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Big D's Interview With Lauren Vaughn
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Interview Date: 03/06/2008

Lauren Vaughn would fuck Black guys with huge dicks even if they didn't pay her. She loves 'giving it up' and having her body used and abused because she just needs that much sex. Lauren Vaughn didn't get into porn for the money or the fame. She got in because it opened up a new aspect of her sex life to share with her boyfriend. Add to that she is very well read, is extremely articulate and can not get enough education, she is definitely not your typical porn slut. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Lauren Vaughn discusses her fetish for interracial sex, how no guy's dick is too big for her and why she is disappointed she doesn't get fucked in the pile driver position more often.

Big D: Starting off, for those that are a bit unfamiliar with your relatively short career, fill us in on why you got into porn, how you got your start and how you like it so far.

Lauren Vaughn: I've always been a reckless, sexual type of person growing up and I have always been very interested in the alternative and being very open minded and free spirited. It was actually a very easy transition. I did do some online web cam modeling and stripping. When that first came out it was in 1999 or 2000. From that point I just ended up focusing on my school and after a couple of years I ended up entering the swinging lifestyle. I became a swinger as a single female meaning I wasn't in the lifestyle with a husband or a boyfriend. I got into it by myself because I had gotten out of a long relationship and I didn't want to be with anybody but I still needed to have a lot of sex. It was a good way for me to get in touch with other people who were also very sexual and very open about things being no strings attached, recreational sex. From there I ended up meeting my current partner and from the start our relationship and our sexual relationship has always been very open and experimental. Porn has always been a huge turn on for both of us. I am very much an exhibitionist and a voyeur so it works out perfectly for the both of us. We just decided one day together that it would be really hot if I did porn. We thought I would come home and be with my partner and share my experiences afterwards. So we both decided that I would try my hand at trying to break into porn as an addition to our sex life. We thought it would be hot. I am sure that is a little bit different story than the other people that have decided to get into porn. I ended up lucking out and hooking up with Gold Star Modeling as my agent and I only work very rarely. I am still going to school and I have a full time job and I live in San Diego. I only drive up to L.A. every once in a while to do a scene and be a little slut and I love that. I go up there, get my rocks off and then I bring it back to my boyfriend and we share it. It's our way of kind of swinging at the moment.

Big D: Because you and you boyfriend enjoyed porn but were getting into the business under different circumstances than other porn stars, did you have an preconceived notions of what it would be like trying to break in and be a porn star? How did you turn the corner from being a swinger to becoming a porn star?

Lauren Vaughn: We kind of jumped into like the blind leading the blind. I did a lot of research online as far as what I should do. Obviously I do not know anyone in L.A. so it was best for me to to hook up with an agency. You can, of course, submit your bio and photos to agencies online and I didn't know any of the differences between the agencies. I just sent my photos and application to the big agencies and I ended up hooking up with Gold Star.

Big D: Did you apply at a number of different agencies and Gold Star was the first one to call you back so you went with them or did you get a number of calls and you chose Gold Star because they were the best fit for you, your schedule and situation?

Lauren Vaughn: Actually, I only applied to two agencies. Gold Star and LA Direct Models. They seemed to be the names that were mentioned a lot when I was doing my research online. I ended up talking with both offices and ended up being taken under the wing of Gold Star a little bit better. They were very tutorial as far as letting me know on how to guide me through this process. They seemed more like a mother to me. The other place was more of a “do it yourself” type of agency. I didn't know what I was doing so I needed someone to hold my hand and Gold Star was willing to do that.

Big D: You mentioned you needed a little more “hand holding” in the beginning. Now that you have been doing this long enough to have a number of adult DVDs hit the market, what do you know now that you didn't know then?

Lauren Vaughn: I actually didn't go into it thinking anything because I didn't know anything about it. I had no idea what I was getting into so my attitude was, 'let's find out what happens'. I knew, of course, that it is a business and that it has the business side to it. I figured that a lot of it revolves around money and business. I thought I brought something new and different to the table because I was getting into porn for the fun of it and for pleasure. Maybe it will be something new that not a lot of the girls are doing it just for fun. It would be a real person doing porn for real stimulation. When I first started I didn't know about the different positions and the different angles you need to be aware of when performing in front of a camera. There were things I needed to learn to do in front of the camera to help make everyone else's job a bit easier. Like I said, I went into porn just to fuck. Of course, fucking in the bedroom is different than fucking on film. There were a lot of things I did not know as far as what looks good on set. I was kind of surprised when I started getting cast in the MILF type movies. Seeing how I am not a parent and I am not a mother it was a bit disheartening. I am only in my 20's and all of a sudden I am being cast as a MILF? People were trying to make me look older than I actually am. I would show up on set to a MILF movie and then people tell me that I look so young to be a MILF. Then the make-up girl has to make me look much older by piling on five pounds of make-up. I wish I could do scenes where I am cast a bit more younger. I was a little offended at first but there is a lot of sexy MILF stuff coming out nowadays. It made me feel better once I started to do those.
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Big D: You mentioned you would like to do other types of porn other than the MILF genre. What other types have done and are there others that you have yet to do but would like to try your hand at?

Lauren Vaughn: Oh yeah. One of them would be to do more girl/girl scenes. I've only had one girl/girl scene in my entire time in porn up until now. It's really sad to me because I am really bi-sexual and there are a lot of girls in this business that are not bi-sexual that are doing all-girl porn. I am thinking, 'wouldn't you want someone who is actually bi-sexual cast in your scene?' Obviously I am going to be really enjoying it and that will come across on film. I just haven't been cast in those movies and I don't know why. I am not sure if there is a certain way to market towards that I am not familiar with. I would definitely like to do more girl/girl scenes. The other thing I love to do more of is I am really big into interracial scenes. It's a huge fetish that my boyfriend and I have. Interracial sex was one of the motivating factors in me wanting to do porn. I am a size queen and I would really like to do more scenes with huge black cocks. That's my preference to be perfectly blunt.

Big D: So why the fetish with black cock? Is it a taboo thing where growing up you never had the chance to be with a black guy? Or is it just the fact you like big dicks and black guys in porn typically pack the most meat?

Lauren Vaughn: I am attracted to all types of races or both sexes. I am very open minded in that regard. When I see someone that is very attractive, of course I am going to want to fuck them. (laughs) I am definitely into large size. I can handle it. I enjoy it. I want more of it. On top of that there is some sort of a taboo, sort of stigma that is attached to interracial sex. It's not something I have placed on it but from a societal standpoint and point of view. I really love the thought of the whole dirty white girl fucking a big black cock. I think it's sexy. I think it's naughty. It really turns me on. I am not just a slut going out and fucking people that look just like me. I am going out there and spreading my legs for other people and other races too. I'm just a real dirty whore. (laughs) It just makes the scene so much more dirty when you mix things up a little bit.

Big D: I know your body of work is not as extensive as if you were not going to school and living and working in L.A., but of the few people you have worked with, who are the ones you wouldn't mind skipping class to go and fuck again?

Lauren Vaughn: Out of the small amount of people I know, it would be Shane Diesel. Not only is he one of the nicest guys I have met in the industry so far, he also has an extremely large and thick cock. He's very nice and sweet about it. He's very humble which is very attractive to see. He doesn't just come out swinging it at you.

Big D: Who is out there that you have not had the chance to work with for whatever reason that you have heard good things about and hope to work with in the future?

Lauren Vaughn: I actually tried to get my agent to book me with Lexington Steele and that has happened. My porn knowledge is not all that great. I don't watch porn. I have never really been interested in watching porn. I don't get off watching other people have sex. I get off on me having sex. I don't know a lot of names in the porn industry. My boyfriend can rattle off all the names in porn. He knows about everybody. I have no idea who these people are. From the names I do know, Mr. Marcus seems to be next on my list. He's been recommended to me from other people I have worked with.

Big D: I know you have only really done a handful of girl/girl scenes but are there any girls out there in porn that you want to work with?
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Lauren Vaughn: Not particularly because I really don't know many. I think if I were to be taken advantage of by another girl on film I definitely want it to be a submissive / dominating sort of scene. It shouldn't be two girls being soft with each other. Any girl that is comfortable with getting up and taking advantage of another girl, that's hot to me. It really doesn't matter who the girl is as long as she is really into it. As long as she can dominate another woman and own that role, that's hot to me. I just want to be taken advantage of by another woman who knows what she is doing.

Big D: You mentioned earlier that your boyfriend is fully supportive of your choice to go into porn and that it was a decision you two made together. Does he accompany you on porn shoots and what is that like? What's it like to be fucking a huge black dick like Shane Diesel and your boyfriend is 20 feet away watching the whole thing?

Lauren Vaughn: He's been on a few shoots but not all of them. He's actually gotten a bit jaded by the whole process because he sees the business side of it. It is not nearly as sexy as the story behind it. For some parts it drags on for him. Other times it is not all that hot because there is not that much chemistry between me and the other guy. Maybe the scene is taking a long time because there is a lot of down time in between. I think it has even tainted his view of how he watches porn now. I love having him be there because I can look over at him while I am getting fucked and it is our little thing that we share. It is our little secret. He's looking at me saying to himself, “God, I love that you are such a dirty bitch”. (laughs) And I will be looking at him as to say, “look at this big Black guy just pounding my pussy right now”. It's this hot little thing between us. And after the scene is over and everyone is done I get on my knees and I'll just suck him off in the middle of the room. It works out perfectly for us. It's great. He loves it.

Big D: I know you mentioned that you going into porn was very much a joint decision between you two but it is still hard to fathom that type of situation. I talk to a lot of porn stars and they will flat out not date what they call “civilians” who are outside the porn industry because of the jealousy factor.

Lauren Vaughn: We are very much a union on everything. If it is not hot for us, I am not going to do it. I am not doing this as a business. I am doing this as a little spice and an addition to our sex life. It is if we were to meet up with another swinging couple and he were to watch me with them. The exception to that scenario is that this is on film and when the film gets released we get to have that in our personal collection too. We are very much a 'we' unit when it comes to this. I think he loves it way more than I do. Sometimes I have my second thoughts about going off and doing what we call “playing separately”. We are together and we are partners but if I am going up there to shoot a scene by myself, and I am having sex with someone other than my partner, I am playing separately. Sometimes that does weigh on my conscience a little bit but he reassures me because he loves it. If he didn't love it, I wouldn't do it. It's a little bit odd to me on one end but I am comfortable with it because he is comfortable with it. It's a fetish of his having a 'hot wife '. I don't know if the terminology in the swinging world is the same as it is in the porn world. Having a 'hot wife' is basically the woman in the relationship going off and getting fucked all the time and coming home to her husband. He love it. He loves having a 'hot wife'.

Big D: You are doing this for personal pleasure and not doing porn for the reason most girls get into it, for the money. On the other hand I am sure you are not driving up to L.A. and getting fucked for free either. How long do you plan on performing? Is it to help pay for your schooling or will we see Lauren Vaughn movies as long as doing porn is fun and supplements your personal sex life?

Lauren Vaughn: I definitely do not have any plans. I have not mapped out any sort of a career in porn. Couples go through phases. Sometimes you want to try something different or add something else into the mix. A couple who might not be as sexually adventurous as us might think watching a porn together is a way to spice things up. For them that is something new for them. After a while that was great for a time but they might want to move on and try something else. As long as it continues to be something we're interested in and we're turned on by, I'll do it. We're just going to let it run it course. And it is great because when I do get paychecks, the nice thing is that we don't need the money. Of course it is nice to have the money but we both have jobs that support us so we do not need this for support. When I do get paid we use that money for the both of us. We use that money to go on a trip together or we'll go out to a really nice dinner, or we'll buy ourselves something nice for the home. When I do get paid it is like a nice gift.

Big D: You mentioned that you have a good job that pays the bills. Did you think about the potential repercussions that might come about if you were found out to be making porn on the side? Seriously, this is not just being in the swinging culture on nights and weekends. This is porn and anyone in your company can buy or rent one of your DVDs and you would be found out. Did you tell your employer you would be doing this?
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Lauren Vaughn: Um, yeah, they don't have any idea. It's because it is kind of like my personal sex life. It's pretty public a little bit now. If they find out, they find out. If they find out I won't deny it but I also hope that it wouldn't affect my job. Honestly I really don't know what the law would be on that. I don't know if I could really get in trouble for that or not. I never really looked into it. It's not that I would deny it but I don't talk about it at work. If someone happens to recognize me... I am struggling to think of someone calling me out. I mean, what are they doing finding out? Wouldn't they be just as dirty for watching it? It would kind of be a give/give. If they are doing it or they are watching it they obviously can't find it that terrible, can they?

Big D: I noticed that you not only have your own myspace page like most porn stars have but you also are a blogger. And not a blogger in that you update your blog on your myspace page but you have your own blog site called Backseat Betty that is more of an online personal diary. One of the posting on there that I was reading that I found to be quite interesting was the one where you were fantasizing about your latest porn shoot and you took an early coffee break and went to the bathroom and masturbated so hard that you ended up ruining your underwear and had to throw them away. The description and the word usage was fantastic and not something you would expect from someone who puts together a personal blog. Where did you learn to write like that and why did you create this blog in the first place?

Lauren Vaughn: I've always been a big nerd. (laughs) I've always been very into school and have always been a student. I have always been into reading. I started reading at a very young age and developed quite a book collection by the time I moved out of my house. I can't stop reading. I can't put down books. I probably have 20 books stacked up on my night stand and my dresser with bookmarks in them. Being a big reader helps with being able to write because you read so many different styles. I have always, always loved writing. I would write poetry, stories. Anything I could write. Right now I am back at school for a second degree. Because I love writing so much I wanted to have a degree in English. It kind of goes hand in hand. I started the blog way before I got into porn. I started it just to have a blog and have something to write in. It kind of served as a chronicle as I made my way into the industry.

Big D: Since you are relatively new but have an online blog and there are other ways to get in contact with you, have you found that you already have fans of your work despite not being in for that long and not working all that much? Has anyone recognized you yet?

Lauren Vaughn: Not at all. I think it is because most of the stuff I am in has come out recently. Also, there are so many girls that do porn. So many new girls. Plus I live in San Diego so I don't think people expect to see a porn star to be down here. If I lived in L.A. someone would be more apt to expect to see a porn star out and about. No one has even come close to recognizing me. I have people on my blog and my myspace pages that email me and tell me they saw my latest scene. But it really is not anyone I have ever met in person.

Big D: Seeing how you are doing this on the side, are you ready for fan recognition once it happens? It will just be a matter of time until someone really likes your stuff you put out and invariably you will have fans out there. Are you ready to give up all that and go back to being a regular person with your boyfriend once you are done with porn even if you have a fan base developed?

Lauren Vaughn: If that does become the case, it definitely will not affect whether I choose to stay in porn or not. I would hope that if they become fans like you say that they would also become fans of my blog after I am out of porn. That blog will continue because I am pursuing writing as well. That will always be there and I will be writing on there a few times a week. Maybe if they are able to follow me through my personal life and make the transition with me... I think a lot of fans just want to know the person. They are always interested in knowing what she is up to and what she is doing. Fans will be able to continue to follow me through the blog. Maybe they will get some sort of satisfaction through that. Obviously it wouldn't be the same type of satisfaction but there will always be the stuff that is already there. If it doesn't get old to them and they are content with reading the sex stories I write and following me into more of an erotic writing site, I would like to think they will stick with me on that.

Big D: First job?

Lauren Vaughn: I was a hostess at a restaurant

Big D: First concert?

Lauren Vaughn: Jewel

Big D: First car?

Lauren Vaughn: Ford Escort

Big D: What’s in your CD player right now?

Lauren Vaughn: Tool, Dave Mathews Band, Disturbed

Big D: Favorite food?

Lauren Vaughn: Thai food

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Lauren Vaughn: Oh yeah. It was the old school Debbie Does Dallas on VHS. I was really little and I actually found it stashed away in my dad's closet while looking for Christmas presents. I saw the title and I knew it was something that was not supposed to be looked at. Of course, I had to look at it. I popped it into the VCR and I started watching it and I was shocked to hell. It's really, really funny in that I heard the garage door opening and that meant my dad was home from work. I rushed over to get the tape out of the VCR and the tape stuck to one of the reels or something on the inside. So when I pulled the tape out, all the fucking film from the tape started pulling out. Some of the tape was still stuck in the VCR and I couldn't figure out how to get it out. I finally yanked it hard enough that it broke and I spun the reels so that it would wind the remaining tape into the plastic case. I wound it up, put it back in its case and put it back right where it was supposed to be. I never heard a peep but I know that one day he must have put that in the VCR and wondered what the hell happened to it.

Big D: Favorite position?

Lauren Vaughn: I am a huge fan of the pile driver. It is the perfect position for me. I am a huge fan of giving it up and being the one that is getting fucked. I love people taking it from me. It's a really submissive position and not only that I can see it. It is right there in front of my face. There is no escaping what is going on. So watching it is also a turn on. Although I have heard it is not very good for film. I was wondering why they don't do it as often or not at all and I was told that it is just not that good to capture on film with the angles. That's sad for me but I do it at home all the time.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Lauren Vaughn: Sporting event. I have so much fun going in person. I hate watching it on TV. There is nothing more fun that going to a ballgame. I am a huge San Diego Chargers fan and also a Padres fan. We have season tickets to the home games for the Padres and Chargers so we are always there. I love, love them.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Lauren Vaughn: I am a tech geek so it is a toss up between my beautiful Mac computer or my cell phone.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Lauren Vaughn: This is going to sound really, really, really dorky but it's The Sound Of Music. I grew up watching it so it is one of those movies that reminds you of your childhood when you pop it in. I have to sing along with it every time.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Lauren Vaughn: Home to Germany. I miss it a lot so now it is vacation for me.

Big D: Person you’d like to meet that you have not met?

Lauren Vaughn: I would have love to have met Anaiis Nin. She had a tremendous influence on me as far as writing goes. She was one of the largest female writers of her time. She came out and shocked the hell out of the world and she wrote erotic novels. A lot of her diaries are published as erotic novels. She wrote about her sexual escapades and her affairs and that was not something that a proper woman was supposed to do. She is a beautiful writer and I love her for that milestone she created.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven’t yet?

Lauren Vaughn: I have been dying to go to either Bali or Thailand.

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