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Big D's Interview With Kinzie Kenner
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She lives in Arizona but works in porn valley. The distance is not a problem for Kinzie Kenner who is devoted to her career as anyone in porn. In this interview Kinzie shares news of her new breast implants, maintaining a romantic relationship while working in porn and her recent decision to perform in anal scenes.

Big D: You haven't been working as much lately because you recently had breast implant surgery. How did that go and how did they turn out?

Kinzie Kenner: It went extremely, extremely well. I got the surgery a little over two weeks ago and the healing is going great. I am really happy with the results because I went to a great doctor. I should be back working again sometime in November. I am excited about it.

Big D: Do you have anything lined up already to be the first movie you do with your new breasts?

Kinzie Kenner: Not particularly yet. I have not sent out any new pictures yet. I want to go back to the gym before I can start working again. I like to look my best and be good at what I do. I will make sure everything is situated before I try to work again. My agent is great. He always gets me really, really good work. I am excited to see what he can put together for me. I have been talking to some people and they can't wait for me to get back. It'll be fun.

Big D: What made you decide that breast augmentation was right for you?

Kinzie Kenner: I've actually wanted to get breast implants for a while. I didn't really put my foot down about it until I started going to the gym a lot more. Everything stayed but my boobs kind of shrunk. I never really had big boobs. I had something but they shrunk even more. I had to even myself out. I thought it was time. I had been doing teeny bopper sort of movies for two and a half years. It was time to step it up a little bit and change it up a little bit. It was time.

Big D: Was it a hard decision? Did you agonize over it or was it easy because it was the next step?

Kinzie Kenner: I thought about it for a while. I did a lot of research. I didn't just jump into it. I wanted to make sure I found a really good doctor and that I was really comfortable with it and that I thought about it over and over and over. Finally I found a really great doctor and as soon as I met with him I was really comfortable. I decided that this was something I wanted to do and I wanted to do it now.

Big D: How has the reaction been when you told people you were going to do this?

Kinzie Kenner: It was a lot of mixed reaction. Some people were absolutely, totally against it. That I can understand because a lot of people don't like change when they have something they like, they want it to stay the same. Some people were very supportive. I have a website and I have a lot of fans from my website that are really supportive of anything I do. Of course they think I look fine without it but that will not change their decision if they will remain fans or members of my website. The decision was basically do what you want to do. I respect everything they have to say because they care. It's nice to hear everyone's opinion. Ultimately it didn't really affect what I was going to do because I had made up my mind. I like people's input.

Big D: I am sure this is a question you have answered before but how did you get your start in the adult industry? You just turned 21 so how long ago did you get into the business and how did you get started?

Kinzie Kenner: I got in the industry, it will be three years this coming February. I decided to get in because I had always been into modeling when I was younger. I liked being in front of the camera. I've been a dancer and I've been an actress so I like the aspect of being able to perform and being able to become a character. I like being able to use myself creatively on camera whether it was with sex it was a lot of fun. A friend of mine was doing it and she suggested I try out some nude, lingerie type modeling. I wasn't against that. I didn't mind it. I tried it and I liked it and it kind of snowballed from there. I got a lot of offers. I basically tried it out a few times. I really took my time with it. I didn't do boy/girl for a full year. I was really weary. I didn't want to jump into things too quickly. I think I did it the right way. I took my time and almost three years later I am still here and I still like it. I think I did the right thing.

Big D: How did you come to the decision to go all the way and start doing boy/girl scenes and hardcore adult DVDs after staying away from it for a year?

Kinzie Kenner: When I first started doing boy/girl I was nervous because I had only been with two other people in my personal life. I didn't know what to expect. I thought a lot about it and my friend who got me into the industry didn't want me to do it. She was doing boy/girl but she didn't think it was right for me to do it. Like a protective mom sort of thing. The first couple of times I did it, I liked it. It was different and it was a new experience but I wasn't completely comfortable with it. So because of that I only did it seven or eight times and then I took a break and didn't do it again for about a year. When I came back to do it I was completely ready for it and I had a blast. I loved every second of it. Like a whole new side of me opened up.

Big D: What prompted you to come back after that extended break?

Kinzie Kenner: I never really officially got out of the industry. I was still doing print work. I did a lot magazines. I did girl/girl stuff. I kind of laid low and I was working for a smaller talent agency kind of helping them out. I worked on my website. When I came back it was that I was ready for it because I had more knowledge of the industry and how things work. I had people who were more supportive on my side. I didn't have the shady people around me anymore. I felt like it was time. It all unfolded great. I had tons of work and it was like I was being treated like new talent again. I had tons of work and I was everywhere. It was great.

Big D: Looks like your first scene was with Manuel Ferrara?

Kinzie Kenner: Oh yes! It was definitely an eye opening experience for me. The first two guys I had been with they weren't super experienced. They were obviously not as big as some of the guys who do porn. I was still a little conservative even though I had done a lot of girl/girl. I have been with girls in my personal life before I was ever with men. When I first worked with him and I saw his package I was like a deer in the headlights. I was saying to myself, 'that's going to go into me? Where? How?' He even asked me if I was a virgin because it pretty much was impossible for the first couple of minutes.

Big D: What DVD did that scene end up in?

Kinzie Kenner: My first boy/girl scene was actually done for Digital Sin and it was called Young as they Cum #12.

Big D: You currently live in Arizona despite the fact you were born and raised in California.

Kinzie Kenner: Yes, born and raised in California. I've lived all over Southern California. I've lived everywhere.

Big D: How did you come to settle in Arizona? Do you have roots back there or was it that the housing prices in California are just way too high?

Kinzie Kenner: It was a little bit of everything. I have lived in California my whole life and I was tired of the drama. I was tired of the traffic and tired of the overpriced crap. My sister had moved to Arizona from Colorado and we decided to come visit her one time. She had this amazing house. It was five bedrooms and it was brand new in this amazing community for really cheap. It was ridiculous. It was almost stupid to not buy a house that was that cheap and that nice. It's only a six hour drive so I can still travel back and forth from LA to Arizona and not be completely stressed out. I really like it. It is kind of like being on vacation when you are at home.

Big D: Since you do not like to fly, you drive back and forth to LA when you are working. How does that work out for you especially with gas prices as high as they are?

Kinzie Kenner: I am definitely not a big flyer at all. But when it comes right down to it and I have to do it or it is to go on vacation, I will. We do drive. We got a new car that gets really good gas mileage. We were going to get a hybrid but we ended up not getting it. It's not too bad. You stop twice to fill up and then you are there. I pretty much sleep in the car and my boyfriend drives so it works out. It gets tiring sometimes and you don't want to be in the car anymore. There isn't much traffic and it is pretty desolate so it is nice.

Big D: By splitting time between Arizona and California do you think you miss out on potential jobs and shoots because you are not in LA and can't work on a moments notice?

Kinzie Kenner: I definitely do miss out on some opportunities because directors have told me they wanted to book me last week but I wasn't there. I don't think it ultimately hurts me because I never have a problem with working while I am out there. My agent does a great job of making sure I stay busy. So when I am in LA I work every day for two weeks. And when I come home I just focus on being at home with my dogs or working on my website. It's great because I do have a lot of free time and I don't get burned out on it. So many people work constantly, constantly, constantly, constantly until they crash. I love being able to just come home and hibernate for a week and go to the gym and then come back out to LA and work like crazy.

Big D: You mentioned that when you drive to LA your boyfriend normally is behind the wheel. How does working in adult affect your relationships in your personal life? Since you are having sex on camera with different people how does that affect your ability to maintain a boyfriend?

Kinzie Kenner: I luckily have somebody that is really open minded. I've known him for a while and we have been together for over a year and we are engaged. He is really open minded. He is also in the adult industry but he doesn't perform. He works as the head of an internet company for Elegant Angel. He is open minded and it doesn't matter what I do on film as long as I do it with him at home. He says if I try something on camera I have to do it with him. It's nice because he doesn't mind me traveling a lot. We get to spend way more time with each other than normal couples do that work nine to five jobs. It's kind of convenient that way.

Big D: Sounds like you are able to maintain a romantic relationship off camera. How has your family reacted to you working in porn and do they know what you do?

Kinzie Kenner: I am not sure if my dad knows because I haven't talked to him for a few years. When my mom first found out she was full of questions. She wasn't angry with me. She wasn't pissed off. She asked, 'why did you decide to this?' or 'what are you getting out of it?' and 'what are you planning on doing with the rest of your life?'. She just wanted to know where my mind was which is totally understandable. I am so thankful that she didn't flip out on me. I just told her I had an opportunity and that I wanted to explore different things right now. She knows it is not my ultimate goal to stay in porn forever. She is really supportive. She knows that I am not doing anything that is going to hurt me and she knows I have a good head on my shoulders. She knows I have people around me that love me. She is pretty confident in my decision. I don't talk to her openly about it. I don't say, 'hey mom, this is what I did today.' She has seen my Hustler magazine layout and she buys them. She doesn't necessarily look at me spreading my ass wide open but she looks at the photography and looks at my make-up and will say 'wow, you look so beautiful'. She appreciates it for a different reason. It is nice to have someone that is interested in it in a way but I don't go around and rub it in her face either. I am sure it is not something she totally wants to hear about constantly.

Big D: I heard you were gearing up to start doing anal scenes back in August. How did you come to the decision that you wanted to take that next step? How many scenes have you done and are you adding it to you your list of regular things you will be doing on film?

Kinzie Kenner: It all started because I thought I would never do anal. I was never turned on by it. I never thought it was for me. With my fiance he was the only person I had ever experimented with it. We tried it a few times in our personal life and it wasn't bad. I thought maybe in a couple of months I would do it on camera once or I'll do it if I can do a whole movie based around it. I actually got that deal. Elegant Angel actually gave me my own movie called Kinzie's Anal Adventures (since this interview the name of the movie was changed to Lil' Red Riding Slut) which will out in the beginning of 2006. It's kind of cool in the fact that is reality in a way. I start out curious about it and I want to watch someone else do it so I have another girl come and do a scene with me. She eventually gets it up the ass and I get to watch and it turns me on. The next scene I use toys up my ass but I am still not sure if I can take the real thing. At the end I finally take it up the ass all by myself. I've only done three anal scenes since I started doing it. I did one with Manuel and that was amazing. I never thought I'd get something that big up my butt. It was mind blowing. I even saw pictures of it and I was amazed I could do that. He is pretty well endowed. I hadn't had a lot of practice but I took it like it was nothing and I had a great time. I definitely think I will be doing more. It just won't be as often. It will be a couple times a month so it is more rare. I like to keep it like that so people have to look for it.

Big D: When you come out to LA you are working almost every day for two weeks straight. How do you stay fresh and energetic working that hard for so many days consecutively?

Kinzie Kenner: Sometimes it is very tiring. When I first come out the first two days I kind of have to get back in the groove. It's kind of like having a split personality. When I am at home I am just me. When I come into LA for work I am Kinzie. It's like flipping a switch and turning on a whole other side of me. So I have to get back into the groove. Sometimes it can be very stressful. Sometimes I have easy days and sometimes I don't. It's cool because I can still remain fresh because regardless if I work every day for two weeks, the other girls that live in LA, they work every day for two months. It still keeps me in the groove and a lot of times things aren't released all at the same time. There is a gap and some things are released two months later and some things are released six months later. It seems to be working out for me which I really like.

Big D: You've been doing a lot of stuff for Elegant Angel. I know Tiana Lynn is their only contract girl but it seems like the amount of stuff you do for them you could be their second contract girl even though you aren't. How did you come to make a heavy connection with that studio?

Kinzie Kenner: It's funny because I had never really worked for them before. I had met a few of the people but never worked with them. I really didn't know Tiana Lynn but then I got a call last year around the time of the AVN show. They needed someone to sign autographs in their booth. They booked me to sign for them in Vegas. We became family out there. I swear, every time I am in LA I hang out at their office. Tiana and I go out to lunch. I totally feel like I am a part of their family. Ever since I signed for them in Vegas last year I have been working for them so much. They are one of the best companies out there. They are great people and they put out great products. I have a great time on set with them. I am so happy that I met them.

Big D: What other companies do you enjoy working for?

Kinzie Kenner: I love to make feature movies because I do have a background with acting and being on stage. It's really nice to work for Wicked and Digital Playground because I don't mind the long days at all. I love to have a script and to become a character. It is so nice to see the finished product because there is so much effort and time that goes into it from everybody. I've worked for some great companies. Hustler is great to work for. There are so many of them out there.

Big D: Your mom was curious as to how long you were going to be doing this. Where do you see yourself in the future in the business?

Kinzie Kenner: I plan on staying in the industry until it is not fun for me anymore. I've always told myself that I am going to do something until I don't like it anymore. When it is not fun I am going to quit because it is not worth it. I'm going to ultimately open up my own dance and performing arts center so I can teach dance since I have such an extensive background with that. I probably will continue to work on my website. I plan on doing that even after I get out of the video side of the business. I'll work on my website because that is something I can just do from home and have a normal job. Probably something with dance because I have always loved dance or something with make-up because I do make-up also. Something along those lines.

Big D: First job?

Kinzie Kenner: I worked at Subway as a sandwich artist.

Big D: First concert?

Kinzie Kenner: Bon Jovi. I love the 80's.

Big D: First car?

Kinzie Kenner: Z28 Camaro

Big D: What's in your CD player right now?

Kinzie Kenner: Can I say my iPod? It's 311.

Big D: Favorite food?

Kinzie Kenner: Italian food and mashed potatoes.

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Kinzie Kenner: I don't remember but I do know it had Randy Spears in it. The first time I ever worked with him I told him the first porno I ever watched had him in it.

Big D: Favorite position?

Kinzie Kenner: I like anything that shows off my butt. I like to talk about it and I like to get spanked. Anything that can showcase that is great.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Kinzie Kenner: If it were football I would choose football. If it were a horror movie, I'd choose that.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Kinzie Kenner: My vibrator.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Kinzie Kenner: I have so many favorite movies. I like any horror film. My favorite movie right now is Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Kinzie Kenner: Curacao

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Kinzie Kenner: I would like to meet Jessica Simpson so I could try to persuade her to come home with me.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Kinzie Kenner: Tuscany.

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