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Big D's Interview With Lena Paul
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Interview Date: April 10, 2017

Lena Paul isn't just a pretty face with a huge set of Triple-D tits. Lena Paul is going places, literally. On the day our very own Big D interviewed the young porn starlet, she was in the process of moving across the country. After logging a year in Los Angeles it was time for Lena to return to her roots to spend more time with family and friends. Although she is moving back to the Southeast does not indicate she will be slowing down anytime soon. She still has big plans to continue in porn and with her sights set on the 2018 porn awards season, don't be surprised if you hear her name called quite a bit. In this exclusive interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Lena Paul discusses being married to someone who dabbles in porn himself, how a failed start up company opened the door to her porn career and how her first anal orgasm in her life was luckily captured on camera.

Big D: First question for you, you are busy packing up and moving your entire house across the country. What brought that one and where are you moving from and where are you moving?

Lena Paul: Right now I am in Southern California and I am actually going to be relocating to Florida. I just want to be a little bit closer to family and have a little more balance in my life. The last year out here in California I have been really grinding and putting my name out here. I really feel that I have done the work that I want to do and now I am getting to take a little bit more distance and you know, have a personal life... (laughs) as well as a professional one. I'm from the Southeast and so is my husband. That's always home to us.

Big D: Was moving a difficult decision because you have been out in Southern California for about a year now? do you think it will be a bit more difficult with commuting back and forth between Florida and California seeing how most porn is shot out in Los Angeles?

Lena Paul: For me, I'm with East Coast Talent [Agency]. As the name implies, most of the girls [represented] are from the east coast. One of us, Holly Hendrix just won [AVN] Best New Starlet. The vast majority of porn stars don't necessarily live in Southern California. Me personally, I enjoy being out in nature and far away from the LA rat race. The traffic always raises my blood pressure a couple of percentage points. (laughs) For me I will be here [Los Angeles] every other month. I will be taking one month to work on my personal projects. I direct and I produce clips for my own store. I collaborate with other models. I also cam. That's why I got into porn was to promote those aspects of my professional life that existed before. I've really spent the last year focusing on getting my porn presence out there and making sure I am a known name. Now it is time for me to go back to my roots. Not necessarily favor one over the other but to have a little bit more balance between my personal projects and my mainstream porn projects.

Big D: You mentioned the reason you got into porn was to promote those other aspects and projects. For those that do not know your backstory, fill us in on how you got into porn and how you have arrived at this point in your adult film career.

Lena Paul: I sort of came in through the backdoor of the adult industry. I was working in an agricultural start-up based in Central America. I was going back and forth between Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and the United States. Like all start-ups, they are always strapped for cash. So, I would literally be web camming from my hotel rooms at night to have capital to pay my workers. Like a lot of start-ups, it went under. When that happened, I was getting a bit of a name within camming and clip stores. I was starting to get noticed by talent scouts for mainstream porn. I discussed it with my partner. I was really happy doing sex work. It's something that has really changed my life as far as my scheduling and my ability to pursue my other passionate side projects. We decided to jump in with both feet and really put ourselves out there as far as the pro porn process. I've done every element of sex work besides stripping. That will probably be on my schedule later this year to do some feature dancing now that I have built up my name. I've kind of done it all at this point. The truth is, porn is evolving. You can't just be one thing anymore. You have to be all things to all people. You have to dabble in BDSM. You have to dabble in web camming. You have to dabble in Snap Chats. You have to dabble in feature dancing and pro porn and mainstream projects. You really have to do it all nowadays to really have the effect you want to have.

Big D: You mentioned you started web camming to raise money and inject capital into your start-up to keep it afloat. Why web camming? Why not drive for Uber or another part-time job? Why was web camming the way to go for you?

Lena Paul: The truth is, I had this lifestyle where I was either on top of a mountain in places that Google Maps hasn't even mapped yet in the jungles of Guatemala. The amount of time I was in the United States was so limited that I didn't have the time to be making USA type money. What I have always found is that people enjoy talking to me and enjoy telling me their story. The thing that surprised me the most about web camming was that people wanted to talk more than they wanted to do anything else. Web cam girls are such unsung heroes. They have to be social media experts. They have to be set designers. They have to be psychologists. They are all of your favorite things rolled into one. I did really well for myself. I needed something more than what a $15, minimum wage job could provide for me in order to get this start-up to the place I wanted it to be. Web camming really presented an avenue for that. I was an unconventional choice but it wound up paying off. The aspects of the start-up business that failed really had to do more with us getting bought out than the business itself failing. It was a success in the degree and I am really happy with the time that I had there.

Big D: Sounds like that proverbial cliché of, "When one door closes another door opens". To keep your business afloat you dabbled in the adult industry and now you aren’t just dabbling, you are 100 percent in the adult industry.

Lena Paul: You are 100 percent right. It was one of those things where I didn't really grieve it when the curtain call came for my other business. I was so thrilled to be pursuing something that - sex work has been so incredibly positive for my freedom and for my ability to pursue the projects that I care about and to set my own schedule. Plus, I inherently love the work. I mean, who wouldn't? (laughs) It's been a really positive experience for me.

Big D: Because of that increased freedom you touched on, you are in the process of moving cross-country. You mentioned getting into adult entertainment was a discussion you had with your partner but you aren't the only two people affected by a decision like that. Did you struggle with the decision to get into porn because I am sure you have friends and family that your decision would impact them as well.

Lena Paul: That is a really good question but I need to put down the phone for 30 seconds and lift something heavy for my husband. I will be right back.

Big D: Okay, take your time. (45 seconds later)

Lena Paul: Okay, you still there?

Big D: Sure am. Hold on. Before we get back to the previous question, I was on your husband's Twitter account and he was tweeting about heavy squats and leg day. You mean to tell me he can't lift a box by himself and get leg day in on his own?

Lena Paul: Oh, he was totally lifting the box by himself. He just needed me to reinforce the bottom with some extra tape. He was telling me as I was doing it, "Sorry babe, you know I would never make you lift anything heavy". (laughs)

Big D: Moving day is a great day to skip the gym and still get your work out in.

Lena Paul: oh my God, right? My forearms are killing me. I realized I don't train enough on forearms. I need to do more deadlifts. As far as considering the other people in our lives who care about us, my husband is not in pro porn per se. He mostly handles things in our clips store. I jokingly call him the production manager of my life. It was a big factor for both of us. My family knew when I was web camming in order to fund my start-up. They kind of thought it was hilarious. My dad is significantly older than my mom. They are 33 years apart. He literally ran moonshine back during prohibition. My grandfather went to prison for it twice. So, he understands doing anything to further your goals. I think in a very strange way, despite the fact that I am from a very small, conservative town in the southeast and my parents themselves are very conservative, in a strange way, he respects my hustle. I think their policy for me is that this is not necessarily been the path they wanted me to go down, but they are proud of me and love me regardless. I will chat with my mom and tell her, "I', on my way to Wicked studios and I am auditioning for this and I hope I can get it because they win a lot of AVN awards." She'll say, "Oh, okay. I am praying for you. Fingers crossed." I'm probably going to take her to the AVN [Awards] next year.

Big D: That should be an eye opener.

Lena Paul: It will be entertaining. In her job, she works in conventions all the time so she will get it.

Big D: Yeah, but I am sure the conventions she is used to are not the AVN Awards and the Adult Entertainment Expo.

Lena Paul: That's true. But, all our naughty bits have to be covered up at the expo so it is not like I am taking her to the Hustler Club. She'll be okay. I believe in her.

Big D: I've been to the AVN Awards and the AEE and I have been to other conventions and trade shows. Sure, there are exhibitor booths at both but that is pretty much where the comparison ends.

Lena Paul: true, but I will probably take her to the expo and a few dinners at night but not the actual awards ceremony. Seeing how I am hoping that this year will be a productive year for me. I am hopeful for this upcoming year.

Big D: Is that [an AVN Award] your goal since jumping in? You mentioned Holly Hendrix who was named Best New Starlet by AVN and she is represented by your same agency. Is that a goal for you to start picking up some awards?

Lena Paul: For me, I am tremendously competitive. And the person I am most competitive with is myself. I am always trying to find the new benchmark and hit that. As far as how I approach the business side of this, AVN awards don't make you any more money. XBiz Awards really don't make you more money. What I am really trying to do through porn in spread my name out there and become ubiquitous to the point where that fame translates into more traffic into my other ventures.

Big D: By being able to say, "Lena Paul - AVN Award winner for Best Girl/Girl/Boy Sex Scene" can give more validity and credibility to your overall business ventures rather than just being able to sell more DVDs which would in turn get you booked more often. If you win awards, they can now say on the marquee outside the club you are feature dancing at, "Lena Paul - AVN Award Winner".

Lena Paul: Exactly. It's precisely how I feel about that.

Big D: You mentioned you are married. Your husband, Nathan Red, also performs in porn although he is not as prolific as you regarding DVD distribution.

Lena Paul: Oh no. Pro porn projects are really limited for him. That's not where his passion is. He doesn't necessarily have the patience for pro porn.

Big D: When you say pro porn versus amateur porn, what do you mean by that? Is pro porn the stuff the big studios put out on DVD and the other stuff is more private cam shows or clips stores on the web?

Lena Paul: To a degree, everything is pro. If you are making a living off of it [sex work], you are a professional. When I say that, I mean more of the mainstream porn studios. Amateur studios and small holding studios and clip stores have a totally different philosophy and approach than mainstream studios. Mainstream studios are much more corporatized. I dare say probably the most common criticism you hear when contrasting the two is that within mainstream projects a little bit of the spark can disappear. It becomes a little too polished. It runs the risk of being robotic at times because there is such a clear formula. You walk in and ask what positions they want you to hit that day. "Well, we are going to do a little bit of mish, a little bit of reverse cowgirl, a little bit of doggy and then we are going to finish in spoon." Whatever. It's very much a choreography. The truth is that I have always said it is much more difficult to be and get into being a male talent in porn than a female talent. Only a limited number of men can come into a space like that and be able to maintain an erection for six hours. Truthfully, there is actually a shortage of male talent in the adult industry. I think it is because a lot of guys are content to do the clips for sale and do the small-time gigs and can have sex the way they want to have sex and still be able to make their rent. For him [Nathan Red] I've never attempted to force him to go towards the mainstream side even when he has done so well on the clip store side. It's funny because I get these directors on Twitter that see him will say, "Hey, if you husband ever wants to come work with us, we would love to have him". It's really funny actually. I feel I get more comments about him than I do about me sometimes.

Big D: How does that work in the fact that you are married? You work in adult. He works in adult. I've seen on twitter that he does not work exclusively with you when he is performing in adult. You have appeared on the cover of numerous adult DVDs where your husband is not even listed in the cast. How does that work for your marriage or is it just "work"?
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Lena Paul: It's funny actually. Initially when he was getting to the point where he was getting other cam models and clips store owners were using him. I had to give him this pep talk and tell him, "Babe, not only is it okay for you to enjoy yourself but you HAVE to be able to relax and enjoy yourself to do this job." For me I think it was because I started off camming, I was able to switch the mentality at first. For him I almost had to give him permission to really get into the job. For us, we both understand that work is work and that home is home. I think the one thing that has been amazing about working this job on a personal life level, is that it really reinforced to you that sex is one of the smallest parts of a relationship equation. Good sex is important and it must be there. But it is not the defining factor of what makes a marriage. For us, we have our work space and we have our home life space. We are really supportive of each other in our ventures. When you realize how choreographed and at time how ridiculous and hilarious the sex we have on set, it's not a threat to something as complex as a good relationship. I do recognize that that is not for everybody. I do understand that we are a bit unique in that capacity. Honestly, some of the best marriages I have seen are within the porn space. That was always the big shocker to me whenever I moved into this space. There are so many couples who work together and film each other working with other people. It's strangely inspiring.

Big D: So three shots and a pop shot aren't going to break up your marriage?

Lena Paul: (Laughs) Exactly. That and he can tell whenever I come home from a day of really good sex and he will say, "you're in a good mood. You had a good day today, didn't you?" And I respond with, "Yeeeaaahhh. I did." And that is about the extent of it. It's obviously better than the alternative. We want each other to have fun on our work days. If it is all misery that sucks for both of us.

Big D: Speaking of actually enjoying yourself on set, you tweeted a while back that you had your first anal orgasm captured on camera.

Lena Paul: I did! That was so much fun. It's really funny. I did the scene for Tushy. I didn't have a bad time at all doing Tushy. Tushy is amazing. but you are so nervous the first time something like that happens. Whenever we started to film, we actually had our good friends who are also performers themselves - they are on Twitter @ElizaJane and her partner who are the ones that filmed this. It was just a really supportive environment. We had been working all day and this was the first time that my husband throughout the course of the day had gotten to work with each other. We had shot three or four scenes earlier in the day. We didn't think about the cameras. we didn't think about anything other than having a good time with each other. I was just really relaxed and I got to have my first anal sex orgasm on camera. It was really cool and really powerful.

Big D: I heard you correctly in that your first anal orgasm came with your husband?

Lena Paul: Yeah. It's really nifty that after two years of marriage and about a year and a half of different aspects of this business that I can still be having firsts. Which is awesome.

Big D: Do you think that first anal orgasm was able to happen because you were so relaxed or was it because it was your husband and he knows what spots to hit? Do you think that if you were with another pro performer that it might not have happened?

Lena Paul: Maybe. There are certain pro performers who I can totally relax with. We are good friends. But yes, it is a special level. I won't say that it isn't more special whenever it is with your partner.

Big D: Do you find it is more difficult to orgasm on camera or it is more good sex no matter if there is a camera in the room or not is going to make you cum?

Lena Paul: I really don't have too much difficulty orgasming on camera most of the time. Sometimes it is difficult in All Girl. It's hilarious when you are dealing with a lot of 18-year-old newbies who have had very few sexual partners in their lifetime much less within porn. Naturally you are dealing with a certain level of skill. That's why I love MILFs. MILFs are always my preference. They are confident in their bodies. They kind of know what they are doing. It's the full package. I will always prefer working with older and more experienced performers rather than the alternative.

Big D: You are versatile in that you have done Interracial, straight-up Gonzo, All Girl. Do you have a preference?

Lena Paul: It's so dependent on the person. There are some women that I can have sex with and it is this other worldly experience. Like I feel like I am elevated out of my body. And then there are other girls out there and it feels like you are doing your taxes. There are men who are the same thing. I try to create chemistry with whomever I am with on set. My goal is to always convince the person that I am with that they are the sexiest thing I have ever seen. I truly go into that mindset whenever I am on set. I just try to have the time of my life and the partner I am with feels the same way. That is the commonality of my professional sexual experiences and my personal sexual experiences. Of course, result may vary. We all have favorites because they are special. There will always be extra special days on set. That is so dependent on personality as opposed to the genitals they were born with.

Big D: Who fits that description that if you get the casting sheet that day and you see the names on there that you are hoping you get to work with one of those people on there?

Lena Paul: Days that I am excited is when I get to work with Reagan Foxx actually. Eliza Jane. Manuel Ferrara. Lucas Frost. His girlfriend is actually Cassidy Klein. Steve Holmes is a sweetie pie. There really isn't anyone I really dislike. There are just people who are extra special to me.

Big D: Speaking of that, you recently appeared in a scene in the DVD Interracial Icon #4 with Angela White...

Lena Paul: Oh God, how did I miss that? Angela White. She goes on the list. I love Angela. I love working with her.

Big D: So how is working with Angela White? She is Australian. She is practically a modern-day porn icon.

Lena Paul: Amazing. Just absolutely amazing. Just one of the best performers I have ever seen in my life. On a professional level, not only is she cool as hell, but we also have the same philosophy. we are both there to have an incredible time and laugh and have orgasms. She is just so cool. You just want to talk to her even with your clothes on. (laughs) She is all woman. She is the feminine ideal personified. It is incredible having sex with her.

Big D: Not sure if anyone has ever mentioned this to you but you and Angela White have a similar look. You both have those big, natural breast, similar facial features. Has anyone made that comparison or is that too much to fathom because she is Angela White?
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Lena Paul: I think you may be the first person to make that comparison. We definitely do get requested to work together a lot. The same people who like me tend to like her and vice versa. But I don't think we have ever been compared to each other. I am very flattered. Thank you.

Big D: Normally girls with Triple-D boobs get type cast in the Busty type adult DVDs. Of course, you have done your fair share of those movies in that you have appeared on the covers of Stacked #6, Tits and Oil #2 and Breast Worship #5. But you have also done all other kinds of movies. Do you do anything special to not get pigeon holed into being just the big boob girl that gets cast in Busty adult DVDs?

Lena Paul: Truthfully, no. My biggest shock in porn was probably on my third day. It was when I had to do extended dialogue. I grew up watching clips where they generally skip the dialogue and it is just the hard-core stuff. There is so much set-up in porn. How did I not know this? I didn't expect it but I just sort of jumped right into it. I approached it with the same amount of professionality as I did my corporate and start-up backgrounds. My philosophy is to be the easiest talent when I am on set. I don't want to be a diva. I want to make whatever the director wants happen. I want to make whatever my talents wants to happen. I would hope that people call me for movies when they know they want and easy, fun day. I think that that gets you far in this business.

Big D: They call you because you will be fun on set and put out a great scene but they put you on the box cover because you sell a shit ton of DVDs. Let's be honest.

Lena Paul: (Laughs) Initially, whenever I tried to do porn, I did three scenes for Reality Kings in Miami. At first I was unsure if I wanted to pursue this further. Maybe I will just stay in the camming world. I was back and forth on it. This was about two months in the porn industry. I was in for a little bit. Reality Kings and MOFOs and all the Mind Geek companies were banging down my door. I guess they shot some ads of me and they did really well. I literally have no clue why... I guess maybe it is because everything on me jiggles really nicely? I don't know what the deal is but I am really grateful to the people that buy subscriptions and rent and buy DVDs because they think my face and tits are cute. You're keeping me in work guys.

Big D: Being an adult DVD rental and sales company, it is funny how we do our purchasing. Anytime you show up on a box cover, we know we better bring in extra copies of that DVD. Great example would be Black and White #8 by Blacked, it's currently out and Interracial Icon #4 and we knew you were going to be in them and we needed to buy more than normal.

Lena Paul: (Laughs) Oh my God!

Big D: I can't speak for our purchasing manager but I just know how these things work in porn.

Lena Paul: That is so flattering. That just makes my day.

Big D: You are consistently in the Top 5 of our most popular porn stars. I don't think you have fallen out of the Top 10 or Top 15 in the past year. It's crazy.

Lena Paul: I am so grateful. I mean, it is hilarious to me. There are inherently some really stunning women in this business. Women who look like they just stepped off the cover of Vogue. Lana Rhoades. Pretty much any Spiegler Girl. They look incredible. I recognize that I am totally the girl next door and I still feel like the girl next door. I am really grateful that people want to see me have sex. I am really fortunate. When it comes right down to it, I hope people see how happy I am whenever I work doing the work that I am. And to know how generally happy I am to have the life that I have. I hope that I don't come off as a tragic, troubled porn star. I hope that it is a generally gratifying experience to watch me. That is my private goal. My sort of abstract goal in this business.

Big D: What makes you enjoy working in the porn industry so much? Is it the money? Is the flexible schedule of working when you want? Is it having sex and getting paid for it?
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Lena Paul: It's all of the above. Part of it is that I have been working since I have been 14 years old. I've had a lot of work experience prior to this. There wasn't a phase of my life where I wasn't work three jobs. For me to have the freedom to do something that is actually pleasant. To have the freedom of my schedule to control who I work with and how I work. To get to do something that is so pleasurable and so much fun and I get to connect with really, interesting, cool people and get to have sex with them is just wonderful. I don't have the words for it. I get to make a decent living doing something wonderful and I get to have freedom while doing it. That's the dream. I think that is the millennial dream. I think that we as millennials think that if we want to do something that we are going to enjoy, we just have to accept that we are going to starve. That is just the way it is. To get to have financial freedom while getting to do something so wonderful and with such special people, some days I just can't believe how wonderful my life is.

Big D: That's awesome you have found something that not only is fulfilling to you but puts food on the table and gas in your car too.

Lena Paul: (laughs) Exactly. I joke with my girlfriends when I was starting in this business and they would ask me why I am doing this. I would tell them, "Look man. I am like fill the gas tank all the way up wealthy and getting to have sex with nice people." I don't want to give the impression that we [porn stars] are all millionaires. We're not. The money in porn has totally changed. I get to live in Southern California and not starve and get to meet some pretty amazing people. That's pretty much the dream.

Big D: And now that you are moving to Florida, your money will be able to go even further.

Lena Paul: Oh my God. My cost of living [in Florida] makes me wet. I am so thrilled. My mortgage, what we are looking at, it's like, Oh my God. I'm tickled.

Big D: On top of that. moving to Florida you won’t have to pay state income tax.

Lena Paul: Hell yes! Not that I am a raging leftist because I totally believe in paying your fair share, but dude. I am an independent contractor. When tax season came this year I damn near cried.

Big D: First job?

Lena Paul: I did two things at the same time. I was building computers and I was a maid at a resort. I paid for my first car doing that.

Big D: First concert?

Lena Paul: The Eagles. I went with my mom.

Big D: First car?

Lena Paul: Chevy S-10 pick-up truck.

Big D: You can't take the girl out of the Southeast, can you?

Lena Paul: No. No, you can't. But it was a good deal. It wasn't that I was actively looking for a pick-up truck. There was a great deal on it and it runs and it gets me from point A to point B. And it didn't have a backseat so my parents liked it.

Big D: What music are you listening to right now?

Lena Paul: I'm listening to kind of obscure metal bands right now. I have two speeds. Either really durpy, fucking alternative music like Mumford and Sons or Arcade Fire. You know, bullshit hipster things. And then I will listen to super brutal metal. At the moment, I am listening to Sleep and Gojira. Weed Eater. Mastodon Behemoth. A lot of the oldies too like the Eagles which I mentioned before. Al kinds of weird stuff.

Big D: Favorite food?

Lena Paul: I have a culinary background so that is a really tough question. I love all kinds of food. But if I was stranded on an island and had to pick only one type of cuisine, I would probably go with Thai. Mmmm, no. Italian. I changed my mind. Italian.

Big D: On or off camera or both, favorite position?

Lena Paul: On camera, doggy. Off camera, probably a "prone bone" as they call it. Laying on my stomach in sort of a doggy and getting pounded from behind. Because I love to be as lazy as possible off set.

Big D: Movies or the ballgame?

Lena Paul: Movies. Hands down. I was home schooled. sports are not my thing.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Lena Paul: I love a lot of the older movies. I mentioned before that my dad is way older so movies are kind of like our thing. Citizen Kane. Anything by Alfred Hitchcock. Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa. There are too many to count. Memento. Anything by the Nolan Brothers.

Big D: Modern convenience you can't live without?
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Lena Paul: The internet most likely. I am a bit of an obsessive gamer. That is my husband and my thing that we do. The internet and video games is probably the things I wouldn't want to give up.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Lena Paul: Mexico. Specifically, the Yucatan Peninsula.

Big D: Who is a person, living or dead, that you would like to meet but have not had the chance to meet them yet?

Lena Paul: Queen Elizabeth I. She was a badass. And Queen Victoria. Any of the female Monarchs. Joan of Arc. Any influential female figure in history. I kind of want to bone all of them. I was a history major in college.

Big D: Where is a place you like to visit but have not yet had the chance to go?

Lena Paul: Bali. If it is a tropical, hot ass rain forest, any sort of island or tropical area, I want to be there. But Bali ranks right up there.

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