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Big D's Interview With Lisa Ann
Inside Lisa Ann

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Interview Date: April 2, 2010

Lisa Ann is a lot of things. Not only is she recognized as an excellent satirist for her parody portrayal of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin but she is also a sucessful business owner, feature dancer and oh, yeah, smoking hot porn star. Call her a cougar, call her a MILF. Just don't call her anything but a white hot sensation in the porn world. In this exclusive interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Lisa Ann explains how her parody role of Sarah Palin opened numerous unforseen doors, how she stays so focused while keeping super busy and why Porn Valley continues to put up with flakey talent.

Big D: You are extremely busy. How Do You Keep it all together? How do you manage running all kinds of successful business ventures, whether its feature dancing, or it's a talent agency or performing in porn movies? How do you keep it all together? Do you have 12 personal assistants?

Lisa Ann: No, I have one on the road and one at home. So I have two. I don't require a lot of sleep so that helps a ton. When I'm on the road, by the time I go into the club, my office is already closed. Then by the time I get up, if I get up on east coast time at noon, the office opens at 9 am. As long as I get my 4-6 hours of sleep, I'm good. Then I work at the office all day. I get in a quick workout and then I get ready to go to the club at night. When I'm home, I kind of balance a lot of stuff. Thank God for technology and the fact that we can get everything done with our cell phones. I'm just instant messaging with my office at all times and emailing with the clubs and the different agents. I do most of my booking for my scenes through text and email. It's like I am constantly on my phone. I find the feature dancing as just an outlet of having fun. I mean, I really love meeting people, new people and fans that have known me throughout the years. My fans and I just have a lot to catch up on and they are excited about my new scenes. They give me new ideas of things that I can do so feature dancing is just a breeze since I've been doing it for so long. The first thing I started doing in the industry was dancing. So dancing is the most fun and easiest job I've had. Then you go down to scenes and I just started directing as well with a very good friend of mine, CJ Wright. I'm really enjoying that because the energy that I bring on the set stays on the set. When I come on someone else's set, you know you've got a lot of different personalities and things to deal with. If someone is not in a good mood and they bring it, well, that's always hard on everyone on set. I can guarantee that that's never gonna happen on one of my sets. That control is really fun for me to. At the agency I have an incredible staff. It really does pretty much run itself. They do a great job and they let me know everything that's going on. I get CC'd on every booking and every email. Every time I have a free five minutes, even in between my dressing room at the club, I just read what's been going on in the office. If I feel I have a question about something, then I can respond back to them saying, “what's this?” or “why is this like this?”. That kind of a thing. So the juggling is not really that difficult for me. I like to be very mentally active and I love to travel. I don't mind being on the road and I don't mind the airport. I don't mind any of that stuff. I think that's when it becomes a bummer for people because not everybody likes the airport. Not everybody likes to travel but I love to travel. I found a niche that allows me to fuel all the things that I'm happy about.

Big D: It sounds like you enjoy your work. It sounds like you enjoy being busy. Do you ever take a break?

Lisa Ann: Well, when I go overseas a couple times of year, that's a great time for me. The only way I can communicate is by Skype. I refuse to turn on my cell phone and get 200 text messages that day. I learned the hard way because you have to pay for the incoming and outgoing text messages. So I do those trips and I have a lot of friends that aren't in the industry. About every two months I take a three day vacation where I either go to San Diego, Las Vegas or New York. I just get away and I just spend time with my friends. They help me really disconnect because they're not in the business. I'll go back to the hotel room for an hour a day, everyday, and just check all my messages, respond to my texts. I'll do all that so there's never really one hundred percent down time but that's okay with me.

Big D: So when you decided to open up your talent agency, not that your talent agency was late to the game, but there were already a number of agencies out there like L.A. Direct, Spiegler Girls and Fresh Talent Management. There were others out there that had already been doing talent management for a while. So what was it that inspired you to create your agency? Was there stuff going on within the industry that you felt those other agencies weren't meeting or they weren't providing that you felt opening up your own agency would be able to do that?

Lisa Ann: Well, I don't know if you know that I worked for Derek Hay (a.k.a. Ben English) for a year at L.A. Direct Models. I worked as an agent for Derek for a year and while I was working there I just saw his niche. I just thought, "You know, there could be a different niche out there, there could be some girls out there that are more like myself". These girls have more of a disconnected personnel life from the business who don't want to go to as many parties and don't want to be quite as involved. They still want to get the work and maybe I can appeal to those girls and guys. I just wanted something a little bit more simplistic and I don't get involved in their personnel lives unless they need my help with something. For the most part, it's very much just a work relationship and I keep it very distant that way.

Big D: What's the best advice you give to young girls as they get into this business?

Lisa Ann: I think the most important thing that we all know is to do everything in your power to avoid getting involved in drugs. That's the most important thing. Also I try to advise them to sexually try things they've already done in their personnel life. Don't try something because somebody offered you a little bit more money to try it and you've never tried it. We're supposed to be sexual beings that are sharing our experiences with the world. Things that we already love to do and not something that we decided to do just because someone on set said, “I'll give you an extra $200 if you do this for your first time right now”. So I give them that advice and I also try to tell them to take time off and travel and not overwork themselves. I tell them to not be shot out in a quick period of time. You know when you are 18, you don't need a ton of money to live. When I came out to California at age 20, I took the summers off for the first 5 years I was here. I lived in Huntington Beach, where I still have a place, and I took every summer off and just went to the beach every day, worked out, hung out with my friends and watched sunsets. I was like, “I'm from Pennsylvania and I can come out here to make enough money to live and have some extra money to play with and I can just enjoy myself.” So taking that step back and not being in a rush is so important because so many of the younger people that get in the business are just in a rush. They want to be famous overnight and it's like, it'll come to you, just enjoy it and have some fun. You know, the rest of the world would love to not have to work for the summer.

Big D: What about the fact that you were here, came out from Pennsylvania at age 20 and worked for a little bit and then you took your hiatus and did feature dancing for about 7 years or so? Then you came back to the industry and by the time you came back, it was right around the time when the MILF/Cougar phenomenon was taking over the adult industry. So was it just great timing on your part that that niche was exploding and you were able to dominate that niche?
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Lisa Ann: Let me tell you. I didn't even know about the niche. I was working as an agent at Derek's office at L.A. Direct Models and I was booking a lot of these different jobs. It was Naughty America that contacted me and said, “Hey, would you be willing to shoot for our...”. I hadn't shot yet. I hadn't come back and shot yet. I was just booking as an agent. They asked would you be willing to shoot as a MILF and I was like, “what is this?” and “What's this about?”. They said, “Oh, it's these new lines that everybody's doing. It's older girls with younger guys.” That's so hot and so I talked to Suze Randall because I wanted my first shoot back to be for Suze Randall. I said, “Well, let me go back and shoot a magazine or two and see how I like it and see how I feel about it.” Suze Randall and Holly Randall are two of my absolute favorite people in the business. When I went back I said to myself, “I can do this”. I started doing one or two shoots a month. At that point I still was on the very beginning of the MILF/Cougar phenomenon. I didn't realize how big it was going to be. The production companies had not yet realized how big it was going to get. It was perfect timing because when I was in the business when I was younger, none of us knew what the destiny of a girl would be in our thirties. We just knew for sure that she wasn't shooting. We just figured you shot when you were younger and then you went out on the road and danced forever, right? We just had no idea. So the timing on my part was just unbelievable. Then to add the timing that Sarah Palin comes along and she's the hot hockey mom/cougar/politician which I somewhat resemble, I'm an easy square for her. My timing has been better since getting older than it was when I was younger. I've lucked out because you have more sense when you're older so it's like I couldn't be in a better spot.

Big D: You mentioned the whole Sarah Palin thing and the Who's Nailin' Paylin movie came out and really kind of put you on the map. People knew you in the industry prior to that movie but it seemed like that movie really propelled you into the mainstream whether you wanted it to or not. The fact that you're showing up on Entertainment Tonight, E! News Daily and all these other kinds of mainstream entertainment type news, magazines and shows... How would that, moving from someone who was a booking agent to getting back into the business and then now your face is showing up on CBS and ABC type news.? How is it adjusting to that kind of instant fame beyond the porn world?

Lisa Ann: It's totally awesome. It's much easier being that I am older. I think maybe being younger it would have been a little bit more difficult but now I'm so ready for it. It was really exciting. It was great because it was a political piece and I got a lot of different types of fans. It opened my world in the gay community to the point where I just did a cameo spot as Sarah Palin for Jet Set Productions. It also opened me to the world of people who just did not like Sarah Palin. It opened me to a political debate to people who liked her and didn't like her. It was perfect timing for me. I handled it really well and I loved it. I got to be in Eminem's video “We Made You”, and it just continues to open doors for me daily. Its given me definitely more of a voice because I was interviewed by all kinds of magazines. All of these different companies were asking me to do interviews on my actual political views. So for me, to represent the industry as a whole and be speaking to these people and be fluent with my thoughts and able to carry on a good solid conversation, I could see their eyes brighten up. When I was doing these interviews I could see their relief of, “Oh My God, this girl isn't a crack head! We're so excited.”. So it felt good to put that spin on it. From there, if you've noticed, since then its been contagious. TMZ has covered more adult shoots than ever and Entertainment Tonight has covered more adult shoots than ever. I think I opened a lot of doors for a lot of people to walk through. If I would've been a different person with a different attitude, who knows if they would've come back for more. The fact that I was able to carry myself and that I was able to do whatever they needed... I answered the questions the way they wanted. I didn't do a lot of interviews where before the interview they spent 10 minutes telling me you can't swear on this interview, you can't do this, you can't do that. I was like, “Yeah, I don't watch TV, like I know that you know". But I understood where they were coming from. Where they were coming from was up until now who would they interview that didn't have some sad sorry story about all the bad things that have happened to them, about their drug addiction and about everything else. There really wasn't anybody. So it was just quite a relief in many people's eyes. I've kept great contacts with all the people that I've met along the way and it's just been an exciting experience for me. It continues to open doors for me daily.

Big D: You said that you had no idea about how the MILF/Cougar phenomenon was about to explode and that you just lucked out in the fact that you got back into porn performing when it started. When you were approached for this film, for Who's Nailin' Paylin the original Hustler film, did you have any kind of an idea or possibly able to predict that it was going to explode like it did? Sometimes when you're starting something you have a feeling that this could really turnout to be a big deal. Or did the explosion of success catch you by surprise, much like the MILF/Cougar phenomenon?

Lisa Ann: It caught me a little bit by surprise. I approach each project equally. So anybody that hires me for anything, knows that when I show up I treat it with the same level of importance. So it wasn't like when I showed up I had a feeling this is the most important thing I've ever done. Did I think that it would get where it needed to be and that it would be a powerful punch? I think it caught me by surprise. I know my first six to eight weeks I was doing 20 to 40 interviews by phone every morning and another 20-40 interviews by phone at night. They just took over my life. It just consumed me. I was waking up at four in the morning to start doing East Coast drive-time radio stations. The people at Hustler were just amazing at setting up all of my public relations. It helped me so much on the road. So many more clubs wanted to have me. I got to do so many more personnel appearances. I got asked to go to Finland last year and feature dance as Sarah Palin. I had no idea but luckily I was ready and I just took it and wanted to see where this can take me and let me just ride this wave. It's so much fun.

Big D: I read that Saturday Night Live's, Tina Fey, she even joked that “Lisa Ann knows more about politics and foreign policy than I do or the real Sarah Palin does”. How much research and actual video tape of Sarah Palin did you have to do to be able to get her accent and her mannerisms down.
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Lisa Ann: I didn't have it down as well as Tina Fey, of course. I would like to tell you that Tina Fey is on the cover of Esquire this month and has an amazing interview. I buy every single magazine she's in. I never miss 30 Rock or any project. She's got a new movie coming out April ninth. She is by far my idol. She is intelligent, she is funny, she's savvy and she's taking over television as we know it today. So for her to even speak of me fully made me cry. I was just like, “Oh My God, this is the most exciting thing ever”. I did watch everything about Sarah Pailin. Thank God for the internet, right? I watched every YouTube clip. I even watched her pageant from 1984 when she ran for Miss Alaska. I also watched the vice Presidential debate over and over and over again. I still have it saved on my Tivo. I just watched her in her little blue leather jacket the other day when she was running the campaign for McCain. I'm going to get those little Arm and Hammer pins made that she just had made. I saw the Tea Party she had in Tucson the other day. She had that thing made with her picture so I'm going to do the same for my next road tour. She was easy to study. She's kind of ridiculous but she repeats herself a lot. She starts out every sentence or answer with about the same five or six things so it was easy to figure her out. I got some great ideas to embellish on the silliness like all the bear stuff and the guns and we had a sash made from her winning Miss Alaska in 1984. You know I did a lot of Youtube research and watched a lot and I couldn't get over how well Tina Fey did her on Saturday Night Live. It was fantastic.

Big D: Do you have a new found respect for impressionists like Tina Fey or somebody like Frank Caliendo who can do multiple different people's voices and characters and mannerisms? Knowing the amount of research and effort you have to put in to be able to try to imitate somebody else that's famous and that people can recognize, do you have a new found respect for those people and how hard it is to do it?

Lisa Ann: One hundred percent. I totally think it started with me when I'm on the road. When I'm on the road, by the second day I'm in town, I'm already doing everybody's accents. I'm talking like them wherever I am just to be funny. Not to them, of course, but when people ask me where I am and I'm talking to my friends from back home. I'll start talking to them with the accent of wherever I am. It started with me 18 years ago making fun of every little city in the U.S.

Big D: So you've had lots of practice leading up to this role it's kind of like you were made for it?

Lisa Ann: Yes

Big D: Since you became so widely recognized for your role as Sarah Palin, you appeared in the Eminiem video, “We Made You” that also made fun of other celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo and Brett Michaels. What was it like when you got the phone call to do a video with a humongous performer that's widely recognized like Eminem? What was it like working with him and what was your initial reaction when you were approached to be in the video?

Lisa Ann: I can tell you exactly where I was. I was in Savannah, Georgia. I was on a feature dance booking and my office called me and said, “Eminem wants you to be in his next video!”. I said, “You're kidding me!?!” I called the production company and they said, “Yes, we have the director Joseph Kahn”. As they're talking to me, I'm Googling Joseph Kahn and I'm looking up all the other videos that he's directed. It was so insane. I was just getting back from the road on Sunday. They wanted to shoot the video the following week and they were already casting for all the lookalike spots. They were going to have a casting for Sarah Palin. Well, of course, the casting company was oblivious to me. The director said, “Why would you have a casting for Sarah Palin? You've got to use Lisa Ann.” So they needed me to work and my one day I was going to be home for Monday and Tuesday. I already had a shoot with Elegant Angel on Monday and I said to the director I really want to do this and I want to make this work but I can't cancel on somebody that booked me a month before. Can we work it out through this schedule and if we can't I'll work something out with them. Let's make an effort first. These are your loyal customers and companies that take good care of you. You want to make sure that you don't ever screw anybody over in the business. They made it work. We shot for 22 hours that Tuesday. It was such an honor. Marshall is such a fun, really nice, creative guy. It was a trip being in the green room with all the look-a-like celebrities. We were all dressed in our outfits, and you're sitting there and they wouldn't let us have any cameras of course. I'm sitting in the room with all these people and it was like the funniest moment because it is so bazaar. Everyone looks so much like the people and we are all just sitting in this room and we are all just like not the people. It was just hilarious and the video is so fun and the song is fun. I dance to it for my first song when I do my Sarah Palin skit on stage and everyone loves it. It was just an amazing experience for me. A total honor and it did win an award this year. Joseph Kahn is a fantastic director who I'm hoping to work with some more. You know, to be on Eminem's first album back after he took such a long break was great and he's got such a strong fan base in the Detroit area, all over the midwest. When I've been on the road, I've had more fans ask me what's it like working with Marshall Mathers, what's Eminem like? It's cute because before they would ask, “what's your favorite position?” and now its “what's Eminem like?”. It's been a nice little switch up for me.
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Big D: You mentioned the whole green room thing where there's all these look-a-likes walking around... When it came to hair and make-up and wardrobe, you had already had previous experience from shooting the movie with the way it should look...

Lisa Ann: I bring all my own stuff and I like to do my own make-up. I was good. I just told them I am low maintenance. I take care of myself. You guys will be fine with me. Everyone else had their make-up done and they wardrobed everyone else.

Big D: So you essentially were come as you are, you showed up with the business suit and everything else and they didn't have to do a thing to you.

Lisa Ann: Yeah, I like to have it that way.

Big D: Do you find that when you are on set for other productions that you kind of.... I wouldn't use the term “control freak”, but you like to be in the driver's seat when it comes to your wardrobe and your make-up or do you usually...?

Lisa Ann: I do. You know, I'm more than happy when they use the make-up artist just as long as they are on time and reliable. Sometimes they are late which highly annoys me because I feel like if I'm the talent and I'm there and you're not, that's fairly annoying to me. I love to shop so this business gives me the outlet to be able to shop. When I get a shoot, I ask, “Do you guys know what the set-up is going to be?” They normally tell me what they have in mind and I have fun. I'll tell them I can get a nice bright colored blouse and a skirt. I love to put my outfits together. I always bring the director four or five choices and four or five choices of lingerie or maybe more. I have a wardrobe built in my home just for wardrobes. Everything is hung up all the time. It's not rolled up in a bag and left packed and wrinkled. Everything is pristine. I just know when I show up they are going to see it and most of the directors I work with always say it's so easy with me because my stuff is always so great. So I get to flex my little shopping power and I get to go shopping more often than the average girl. I get to show up with stuff that's different and unique. Then if I want to, I can pull it on. If I wore an outfit on the box cover and that company hires me to do a signing, well, there's nothing better than going to wear that outfit for the signing.

Big D: And the best thing about this is that you can use your shopping bill as a business expense and a tax write off?

Lisa Ann: Oh, no shit, right? The guys get very excited when they are holding the box cover and they are standing next to you in their photo and you are in the outfit from the box cover. It makes it just so real life. You know they love that and yes, I do write off all of my shopping which makes it very fun.

Big D: You said you don't mind using the make-up artist as long as they are on time. It seems like, that in this industry more than any other, that they tolerate lateness. Porn seems to tolerate people not showing up to work, or when they do show up they are not in the greatest condition that you would want them to be in. If I showed up to my job here at XRentDVD, late or hungover or whatever, I would probably be sent home. It seems like in porn it's tolerated and is just part of the industry. Why is it that porn puts up with that?

Lisa Ann: I'll never know. I'll never get that. Even on the road, the club owners are so amazed I show up on time. The first thing they ask you is what kind of drinks do I want. I'll ask for sugar free Red Bull and water. Then they'll ask what kind of alcohol do you want? I don't drink while I'm working. The guy that works at the insurance office down the street isn't drinking while behind his desk. This is still my job and I take it seriously and I want to be on point. I want everything to be going really well. I'll drink on my days off with my friends when we're out or we're having a nice dinner. When we're going out it's all a level of what's acceptable to other people. It's just not acceptable to me to drink while working. I don't expect everybody to think with the same mindset as me. I don't expect everyone to have the same standards as me. But it's frustrating when you're one way and 95 percent of the people are the other way. So you've just got to grin and bear it and luckily have enough going on that I can always be on my phone. Back to the initial question... I can be on my phone checking emails, doing bookings, booking travel, ordering products. I can always be doing stuff that is productive for my future endeavors and not be just sitting there watching my clock waiting for someone else to show up. You know, if I work with a guy, I pick my male talent. If I work with a guy and he's late, then I'll never work with him again. If I go out on a date with a guy and he's late, then I don't ever want to go out on a date with him again.

Big D: So who's prompt and ready to go and who's on the Lisa Ann "yes" list? Who has never been late and they're great to work with because you choose your own male talent?

Lisa Ann: I love Johnny Sins, James Deen, Scott Nails, Mr. Marcus, CJ Wright and Sean Michaels. I just worked with Rocco Reed for my first time. He was amazing. So yeah, there's a lot of really good guys in the business.

Big D: Now seeing as you choose your own, is there ever any opportunity for a guy that's new to the business that you give a chance? Or how can a guy get on your good list, your "yes" list, if you haven't worked with him prior?

Lisa Ann: If he's worked with some of the girls that I know and I can watch some of his scenes or if I've met him a couple of times and I feel he's comfortable with me. You know, one of the things I've learned is I freak people out and I don't mean to. I swear to God, I don't mean to. My good friends laugh that I freak people out because I don't freak them out at all. So the directors will say, “Oh, we really want you to work with this new guy and he's super nice and he really wants to work with you.” Once in a while I'll say okay if it's that's important to you and you feel good about it, let's try it. And then the guy fails and the guy fails because he's freaked out because he over thinks it. He tells his friends, “Oh, I'm working with Lisa Ann tomorrow.” All his friends say to him, “Oh my God!” and he over thinks it. By the time I get there and he gets there, I can just see him sweating bullets. I can feel his heart racing. When I'm standing there taking a polaroid with a fan, his hearts just racing. When I feel a guy's heart racing like that I just think, “Oh this is not going to fucking play out well. We're doomed right now,” you know? I help as much as I can and I do whatever I can but a lot of times they just get freaked out by me.
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Big D: So how does the scene fail? They just can't perform?

Lisa Ann: Either they can't keep hard or they pop too early or you know, those types of things.

Big D: So is it usually better just to kind of keep at your all star cast that isn't too freaked out?

Lisa Ann: Exactly.

Big D: Switching gears here and going back to the fact that you're the head of a talent agency... You recently joined forces with Seymore's Lighthouse Talent Agency and now your kind of like a super agency because you combined two at once.

Lisa Ann: That was actually back in 2007 and I took over Seymore's Agency in 2007.

Big D: Was Seymore just looking to get out?

Lisa Ann: He was more really getting ready to focus on touring with his new book and taking on some other projects. It was a perfect timing kind of thing. Ironically when he started his agency in 2004 or 2005, I think it was 2004, he had contacted me about potentially working for him. We've had a good working relationship for many, many years and I've known him since I got in this industry years ago. We've just had a really good thing going. One of the things I would like to talk about is the fact that finally, through the power of my fans, forced me to start my own website. It was July of last year and the website is TheLisaAnn.com. The irony with the website is that the most fun I have, of course, is I get to direct my own scenes. I get to pick my talent. I get to pick the set-up. I pick the outfit. I pick everything. I do these live chats for 90 minutes once a month and I can't believe the excitement of doing these live chats. The guys, well it's funny because, you think of the all masturbation and toys and everything but no, they just want to talk. We talk about sports and we talk about all my interests and all their interests and the places that I'm going on the road. I tell them different funny stories of real things that have happened on the road. As they are happening, I think, “Oh, this would be so funny to tell somebody down the road”. I'm full of useless information of these funny stories. They enjoy it so much and I enjoy it so much and the 90 minutes goes by like it's five minutes. I started to try to do them every three weeks instead of every four weeks because I just had so much fun with the communication. My web company which is Brand Danger has a very fast turn around on the instant messaging so it's about a 4 second delay. If I'm chatting, if there's 1,000 people in the room and 400 of them are chatting with me, it's pretty quick. In four seconds I can get a lot of conversation in and I can answer one person's question and then another persons question comes in. We talk about everything from sports to Seinfeld to movies to stories from the road to different things for their girlfriends.

Big D: Why do you think it took you this long to open up your own website? That seems like a natural fit that as soon as a girl picks her stage name she immediately goes to a website domain registrar to see of the dot com is available for their unique stage name. Next thing you know they've got a website up within two weeks of signing a contract for an agency.

Lisa Ann: It was just one more responsibility for me and I really liked shooting for other people. I figured let them do the content end of this business and let me focus on my fans. Let me focus on being on the road and I just wasn't sure. I hadn't met a webmaster that I really felt understood what I wanted. I had so many girls complain to me about their webmasters and their sites and they really weren't making the amount of money to make it worth taking two or three days off from shooting for someone else. For me it was flat out a business decision. It just didn't weigh out and now I'm at a place where it's not about the money anymore. It's more about the access and having my fans have access to me and letting me have access to them. If I have a message or a new movie or something, I want to talk about being able to reach out to the most important people in my fan base. That's a big deal to me now. It's a totally different reason than just having a website. It's more about having that open ended communication.

Big D: When it comes to that, you have your fingers in so many other business ventures out there. Do you have any time table as to when you're still planning on staying in front of the camera? Not that you should step away anytime soon but you're a very driven person. You know where you're going. So do you have any kind of a time table for when you still want to perform and able to work for other companies in front of the camera? Do you have a time table or are you just kind of taking it as it goes?

Lisa Ann: I don't really you know. I'm realistic for myself to put a limit on it. I know I won't be doing it forever. That's why I've started so many other projects to see where they take me. I'll do it as long as I feel comfortable doing it. I'm also working on some stunt work in mainstream. I just did some stunt work in a movie called The Black Swan for the director Darren Aronofsky. I'd really like to get my hands on some stunt work because they don't show you from the front. So it's no longer Lisa Ann, it's just me doing a job and I really liked being behind the scenes. It was really fun for me to have that totally different world, so I'm working on that. I'm also working on my own VOD sports show where I'm going to get to interview some athletes. Once I get busy in other avenues, of course other things are going to slow down for me because I'm going to have less time to focus on those other things. I'm just going to let it all happen. Whatever happens happens and I'm going to let it all happen. I'm in no rush to say this is what I have to do in this time frame. I just want to be happy and enjoy what I'm doing. I want to share what I can with my fans and then have them be made well aware of when I'm ready to say, “okay”. I'll probably still shoot for my website for a long time after I'm not shooting for other people. Just to still have that fun with those people and hopefully introduce them to new talent in the business and help new girls get their sites off the ground.

Big D: What would you consider to be your biggest accomplishment? You were come back performer of the year in 2006. You were named MILF/Cougar of the year in 2009. You were inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame. You're hosting the XRCO Awards. You opened up your own talent agency. If you wanted to point to one thing that you are the most proud of, what would you say is probably your biggest accomplishment?

Lisa Ann: I would say existing in the business without falling into any bad situations, without getting wrapped up in anything bad like drug abuse or drinking on the road, or bad boyfriends or anything toxic. I think we're in a world, in our industry, where you've got to fight off a lot of bad things. I think the fact that I've managed to stay so positive, find the good in everything, is really my biggest accomplishment.
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Big D: First job ever?

Lisa Ann: When I was 13, I was a hostess at a diner.

Big D: First concert?

Lisa Ann: Rush

Big D: First car?

Lisa Ann: The Dodge K Car. It looked like a cop car and all my friends would get so flipped out when I pulled up at their house parties. They'd be like, “Dude! Why you gotta drive that fucking car? We always think it's a cop pulling up.”

Big D: What's in your iPod right now?

Lisa Ann: There's about 700 songs of everything from hip hop to Rage Against The Machine

Big D: Favorite Food?

Lisa Ann: Ooh, that's a really tough one for me. I love cheese, different kinds of cheeses. I love all kinds of food. I travel just to eat different foods.

Big D: Favorite position on or off screen?

Lisa Ann: Doggy, both on and off screen

Big D: If you had a choice, a free evening, would you choose to go to the movies or would you choose to go to the ball game?

Lisa Ann: Ball game. I go to a lot of Lakers games when I'm home. I traveled with a very good friend of mine and got to go to a lot of Cowboys games, home and away. I love sports. That's my passion.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Lisa Ann: I like anything that makes me laugh. I'm a very silly movie watcher. I'll tell you I just watched the movie Gran Torino the other night. It was deep and it was a good movie. Clint Eastwood was great but I would much rather just watch something stupid like Superbad, Wedding Crashers or Grandma's Boy. I've watched Couple's Retreat probably 25 times. The Hangover is also great. I just like something silly. I'm a very light hearted TV and movie watcher.

Big D: Modern convenience you could not live without?

Lisa Ann: My cell phone and navigation. I think navigation in the car is just the greatest thing ever. We're driving to set and different houses. We're always going to different locations. It's just so nice not to have to be looking at the Mapquest directions.

Big D: Favorite place to go on vacation?

Lisa Ann: You know, someone asked me that the other day. It's so difficult. I really like Hawaii for relaxing. I really like Hawaii. Maui is just so chill but then again I really like Paris. The shopping is fantastic so I'm all over the charts. New York City is the most electric place I've ever been. It has the most energy, so I'm all over the charts.

Big D: Person you would like to meet but haven't?

Lisa Ann: Tina Fey. Tina Fey. Tina Fey. Tina Fey.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't had a chance to yet?

Lisa Ann: Spain. I would like to go to Barcelona. I'm trying to book a trip there this year.

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