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Big D's Interview With Kimberly Kane
Inside Kimberly Kane

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Interview Date: 10/17/2006

Versatility is the best word to describe Kimberly Kane. She feels just as comfortable on the set of a feature film being considered for multiple AVN nominations as she is getting down and dirty with a bunch of girls in The Violation series. With a number of AVN Awards already to her credit, Kimberly Kane is calling the shots now which includes directing. Her latest passion has been acting and directing 'alt-porn' that has gained wide acclaim and popularity lately. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Kimberly Kane discusses what goes into alt-porn, what keeps her in the porn industry and why some people in porn can be considered an extended family.

Big D: I took a look at your DVDs we have available at XRentDVD and it looks like you have a broad range and are quite versatile. Recently you have been doing a lot of what is being called 'alt-porn' but you have also done the regular porn like Barely Legal, Fresh New Faces, Jack's Playground, etc.

Kimberly Kane: It happens that early in your career, you don't know what you are doing. You just don't know. You don't know the people and your agent books you and you got a job, you know what I mean? After about a year and half I started realizing who I wanted to work with and who I didn't want to work with. I started getting hired and rehired by people who were cool with me.

Big D: You said it took you over a year to discover how the business worked and who you wanted to work for. What did you learn in that time where you felt confident enough to call your own shots when it came to working in porn?

Kimberly Kane: It comes down to the people. It is all about who I get along with and who I don't get along with. I don't want to put up with bullshit, so I don't work for bullshit companies. I want to get paid so I don't work for people whose checks bounce. It's just getting to know your business.

Big D: At any point during the time you were getting to know and understand the business did you ever consider throwing in the towel? Did it become too much of a hassle and you considered doing something else other than porn?

Kimberly Kane: Absolutely not. I love this business and I love working in the business. It is just like any other business. Thee are some people you do not want to work with. I am a freelance person. I am an independent contractor. I want to work with people who I want to work with. It is not a big hassle. I don't work for Sin City because they don't pay me but I work for Vivid because they do. This person respects me on set so I will work for them and that person is a dick and so I won't work for them. It is just weeding out the douche bags because this business is just crawling with them. It's no big deal. It's not rocket science.

Big D: Why is it that porn attracts so many dickheads and douche bags and why is it that the porn industry continues to tolerate these undesirables?

Kimberly Kane: It's because we are working in the sex industry. It's like working in a strip club or running hookers or prostitution. It's the sex industry so there are going to pimps, there are going to be drugs, there are going to be fights, there is going to be speed, there are going to be... fucking hookers. You know what I mean? The people that really know how to deal with these types of people and not fall into their pattern and instead rise above them are successful. The people that are the douche bags, they can last just as long in this business as (Vivid owner) Steve Hirsch but they will always be considered the underbelly of the industry. They will always be the bottom feeders. There are bottom feeders everywhere.

Big D: You've done a bit of bondage and some girl/girl and boy/girl and even what they are calling 'alt-porn'. Now that you have discovered and learned where you want to be in the industry, is there something out there that you seem to gravitate more towards since you are calling your own shots and not letting your agent dictate which shoots you work on?

Kimberly Kane: I am directing a movie for Vivid-Alt right now. I am actually right in the middle of it. I am doing a movie called Triple Ecstasy. And that is spelled correctly and not X X X. That's lame. Vivid is very open to ideas and they have no boundaries. We can do whatever we want as long as it is legal. That opens up so many things that I can do and I can put more into my movies. In Triple Ecstasy, we shot in New York and shot at the Chelsea Hotel with Joe Gallant. We did all these crazy things. We are doing a lot of bondage in it along with a lot of girl/girl and boy girl stuff. It is just a mix of anything I want to do because I don't have any boundaries. Alt-Porn is not just a label. it is a style. Not everyone can do it. The Dave Naz, Octavio Winkytiki, Eon McKai and the others are all these people I consider to be my family. We all have this certain goal and we all care about our projects. Every movie that Vivid-Alt comes out with, it is someone's baby. They are really proud of it. If the project is cared about in pron, then it is going to be good. If you care about the product it is going to come out a certain way. Whether is it Alt or not Alt, it is going to be quality. When I decided to make a movie for Vivid I decided to just go for it and take risks.

Big D: It seems as if the alt-porn genre has really come into fashion lately and is the hot thing to have these days. Is it a passing fad that people are trying to make as much money on it as they before it goes away? What do you attribute to it's increased popularity recently?

Kimberly Kane: I think it is because now they are just coming out and calling it 'alt'. Do you remember that guy Zane that made all of those Rock 'n Roll porn movies? It's all about being different and not being cookie cutter. I guess that is what 'alt' is. It's alternative pornography. It's more tailored towards a younger audience and we are doing that with some of the soundtracks in the movies. It's like the Suicide Girls. It's Joanna Angel. It's Eon Makai. It's just it's time. As long as we make quality movies and aren't schticky and cliche and as long as what we make stays fresh, it will not be a fad. I am taking the fact that they are letting me make a movie that is considered 'alt' and I am making something like Naked and Famous. They are not telling me it is alt so it has to be this way or it has to be that way. Alt doesn't have any boundaries and you can do whatever you want. Winkytiki did Rebelle Rousers and that was a 1950's style vignette. Dave Naz did Skater Girl Fever because that is how he grew up. That's what he think is hot. Eon did Girls Lie and that is very, very deep and cool. Now I am doing Triple Ecstasy. They are all are very, very different and you can just pinpoint something as being 'alt' in any of those movies. That's what we are working under and that is the name that people have branded it. As long as the movies are good the name will keep a good reputation. If all the movies coming out are lame and suck, then alt-porn will suck. As long as the movies are good and have good depth and people can jerk off to them, alt-porn is going to be a good thing.

Big D: To your credit, if this is all a passing fad you are not going to pigeon holed into being considered just an alt-porn star. Would you agree with that?

Kimberly Kane: Do I have any piercings? Do I have any tattoos? Do I have black fucking hair? No. I do a lot of different things. I am actually starting a project with Club Jenna that is completely different. I am just doing what I like to do and after Pulse, Vivid-Alt was the first studio to approach me and ask me to do a movie for them.

Big D: Anytime there is an explosion in popularity for something and it starts making money there are inevitably a boat load of copycats that come in and try top get a piece of the pie. You can only control the movies and the product you have your hands on. Are you fearful that the alt-porn genre might get diluted or get a bad reputation because there are a bunch of dickheads coming in and trying to make porn and calling it alt-porn?

Kimberly Kane: The actual alt family is pretty close and tight knit. Those people are about it. There are a lot of people that have approached Eon McKai to be on the alt label and he has said no because their stuff sucks. They can go out and say they are alt all they want No one owns the term alt-porn. I don't think it is even copy written. Other people coming in and calling themselves alt is not my concern. My concern is making a really good moive. Anyone can use the name all they want. I am not claiming that I am 'alt'. I am just making a movie for the Vivid-Alt division.

Big D: You said the alt group of producers is a pretty tight knit group and made mention specifically Eon MckAi, Dave Naz, Octavio Winkytiki but no mention of Jack the Zipper. Why no mention of him in that group and what is your connection to Jack?

Kimberly Kane: I was engaged to Jack for two and a half years. We were engaged to be married. That's my connect to Jack. By the way, Jack is not alt-porn. Jack is his own entity and his own thing.

Big D: How would you describe his DVDs if you can't classify him as alt-porn?

Kimberly Kane: I would consider his stuff to be Jack the Zipper movies. It is a whole different thing.

Big D: Of that tight knit family of alt-pornographers, is there one person out there that is considered to be the trailblazer or the one that many of you in the alt-porn industry look up to and respect the most?

Kimberly Kane: I think Zane was the original alt-porn starter. I guess he turned out to be an asshole I am not sure. That was way before my time. He was one of the original guys that started making alternative porn. I think his demise came from his personality I think.

Big D: Naked and Famous is one movie that you directed that you had direct influence over. What are some others that you have either directed or appeared in that you believe is a great example of your work in front and behind the camera?

Kimberly Kane: I would say all the Jack the Zipper movies that I am in that he and I made together. Squealer is one where I won my AVN Award for Best Oral Sex Scene. Stunt Girl #2 was very a movie where I had a lot of influence over and Jack and I made that movie together as a partnership. We did a movie called White Witch that we shot in New Orleans three month before Hurricane Katrina hit. It was originally shot for Hustler but hopefully Vivid will be releasing that soon. I would say David Stanley movies. He likes to hire me and think his movies are better with me in them. Michael Raven's movie The Visitors. The Visitors was really special to me and I think I am pre-nominated for Best Actress but I am not sure. The Visitors was a lot of Michael and I collaborating on it and we were out in the desert for three days where we worked on dialog alone. That project was really special for me because they really cared about what they were doing. I've been doing a lot of work with JM Productions. I actually do a lot of their girl/girl stuff with Ashley Blue who is my best friend in the whole world. I am actually going to be signing for them (JM Productions) at the AVN show because they are like a family to me too. I am working with really good people who I respect and that I like and they respect me back.

Big D: Earlier we spoke about your versatility in your roles and in one breath you talk about working on a movie like The Visitors for a company like Wicked and then the next breath you mention you do a lot of stuff for JM Productions. Those two studios couldn't any more opposite in that Wicked is condom only and does a lot of the soft features while JM is more of the hard edged, push the girls to their breaking point, gonzo porn. Is that a goal of yours to be that versatile and be able to do a feature for Vivid or Wicked and then be able to give the folks at JM Productions what they want too?

Kimberly Kane: I don't do a lot JM's hard, hard stuff. I've done one boy/girl scene for them for Attention Whores which is my best friend's movies that she directs. I do all of the Violation Of series because I am a huge fan of that series. (JM Productions owner) Jeff Steward is a good man and his wife is a wonderful woman and they are actually warming up to alt-porn as well. Jeff Steward would probably never admit it but he has met Dave Naz and he likes him very much. We all do different things in the business to make money and we all have our niche but it doesn't mean that these people do not know each other. I've been a fan of Girvert before I knew Ashley Blue. I think that is the best acting out of any porn movie ever. Girvert should be nominated for AVN Best Actress. That is the real shit but that will never happen. If I won for best actress I'd bring that shit home to JM. I can work with a lot of different people but the people that I am talking about are really good fucking people. They all care about what they are doing.

Big D: I took a look at some of the stuff on the internet about you before we spoke and I came across your website, Kanearmy.com. Right at the top of your home page it says, 'If I had a cock, I'd be in jail'. What does that mean?

Kimberly Kane: Kanearmy.com is my new URL but right now it is pointed to klubkimberlykane.com because we are still working on it. It's kind of a joke. I do really, really hard girl/girl scenes. So if I had a cock, no girl would have the strength to resist me.

Big D: When you go to a shoot that you have been booked on do you have a preference on if you will be working with a guy or a girl?

Kimberly Kane: No, I never tell a director how to direct anything. When I am working for someone, I am working for them. It's none of my business for me to tell them what I want them to do. When I am hired for a scene I know what I will be doing before I get there. As far as the boy/girl stuff goes, I don't prefer girl/girl over boy/girl because the guys I have on my list are machines. They care about themselves, they care about their bodies, they care about getting out of there. I don't prefer it over girl/girl scenes because I know who I am working with. I choose who I work with so I look forward to every scene. I think that makes for a better scene.

Big D: Who are some of the guys that are on your approved list?

Kimberly Kane: The usual suspects. Steven St Croix, Randy Spears, Evan Stone. I like the younger fellows like James Deen and Tommy Pistol. Christian. I love Christian. He is so hot for me right now. Johnny Castle. They are fucking brilliant. I love them. I love them all. I have about ten guys on my list that I will work with and everyone is pretty happy with my list because I have some good ones on there.

Big D: How long did it take for you to figure out these are the ten guys you will work with on any given day?

Kimberly Kane: That's not necessarily the way it happens. September Dawn, my agent, will call me and say she has a scene for me with Scott Nails. She'll ask me if I want to do a scene with him and normally I will say, 'yeah, of course I will'. I am not a dick. If I know you are an asshole, I won't work with you. If I don't know you, I hear good things and chicks aren't bitching about you, I'll give someone a chance.

Big D: I did a review of Janine's Got Male a while back and you were in that movie too. The behind the scenes footage revealed you weren't supposed to be in that movie but ended up working in it because there was a last minute cancellation. You also revealed that you felt so honored to be a part of the movie because Janine is held in such high regard in the porn industry. Anyone else out there that you would say ranks up there like a Janine that you really respect and would love to work with?

Kimberly Kane: Yeah, Savanna Samson just mentioned me in an article that came out in Penthouse. She said I was her favorite girl to work with. I think she is great too. I really look up to her. There are a lot of women that I enjoy working with. I really don't discriminate on the ladies. I usually don't say no. (laughs)

Big D: First job?

Kimberly Kane: I worked at a Mexican restaurant as a hostess.

Big D: First concert?

Kimberly Kane: Full Devil Jacket

Big D: First car?

Kimberly Kane: White Chevy Blazer

Big D: What's in your CD player right now?

Kimberly Kane: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Nine Inch Nails, Johnny Cash, The Jackass 2 Soundtrack and Howard Stern. I listen to Howard Stern everyday.

Big D: Favorite food?

Kimberly Kane: Ashley Blue's aunt's home cooking

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Kimberly Kane: It was a Barely Legal.

Big D: Favorite position?

Kimberly Kane: Missionary

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Kimberly Kane: Depends on what sport. I'd like to go to a Lakers game. I love horses so I would go to the horse races.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Kimberly Kane: The internet

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Kimberly Kane: Hard Core Logo is a great movie that I love and The Big Lebowski

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Kimberly Kane: Oregon

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Kimberly Kane: Adrian Brody, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Quentin Tarantino. I think Adrian Brody is one of the best actors in the world.Quentin Tarantino is one of the most creative directors in the world. He is kind of like an underdog that made it and I like underdogs. Maggie Gyllenhaal is also an underdog and I think she is great.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Kimberly Kane: I am going to Amsterdam this week. I have been wanting to go to Amsterdam so bad.

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