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Big D's Interview With Kendra Sunderland
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Interview Date: October 5, 2016

Search on the internet for "Library Girl", and you will find the back story on Kendra Sunderland. Just your average, every day college student who became an internet sensation after doing a cam show in the library on the campus of Oregon State University. The meteroric rise in popularity brought fame and notoriety but also brought a public indecency citation coupled with a hefty fine. Not what Kendra was hoping to achieve. Kendra's entire motivation to start web camming in the first place was because she was an unemployed starving student and wanted to make ends meet. The publicity soon turned the heads of those in the world of porn including the highly respected director and producer Greg Lansky. Lanksy knew that Kendra Sunderland was just the girl he needed to launch his new production house, Vixen and put her on the cover of Vixen's first DVD, Natural Beauties. In this exclusive interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Kendra Sunderland sat down via Skype while in the middle of her publicity tour to discuss going on the Howard Stern show, how she made the transition of swearing she would never do hardcore porn to now appearing in porn DVDs and how, strangely enough, being involved in porn and doing cam shows has actually brought her closer to her family than when she was a college student.

Big D: Right off the bat, you're in the middle of a whirlwind publicity tour since your first DVD title has been released, Natural Beauties by Vixen. Yesterday you appeared on the Howard Stern show and you have been going non-stop. How are you holding up with this whirlwind schedule?

Kendra Sunderland: I'm used to it. I've done these media tours with (publicity agent) Lainie before where we just do radio all day. It's honestly really easy. I really enjoy doing radio. It's a lot of fun. I personally do not like New York. It's too busy for me. That's a little weird to get used to. Working a bunch and doing a bunch of media is normal for me.

Big D: You just did the Howard Stern Show the other day. How was that?

Kendra Sunderland: That was really good. Honestly, he was really nice. I didn't even know - I've heard of him before but I haven't really watched anything of his. But everyone older than me knew who he was when I said something. My mom was a little worried that he would be harsh like in his old ways. He was really, really nice. I surprised Medicated Pete and we went out on a date that they set up. It was fun. It was interesting.

Big D: How was that?

Kendra Sunderland: (laughs) It was good. It was, um... It was pretty interesting. That's the only word I can use to describe it. The date itself. Being on Howard was really cool.

Big D: Obviously you came to all of our attention from the cam show and being known as "Library Girl". Did you ever expect the response to be this big from one cam show blowing up on the internet?

Kendra Sunderland: No. When I did the show I really thought it was going to be the people that were watching me then. I didn't even ever think that it would get out. I was just as surprised as everyone else when it did get out. It's just crazy to me to think how far I have come since then. Just the different things I have been able to do in my life because of it. It's just really cool. I have a lot of freedom. A lot of traveling.

Big D: Do you like the travel aspect? I know you said that you really don't like New York because it is a little too busy but do you like the travel?

Kendra Sunderland: No. What I mean is that I don't like the act of traveling. I don't like being on an airplane for hours and going through the airport. I don't think anyone really enjoys doing that. The places that I have been able to go have been amazing. I've been to so many different places and that is something that a lot people want to do in their life is travel. I think it is really cool that I get to do it for work.

Big D: Give us a little bit of background on how the one cam show in the library at Oregon State has turned into appearing on the cover of a porn DVD?

Kendra Sunderland: The very first thing that happened was when I web cammed in my school library at Oregon State. Two months later someone posted the video with my full, real name and everything. It just blew up since then. It was in the news about me masturbating in the library. I've been in Penthouse and I do feature dancing. I always said I would never do porn - like professional porn. Then I met my boyfriend about a year ago. He wanted to get into the industry and us work together for a company. It then just became a fantasy of ours to do porn. Then Greg Lansky contacted me and wanted to do my first professional scene for the opening of his website Vixen.com. We did a boy/girl scene with Mick Blue. It's called "My Friend's Daughter". It was about my dad's friend who comes to visit and finally sees that I am 18 now and you can probably guess what happens after that. It just came out on DVD and it is called Natural Beauties. It has me and three other girls in it. I have another scene that we just released. It was a boy/girl/girl. The trailer is out now on Vixen.com and will be released October sixth.

Big D: What was it like moving from cam solo and masturbation stuff to doing full blown hardcore porn with a veteran like Mick Blue, who is also married to a veteran porn star, Anikka Albrite? You were making a big jump. What was shooting that first scene like?

Kendra Sunderland: I was definitely very nervous. At first I was nervous about not being very good or just embarrassing myself. Greg [Lansky] and his entire team made me feel so comfortable and at ease. It made the whole experience that much better. It was really enjoyable. I really enjoyed it actually. It is really exhausting work. It's an all day thing. I don't think people realize that. It is more work than just having fun and having sex. It is a lot more work. I had so much fun. It is really different than camming. I am really comfortable doing both but for some people it would be a huge difference because you are in a room full of people rather than in front of your computer. I guess I was a natural and he liked it.

Big D: What about working for Greg Lansky? Even though he has been in the industry for a shorter period of time compared to legendary directors like John Stagliano or even Jules Jordan, but he has made a huge name for himself in a short period of time. Were you aware of his stature within the industry and knew of his reputation before shooting for him?

Kendra Sunderland: Oh yeah. I went to the AVN Awards last year. I didn't know of him at the time but I kept on hearing his name over and over and him winning all of these awards. We looked him up afterward and watched a lot of his porn actually. We watched a lot of his stuff from Blacked. That was before Vixen started. When he contacted me and only wanted to work with me, my boyfriend told me, "you have to do this. You are not going to get an offer bigger than this or better than this." Greg just blew me away with everything. His professionalism. His creativity. All the shots that we have done - we just finished this big showcase for Blacked. It is some of the most beautiful stuff I have ever shot. He is really, really confident in that it is going to be one of the best things he has ever produced. I am honestly really excited to see it. He is just so creative with everything with his shots. His whole team is super professional. I would always love to work with him again.

Big D: Are you exclusive with Greg Lansky or are you exploring other options to work with other directors and producers?

Kendra Sunderland: No, it is not written down but essentially I am exclusively working with Greg. I just feel on a quality level that he is the best that there is. I just want to work with a producer that does high quality things that I can be proud of. I don't want to be super dirty or do everything in porn. I don't want to get into that. We are being very selective in the projects that we do. I want to probably keep it that way.
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Big D: Lansky is pretty well know for his Interracial and hardcore porn. Do you have a plan and a schedule for when you will start intorducing the more hardcore scenes or is it more of a, you'll know when you are ready type of thing?

Kendra Sunderland: Not really. Everybody in the industry was giving me advice to start with All Girl and do that as long as you can and then move onto Boy/Girl. Spread everything out. I don't want to be in this industry for a long time. I don't want to spread everything out. I want to do the things I want to do. We don't really have a pattern. I don't think I will ever want to do Tushy or Anal scenes. But who knows? Maybe in the future or in a few years. It is really whatever he comes to me with, with the idea and if I like it then yeah, we'll do it.

Big D: You mentioned you didn't want to be in porn for a long time. Do you have an exit strategy? Maybe do this for a few years, make quite a bit of money, stash it away and do something else? I know you left Oregon State University without completing your degree, it may be a premature question because you just broke into doing hardcore porn, but is there an exit strategy or plans to do something afterward?

Kendra Sunderland: No, not really. I don't really ever have a plan. I just live my life piece by piece doing what I want to do. I don't think I really need an exit plan. I know I can always do web camming for the rest of my life. And I will. I don't ever want to get a degree and get a permanent job because I don't want to be doing the same thing for the rest of my life. One thing I really enjoy about web camming is that I can make great money. I can make it anywhere I am as long as I have my computer. I just have the freedom to travel anywhere I want. I just want to do that. I don't really have a plan that in a certain amount of years I want to be out of the industry. Something can always come along. I never thought I would be in this industry. But something came along and changed that. I feel like the whole library thing was such a big surprise that I never really tried to plan or really know where my life is going.

Big D: Speaking of the library cam show and being dubbed "Library Girl" and it going viral, that wasn't your first time doing a cam but it put you on the map. Why did you choose to do a cam show in the library on your college campus? Was it your intent to do it in a controversial place rather than doing it in a same place like a dorm room or an apartment?

Kendra Sunderland: No, it was just more exciting for the viewers. It was probably my second day of web camming. They just told me that I would have more viewers and make more money if I went someplace public. They suggested like a Starbucks but I figured that everyone would see me if I went to a Starbucks and started doing that. The library was super close to me at that time. I knew if I went to the very top floor that not a lot of people would be around. I just kind of packed up my stuff and went. I didn't really think about it at all or ever think that it would be something big.

Big D: You went to the library without much planning, minimal make-up, no costume or anything. Just a regular college student going in there and doing it yet it still blew up. What does it say about you that you weren't done up like a porn star yet it still went viral?

Kendra Sunderland: I think that it is obvious that I didn't really think before I did it. I had my hair in a messy bun and didn't have any make-up on and just wore jeans and a jacket. If I would have planned it out, I would have worn something different. Maybe done my hair and make-up. But I didn't. I think that is one thing that people like about it is how genuine it is. It was just me being me. Studying at the library and decided to web cam. I think that is one thing that people really enjoyed was me just being myself instead of me trying to put on a show and trying to become famous.

Big D: Are you trying to maintain that authenticity of trying to remain genuine in moving into the hardcore world of porn? Trying to be able to maintain that initial push that got you noticed on web cams and ultimately by Greg Lansky?

Kendra Sunderland: Yeah, when I am not on camera. When I am acting, it is acting. I am going to portray my character the way Greg wants me to portray it. Between camera and being around anyone, I just act like myself. I don't ever try to be something I am not. I am very adamant about that with other girls. With web camming, I have those insecurities to just be myself and if people don't like it, that's not my problem. I say that on camera that if someone doesn't like me or wants me to do something I don't want to do, they can leave and go find someone else. It is not going to bother me.

Big D: Have you had that yet, or no?

Kendra Sunderland: Oh yeah. All the time. I deal with it all the time. I block so many people on Twitter that say rude things. Just block them and then you don't have to deal with it again. I do that on cams. In real life I stay pretty sheltered. I don't really talk to a whole lot of people or go out a bunch. I just don't like dealing with that.

Big D: Being an introverted person, is it foreign to you have a bunch of followers on Twitter or having a camming profile or being recognized at AVN? Is that a whole new world for you?

Kendra Sunderland: Yeah, it's really enjoyable for me. I love all the fans that I have made and the ones that have been around since the beginning. One thing I really love about my job is just making people happy and feeling good about themselves. I get tweets every single day, messages every single day from people saying good things to me. They are making me feel better and boosting my confidence. For me to be able to give that back to people is probably my favorite part of my job. I just really enjoy having all of those fans. Everyone being nice to me, who wouldn't like that?

Big D: What's your Twitter follower count up to now?

Kendra Sunderland: I'm just about to hit 100K on Twitter. I am getting so close. [Appearing on] Howard Stern has really been pushing me. I think I am 99 point something.

Big D: I'm sure by the time this interview is published on XRentDVD, you will be above 100,000 followers on Twitter. What's that like? Being a girl from Oregon that didn't plan on going to college and didn't plan on being famous, still with aspirations to be a model, now you have 100,00 people out there following your every move.

Kendra Sunderland: It doesn't bother me. I don't ever think to myself, "Wow, I have a ton of followers". When I meet people in person or old friends or anyone mentions about how famous I am, it's so weird to hear. I want to tell them that no, I am really not. The story did blow up and I do have a lot of followers, but to me I don't see myself as being famous. I see myself as just myself. I'm just the same girl with a better life. (laughs) It is weird for me to hear it out loud but I don't ever think about.

Big D: Is having a little bit more money and the ability to travel and more freedom been the major change or have you undergone other changes after not only doing web camming but hardcore porn?

Kendra Sunderland: Oh yeah. I've learned a lot about myself. I have really built my confidence. I have realized how I feel about myself in this industry. I can distinguish when other people don't feel the same way. It doesn't upset me. I just understand not everyone is going to understand this industry. Not being broke is really nice. With my family, I feel like I am closer to them. Even though they are not overjoyed about me being in this industry and the way my life has turned out, they are still super, super supportive. That's not something you find within this industry with other girls. I think it has brought us closer together. I talk to them more often now. My mom says that she is proud of me more than she did before. It is because I am true to myself and just nice to everyone, I guess. Being a normal human being. A lot of things have changed. But all for the better. I am an extremely lucky person to have this life and a family and a great relationship. Everything put together, it's just amazing.

Big D: How did your family transition from being skeptical at first to now being supportive? I know you had mentioned it was an awkward and difficult phone conversation with your grandparents after the Library Girl thing starting blowing up. How has is gone from being your family not terribly supportive to you are now saying you have a better relationship with your family than ever?
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Kendra Sunderland: I feel that my grandparents were never really negative to me about it. I think they didn't really understand why I wanted to do web camming and do all this stuff. They are from a different generation. They just really don't understand this part of the industry. They are still supportive and still super loving when I see them. They think that is really important. My parents were a different story because I think they had a set vision for me to go to college and do something with that. I don't think any parent wants to think about their child getting naked for strangers and doing porn. That is totally understandable. They came around since I started doing web camming and even telling my mom I was going to be doing porn was kind of rough. I had always told her I wouldn't. I told everybody I would never do it. At the time I really felt that I never would. I never really had the urge to do it. My boyfriend changed my mind and I genuinely did want to do it. I genuinely enjoyed it. Once I told my mom that I enjoyed myself and that it was safe, and that I liked it, she was more open to it. She is super supportive. She might be upset for a little bit and not really enjoy the idea of me doing porn, but afterward she tells me that she still loves me. I think that is really what your parents should do.

Big D: Take me through the thought process of thinking you would never do porn but then meeting your boyfriend and he helped change your mind about doing porn.

Kendra Sunderland: Our whole relationship has just developed into this open and trusting, open relationship. We started off the same as most relationships, didn't want to see each other with other people, didn't want to talk to other people. We have been together for a year. Over time, slowly we built more communication and more trust for each other. We slowly went through the process of thinking about us with other people or even talking to other people. Talking about doing porn. We would talk about it more and more. It was a fantasy of ours to do it one day. Then I got the offer. He told me, "You have to take it. You are never going to get an offer this big or this great in your life. It will be so good for your careeer." We debated it for about a week and then we decided to do it. It's just time and communication. Being honest. That's all you really need.

Big D: With one scene under your belt and more coming, what has changed in your mind from your first scene to now? What was probably the biggest surprise from doing your first scene and having to adjust to that?

Kendra Sunderland: I'm not nervous anymore. Shooting this whole showcase for Blacked, I was super, super excited to work with Greg again and be back down in LA again. I just got more comfortable with it again. I realized that I really enjoy acting. Even though porn is really kind of cheesy acting and it is not really serious, I really think I would be good at something more serious. Maybe something a little more mainstream.

Big D: Do you have aspirations to break into mainstream modeling or acting? I know you have modeled for Penthouse which is a little more risque than fashion modeling but do you have aspirations to eventually cross over and do more mainstream stuff whether it is modeling or movies?

Kendra Sunderland: There are so many things I would love to do. Things I would love to dream about like fashion design. Lingerie even. Or just modeling. Things that I would love to do. It just seems so far fetched for me. People tell you that you can do whatever you want. I don't know. In a perfect world I would branch out and start doing mainstream and start doing acting and modeling.

Big D: It's not far fetched to make the transition from adult to mainstream but it is rather rare. Sasha Grey did it by getting into mainstream movies. It's not out of the realm. It's just a little bit more challenging. Are you looking into those challenges or just focused on porn for now?

Kendra Sunderland: Right now I am focusing on the adult side of things since I just got into it. I don't know, maybe in the future something will come along and I will fight for it more. Right now I am just focusing on doing what I am doing at the moment. I really try not to plan things for my future. I really don't know what will happen.

Big D: Other than the showcase for Blacked, are there other projects in the mix that we can look for upcoming?
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Kendra Sunderland: Right now, no. We have already shot everything that will be coming out. The Boy/Girl/Girl scene for Vixen will be coming out in October and then we have the big Blacked showcase coming out that will be really big. I do more appearances and feature dancing in the meantime.

Big D: First job?

Kendra Sunderland: I was working for my friend's parents' in a manufacturing facility. They made easels and panels for painting. I would just put panels on a conveyor belt all... day... long.

Big D: First concert?

Kendra Sunderland: (laughs) Jonas Brothers (laughs)

Big D: First car?

Kendra Sunderland: I had the family car. It was a 1988 Honda Accord. Pop-up lights and really ugly, red interior and I ran it into the ground. That car was so messed up once I was done with it.

Big D: What's in your mp3 player, iPhone or iPod right now that you're listening to?

Kendra Sunderland: I've really been into Rhianna's new album. I love dancing to her songs. I get on one album or song and I listen to it it until I get sick of it.

Big D: Favorite food?

Kendra Sunderland: Mexican and guacamole. I've been obsessed with guacamole.

Big D: On or off camera or both, you're favorite position?

Kendra Sunderland: Doggy style. But doggy style with me laying on my stomach with a pillow underneath.

Big D: Movies or the ballgame?
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Kendra Sunderland: This is so controversial because I hate sports. I really do not like any sport at all. I think they are stupid. I would probably pick the movies. Don't hate me sports fans.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Kendra Sunderland: So many are good but my favorite one I recently watched would be the one Keanu. It's with Key and Peele and they have to save this little kitty that got kidnapped. I'm obsessed with cats so I really enjoyed that movie.

Big D: What is a modern convenience that you would not be able to live without?

Kendra Sunderland: Cold water. I can not drink room temperature water. If there were not refrigerators to keep water cold I would not survive. I'm weird. I wouldn't drink any water.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Kendra Sunderland: Hawaii. I went there for my 21st birthday and it was absolutely beautiful.

Big D: Who is a person, living or dead, that you would really like to meet but you have not had the chance to meet yet?

Kendra Sunderland: Tupac or Marilyn Monroe. I just like everything that Tupac stood for. We have the same birthday. I would like to smoke with him and talk about world peace. Marilyn Monroe because I like how she was very controversial and was very open about her sexuality. I think she was awesome for everything that she did and people gave her so much crap about what she did.

Big D: Where is a place you would like to visit but you have yet to go?

Kendra Sunderland: Probably France. I really like French people. I like the way they talk and the atmosphere. I also like places really tropical, beach places. That would be nice. Either some place in France with a lot of people or maybe a beach with nobody. It depends on my mood.

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