process like that. Then you go and you have someone like Kathryn call you and tell you what her vision is and send you the script and ask you to put a little bit of yourself in there. She wants you to come to set and have her explain to you her vision like a child that's describing the space launch. I mean she's so excited, it's intoxicating. Then all the girls come on set and they all feel the same way. So now you have a bunch of us giddy little school girls just trying so hard to make mommy love us! That's exactly how you feel and your like, “Oh my God, I can't screw this up, I can't.” But you don't feel pressured but at the same time you do personally because you want to give it more than your all. Then they gave me Justine (Joli), who I've longed for for so long. I was a nervous wreck. I was so scared and it was so funny because when we first saw each other after not seeing each other for a couple of months, we saw each other at a party before, and then we saw each other again we were flabbergasted there was nothing to say. So the sexual tension was real. Everything in that respect was real. When we finally did touch each other and kiss each other it was like being with a lover. It wasn't like being with a girl on set. I really can close my eyes and still smell her and taste her and I can still see the sweat on her back in the lights. It's just everything. I mean everything. There is not one director out there that when the scene is over and when you've had what Justine and I had and when everything was said and done, Kathryn slowly and quietly turned off all the lights and made everyone clear the room. It was the most intense sex I've ever had with anyone and it rivals almost the best sex I've had in my personnel life ever. They just left us there to hold each other and kiss and touch and we did. We laid there for well over a half hour and you know we weren't quite asleep but we were you know in that daze. That little bit of bliss that happens after sex. There's no describing it unless you've experienced it. You can't describe it to another human being. It's the euphoria that only comes with great sex and you know we had that and we were able to share that with each other. She matches my sexual energy. The thing that was the funniest is that after that scene was done, the endorphins from everyone else around us was wild. Everybody was all of a sudden touching everybody else. Its like pheromones were hanging in the air and you know there is that thing. It's very animalistic. We can't help being the creatures that we are and every single girl on that set is real. There were no phonies on that set.

Backdoor Betty: What did you think about the pairings in the movie?

Melissa Monet: I thought the pairings were great. You know I didn't know Claire (Adams) at all. I did know who all the other girls were, but Claire, it was the first time I had met Claire, who is a very interesting young lady. I was really surprised at how restrained, she was. You know it's so hard to be a restrained person, and it almost looks like a full time job. Claire stayed in character the whole time and I just found that fascinating. I was blown away by that. I loved her scene with Adrianna Nicole. I thought that that was really interesting, especially since I've been in the porn world for so long. Just to see that kind of... I don't know if it was a different type of scene,. If you appreciate the whole TS thing you can sit there and look at that scene and be completely blown away by it. I thought that Ariel X and Marie Luv were....well I couldn't stop staring at their bodies. I was like. “Oh My God they are so ripped!”. I spent most of my time telling myself, “Man, if I had just gotten in the gym” and “you'll never look like that so stop it”. I spent the whole scene being freaking jealous of their bodies. It was hysterical. Also with the Jada Fire scene because I've been wanting to do a scene with Jada for a really long time. I had been begging everybody so when I was on set with Jada, I was done with my scene with Justine. I was like, “Jada, hey you how are you today!” I've never seen Jada be like that in a scene. I mean, I've seen her do scenes before but I've never seen her rise to that kind of level. She totally blew me away. I've allowed one woman to dominate me in a scene. Jada, she's hot. When we did our scene together, you're going to be in shock. She was like a pussycat to me. She was scared to death of me the whole time. She was so nervous. Oh and Syd Blakovich was great. Syd's a doll. Everybody was great. Dia Zerva is just lovely and I kind of... that was the only scene I would have liked to see a little more hardcore in. The last scene with Claire Adams and Dia. Although I would have liked to have seen more hardcore because I thought that the girls complimented each other very nicely. I do like corporal punishment but I do like sex with my corporal punishment. So for me, that scene personally could have been a little bit better if it had more sex in that scene.

Backdoor Betty: Now are there any plans in the future for you to like possibly direct or have you directed at all?
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Melissa Monet: Yes I've directed many, many movies. I've directed a documentary. I've directed films. I have stuff on Showtime and Cinemax and porn, porn and more porn and I'm hoping to do more. I actually right now just booked a film, that doesn't mean anything will come of it, but I am looking forward to possibly directing something in the fairly close future.

Backdoor Betty: Oh, so your fans have a lot of projects to look forward to from you?

Melissa Monet: Well, you know its funny because I don't know what kind of directing is going to come out of it. I could end up directing a children's show. No one ever knows. I've done so much stuff and such diverse stuff that you don't know what's going to come out of it.

Backdoor Betty: What is one of the weirdest or craziest things a fan has done for or to you?

Melissa Monet: You know there's the gifts. I haven't had any fans send me anything recently but years ago I use to get jewelery, watches and just random things in the mail. They would say, “Love, Your fan” or “Love, your biggest fan” and they wouldn't really sign it. It would be just random stuff. You know we didn't have the internet like we do right now. I would just go to my fan club and I would just say "I want to thank my fans for the blah blah blah, I know who you are". You don't know if you've ever met these people but you know some of them sent home made stuff which was always cute and wonderful. You know they sent all kinds of things and that's always nice. You open up the mail and lo and behold you have like a $5,000 watch. It's like, “Hey now someone really loves you!”. People had more disposable income then.

Backdoor Betty: How have you stayed with porn as long as you have?

Melissa Monet: Oh, its just fun. I think the problem is that a lot of people in this industry are stressed out by something that should just be fun. You know this is the easiest job I've ever had in my life.

Backdoor Betty: How long do you plan to stay in the adult industry?

Melissa Monet: Well, I guess until no one wants to watch me fuck anymore. I don't know. I most certainly don't make a living fucking on camera. I make a living doing other things. Fucking on camera is the way I supplement my income because I don't work that much. It's not a big deal because I have other things that I do. I learned not to put all my eggs in one basket many, many years ago. But you know, it's great so when I can fit it in and go along with other peoples schedules, its great. Generally I can because most of the time I'm working from home. So if somebody calls and I'm just supposed to be sitting home writing, I'll write a little bit more the night before and more the next day to make up for it.

Backdoor Betty: I noticed that you've also done titles for Sweet Sinner and I see that you were on the cover of one of the titles with James Deen. How is it working with James Dean?

Melissa Monet: Sweet Sinner is a boy/girl line. That's a Sweet Sinner title but it's for My Daughter's Boyfriend. James was magnificent. I couldn't have asked for a better person to work with. I was behind the camera for many years before I came back in front so James knew me from being a producer. So when the chance came for us to work together, I was very nervous. He was very excited which was hysterical because I met him when he was 18 when he first came on set. There's a lot of history between us. James is extremely passionate and gentle. A good word to describe James is that he has that sense that he can tell what it is that your needing at that moment. I watched the kid fuck a couple of dozen times before I worked with him. Well, more than a couple of dozen. Probably like 50 times before I worked with him. Every time he always adjusted himself to his partner where most of the time the partners have to adjust for them. I have to say, when you have someone that's willing to adapt to you and then you adapt a little bit to them, that's when you get an explosive scene. When someone is not willing to adapt or they're just not as interested in the other person and if their not adaptable, then you just won't have a good scene. James is that person. He adapts and you feel like he's making love to you. You don't feel like your getting fucked ever. Even when I've done two other scenes with him for other companies, he comes and treats me the same way. He was terrific.

Backdoor Betty: What's the best way your fans can reach you? Through your Myspace or Twitter?

Melissa Monet: Through my Myspace page. I don't have a website although I'm probably going to start doing some live shows.

Backdoor Betty: Oh, so your fans can look forward to that.

Melissa Monet: Yes, so my fans can look forward to seeing my lazy ass. I say lazy ass because I have to have more than an hour to myself to put on make up and do my hair. I am a workaholic and it's stupid because I've already worked 40 hours this week. I've worked 40 hours but it's okay. It doesn't matter to me. I needed to make the money and it worked out perfectly.

Backdoor Betty: Is there something that your fans don't know about you but they would love to know?

Melissa Monet: Oh I don't know. After 16 years I don't think there's anything left.

Backdoor Betty: Well you know what? I just learned that, who was it...? Kagney Linn Karter told me she has nipple hair.

Melissa Monet: No, I'm really kind of hairless except for my pussy and my head. I actually have hardly any hair on my arms even. I have to shave my legs maybe once a month if that and if I don't no one notices except for me.

Backdoor Betty: Do you like to have sex with music? If so, what kind?

Melissa Monet: Oh, I do like to have sex to music. Usually heavy metal but it depends on the partner I'm with. Classical, um I really think heavy metal and classical are the same but heavy metal is my favorite music. So yeah, I'm good with that but you know it just depends. I also listen to a lot of blues. A lot of blues.

Backdoor Betty: Can you name me a band of heavy metal that you listen to?

Melissa Monet: I listen to everything but right now I'm really into OTEP. I love her voice. She sings very political stuff. She's a little dykey looking, cute little girl but she has got a great voice. Very militant kind of music. It's a little heavy but the melodics is unbelievable and their local.

Backdoor Betty: What was you first blow job, if you remember?

Melissa Monet: First blow job, like ever? Junior high school. Yeah I remember, of course I remember. I remember everything. For someone who did as much acid as I did I can't believe I remember anything let alone everything. Oh My God I still remember, it was like sixth or seventh grade. I don't usually talk about things that happened when I was underage. I just usually say, “Well, I was underage” because I'm not looking to perpetuate anything. Just because I was psycho doesn't mean everybody else should be. My thing has been sex ever since I was a child and my sexual energy has not changed, ever.

Backdoor Betty: Do you think your sexual energy has grown?

Melissa Monet: Well, I don't know if its grown so much as it has evolved. I mean it certainly has evolved because the things that I like now are very different than what it use to be. Although it has come full circle. I used to not be able to enjoy vanilla sex. For quite some time now, I really enjoy it as long as it's with the right person. It used to be a lot when I was younger. It was like vanilla sex, vanilla sex and then psycho boy and no vanilla sex for a while and then I wanted vanilla sex and then I got it again and then I was bored. I think we all go through those cycles.
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Backdoor Betty: Your first kiss?

Melissa Monet: My first, yeah, wow I was a kid. I mean like seven. Yeah, just say “super young”.

Backdoor Betty: First concert?

Melissa Monet: First concert was 1978, Rush at the New York Palladium baby! I am a huge Rush fan.

Backdoor Betty: First car?

Melissa Monet: Oh, the first car I owned was a '69 Mustang fastback. Five on the floor. Yes, 302 boss.

Backdoor Betty: What's in your iPod right now?

Melissa Monet: Well, I just turned it off a little while ago, but I have the Partridge family and everything from Chopin and Vivaldi. I have 70's disco, old school punk and also no real techno or rap, no hip hop kind of stuff. I have a lot of country. I like so much stuff like jazz and blues. I just love music.

Backdoor Betty: Favorite food?

Melissa Monet: Italian, Thai and Indian. It's too hard to pick.

Backdoor Betty: Go to the Movies or Go to the ball game?

Melissa Monet: I'd go to the hockey game. I'm a big hockey fan. I'd rather go to a hockey game or a concert. Either of the two.

Backdoor Betty: What hockey team is your favorite?

Melissa Monet: New York Rangers forever.

Backdoor Betty: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Melissa Monet: My cell phone. I can't live without my cell phone. It makes me insane if I leave it for a few seconds. I think we are going to die. I would die without my cell phone. Then again, I've had one since the early 80's so I'm like super addicted to it.

Backdoor Betty: Favorite mainstream movie?

Melissa Monet: That's tough because there are so many. Probably “Once Were Warriors”. That one I recommend to everybody. I also love the Lord of The Rings trilogy. There's a lot. I'm a big fan of Alfred Hitchcock and also a huge Star Wars fan.

Backdoor Betty: Favorite book?

Melissa Monet: That's tough too because I'm a very prolific reader. I'd have to say “The Great Secret Show” by Clive Barker is my all time favorite book. Definitely the entire Hobbit, Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Oh my God, those were my bed time stories. I love it. I'm also such a big Sci-Fi fan .

Backdoor Betty: Favorite Vacation Spot?

Melissa Monet: Maui. You don't know what heaven is until you're sitting there.

Backdoor Betty: Person you'd like to meet that you haven't met?

Melissa Monet: Betty Dodson. If you don't know who she is, look her ass up. She is a goddess. She's probably 80 by now but she is probably the first person who openly talked about sex without making you feel as if you were talking to a clinician. I was introduced to her work at this little lesbian store in New York many, many years ago where she use to do forums. She'd read from her book and we saw her once but we didn't get to meet her. She would be somebody I would really love to be able to sit down with and have a conversation with.

Backdoor Betty: Now would you consider her to be one of your heroes?

Melissa Monet: In many ways, I would. There are some things she says sometimes that I don't agree with but you know, I'm not going to agree with everybody. She is my hero, definitely. She was a sex educator that spoke to people on a level that did not demean and did not make you feel uncomfortable. She was that person who was accessible but still so knowledgeable that you felt comfortable listening to her.

Backdoor Betty: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Melissa Monet: New Zealand. Madly in love with the Maori People. Madly in love with their culture. Italy would be the other one.

Backdoor Betty: Is there anything you think I left out?

Melissa Monet: I think that's pretty much covers it. I do have some movies coming out soon. I know that from Sweetheart, Lesbian Hitchhiker just came out and Tombois just came out. I know I have another interracial scene coming out with a young beautiful girl named Wendy Breeze. From Triangle Films I have a great scene with Jada Fire coming out in Lesbian Tutors #10. I did a scene with a new girl for Girlfriend Films that should be released shortly. I'm just about to do a scene with Darryl Hanah which I'm really looking forward to because I've never worked with her and she's such a sweetheart and we've known each other a long time.

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