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Big D's Interview With Mckenzee Miles
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Interview Date: 12/18/2006

The world of porn is always looking for that fresh new face that will make adult DVDs fly off the shelf. Without a lot of previous knowledge of this, Mckenzee Miles fits the bill perfectly. With an angelic face and piercing, crystal blue eyes, this Oregon born natural beauty got into porn because she was bored with everything else. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, McKenzee reveals how she and fellow porn newcomer Micah Moore got into adult films, why her sister is more opposed to porn that her mother and how she discovered she is porn's newest squirter.

Big D: You are brand new to porn. You are so brand new that a lot of your first titles to hit the pages of XRentDVD are classified in the Amateur category. So was that the way you got your start was by doing amateur porn and then someone saw you and got you to turn 'pro' essentially? How did you get your start to the point that we are now seeing more and more of your stuff on the market and in our DVD players?

Mckenzee Miles: I was actually always a straight-edged type student. I graduated high school at age 16, I was in college and I worked all my life. I got to this point once I turned 18 where I was bored with everything. I had always been the good kid and had been doing everything right. I was working as a manager of a Starbucks and during that time I met this girl that is now my roommate. She's Micah Moore and she is also an adult film star. She and I both have these personalities that we are the crazy, wild ones of the group but were still the really good kids that never really did anything too bad. Our personalities got together and we met a photographer and he asked us if we wanted to start taking pictures. We thought, 'hell, why not?' We were doing it together and they hooked us up with some people in L.A. and we came down here and it actually happened really fast. This all has happened within this year.

Big D: Since you and Micah Moore jumped into this together did you think when it all first started happening and you were taking photographs that it would get to the level where you are now considered one of the hot, new porn stars in adult DVDs? Did you think it would get to this level this quickly?

Mckenzee Miles: I definitely didn't think it would move this quickly. If you would have known me two years ago, there is no way that porn was in the cards for me. It turns out that it was right, it happened and we are loving it. We are having a ton of fun. I am happy it has happened but it definitely wasn't expected.

Big D: How do you go from being a great student that graduates high school two years ahead of her peers, who is the straight laced girl that didn't get into trouble to being a porn star overnight. How did you come to that decision so easily and did you struggle with it at all?

Mckenzee Miles: I think it was because I was doing a lot of things for other people. Everything I was doing was for someone else. My major I chose in college was the one my parents wanted me to choose. I was doing everything for everyone else. I was at a point where I was bored with everything. That got me to venture outside of the box.

Big D: Seeing how your choice of major in college was to please your parents have you kept the fact that you have gotten into porn a secret from them?

Mckenzee Miles: No, they know. My sister reacted more negatively than my mom did. My sister was really upset probably because she was mostly the wild one as we were growing up. She is a year older than and she was the one that experimented with drugs and guys while I was the one in church school. It was like her good, little sister was being bad at a time when she was straightening up her life and starting a family. My mom's reaction was more like, 'well, I know you are smart and I know you make great decisions. I don't want you to do anything stupid or something you will regret.' She told me that she will be here for me if I decide that porn is not something that I want to do anymore. My mom was very understanding and we have a really good relationship.

Big D: Did you have any preconceived notions of what you were getting into? There are all these stereotypes about porn that we think we know before people get in. what were those and were you right about this business or completely off base?

Mckenzee Miles: I didn't know anything about the industry. The first two weeks that I was in it I was at this convention and Jenna Jameson and Ron Jeremy were there. I had no idea of those people were. Everyone's reaction to that was, 'What? You have to know these people. You are in porn.' Really, I didn't watch porn and I didn't have any thoughts on it before I started. I didn't think it was bad. Once I got into it I understand that other people are going to think that it's dangerous and it's scary. I have had nothing but great experiences since coming in.

Big D: What is it about being in porn makes it a good experience? Is it just that you get paid for sex or you have met some great people? What has made your brief time in porn enjoyable?

Mckenzee Miles: It's both of those. I am just having the most fun I have ever had in my whole life. I am meeting great people. Everyone in the industry have such a unique personality and such a unique story to them. They are all so accepting and there is no judgment whatsoever on anything. Obviously they are not going to pester us in regards to what we are doing because they are doing it too. There are just a lot of great people.

Big D: Obviously you and Micah Moore know each other very well since you both started porn together. Who are some of the other people you have met that fall into that category you just described?

Mckenzee Miles: Micah Moore and I are a part of a really small agency so there is a small family feel to it. We are all really good friends and we all hang out. We talk twice or three times a day with our agent, Frank from Bad Ass Models. When it comes to directors I enjoy working with a lot of them. I will work for them once and then I will work for them fives time in the next month because we just clicked. We'll hang out with them outside of work too. I like John Strong from Red Light District. All the make-up artists are amazing. They are all so different and all just great.

Big D: you've had the opportunity to work with a number of different studio and you mentioned Red Light District. You also appeared in DVDs like Naughty Amateurs from Combat Zone or BombShell Bottoms #2 from Vouyer Media. What other studios do you enjoy working for?

Mckenzee Miles: I mentioned John Strong already and I also like Greg Lansky from New Sensations. Who else? Oh, Joey Silvera from Evil Angel. It's difficult to pinpoint a few because all the directors are so different. They could be a young, 22 year-old hot guy or a 60 year-old man that seems like your grandpa. It's just great.

Big D: You said that becoming a porn star has happened so fast. Have you given any consideration of how long you play to do this? You were in college before you started this. Do you plan to do this for a short time and then return to college and have what people would consider a 'normal' life after porn?

Mckenzee Miles: I'm still in school and I have about a year left. I really want to graduate from school but I have really grown to like the overall dynamic of the industry. If it's possible, I'd like to use my degree in some way further into the industry. I'm studying journalism and business so maybe I could write for a magazine like AVN (Adult Video News). I am definitely going to get my degree. Because I am still so new I want to just see where this goes. The one thing I don't want to do is to take it to a point where I am not enjoying it anymore. I am going to see where it takes me. I know that within the next month or two I need to establish some hard goals and write them down and have to look at them to know that this is what I want to do. I don't want to be kicked out of the industry before I want to get out.

Big D: When it comes to having those aspirations of wanting to leave on your own terms, do you have some idea of what those goals might be when you do put pen to paper? Do you have aspirations to be nominated for next year's AVN awards or to have your own productions company?

Mckenzee Miles: I think being nominated for awards would be really cool but I really do not know that much about all of that. I do know about the AVN awards and I am going this year but I am not sure of how all that happens. I haven't quite grasped the magnitude of it all quite yet. I am still learning a lot. Even though I have been in it for a few months I've been busy a lot and not able to do a lot outside of working. I am hoping that within the next year to just enjoy myself and have fun. I have already gotten the chance to travel a lot for work and I hope to do more of that. I just want to see where it takes me.

Big D: How have you handled you new found fame and recognition so soon? You go from being a bored college student working at Starbucks to now you have fans that want your autograph and are posting threads about you on adult DVD message boards. How does someone that is only 18 handle this new found stardom?

Mckenzee Miles: I haven't really done much adjusting to it. I'm still kind of a shy girl when it comes to that. I'll see it and I am flattered I guess. I'll wake up in the morning and I will check my email and I will have emails from different people around the country telling me they saw me in something and they loved it. Or they will ask me to send them something like an autographed picture. My reaction to all of that is 'Awww, that's nice. That's sweet. That so makes my day.'

Big D: What about the promotion of being a new girl in porn? Some girls just sit back and let their agent book a lot of their jobs but not you. Tell me what kind of stuff you have been doing to promote yourself to the point where you are now a girl that is in demand for a lot more work.

Mckenzee Miles: All I have really had to do is be myself on set and have fun and connect with the directors. A lot of the work we will be getting will be with the same companies. We have done a little bit by putting ourselves out there on some job boards on the internet so people can find us if they need to. Word of mouth travels so fast in the industry. Directors are friends with directors and a lot of the work we are continuing to get are from referrals from other directors to their friends. It has been really easy so far but I know it will not always be like that once we have shot for a few months. We are working on getting together some signature cards to hand out while we are at the AVN show.

Big D: What about your workload? Some girls get into porn and will work everyday for six months straight. Others will build into their schedule a few days off in between. Where do you fall in regards to you workload? I know you are originally from Oregon so are you traveling back and forth or have you moved to California full time?

Mckenzee Miles: We were traveling back and forth between Oregon and here. We (Mckenzee Miles and Micah Moore) just moved down here permanently about two months ago. When we were traveling back and forth we were coming and staying for a week at a time or two weeks at a time. During that time we were working everyday at least one boy/girl scene a day and maybe a solo scene. When we moved down here we had talked to our agent and said, 'we want to work but we also do not want to get worn out and not like it anymore.' We had asked to be booked for only three or four scenes a week. He has stuck to that and it has given us time to explore our surroundings and enjoy our new home.

Big D: Have you placed any restrictions on what you will and won't do on camera?

Mckenzee Miles: I am not doing interracial or anal or gang bangs. While I am still new I want to keep that status until I have taken that to the max. Recently, about a month ago, I started doing boy/boy/girl scenes and I love it. The directors said that some girls just can't handle it and it is hard for them. I love and they say I am a natural.

Big D: Are you surprised that it was something that you hadn't done at first but now you just love to do it? With that said, are you now curious about some of the things that are on your 'no' list that you think you might like as well once you try it?

Mckenzee Miles: Yeah, I am surprised. It's a new thing for me and it turns me on. With the other things, I haven't done those things in my personal life. I know that I am not going to have a gang bang in my personal life. With regards to anal and interracial, I'd definitely like to have that in my personal life before I do them in the movies. I am just waiting for that and for the right time.

Big D: Seeing how you are so new and not up on all the ins and outs of the porn business but what about the prospects of possibly becoming a contract girl for one of the bigger production companies? Do you have aspirations of working on contract for a big company like Vivid, Wicked, Adam & Eve or Digital Playground?

Mckenzee Miles: I think that would be really cool but I am enjoying just meeting all the different people in the industry right now. I like working for different people right now. I would like to wait for that (a contract). I already had an opportunity to get a contract back in Florida and I passed on it because it was offered after I had been in the industry for about two weeks. I would have had to move out there and I hate Florida. I don't know. I am kind of liking where I am right now.

Big D: So since getting into the industry at such a young age what have you learned about yourself?

Mckenzee Miles: One thing that was kind of cool about me getting into porn was that I learned that I squirt. I would have never known that without getting into the business. In my first scene ever I squirted. Everyone on set was like, 'Oh my God!' So that has given me a whole new target.

Big D: Take me through that discovery process. How did you discover it and did you really know about squirting before you got into porn?

Mckenzee Miles: I guess it was the right scene with the right curve on the guy. He did it right and it was like a sprinkler. It was actually an internet scene in Cum Fiesta. Once you know how to squirt, you know how to prepare yourself and get ready for a scene so that you can squirt. Since then I have done many scenes for that. It gives me a little challenge. The directors that always direct the squirting scenes are always huge fans of it. So it is kind of fun to show off a little for them.

Big D: First job?

Mckenzee Miles: I was a receptionist at my parents' mortgage company.

Big D: First concert?

Mckenzee Miles: Aerosmith when I was like 12 years-old. We just went to Peaches last night. It was so good.

Big D: First car?

Mckenzee Miles: A BMW that I bought myself.

Big D: What's in your CD player right now?

Mckenzee Miles: The Dutchess by Fergie

Big D: Favorite food?

Mckenzee Miles: Cheese. I love cheese.

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Mckenzee Miles: It was one of the Assparade movies. It was on the Bang Bros website. My roommate was actually in it and we would go to the site frequently to see if it was updated with her stuff. We then would see all these other ones and we kind of became little fans of Bang Bros.

Big D: Favorite position?

Mckenzee Miles: It kind of depends on who I am with and what the mood is. I really like cowgirl but I also like doggy. I like cowgirl because I like being able to watch the expressions of the guy.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Mckenzee Miles: Sports for sure. I love sports. I love basketball and I am a really big Lakers girl. I am also a fan of Detroit and the Kings.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Mckenzee Miles: Americano. It's a style of coffee prepared by adding hot water to espresso, giving a similar strength but different flavor than regular drip coffee. I'm sitting with my morning Americano right now.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Mckenzee Miles: Old School with Will Farrell and Girl Interrupted.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Mckenzee Miles: I really like Hawaii and I like the Scottsdale area of Arizona

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Mckenzee Miles: My big person that I look up to is Carmen Electra. I just think that she is gorgeous and I have seen interviews with her and I just think she has a lot of personality. I think she is funny. I like that group of girls like Carmen Electra, Jenny McCarthy and Kendra from Playboy. They seem like they are the wild and outrageous girls.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Mckenzee Miles: I would like to go to Europe. I haven't been to Europe. I am studying French so I think France would be cool. Of course I would like to go to Amsterdam too. I think when you go to Europe you kid of have to travel and see it all.

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