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Big D's Interview With Leah Luv
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Interview Date: 12/28/2005

Leah Luv may look like a teenager but this 21 year-old is wise beyond her years. She has done the teeny bopper movies and she is ready to expand her image beyond the legal teen genre. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Leah Luv discusses her romantic relationship with porn starlet Hillary Scott, her decision to go back to college and she dispels the rumors that her braces are just for looks.

Big D: You are 21 years old but look a lot younger than that. How did you start, how did you get in and when did you know that you wanted to start working in adult films?

Leah Luv: I started after I just turned 19. I started in July 2003 and I got into it because I was a dancer and I wasn't making as much money as I needed to be making. I like to fuck, obviously. I met a bouncer who knew Ed Powers and Jim South over at World Modeling. He took me there one day and told me there was a much better opportunity in porn to make money. I met Jim South, took some pictures and it took us about three hours to come up with a stage name. I didn't know I had to have a stage name. I didn't really know how it worked. I did my first scene for Ed Powers and decided that I liked the industry and I wanted to do more scenes. About six months after I got into the industry I realized that my performances weren't as good as some of the other girls. I wasn't really putting effort into it. I think it was because when I first got into it I was really shy and really nervous. I then realized that if you are going to be in this industry and you are going to do a job like this you have to enjoy it. If you don't enjoy it you have to find something to make it fun. So I did and here I am.

Big D: So what did you find enjoyable about it that you were able to stay in it?

Leah Luv: I like the people. I like the money. I love the publicity. I love photo shoots and modeling. I think my favorite thing would have to be the travel. I love to travel around. Since I've gotten into the industry I've made a lot of money and it has given me the chance to buy everything that I want. It's very beneficial to me and I am going to start going back to school because of this industry. It's really helped me change my life around. I love every aspect of it.

Big D: You mentioned meeting the people within this industry is one of the important things to you. You actually developed a romantic relationship with fellow porn starlet Hillary Scott through this industry. You even go as far as to refer to her as 'your wife'.

Leah Luv: Exactly. Hillary is definitely my closest partner and closest friend. I do have a guy that I date in the industry and I will not say his name. I am also very close with him. I've made a couple of other pretty good friendships that I wouldn't have made had I not gone into adult. I can say that the friends I have met through this industry are definitely lifelong friends. Even when porn is done and I am not working in this industry I know that I will have friends forever. That really means a lot to me. It really has brought me a lot of happiness.

Big D: Do you consider yourself bisexual in that you are involved with Hillary Scott but also date a male performer in the industry?

Leah Luv: Of course. I am definitely bisexual. I think I am more heterosexual than I am bisexual because I love dick and I could never live without it. At the same time I could never live without Hillary Scott. She is my life. I talk to her every day. I see her 20 hours a week. We mostly go everywhere together when she is not with Brandon (Iron). We are always taking each other out to dinner. We go bowling together and we get drunk and get really stupid but it is really fun. It's not like porn on the outside of porn. We don't act like porn stars when we are not on set or at a porn party. We are normal people and we live normal lives and we have a lot of fun together. She and I and the guy that I date have actually had threesomes together. That is really fun. I actually love to watch her get fucked. No matter who is fucking her, I just love to watch her fuck. I love to watch her performances. She is such a huge inspiration to my career. I will always love her.

Big D: You said you guys get together sexually off camera. How is it when you guys have to perform together on camera for movies like Fresh Asses or Slut Puppies?

Leah Luv: Or Girls Interrupted #3 or Hillary Scott's Anal Princess Diaries. I could go on and on. She really helps me on camera. A lot of the women in the industry should not be called women; they should be called girls because many of them are only in this for the money and you can totally tell. There are a lot of girls that don't like doing girl/girl but they do it anyway. It's really hard to work with them because you have no chemistry. You know they don't like it. It is very awkward and they are really hard to get comfortable with in their performance. With Hillary, she loves it to death. She's very into it and it gets her off. She loves it when I squirt on her. I love it when she comes for me. I love it when she slaps me across the face. I love it when she beats me. It's just great. She is an amazing performer and she loves women. I'll see her do something that's really out there and it makes me want to do it too. She inspires me to be rougher because she does really rough scenes. I do rather regular scenes. I sometimes do the rough stuff but it kind of intimidates me. With her being as rough as she is it makes me want to do it too and to like it. She is very easy to work with because she enjoys her job as much as I do if not more.

Big D: What's the stuff that she does that inspires you to do more rough stuff?

Leah Luv: I haven't seen her do anything that I personally want to do. I think the way she performs inspires me to be a better performer. She is dirtier. She has a dirtier mouth than I do. She likes to be rough. She likes to be beaten. She likes doing double anal and double vag. I really don't want to do that ever in life. It's really fun to watch her do it because she really enjoys it. There are girls that do it specifically for money but with her it is not the money. She really loves it and it really turns her on. When I see her get turned on, I get turned on. I could watch her scenes and masturbate all day long. I think I have done everything that I've wanted to do and the only thing that I still want to do is direct. Honestly that is down the road and in the future. I do want to direct really bad. Actually Hillary and I both want to direct. Hopefully we can start directing together for the same company and work together and create movies together and hopefully one day start a company.

Big D: Speaking of the types of movies you like to put out, it seems like the majority of your DVDs out are of the teeny bopper, legal teen types. Are you tired of doing those types of movies and are you ready for something different?

Leah Luv: I am. I personally don't want to offend anyone that likes those types of movies but the fan base for those types of movies are typically older men that like younger girls. I want my fan base to be more than just older guys that like young girls. I am a woman and I am a very sexy woman. When given the opportunity to be sexy and to dress sexy I pull it off very well. I think I am very versatile in the types of scenes I can do. Because I look so young, not that many people are willing to give me that leeway. I think that once I get my braces off and I get my teeth bleached and fixed I might go for a more mature look, possibly dying my hair black or possibly getting a couple of tattoos. Nothing is certain because I really don't know exactly what I want to do yet. I do know I want to get out of the younger girl role. I like doing it to an extent but there are some things that they just push too far. I like doing the young girl roles because I know I look young and it makes me a lot more money but at the same time I like being portrayed as the woman that I am. I am a mother and I am a good mother and I enjoy it and I enjoy life. I enjoy being a woman. Sometimes I don't want to feel like a child and in this industry that's almost impossible.

Big D: You mentioned getting your braces off. I heard rumors that you didn't really need braces but got them so you could look younger and more like a teenager. So what is the truth?

Leah Luv: I got my braces put on when I was 15. I didn't do it so I could be a cuter high school chick. I've had my braces on for five years now. That's an extremely long time even for someone who does need them. I needed them badly. You could only see about four teeth in the front of my mouth before I got braces. They actually couldn't put all the brackets on my teeth when I first got them put on. They could only put a few on the front and in the back where the molars are because there wasn't enough of the tooth exposed to get the bracket on them. They were either on top of each other or behind each other. If you look at my teeth closely you can still see gaps on the sides where I had four teeth removed. I had to have them removed because I didn't have enough room in my mouth for all the teeth that I have. I'll only have a total of 22 teeth. That's 10 less than your average human. My mouth is just not big enough for 32 teeth. I've had six teeth pulled so far including four in the front and my wisdom teeth to be pulled. In the end I will only have 22 teeth. This was very necessary to do and in the end when they are no longer necessary I am getting them off. I don't want them. I hate them. It's harder to talk. It's harder to suck dick. It's harder to eat. They put raw spots on my tongue. I'm in a lot of pain right now because I saw my orthodontist yesterday and they had to change wires and rubber bands and putting new things in my mouth that I haven't had yet. It's a lot of pain to go through just to be cute. I really hate them and if I didn't need them, I wouldn't have them, trust me.

Big D: You mentioned the soreness and that it is harder to suck dick and perform after you have had a trip to the orthodontist. Do you schedule your scenes based on the time in between trips to get your teeth worked on? Kind of like if you have an appointment on Tuesday you won't schedule any scenes on Wednesday and Thursday?

Leah Luv: It's more like I won't schedule any scenes on that Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. After that first week of having them tightened I can't eat, chew, I can't talk and I definitely can't suck dick. I actually think my dick sucking is over for the next month because of what they did on the inside. Now I have these sharp pieces on the inside too.

Big D: You will be attending UCLA soon. How did you come to this decision and how will affect your role of doing more adult DVDs?

Leah Luv: I am a nerd. I am a big nerd. I am really intelligent and I am a huge geek. All through school I wasn't the kid that said, 'I hate school. I don't want to go today'. I went to school every day and had my homework turned in before class started. I was an honor roll student for 12 years. I never had anything below a B. I passed my SATs with flying colors and I had 12 scholarship offers which I chose not to take. I chose not to take them because I got pregnant and I knew I had to be a parent and there were things I had to do and school was not part of that equation. Now I make enough money where I can afford to go to school. I have it set up where I live in two places. I live with my dad and my son and then I live out in Woodland Hills by myself. I am going to be going to school three days a week and then I will be working the other four. After I get off of work and out of classes I will be going to spend time with my son. It's going to be harder at first but I know that porn is not a career for me. Temporarily it is an amazing career and I love it and I will never forget the things that I learned from it but there is a time in life where I need to get out it. I don't want to be in the industry five years from now. I want to make the money I am going to make. I want to get my education and I want to know I will have the education that I will be able to make six figures a year if not seven. That's more than I make now. I have people ask me why I would want to work that hard for the rest of my life when I can work in porn right now. The reason is being a veterinarian or a lawyer is much better than being HIV positive in five or ten years. I want to die of old age. I don't want to die of an STD.

Big D: It sounds like you are struggling with this double standard of you don't want to take the easy route but at the same time you are choosing this career at this moment because the money is so good.

Leah Luv: I never looked at it that way. I always felt that I did what I had to do because it was what I had to do. At the time I made the decision to get into this industry it was a choice but the other choices I had were much worse. I did what I had to do because I knew I couldn't take care of my child without that. What I did, I did to be a better mother. My son at two and a half years old has enough money put away that he can go to any college he chooses in the world. I like it that way. I am not saying not to get into this industry. I am saying don't take the easy way out. That's like saying I'm going to go sell drugs because it is easier. No, that is so wrong. It is still not healthy and can hurt you. My father worked very hard to take care of my brother and me. He was a single father making $25,000 a year. We always had a nice house, good food, a roof over our head, we were warm, and we went to good schools. I don't have respect for people who just take the easy way out because they are too lazy to work. That's lazy and irresponsible and their parents should be slapped.

Big D: Speaking of working hard, you've worked a lot this past year with about 60 DVDs being released in 2005. Were you disappointed when the AVN nominations came out and your name was not mentioned in any of the possible categories?

Leah Luv: Not at all. I just don't look at it like that. I didn't get into this industry to be a famous, renowned whore. I didn't get into this industry to win awards. If you look back, I mean honestly look back, at all the performers that have won female performer of the year, tell me where they are today. They are gone. They are not in the industry anymore. They disappeared. They got that award, put their nose up in the air and said 'fuck everyone' and left. Or they got pushed out of the industry because they got an attitude and no one wanted to deal with them anymore or they tried to raise their rates really high to make a lot more money. Their attitude was 'I'm the best performer of the year'. Yeah right. You won that award. You got all coked out and destroyed your life and look where you are now. You are no where. That's not everybody but Jenna Jameson never won female performer of the year. She never won that award and look where she is now. Jenna Jameson is the most famous and renowned woman performer in the history of the industry as far as I am concerned. If you look at the women that were in this industry compared to now they are really not around anymore. I still have a lot of companies that I haven't worked for and I am not looking to be the best. I am looking to make money and have fun. I like my job but I don't care if other people like me or not.

Big D: Of the movies you did do this year, were there any scenes that you felt were award nomination worthy or you just flat out enjoyed making?

Leah Luv: Slut Puppies with Hillary Scott. That's the only one I will say. I really don't watch my movies like that. I really don't pay attention to them that much once they are released. I talk to the fans and I go on Adult DVD Talk and I read the reviews. I know there have been a lot of good scenes but I couldn't even begin to name all of them. I know my first DP was a really good scene in 1 in the Pink 1 in the Stink #7. I know both my squirting movies, Squirting 201 #3 and POV Squirt Alert #2 were very good scenes. I know those were good because hardly anyone knows I am a squirter. That's fine by me because it wears you out a lot to try to squirt all day, every day. You try busting that many orgasms in a day and you aren't going to move either. I am not going to try to wrack my brain trying to come up with movies that should have been nominated because I just don't care. If I start to think about it might begin to upset me. I am fine with not being nominated. I am fine with not caring about the nomination. I am just really happy that my wifey (Hillary Scott) was nominated nine times. I just hope she walks away with eight out of nine of the awards she is nominated for. If she doesn't, that's fine too. She obviously is good enough to be nominated. How many females in this industry can you say has nine nominations? I didn't count the others but I didn't see anyone else's name that was mentioned that many times. She is one of the best female performers out there in my eyes. I love her and I am proud of her. I am not going to look at her any differently if she doesn't win but we are going to party until the sun don't shine if she wins. We are going to rub it in everyone's face that tried to bring her down. Was it a coincidence that all those rumors came out right before the awards show? It was just jealous people trying to bring her down. It happens to everyone. Elizabeth Taylor said that she doesn't listen to the news and doesn't read tabloids because she doesn't care if people talk shit about her. When you read it and you hear about it, that is when it affects you. When you don't know about it, it can't bother you.

Big D: First job?

Leah Luv: I worked at McDonald's and I worked for an arcade place in the mall called Fun 'N Games. Those are the only two normal jobs I ever had.

Big D: First concert?

Leah Luv: It was a country concert with Pam Tillis and Travis Tritt.

Big D: First car?

Leah Luv: 1973 Ford Mustang convertible. My second car was a 1989 Honda Accord.

Big D: What's in your CD player right now?

Leah Luv: I have a six disc CD changer so I have Evanescence, Alicia Keys, Stained, Nickelback, Mariah Carey and Eminen.

Big D: Favorite food?

Leah Luv: Ice cream

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Leah Luv: I don't remember the name but I know it was from West Coast Productions.

Big D: Favorite position?

Leah Luv: Missionary off camera. On camera I would have to say cowgirl.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Leah Luv: The movies.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Leah Luv: Cell phone or my computer.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Leah Luv: I have a lot of favorite mainstream movies. My latest one is King Kong. That was so fucking awesome. Dream for an Insomniac, Napoleon Dynamite, Bling Bling, Fallen with Denzel Washington and Braveheart.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Leah Luv: Amsterdam. Berlin is definitely a second.

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Leah Luv: Angelina Jolie. She is an amazing inspiration.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Leah Luv: Cancun. No wait. Change that. I want to go to the islands of Fiji. I want to go to England really bad too.

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