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Big D's Interview With Kirsten Price
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Interview Date: 12/01/2006

Kirsten Price seems to have it all these days. She is the star of a reality TV show, has an extend contract with Wicked Pictures, a loving husband, gets paid to have great sex and operates her own website. The only thing missing is the AVN Award for Best New Starlet and that may be coming in January 2007. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Kirsten Price reveals how bad she wants to win the AVN Award, dishes on her rivalry with another porn star and discusses the prospects of her leaving porn in order to have a baby.

Big D: Since signing your contract with Wicked in 2005, your career has really taken off. You have been nominated for a number of AVN awards, most notably for the 2007 Best New Starlet award. What's reaction to all this recognition in the form of award nominations?

Kirsten Price: It's so exciting. I can't even believe I was nominated for five AVN awards this year. I have never been nominated for an AVN Award before. The Best New Starlet is the 'Holy Grail' of awards and I really, really want to win it. I am keeping my fingers crossed because it is such an amazing honor. I am hoping I win but we will see what happens.

Big D: You've already signed a contract with Wicked Pictures which is one of the top studios to be a contract girl with, but what do you think winning that award will do to help even further your career?

Kirsten Price: I think it will help me go farther and help me do what I want to do. I've got a show on Fox Reality TV called 'My Bare Lady' and I think winning would help boost that show up a bit. I think it will help me promote my website. I think I will actually use it. You look at a lot of the girls that have won Best New Starlet and they don't use it. You hardly ever hear from them again. They call it the 'Best New Starlet Curse'. I think this year they should give it to someone who really deserves it and who is going to use it and someone who really wants it. I think that is me and hopefully we'll see. I won't be too upset if I don't win because I know how things go. I think it will really help my career and help me make more money which is what I want to do.

Big D: How do you feel you stack up against the competition? There are a lot of very deserving girls that are all nominated with you like Ava Rose, Mia Rose, Sasha Grey, Charlotte Stokely, Jenna Presley, Stefani Morgan, Naomi and Amy Ried. That is not a list to take lightly and I think this year it is as wide open as it has been in years.

Kirsten Price: I know for a fact that I have worked a lot harder than any of those girls have in the past year. Sure they may have more titles out but just because you have more sex than someone doesn't make you a better starlet. I think Best New Starlet is someone who can branch out and is not just a porn star. She should be someone who can do a lot of other things. I think that I have proven that I am very marketable to the mainstream. I've done a lot more stuff like hosting Night Calls on Playboy TV. I have been hosting the red carpet for the AVN Awards. I did it last year and I am doing it again this year. I think I have a lot of charisma and I am not just a girl who has sex on camera. There is a lot more to me and that is why they should pick me for Best New Starlet.

Big D: In addition to awards, you will also be starring in Fox Reality TV's "My Bare Lady" which debuts Dec 7th. (The show's premise is four American adult film stars are sent to London's most prestigious theatrical school to prove they can really act.) How did you come to be cast in that show and how is it different than working for Wicked?

Kirsten Price: I actually got an email from someone at Wicked telling me that they thought I would be great for the show. They suggested I audition for it. I went in and did an interview followed by another audition. That was tough. I had to do some Shakespeare. I had never done anything like that in my life. I think I pretty much nailed it. I think I was the first person they asked to come to London. I was floored. I didn't think I was going to make it. I had no idea I could do anything like that. It was just an amazing experience. Hopefully the show comes out good. Hopefully I did myself justice.

Big D: How were the other porn stars on the show and what was it like being on a reality TV show where the cameras are rolling all the time?

Kirsten Price: The other girls were Chanel St James, Nautica Thorn and Sasha Knox. There is a lot of conflict that you are going to see on the show between me and one of the other girls. We did not get along at all. I got along great with Chanel and she was my roommate. It's a lot different than being on the set with a girl. You are living with this person 24 hours a day under very, very stressful circumstances. You essentially have to learn an entirely new language in a culture that we have never been in before. It was culture shock and it was amazing all at the same time. We had to learn a dance and people didn't want to help us out. It was crazy but it was a lot of fun though.

Big D: With the increased popularity in reality TV these days, you always hear how the show's producers stage conflict and inject artificial stressful situations in order to have a more dynamic show. A lot of the shows have a 'villain' essentially and the people who are painted in this role are not happy with the way they were portrayed in the show. Did you find that to be the case with this show and was a lot of the conflict manufactured by the show's producers?
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Kirsten Price: They didn't have to manufacture anything. There was a big personality difference with one main girl on the show. We were kind of segregated and with Chanel St James and I and Nautica Thorn in the middle and Sasha Knox on the other side. They didn't have to manufacture any conflict. There was enough craziness in the house that there was no need to manufacture anything. It is perfectly, genuine crap. (laughs)

Big D: You were recently over in Europe for the World Music Awards rubbing elbows with mainstream celebrities and musicians. As a girl growing up in the northeast did you ever think you would be doing that? Growing up did you have those aspirations to be your own celebrity in your own right?

Kirsten Price: Oh, absolutely. I always knew I was going to do something in the entertainment field. Los Angeles was where I wanted to be since I was five years old. It wasn't shocking to me but it is also a good feeling at the same time. I am happy with the way things are going.

Big D: you mentioned you had aspirations to be in the entertainment industry from a young age. Normally at that age you don't dream of being a porn star. You have done some mainstream modeling and you were a Hawaiian Tropic girl before getting into porn. Don't get me wrong, anyone who has seen your movies is happy you chose to get into porn but why porn? Why not stay in mainstream modeling?

Kirsten Price: I did a lot of commercials and other mainstream work and I found it kind of boring. I love modeling and that was great but you can only do that for long. I am only 5'4" and it seems like the 'Glamazons' were taking over bikini modeling and lingerie industry which was kind of my only hope. The first thing I took my clothes off for was Playboy. I did about five photo shoots for Playboy and I just kind of got hooked. I came out the L.A. to live with Jesse Jane, who is my best friend, and she was already in the industry at the time. It was always something I have been interested in. I saw how wells she was doing and making a ton of money and it seemed like something that I could do. I started doing more nude modeling out here (Los Angeles). I started working for people like Suze Randall. I then started doing soft core stuff and then doing some more hardcore stuff like girl/girl. It was a natural progression for me. I made sure it was absolutely what I wanted to do before I took the plunge. I love it and I have never regretted it a day in my life.

Big D: You are on contract with Wicked now but you didn't enter the business with a contract. Did you always know you wanted a contract or was that an extra added bonus? You mentioned that Jesse Jane is a friend of yours and she is on contract with Digital Playground. Were you courted by other studios but chose Wicked out of all of them?

Kirsten Price: I actually never really considered other companies. I never expected a contract because at the time I was only working with my husband (fellow porn star, Barrett Blade) and other girls. I figure that if I was approached for a contract that would be the time to start thinking about doing other guys. Wicked approached me on the set of I'm with the Band when I was working with Keri Sable. That was one of the companies that I said I would work for. I had two companies in mind that I wanted to work for and they were Wicked and Club Jenna. I just think Vivid just has too many girls I think I would get lost in the mix. Also I didn't want to be with the same company (Digital Playground) as my best friend (Jesse Jane). I figured Wicked and Club Jenna with Wicked being my No. 1 choice would be the ones for me. When Wicked came to me I was really excited. I had to really think it through and think about how would this affect my marriage? After the first meeting I had with (Wicked Pictures owner) Steve Orenstein, this was absolutely the company I wanted to be with. It has been the best decision in my life and for my career. It has taught me a tremendous amount. I am very happy I made that choice and took the plunge.

Big D: You mentioned that coming on contract with Wicked was a decision that you had to think about long and hard. You had to consider no only how it would affect your career but also your marriage. Since making that decision, has you marriage been adversely affected by your decision to start doing other guys on camera?

Kirsten Price: My husband (Barrett Blade) is also in the industry so it wasn't very hard. It's been good for us to have an extra income. We have bought a house. It hasn't really affected us and we just wanted to make sure that it wouldn't.

Big D: You worked for a number of porn companies before signing your contract with Wicked. What did you take away from your brief time in gonzo that has carried over to your work now with Wicked?

Kirsten Price: I think I got to see both sides of the industry. A lot of girls that come into the industry and are immediately signed to a contract and they do not get to see the other side. They are immediately 'spoiled'. I've been on the other side and I have taken that with me to Wicked. I think it gives me a little more of a hardcore edge. I like the gonzo sex better than the feature sex. I can see myself doing more of the hardcore stuff than the other girls. It is a lot different going to a gonzo set where you go into hair and make-up, bang out a scene and then leaving compared to being on set for 14 hours straight for six days in row. It's a lot different but I absolutely love it. I don't mind being on set for long hours because I know the final product is going to be that much better.

Big D: What's the best part about being a Wicked girl and then on the other side of the coin, what do you miss about being a free agent porn star?

Kirsten Price: Everything. Everything is the best part of being a Wicked girl. I love it. I love the people I work for. I love the people I work with. I love the way we are just a big family and everyone is so nice. We all get along so great. I don't really miss anything about freelancing because I worked too much. I pretty much worked every single day and that is hard on your body. I don't think it is good for your body to have all the shit inside you everyday. Whether it is a dildo or a cock. Still, your body was not meant to do that everyday. I think about my future and whether or not I want to have children. I don't really miss anything about it. I really like being a contract girl.

Big D: Speaking of your future, some girls that get into porn have a game plan and want to do this while going to college and then they will get out. Others want to perform as long as they can and then become directors. Where do you see yourself going in this business and for how long?
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Kirsten Price: I am going to do it until my tits fall off. (laughs) I love it. I absolutely love it. I want to do this for as long as I can. I will probably take a break in the next few years. I have two more years on my contract. I haven't really decided but I might take a break and have some kids and then come back. I am not opposed to working after I have children. They are going to find out anyway. They are going to know what mom and dad did. It doesn't matter if she did it after she had you. I definitely plan on working after that. Maybe after I am done performing I can see myself behind the camera. I can't imagine leaving this industry.

Big D: Since you have taken off those restrictions you had about working with male talent, who are the guys you really enjoy working with?

Kirsten Price: Obviously I like working with my husband (Barrett Blade) because that is an easy day. I have a very short list right and I am thinking about adding to it and try out some new guys. I like working with Chris Cannon a lot. Tommy Gunn is great. Everyone that is on my list is very easy to work with.

Big D: What about the girls?

Kirsten Price: I really haven't done a girl/girl scene in a while so it is hard to say. I really like working with jessica drake. She is very sensual and a very sexual kind of girl. She is very sexy and I like working with her a lot.

Big D: You not only have conquered the porn world and you seem to be making a bigger leap into the mainstream as well. What else is on your plate?

Kirsten Price: I am about to start feature dancing. I had my first booking in December in Detroit. After that in January I will be in Van Nuys, Calif. and in February I'll be in Connecticut. That will be three months in a row of dancing and I am really excited about it because I have always wanted to do that. I am going to dedicate some more time to work on my website, KirstenPriceXXX.com, because I have been so busy traveling. We went to Germany for Venus (the international porn convention) and I had so much going on that I felt like I had fallen behind. I plan on shooting a lot more for my website. I don't know. I think I will need a vacation eventually. (laughs)

Big D: What are some the things you have already shot that are coming out that we can look forward to seeing Kirsten Price in?

Kirsten Price: One of my favorite movies that I shot was back in April and it has taken a long time to come out. There are a lot of special effects in it and it is called Super Natural directed by Michael Raven. It's kind of like a ghost story. It's really good. I put a lot into it and hopefully it turns out as good as I think it will. That should be out in February.

Big D: What about your involvement in Manhunters? I had the chance to talk to jessica drake and she said it was a hard movie to make but very rewarding at the same time. Do you share that same opinion?

Kirsten Price: Manhunters was definitely difficult to make because there were so many girls involved in the making of the movie. It was an action movie and we were all very excited and we talked a lot and we also got yelled at a lot. It was a lot of fun but it was tough. It was really hard work. I have done things I never thought of doing before doing that movie. I was taught how to shoot a gun. That was cool. I also learned that I am really afraid of heights. It was amazing but it was also grueling physically, mentally and emotionally. I think everyone shed some blood, sweat and tears making that movie. It was definitely something worth doing and definitely something I would do again.

Big D: Seeing how Manhunters is not your typical porno flick, did working on a movie like that make you want to do different types of movie? Did you want to do other out of the box type porn than just your typical 'fantasy sequence' porn?

Kirsten Price: I want to do all kinds of movies. I want to do some action movies. I want to shoot more guns because I really like guns. I want to shoot more guns and kick more ass.

Big D: First job?

Kirsten Price: I worked as an assistant at a hair salon

Big D: First concert?

Kirsten Price: New Kids on the Block when I was eight years old. (laughs)

Big D: First car?

Kirsten Price: Chrysler LeBaron Convertible

Big D: What's in your CD player or iPod right now?

Kirsten Price: In my iPod I have a lot of stuff. I have a lot of System of a Down. I also have journey, Rod Stewart, My Chemical Romance, Jay-Z and Ludacris. A good mix of music.

Big D: Favorite food?

Kirsten Price: Sushi

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Kirsten Price: I am not sure. It was something that had Peter North in it.

Big D: Favorite position?

Kirsten Price: On camera it would be doggy because I think it really looks nice. I think I have a cute little butt. Off camera I think I like spooning because I tend to get a little bit lazy. It is really to just lie in bed and have some lazy, hot, married sex.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Kirsten Price: The movies. I am not really into sports. I like soccer. Since I spent some time in London I enjoyed watching soccer or tennis. The movies have always been something I have been into. Another thing is you can't really get the movie theater popcorn at the ball game. I am all about the popcorn.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Kirsten Price: My flat iron.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Kirsten Price: pulp Fiction. I really like stuff like that, stuff that is twisted. Quentin Tarantino is one of my favorite directors.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Kirsten Price: The north shore on Oahu, Hawaii.

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Kirsten Price: Johnny Depp. He is really fascinating. He is really dark and out there. I think there is a lot to him that people do not realize.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Kirsten Price: I want to go to Saint Tropez.

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