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Big D's Interview With Maci May
Inside Maci May

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Interview Date: July 27, 2016

It was Brad Pitt's character in the movie Fight Club, Tyler Durden, who told Edward Norton "I want you to hit me as hard as you can". Maci May, 23 year old porn star from Florida and a relative newcomer to the jizz biz could be the modern day Tyler Durden. Much like Tyler Durden, Maci May wants you to hit her hard because she likes it and consents to that rough stuff. Despite being young, Maci May is experienced in the BDSM culture and enjoys numerous aspects of being tied up, spanked, slapped and power exchange. When she is not getting her ass whipped, she is working non-stop to promote herself within the porn industry. Having only 10 scenes under her belt as of this interview, Maci May has big plans to make it big in porn. Outspoken and opinionated, on screen and off, Maci May is a people pleaser. Making others happy makes her happy and we should all be thankful for that based on the fact she is getting fucked on camera for our viewing and stroking pleasure. In this exclusive interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Maci May dishes on the stigma of porn girls with tattoos, the struggle of trying to break into porn without a lot of outside help, the main misconceptions about the BDSM culture and dishes on how a video game craze might have a positive impact on her porn career.

Big D: You're relatively new in the porn industry. We are a DVD company and your first adult DVD is not even released as of today. It's coming out soon and it is Girl Attack #2 by Little Dragon Pictures. We know that you are 23, you're 5'4"" and you are from Orlando. Help fill in the blanks that we don't know about you.

Maci May: I've shot 10 scenes in my entire life. The only month that I shot consistently was June. I shot back in July a scene for Kink. I chalk it up to the summer is normally just slow. But more as my stuff comes out you will be hearing more about me because I am a really great performer. (laughs)

Big D: I know you went to college at the University of Florida. I was able to find that out. But what about your upbringing? What were you like in high school and how did you transition to getting into porn?

Maci May: Sure. I guess I will start in high school. I went to a private christian high school. The 1st Academy in Orlando, Florida. I didn't date anyone in high school. I lost my virginity when I was 18 years old. I didn't kiss anybody in high school. But that all changed when I went away to college. When I went off to college I got heavily into kink and BDSM. I discovered that from fan fiction. It lead me to this website called Fet Life. I made a Fet Life profile and I decided to get into that. It was really cool. I found out about the adult industry through that. I knew porn existed. I found out more about it [porn]. I knew this girl, Casey Calvert, who decided to go do porn. I found a lot about it from her. I went to college and I graduated in December 2015. I have a degree in geology from the University of Florida. After that, I wasn't really sure what I was going to do with my life. I was a server in a restaurant. Then on Easter, my mother had a stroke and I quit my job. I am an only child of a single parent. It was really traumatic for me when my mom had her stroke. She was in the hospital for a month and the ICU for three weeks. I quit my job but someone messaged me on Fet Life. A talent scout who found me through Fet Life. They messaged me and said, "Hey, if you need to help pay the bills, here is something you can do. You can make up to $20,000 a month shooting adult video." It's not something I had never thought about doing before because back in 2012 I thought about doing it. I wanted to graduate college first but then it kind of came around again in my life. I decided that it was worth a shot. I went down to South Florida to where I didn't shoot much in South Florida like the other girls were. I have an arm tattoo that prohibited me from shooting a alot. But I did do a couple of things out there and then I came out here [Los Angeles] and shot a lot in June. I shot three times for Kink and twice for Team Skeet. Once for Evil Angel and once for Max Hardcore. I did a scene for Bang Bros. Then I shot a couple of ATK things. I think that is it. When I was a sophomore, I did a scene with Reality Kings - a street blow job. I did a solo for Score. That's just pretty much all I have done. Of what I have done, for Kink it was hardcore gang bang and sex to submission and TS Pussy Hunters. The only two scenes that are out for me right now period are the hardcore bang and sex to submission scenes from Kink. The rest of them have yet to be released. That's my backstory of how I got into this industry. It's something that I had known about ever since I got into college but I wanted to hold off on doing it until I graduated. Then I finally got the opportunity to do it.

Big D: You were approached online to do porn, what was your initial reaction to being approached online to do porn?

Maci May: I was skeptical. Obviously this person wants to exploit me or whatever. The person who he got me in contact with, her name was Bella, she was my first agent down in south Florida from Adult Star Makers. I talked to her and it seemed legit and it was in Florida. And it was in Florida which was convenient because I am from Florida and all I had to do was go down to south Florida from where I lived in Florida. It wasn't a really big deal. It's not like someone had to fly me out there. It was convenient and it if didn't work out, I am still in Florida. It's not like it is all the way across the country. Some people will get flown out all the way across the country just to go to Florida and start in adult entertainment. It was a talent scout from Australia, Michael Lucas, and he was a talent scout for this agency. That's how I got into it. I know it is the opposite of many girls who go actively seeking to get into porn. I just got approached so it was different for me. I was skeptical at first. But I put aside my skeptisism and decided to just go for it. Which is very unusual for me. Normally I would have never done anything like that.

Big D: You were skeptical at first, so what were your preconceived notions? You mentioned before you weren't sexually active until after 18. You knew there was porn but it wasn't prevalent in your life. What were some of the stereotypes you had and were any of those dispelled once you started working in porn?

Maci May: I used to be against the idea of adult entertainment. I was raised Christian. I was raised to believe that our bodies are temples. I was raised to believe that porn is an exploitation of women. Still I had sort of retained some of that. I was doing it but it was a lot different than what I had thought. When I had seen it before - there is obviously a lot more work that goes into it than what it seems. There's hair and make-up. There's lighting. It was a lot more professional that I thought it would be. I guess I thought porn wasn't really all that professional. I was pleasantly surprised. People were nice. There are normally people, like me. They are married and have kids, the people that produce it. They go to church, like me. Some of them. It was really cool that it exceeded my expectations by a lot.

Big D: Growing up with a religious background, did you struggle with your decision to get into porn?

Maci May: Since going to college, I have become a lot more liberal. I wasn't a prude or conservative at that point in my life. I have changed a lot from 2011 to 2016. It's four years and a lot changed from age 18 to 23. Now that I am more of a adult, I know what I want I know what I like sexually. It was nice going off to college. It was the best thing that could have happened to me. As an only child of a single parent there was a lot of focus on me at home. My mom, I love her but she can be overbearing. She was very controlling. I didn't get to do a lot of things I wanted to do. What's cool is as my journey has progressed, my mom has become more increasingly open. She doesn't know what I do out here [Los Angeles] because I don't want to give her another stroke. I think she has an idea and I think she is okay with it. She just wants me to be happy. It's pretty amazing how your brain is capable of completely changing your ideology.

Big D: Your degree from Florida is in geology. What were you planning on doing with the degree once you graduated and before getting into porn?

Maci May: When I originally got to the University of Florida, I wanted to be a doctor. I quickly realized that was not going to happen because college calculus and physics biology was very, very difficult. It's not a bad thing. You have to take those classes in order to progress and do well in the medical classes. The way they taught those classes was not in a way that many people can pass them. I had to pick something that was pertinent to my interests, sort of. I didn't really have a plan for what I wanted to do in life. I just had to pick something that I liked studying. Geology was always something that I liked studying. I like studying how the earth works. Different earth properties. I chose that major because I took a geology class my first semester in college and I really liked it. I didn't really have a plan for what I wanted to do with it. I just really knew that I liked studying it. And it was like that the entire four years that I went to UF. And even after I graduated I didn't know what I wanted to do. I considered going to grad school but I had a difficult college experience and my GPA wasn't as high as it could have been. I am glad I graduated and I stuck it out but I am kind of glad to be done with college now. The reason why I went in the first place was because it was expected of me. I was groomed all my life to go to college. I went right after high school. I don't think I was prepared for it. I made it through. If I could have done it differently, I would have waited and maybe I would have chosen something differently. A college degree is a college degree but I could have chosen business. Something that could have actually helped me get a job. People asked me all the time what I wanted to do with my major. I hated that question because I didn't have an answer. I would say I just like studying it. The job market is tough right now. It's tough to break into especially as a Millennial. I was really worried. When I got that server job in the restaurant, it was really hard work, but I quit that job shortly after my mom was admitted into the hospital. They were working me double shifts and I couldn't handle it anymore. I just quit. I didn't have a back-up plan. So when I was approached to do this [porn] it was nice. I can do this. Nice.

Big D: You got into the BDSM culture in college. One doesn't just wake up one day and decide to be into hardcore bondage and punishment and dominants and submissives. How did you progress from being a parochial school girl to a college girl who enjoyed getting her ass spanked while tied up?

Maci May: I actually just did jump right into it [BDSM]. I read this fan fiction story on fanfiction.net. It was hot and it involved BDSM. I had never heard of BDSM before so I did some research on it. I said, "Oh wow, this sounds really cool. This sounds really different from anything I have ever heard of. I'm going to try it." Literally I made a Fet Life profile and met up with someone a couple nights later to talk about going to a lunch or a meet up. Actually the first thing I went to was a rope night. I got tied up and everything. It was really cool. I actually have pictures of the first time I was ever tied up. I went to that guy's house later, we had a spanking session. Just a corporal test to see what I would like. I ended up liking all of it. I love BDSM. This is great. He ended up being my first Dom. The relationship didn't end well, however I learned so much about BDSM and kink and so much that I wanted to do. I continued doing it up until about 2013 when I decided to take a break from it because it was really distracting me from my studies. I wanted to focus on graduating college before I got back into it. Obviously, the more I went through college, the more people I had sex with. There was this one person I played with in Memphis, Tennessee who trained me on how to give a blow job. Before, I was inexperienced but now I am trained on giving head. That is why, to this day, I give very good head and the male talent likes that. (laughs) I am not bragging or anything but it is what it is. When Tommy Pistol wanted me to use teeth on him, it went against my training and it was hard for me to do that. I got into all aspects of BDSM pretty much right away, including power exchange and all of that. I was a young 18. It was November of my first semester in college. So it was pretty much right after I got out of high school. Five years later I know a lot about it. And I know it is unusual for someone who is 18 to really know a lot about it. I have a defined list of limits. I have a plethora of writing on Fet Life that I have written about it and the lifestyle and my experiences in it. I'd like to think of myself as knowledgeable about it. I don't know everything because I am 23 but I know a lot. It's really nice to have that background coming into porn. Besides Kink who shoots BDSM content and other fetish type things - a lot of girls will come into it and they won't know what it is. I am not like that. I pretty much knew what all the fetish stuff was which is a really big plus in my opinion.

Big D: What is it about BDSM that appeals to you? What ignited that spark within you once you read that fan fiction that made you want to get into it?

Maci May: I can't really put my finger on it but when I read about it, it was the hottest thing I had ever read. It was very erotic. It spoke to me on a deep level. It meant more than just regular sex. Sex and BDSM has a deep meaning to it. Anyone can go out and have regular sex. In BDSM there is a power exchange. It's not that BDSM is considered taboo or anything. That is not a factor as to why I like it. I like it because I am a submissive. I like serving people and I like making people happy. I especially like making people happy. It makes me happy to make other people happy. The fact that I have an outlet for that through BDSM is really quite lovely. That spoke to me. I can make my partner happy and fulfill that part of myself in that way.

Big D: In going through your Twitter profile, you recently tweeted: "BDSM is not abuse. Anyone who ever abuses anyone in the name of BDSM isn't worthy of the title "Dom" or "Top". Consent is important." What are some of the misconceptions of BDSM and the BDSM culture? Do you think it is your job or your role to dispel some of those preconceived notions?

Maci May: The main thing is that in BDSM people think we are being abused. They think you can't consent to something to what would be classified under California law as a felony. For example, breast play is illegal in California. There are many people who think you can't consent to something like that. That's completely wrong. We are adults. People who practice BDSM are adults. We are all adults. We are educated. Most of us are anyway - we are educated. We are smart and we make rational decisions. This is the decision we have chosen. This is how we have chosen our - BDSM doesn't necessarily have to involve sex either. For me it is very sexual. In my terms this is how I have chosen to express my sexual outlet. Some people have their preferences. It is like a sexual preference. Some people are gay, straight, bisexual, lesbian, whatever. With BDSM it is the same way. It is a sexual preference. We like it. We liked getting tied up. We like power exchange. If you are not doing it safe, sane and consensual, or there is risk to where consent can be skewed, that's not BDSM, that's abuse. If anyone at any time is not consenting to anything, that is abuse. It is very important to negotiate before a scene what is going to happen in the scene so that limits don't get violated and boundaries do not get crossed. It is very, very important. There is a reason that why at Kink, you have exit interviews that ask you if you did anything at any time that you didn't consent to or were forced to do? Were you under the influence of drugs? That's important. People think that BDSM is just about being a dominant and a submissive. There are other sub-cultures in the BDSM world. There is big leather sub-culture. There is the rope culture in BDSM which is completely different from the dominant and submissive culture. There are a lot of different things involved and it is not just those four letters. Some people think that just because we do BDSM we are in open relationships. All of us are polyamorous. All of us are of one sexual orientation or we are all bisexual. I am monogamous. I don't do poly and I don't do open relationships. We have all different sexual orientations. I never really thought of all of this. I should probably write this down in a blog post.
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Big D: In BDSM there is a lot of trust and knowing boundaries. How do you establish trust, especially with a person you just met, that is that intimate or that extreme, whether it be in your personal life or professionally, how does one establish that trust? Is it as simple as saying this is my safety word?

Maci May: The first thing that you should do when you start to play with someone is your list of limits. They need to know your limits. They need to know what they can and cannot do. Because if you don't tell them and they violate them, it can get pretty messy. It can get really messy. Safety words are important. And in porn, I think it is important to know that you are allowed to stop a scene at any time for any reason if you feel uncomfortable or you feel like you are being violated. I've never stopped a scene but there is one scene that I should have stopped. I didn't and I really regret it. That's really important and people should know that they can do that and they should do that. Just tell them your limits. As long as they know your limits and the words that you use to stop. If you want to use a word to stop that they know that, you are pretty much good. If they violate that, then they are abusing you.

Big D: In doing numerous interviews with porn stars over the years, a number of them have shared that either in a private encounter or while on camera, they would break through either a mental barrier or a physical barrier that they thought they would never get to. But they had the trust of the other person to get them to that point that they felt comfortable pushing the envelope of their limits. In BDSM how do you push boundaries if the ground rules are so strict or is there some flexibility in the BDSM culture to push limits without violating someone and abusing them?

Maci May: I don't do anything on cameras that I haven't already done previously. That means right now I don't do double anal, double vaginal, anal fisting or vaginal fisting. Those are the only things I don't do. Everything else is fine. There's no real way to test my limits. I guess you can because I am never going to be hit that hard in a scene. The way to test my limits is to see how hard you can hit me without me saying my safe word. It usually is to the point of bleeding. I have a very high threshold as far as that is concerned. I would definitely never test my limits on camera. Simply because I do not want it to look like it is non-consensual. I would recommend to anyone that they do not test their limits on screen. I would recommend that if they want to try something, that they do it off screen. Just in case something bad happens. If you try double anal and something tears, you are not in the middle of a scene and you don't get paid. That would be bad. It would be like going to do anal - your first anal - without training for it. Without putting a butt plug in first, why would you do that?

Big D: You mentioned earlier that you have an arm tattoo that precluded you from doing some work while in Florida. Let's talk about that. Your upper right arm tattoo is a bunch of Pokemon characters. Why such a big fan of Pokemon to get so many tattoos and what do you think of this Pokemon Go craze going on right now?

Maci May: It's mainstream isn't it now? It's great. It's great for me because I have a Pokemon tattoo. People see me and say, "Oh my God, she has a Pokemon tattoo!". Pokemon has always been a big part of my childhood. It's the first video game I ever played. It was when I was five years old. I had a Gameboy Color and mom bought it for me. Or should I say Santa got it for me. I've loved it. It has been the one constant throughout my life and that is something I really appreciate. My life hasn't been easy. It hasn't been easy growing as an only child without a dad and no siblings to hang around with. Pokemon was my outlet for everything. That's why I got the tattoos. Also I liked the designs. I thought they were pretty so I wanted to have them on my body forever. Pokemon Go is pretty cool. I am on level 12. I'm kind of a casual [player] because I haven't played it much. I did go to La Brea last Saturday and I spent hours catching Pokemon. There are a bunch of Poke Stops in the park. It was pretty cool because everyone else there was playing Pokemon. I think it is really great that it has come out because it is a way to meet new people. It's bringing everyone together in a time of such adversity with shootings and stabbings going on. Regarding me not getting work because of my tattoo, it is what it is. Some websites, some consumers, because porn is something you film to make money. You want to make money off of it. It all depends on what the consumers buy and want. Apparently some of the consumers don't like tattoos. [Greg] Lansky would probably never shoot me because of my arm tattoo. Occasionally he does shoot tattooed girls but he covers them up with airbrushing. This is a huge piece on my arm and I have a few others. I don't know exactly how he would cover this up. Also if you are tattooed in the industry, it is expected that you do hardcore. It's expected that you do anal. I like that stuff but for a girl who has tattoos who doesn't want to do anal, who doesn't want to do hardcore, it's pretty tough. I don't agree that a girl should have work and do something that she doesn't like just because she has tattoos in order to work. I am a big advocate of ink equality. I think that tattooed porn girls are just as important and just as beautiful as non-tattooed girls. I think that companies, directors and producers, should take stock in that and film them. There is nothing wrong with the way I look. But yes, when I was in Florida I didn't get any work. If I didn't have the arm tattoo, they would have probably shot me more. I didn't get work there and it really upset me. I came out here and I have been working out here because they are more forgiving of it out here. Even still there are people that won't shoot me. You would think that now that Pokemon Go is the new craze, and I obviously have Pokemon tattoos, maybe we should shoot this girl because not only is she a great performer, she also is relevant. Let's do stuff that is trending right now. So we'll sell stuff. I think it would be a great way to promote themselves.

Big D: So can we expect a protest somewhere out there in Chatsworth with signs that say "Inked Careers Matter"?

Maci May: (laughs) I'm not going to organize a protest or anything like that. I just want people to know that it really hurts us that these old fashioned notions that girls should be pure. Our skin shouldn't be marked with ink. It's old fashioned and tattoos are so mainstream. I think that people that consume porn want to see people like them. I understand that porn is a fantasy, so obviously the girls still have to be smoking hot. They want to see someone like the girl next door. And the girl next door could very well have tattoos. Like me. That's my opinion of the matter. I feel very strongly because I sat around for a month and I didn't get booked. It really tapped into my first impression of the industry as a whole. Apparently tattoos aren't welcome here. I am trying to change that. People like Bonnie Rotten and Christy Mack certainly defy the status quo with their tattoos. I figure if they can be heavily tattooed and still be successful, why not me?

Big D: What is it about water and being wet that is such a turn on? You have tweeted out a number of times how you enjoy being in water and being wet.

Maci May: Those were pictures taken in 2012 with a guy named Evan Rosales. He is in St. Petersburg. He does wet work photography. It's not that it is a turn on for me. It's just really cool to be a part of something so artistic and artsy. Jumping in a pool with all my clothes on, it looks really cool under water. I love that part of it. I love doing things new and different. It's not just a girl by the pool in a bikini. No, I'm in a dress and heels and I am underwater. It's definitely artistic and creative and I like expressing that side of me.

Big D: Speaking of porn and the numerous fetishes out there, a number of the photos I have seen of you, you are sporting a bit of a hairy bush. Is that an appeal to the Hairy crowd or are you just afraid of razors and wax?

Maci May: (laughs) I'm not afraid of wax. I do get waxed. I get my bikini line, my butthole waxed. I basically get a Brazilian without getting the triangle part removed. It's not that big of a bush. Not compared to some people. It's just a nice, neatly, well groomed, trimmed, bush. One of the reasons why I don't shave is because I get horrible ingrowns. My skin is really sensitive and it is actually better to let it grown. And I was actually told that bush is the in thing right now. It's en vogue so it could help me get more work. Before, I had shaved it completely and I had horrible razor bumps that I had to get rid of. When I shot with Max Hardcore, he made me shave it all off. I got some horrible ingrowns because of it. Never again. I am not shaving my bush for anybody. And it is different because there are a bunch of porn girls that have had laser hair removal all over their vagina. So it is smooth but they will never be able to grow a bush. I like the option of not having one or to have one. It looks nice and smooth but people are realizing that they don't want to see little girls. They want to see women on screen. The bush is coming back.

Big D: Being relatively new and not a lot of info out there on you, what is something you want to tell people that they may not know about you just from going on Twitter or watching your DVDs?

Maci May: I am very driven and very ambitious. A lot of new girls that come into porn will sit around and wait for the phone to ring or wait for their agent to call them with bookings. I prefer to promote myself as much as possible. I shoot content with Miles. I am going to open up a clips store. I bought a domain name for my website when I compile a bunch of content so I can open it so it looks good. I shoot regular photography too. There is a guy, Ken Marcus, he took pictures of me to try to get into Hustler Taboo. I've been doing stuff like that all month. Even when I am not working or getting paid for a shoot, I'm still shooting. I want people to know that I am professional. I am punctual. I will never flake. I have never flaked. There was this one thing I couldn't make because I was literally in bed, throwing up and couldn't keep water down. I do not flake. I am a great performer. I do everything. I do things that a lot of things girls do not do. I do Interracial. I do Anal. I do DP, Gangbang. I do Creampie. I do Squirting. I can squirt. I can't make myself do it but other people can make me do it and it is pretty impressive when they can. I am also very versatile. I also have a very different look from other girls in this industry. I have this long red hair. It's all my hair. I do not have extensions. I'm not blonde, blue eyed and tanned. I just have a very different and unique look about me. I think that is very marketable. I just want people and companies to give me a chance and shoot me. There are so many companies that I haven't shot with. I've only had 10 shoots in my entire life. I'd love to shoot with more companies. I want them to see what I do and who I am. What I stand for. How professional I am. What my philosophy is regarding the adult entrainment industry. This is something I want to be successful in and make a career out of. I am convinced that I can be a star. And I am going to do everything I can to make that happen.

Big D: First job?

Maci May: Cashier at McDonald's

Big D: First concert

Maci May: Nickleback

Big D: First car?

Maci May: I don't drive

Big D: What's in your MP3 player, iPod right now?

Maci May: I listen to Pandora. I've recently developed a love for Fallout Boy. So I listen to Fallout Boy Radio. But in my music library I have a bunch of songs from musicals. Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Les Miserables, Rent. I listen to mid-2000's stuff like Green Day, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, All Time Low.

Big D: Favorite food?

Maci May: I really like BBQ

Big D: On or off camera or both, favorite position?

Maci May: Missionary, legs over shoulders.
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Big D: Movies or ballgame?

Maci May: Movies.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Maci May: I don't have a favorite movie but I have a favorite movie genre. I really like animated movies like Pixar and Dreamworks movies.

Big D: What is a modern convenience you would not be able to live without?

Maci May: Recently, my cell phone. I do everything through that.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Maci May: The Caribbean. I really like St. Thomas.

Big D: Who is a person, living or dead, that you would really like to meet but you have not had the chance to meet yet?

Maci May: Good question. Alan Rickman. He's dead. He died. He played Professor Snape in Harry Potter.

Big D: Place you would like to visit but have yet to go?

Maci May: Asia. I'd like to go to China.

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