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Big D's Interview With Marie Luv
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Interview Date: 11/21/2005

She started out as Destiny but has reinvented her career in adult as Marie Luv. She has learned a lot since coming back to the business in 2003 and is all business when she walks onto a set. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Marie Luv talks about why she doesn't do girl/girl scenes, trying to date while still performing in porn and having sex with Mandingo on her first day on the job.

Big D: Taking a look at our selection, you have done over 100 DVDs. How did you get into the business and how did you decide you would stay as long as you have?

Marie Luv : I used to do mainstream modeling and I was approached to be in Hustler Magazine. I actually I did a few scenes in 2000 under the name Destiny. I did about seven movies. When people found out, I was really embarrassed so I kind of tucked away and really started focusing on mainstream modeling. In 2003 my mom found out about me doing porn as Destiny. We sat down and talked about it and I told her how I was ashamed and scared. She told me that if this was really something I wanted to do she would support me. That made me feel more comfortable in doing it so I started back again. I started off with pictures and worked my way back up to doing hardcore again. I think I had to grow up to come back and be able to handle the criticism that comes with the job.

Big D: Since you were using a different stage name when you first entered the business and now are going by Marie Luv, when did you stop using Destiny and when was Marie Luv born?

Marie Luv : When I started doing it as Destiny I was really only doing it for the money. It wasn't because I was trying to be a 'porn star'. I really didn't like how I was looking and carrying myself in those movies so that was the reason I didn't want to come back and use that name. I was a totally different person this time now. That's why instead of using Destiny I changed to Marie Luv.

Big D: What was your first scene as Marie Luv?

Marie Luv : I know exactly which one it was. It was 2003 for West Coast Productions for Alexander DeVoe. It was Booty Talk #48. I hadn't had sex in two years when I started back into the industry. I told my agency to please request that I don't work my first time back with a really big guy. I get on set and I have to have sex with Mandingo. It was pretty crazy because he already wanted to have sex with me. When I was a mainstream model I was on a show called EXTreme Dating and he had seen me there. He said, 'if she ever gets into the industry I'll fuck the shit out of her'. So he already had it in for me. He took it easy and I got through it. You know Mandingo is a little gentle.

Big D: So despite your first scene back having to be with Mandingo, did you catch the bug to really start working a lot in the adult industry or did you ease back into it slowly?

Marie Luv : When I came back I wanted to approach it as a career because I was starting to know the business a little better. I was now shooting for better production companies than when I first started. I didn't know then that I could possibly make a career out of this. In modeling I haven't seen another black model out there other than Heather Hunter where people really know her. That is what I wanted to do and be known.

Big D: It seems like a lot of the female black performers get cast in the stereotypical black genre adult films usually something like Ghetto Booty or Black Street Hookers but not you. You are very versatile and are cast in non black adult DVDs like Jack's Playground, Shane's World or Grand Theft Anal. Why is that?

Marie Luv : That was my whole goal when I came back to the business. I didn't want to be stuck in those types of movies. Everyone was telling me when I first came into the business that I wasn't going to last. I was told that the rate I was asking for was too much because as a black girl they won't give me that much. I wanted to just prove everyone wrong that I can perform in a Digital Playground movie and also do a movie like Booty Talk. It doesn't really matter.

Big D: There are not a lot of girls out there that are that versatile and can cross over between different adult genres. What is it about you that sets you apart?

Marie Luv : Actually I don't really know. I don't understand why it is. There are other chicks out there that have the same look as I do but don't work in the same types of movies I do. I would like to say that it is my personality and that I am all business and I am professional and I will give them what they want sets me a part. I really have no idea.

Big D: Since you have worked for some many different companies and done different types of scenes, what would your perfect workday be like?

Marie Luv : Either feature or gonzo shoots really don't bother me. A lot of people complain about being on a Digital Playground shoot compared to a gonzo shoot because you are on set twice or three times as long as you would be on a gonzo shoot. I really don't mind. I just like to get out and work. I don't mind doing features. I don't mind doing gonzo. It all doesn't bother me. I just like to work.

Big D: What is the one thing you really like about working in adult? On the other side of the coin, what is it about the business that you can't stand and would want to change?

Marie Luv : What I really like about the business is that it gives people the opportunity to act out their different sexual fantasies. For me, in my personal life, I like doing it in places where I might get caught. I like people looking at me. I used to record myself having sex before porn. I like the fact that someone is actually looking at me on tape having sex and enjoying themselves and getting off. What I don't like about the industry is that I think I am working as hard as some of the other girls in the business and I am not getting the same recognition that some of them are getting. I will even go as far to say I am more professional than these girls that are getting all the recognition and the opportunities that I am not getting. It seems to me that it is even harder in this industry for me to make a name for myself than in the mainstream. I think I would have had a better chance of being a bigger name in mainstream than I do here.

Big D: You like getting the recognition. With the AVN Awards coming up in January, do you strive to be in movies that will potentially be nominated or you might be nominated because of one of your performances?

Marie Luv : That's something that I would like but this year I am not pressing on it happening. That is something that I would like because I put out good stuff just like everyone else. I think I might get a little overlooked.

Big D: You have said that you won't do girl/girl scenes. Why is that?

Marie Luv : I am not 100% into girls. They could put me with any guy and I can make it work but I can not do that when it comes to a female at all. I don't even want to put a production company in that predicament to put a scene out there that Marie Luv looks so uncomfortable with this girl it is sickening.

Big D: Since you can't just throw you into a room with another girl, do you have a short list of girls you do feel comfortable with?

Marie Luv : It's just something that I am not really cool with. When I look at a girl/girl scene to see what they might want, there's so much more going on that I probably wouldn't be able to give it my all.

Big D: Since girl/girl scenes are out, what else is there that you won't do?

Marie Luv : I don't do the double. Double anal or double vaginal. I'll do the DP and that is about the most extreme I will go but I can't do all that other stuff. The specialty items I guess is what they call them.

Big D: Since coming back in 2003, do you socialize mainly with people within or out of the industry?

Marie Luv : Actually I don't socialize within the business. I only have one friend that is in the business and of course the other girls who are represented by my agent. Other than that, all my friends are not in the business. I don't go to parties. When I go out I don't even get recognized as Marie Luv. If I do, it is rare. It is kind of crazy because I say I want the fame and I want the recognition but then I like being able to go out and not be recognized as Marie Luv all the time. I feel better when I meet a guy because they are really trying to get to know me versus have sex with Marie Luv.

Big D: Who is the one friend you do hang out with that is in the industry.

Marie Luv : Jada Fire. That is my best friend

Big D: When it comes to relationships, some girls like to date guys in the industry because there are less jealousy issues. Some girls just choose to not date at all because it is too hard. Where do you see yourself when it comes to dating and relationships?

Marie Luv : It's very hard. When I do meet guys in the beginning if they do know or when they do find out it is cool. After a little while they come to me and ask, 'are you sure that is really what you want to do?' or 'I can't really be with somebody that is having sex with a bunch of other people'. It does get hard. Really hard. I've tried to date a guy in the industry thinking that it would be easier because he understands it. That got hard too when the guy doesn't want to see me and makes excuses why he can't see me. Or finding out that your boyfriend is having sex with girls still on set behind your back. There's a whole lot. It's really hard. It's a really lonely occupation.

Big D: So since you know this can be a lonely occupation have you come to grips with the fact that you might not be able to meet people like someone else who has a mainstream job?

Marie Luv : Actually this summer I came to that conclusion that not everyone has a mind that is super open. I just need to wait and see how long I will be single.

Big D: What are some of the other male performers that you enjoy working with?

Marie Luv : My top five would be Manuel Ferrara, Justin Slayer, Nat Turner, Mark Wood and Mark Ashley.

Big D: I ask that question a lot of girls and Manuel Ferrara's name seems to come up a lot. What is it about him that so many girls like to work with him?

Marie Luv : I like him because our birthday is the exact same date. I just feel he has the same sexual energy as I do and I love it. He is there to please himself and you as well.

Big D: Do you find that difficult in that some of the guys you work with are there to take directions and just doing a job and not taking the girl's pleasure into consideration?

Marie Luv : Yeah but then again we are not there to get pleased. We are there to get that shot off so I have to come to realize that.

Big D: Are there different studios or different directors you enjoy working for?

Marie Luv : I love working for Jonni Darkko even though I've only worked for him once. I love Robby D and Celeste at Digital Playground. I love working for Kelly Highland. She shoots for Playgirl but has shot me for Wicked. Michael Stefano. I love working for him.

Big D: How long so you think you will continue on this path and what does the future hold for Marie Luv down the road?

Marie Luv : Right now I am trying to grab some sort of a production deal. I want to start off first with a website and once I get back from the AVN show I am going to start shopping ideas that I have for a line. I am willing to do girl/girl if it is for me and I own it. That way I will be picking the girls who I will be working with and I will be making the money off it in the long run and not making some other company rich off of something I am not all the way into. If I can pick the girl I can definitely be into it. I did personal girl/girl stuff before.

Big D: You think creating your own production company is more feasible than becoming a director?

Marie Luv : I want to direct. If I did get my own line I would want to direct it. I talked to a lot of directors who I think are good and I try to keep up with them and go on set and help out. I want to learn all of the behind the scenes type of stuff.

Big D: First job?

Marie Luv : I was a cashier on an Air Force base in the commissary at age 14.

Big D: First concert?

Marie Luv : I haven't really been to a concert. I've been to the House of Blues. I guess that is a concert. It was Warren G and I happen to be walking down the street and saw he was playing. I really don't like concerts because if I can't get front row tickets I don't even want to go.

Big D: First car?

Marie Luv : 1987 Audi 5000. I bought that car with the money from my first scene back in 2000.

Big D: What's in your CD player right now?

Marie Luv : It's a mix CD of songs I put together .

Big D: Favorite food?

Marie Luv : Lasagna .

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Marie Luv : It was a compilation of like 10 hours of porn. I do know it was with Mr. Marcus. He is so fine. I couldn't wait to do a scene with him once I got into the industry.

Big D: Favorite position?

Marie Luv : Missionary

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Marie Luv : Ballgame. In football I like Philly and the Denver Broncos. In basketball I like whatever team Allen Iverson is on.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Marie Luv : Cable TV.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Marie Luv : Saw 2 and Saw 1. I love the horror films.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Marie Luv : Hawaii.

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Marie Luv : Heather Hunter.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Marie Luv : The Bahamas.

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