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Big D's Interview With Kendra Lust
Inside Kendra Lust

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Interview Date: April 26, 2013

Not since Stiffler's mom fucked Paul Finch have we as a nation fallen in love with the hot and sexy mothers who make our dicks stand at attention. Kendra Lust has been skyrocketing up the popularity charts since breaking into porn just over a year ago. This non-traditional path to porn has proven to be an outstanding choice for this Michigan mom to help provide for her family while living within her means. In this interview with Big D, Kendra Lust dishes on the challenges of being a porn star while splitting time bewteen California and Michigan, why she gave up a nursing career to be a MILF porn actress and reveals a significant detail about her private life exclusively here in the Screening Room of XRentDVD.

Big D: You had a pretty eventful day yesterday on Twitter.

Kendra Lust: Yeah Rachel (Starr) and I are trying to get the boys rattled up. Yeah we were having some fun trading pics. She's one of the very first people that I talked to in the business and I really admire her work so I just love her. She is a great person so we have a lot of fun and there's a lot of sexual tension so – but yeah we haven't actually done anything so I'm excited.

Big D: Was that pre-planned and coordinated or did it just kind of evolve into what it became?

Kendra Lust: Well, I wouldn't say it was pre-planned. When we were in Las Vegas for AVN, we were just kind of flirting around and met up at the bar for a drink. We just kind of started flirting and - I don't know what really happen – I think we were both pretty drunk but we didn't end up going to each other's rooms or anything like that. So it's just kind of been in the works for a while and we've been wanting to but the timing just hasn't been right. We got a few things planned for a couple of shoots that people actually set us up with, so I'm excited.

Big D: Obviously you are extremely active on social media especially twitter and interacting not only with other performers in the industry but also with anybody that follows you on Twitter. How important is that connection where you cut out the middle man and you can directly respond to people through electronic media like that?

Kendra Lust: I think it's very important. I don't want to say a lot of people take it for granted but for me it's important just because I started with Twitter. For me to build my fan base through that alone is huge and it's important to interact with the fans. They can get a sense that you actually care that they support what you do. Even if they don't see your work and maybe just checking out your pictures, at least they're getting an idea of who you are. They're getting to know a little about you and not just a person they see on screen. I think they like that I have a little personality. I can joke and you know they could get to know me a little better through that so I'm all about Twitter. I love it.

Big D: Tell me a little about that. You said that's kind of how you started. That's kind of how you made a name for yourself. You came onto our radar screen in the fact that we have an automated system on our site that calculates which porn stars are the most popular. It's all based all 100% on page views that our customers and our porn fans are on our site and they're looking at individual star pages – It figures out who the top 10, top 15 and all the way to the top 100. We saw you rapidly moving up the list to the point where you broke into the top 15 and I think you're number eight today. You are obviously somebody that's gaining some serious popularity and it's not just artificial - it's actually real fan interest by our customers who are on our XRentDVD website. What do you attribute to some of that success? Is it just being active on social media or is it just a lot more DVDs are coming out that you're appearing in? What would you attribute to your rising stardom?

Kendra Lust: I think that it's just multiple things. Well I'm categorized as a MILF and honestly I don't think there are that many – well I don't know how to say it umm I guess I'm a fresh face in the industry and I'm in the MILF category so someone they never seen before. So here I am – I guess doing pretty – I guess they have a bottom and that's what a lot guys like and I have some personality too and you know like I really try to attend the events like the conventions so I can kind of meet the fans and interact with them and like the after party and things like that. For me most – and maybe the DVDs too – more things are coming out and it does take a while to really get noticed in the industry. They really consider you new for the first three years so for some people to even know who I am, I'm really happy about that because I guess that say that either my work is good or that they kind of like a fresh face in the MILF industry. I don't - I mean in the MILF category I should say. So I cna't say it's just one thing, it's multiple things but overall I'm loving it and I'm excited it about it whatever it is it's working so yeah.

Big D: Tell us a little about how you got in. I know it's a cliche question but for you it's a little of a different path. Most girls start at 18 or 19 years old stripping at a club and they get noticed. Then they do some solo stuff on the web and then they come to LA and start doing porn. That just seems to be the pattern. But you took a different path. Tell us a little about how you got to be in the position that you are at now.

Kendra Lust: Well yeah, my story is definitely different. I had a pretty normal life. I went to college and graduated with a bachelors degree in nursing and worked in the hospital. I just did what I was supposed to do and made my parents proud. But there was always this sexual fire inside me. I've always been very sexual and I think I have this aurora. Among my friends they always come to me with all the sex questions and I've always wanted to do something like that. Well, I finally decided, "I'm 33. I have nothing to lose at this point and the worse thing they can tell me is no". So I sent out some pictures to Brazzers and Kink. I don't know why those two companies. Probably because I did my homework and they are the two biggest porn companies in the United States. I thought if I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it with a big company because that's what I want to do. So I kind of kept pestering them and in the meantime I started web-camming and thought this is kind of cool to get comfortable in front of the camera or whatever. And finally Brazzers called me and said they would like to set up a shoot. After that I scheduled a couple more on my own and then decided since I don't live in California that I should get an agent who has little bit more knowledge about porn. I absolutely knew nothing and well, it kind of went on from there.
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Big D: So when you said that you kind of have this sexual side to you that your friends would come to you for questions or whatever it is... When did the light bulb go on or when did the idea of doing porn occur to you? Was it something you came up with on your own or did somebody say "Hey, you know doing porn would suit you well". You have the looks. You have the attitude. You've got the personality. Was it something that dawned on you that this is something that is an untapped side of me that I want to explore and it was your own decision or your own idea?

Kendra Lust: Well I have always wanted to do it. I remember at age 18 telling my mom before I decided to enroll in college, I thought I'm going go to California and discover who I am. I thought about maybe going into acting or that kind of thing. Gosh am I glad that I didn't do that because I'm not that great at acting. But I thought that I'm going to do that but then I thought it through and did the college thing. But really it was something that I always wanted to do. I've watched porn and I love porn and I thought "I really want to do this and I could do this" but just never had the courage. I guess once I got into my 30's you don't give a shit about what anybody says. You know you are more comfortable in your own skin and you know who you are and what you like and what you don't like. When I was web-camming some people have mentioned that – some of the guys in the room were like “hey have ever done it” and I said no but then I thought about it and like you know what I'm just gonna do it so – I don't know if I needed them to say it but I just had to get the courage to do it.

Big D: you are kind of a fresh face in the MILF genre. Did you know that there was that kind of genre that was out there that needed a fresh face? In the past eight to nine years, the MILF genre has really exploded to the point where there's a lot more interest in MILF porn. The movie American Pie popularized the term MILF and made it okay to find women in their 30's and 40's attractive and sexy. Did you know that at age 33 that's what you were going to do and pursue it or did you just go in with a open mind wanting to be in porn but if you happen to end up doing the MILF thing just because of your look and age that's the way it's going be. Did you set out to conquer the MILF side of things?
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Kendra Lust: I wish I could say I wanted to conquer the MILF category but honestly I did go in with an open mind. I figured they're going to put me or cast me where they feel I fit. But I knew just because of my age and the nature of porn that I would be in the MILF genre and that was fine with me. I don't necessarily have a problem with that at all. I honestly didn't watch a lot of MILF porn at all...I would kind of watch a variety of different stuff. I did not realize how many actual MILFs were in the industry. I'm discovering all types of hot women my age so it's a good thing but I just kind of went in with a open mind.

Big D: Yes seems like we did a previous interview with Lisa Ann, who happens to be the queen of the MILF genre as you can say. Speaking of somebody within that stature in the industry, you've been in for a little bit. You've gone to the conventions, you know people who are within the industry. Are there people out there that you still have aspirations to work with? Obviously you talked about your Twitter tennis match with Rachel Starr yesterday. Are there people in the industry that you still aspire to be able to work with or who are the other people that you have worked with that have been amazing and you didn't even know you would work with that has made it an enjoyable experience?

Kendra Lust: That is a good question because you know as far as the girls or the male talent that I haven't worked with, there's so many. Of course me being really new, I want to work with the best. I want to see and know what they're all about. What makes them the best – not just looks but performance wise so for me I would love to work with Jada Stevens, Rachel Starr, Phoenix Marie and I worked with Lisa Ann and she was great. I learned a lot from her and continue to learn a lot from her. Just watching her, she's just a class act and she's beautiful. She is the queen of the industry and I only hope to be half as good as her. I really think she's amazing. I worked with Julia Ann, who was great too. I would love to work with Veronica Avluv, work with Manuel Ferrara. I've worked with a lot of bigger names but there's still so many that I haven't. They don't necessarily have to be in my age range like Lexi Belle. She's awesome. I don't think I could even name them all in this interview but I learned a lot in a year - that's for sure. Just working with the more experienced performers – just with them, being on set with them, it's been really awesome.

Big D: It seems obvious in the MILF genre they do a lot of girl – guy pairing – you know like the MILF with the younger guy. That tends to be like the My Friend's Hot Mom movies and those type of series out there and they tend to get you with the younger guy like James Deen and Tommy Pistol or any of those younger type of performers. Who are some of the guys, whether they be young or older, that have been great to work with especially when either doing the MILF genre or something else?

Kendra Lust: I would have to say a really fun young guy, he's not in the MILF industry but he's so great to work with is Tyler Nixon. He's shorter but he's such a sweetheart. He brings a lot of energy to the set and he's just a great actor. I had a lot of fun with him, so he was great to work with. I've worked with him a couple times for a couple of different scenes. Billy Hart is great. Loved working with Johnny Castle, Keiran Lee and Manuel Ferrara. Gosh it's hard to just think of top three of guys because each one brings something different to the table. I can't even think of all the guys but off the top of my head those are probably like on my list of top 10, Kieran Lee, Manuel, Johnny Castle to work with. Yeah they are awesome. James Deen's great too, I guess I could go on and on here too...

Big D: How long have you been in porn? You said you've only been in for a couple years, correct?

Kendra Lust: Not even 13 months. Yeah so a little over a year. I started in March 2012.
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Big D: Even though it's been a year, has it been what you expected and what were some of your expectations going in? Were those expectations met? What were some of the things that have surprised you since getting in?

Kendra Lust: As far as my expectations, I didn't really know what to expect. So nervous. My first scene I was like “ohh all the dialogue...” – I didn't realized there was this much dialogue with some companies. And you know you hear some of these horror stories about some of the directors being creepy and just kind of some of the things that you think go on that actually don't. What I'm really surprised about is just the level of professionalism with the companies that I've worked with. The amount of people it takes like a crew to just shoot a scene. For me, I was just really surprised it's not like just two guys. But I guess my perspectives were all wrong. But it's either multi-million dollar companies and they have a great crew where everything has to run smoothly, you know, where every person counts – it's not just the director and male talent but everybody is important. For me, I know that kind of sounds boring but I'm looking at the technical part of it. As far as performing, I never realized anything as far as positioning. How different it is from real sex. How you have to open up to the camera. Those types of things that are not really expected. It's a lot about performance. It's about the sex too but yeah that was pretty enlightening.

Big D: You're talking about the technical aspect of it, but I'll hit on the logistic aspect of it. You live in Michigan and you mentioned earlier that you needed to get an agent out here in the west coast because that's where a majority of the companies are shooting and casting from. How difficult is it to commute from Michigan all the way to Los Angeles because that's where the lion's share of shoots are happening? Do you come for two weeks and just shoot as much as you can and go back home for however long and then come back out? How does it work not necessarily being out here on the West Coast all the time?

Kendra Lust: It's not really that difficult just because I'm able to chose what dates that I want to shoot. So it's nice that I could just call my agent and she's absolutely wonderful. I could call her up and say “hey I want to come out for 7 days” and she'll put me on a site and put my dates available or whatever and then kind of go from there. So sometimes I shoot seven days a month, something 10, sometimes 14, sometimes 5. It just depends how much work I want to work that month. And I think an important thing is just for me personally, I don't want to be overshot so I think it's important to keep yourself in demand. So if I'm not shooting 21 days out of the month, I'll have an opportunity each month. It'll extend my career a little bit longer just by doing that. Then I will webcam when I'm not. Not consistently but maybe a couple days a week. I don't really live beyond my means so for me that's all that I need to do to be happy and to be comfortable. Also I'm at work usually about seven days a month.

Big D: So what's a day in the life of Kendra Lust when you're not shooting? When you're not out here on the west coast and you're just living your life?

Kendra Lust: I always say that I tried to keep this part personal. I don't like to involve that much information but I have a feeling I have a big project in the works that's going to be revealed anyway so I'm just going go ahead and say it. I am very happily married. Not a lot of my fans know that. I have known my husband since I was eight years old. We are very open sexually. We kind of have an open type of marriage if you want to say that and I'm actually a mom. Technically I am a MILF. I have a beautiful 18 month old daughter and she is my inspiration to basically bank all my money so as to not live beyond my means. This has really helped me to do a lot of things. So basically life here is pretty simple. My husband is a police officer and generally I'm home with the baby. So we get up, we head to the gym, we meet friends for lunch... it's just pretty normal. We still go out on the weekends and we try to get a night out with our friends. We try to balance work, family and friends and we do a good job of that. And this weekend we are going up to a strip club which should be fun. I'm excited about that. We have a friend who is having a birthday and the owner invited us out. So when the baby goes to bed, my mother-in-law will come over and we'll head out for the evening. We are pretty normal. We're just normal people doing porn.

Big D: When you made the decision of this is something you want to pursue a little bit more than a year ago, obviously there had to be some sort of conversation that had to happen with the husband. You said you have a pretty open relationship, so it probably wasn't a big shocker when you revealed you wanted to get into porn. How did that go down? You might have been able to do stuff outside of the marriage on a personal level but now you're taking it to the next level. Was it something he encouraged you to do or was it something you had to think about it a little more? I'm just trying to figure out how did that all go down?

Kendra Lust: I was more apprehensive of sexually doing it because of my daughter. I thought, "what kind of mother am I going to be?". But your profession doesn't define who you are and I kind of had to talk myself through this. I'm a good mother. I provide for my daughter. I love my daughter. I'm there for my daughter. Those types of things. It's a profession. This would provide a better financial future for her and I have a six year goal. After six years I don't want to be shooting anymore. By that time she'll be in first grade and I want to be done with it. So I figure I have this window of opportunity and I'm going to do it. My husband was my biggest supporter. I mean he has always told me I could do this and he was very encouraging. He's more or less said this is about us and we have to do what we are comfortable in our marriage and family. And if this is something you want to do, I'll support you 100% and from day No. 1 he has and he still is to this day so supportive. He's my biggest supporter and he's great. So far so good.

Big D: You mentioned you do have a plan and not just floating around and saying "I'll shoot porn until there's nobody left that wants to shoot me anymore". What I just mentioned is somewhat the normal path of most girls that want to get out. When people force them out by the fact that they're just not being hired anymore or they don't want to be shot anymore. But you have that plan of five or six years of doing this and making as much money as I can. Are there specific goals that you want to meet before you hit that deadline? Is there something you want to do like this, this and this before my five, six years are up and I'm out?
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Kendra Lust: There's still a lot of companies that I love to shoot for, especially the big ones. I would like to have more involvement with parodies and things like that. Just being in the industry a little bit longer gives you more opportunities to do different things. I started feature dancing not too long ago so that's kind of nice. It's just another way of meeting fans, which I think is great, they get to know you and it is an extra source of revenue. I just launched my website about a month ago. In my first year I thought I should start this now because once I realized that I really like this, then why not start a website and have a place for my fans to go to see some of the stuff that they want to see. I don't know if I would actually like to direct. I thought about it but it's a lot of work and I would have to learn a little bit more about technology and I can't really work those things. But sometimes I think it would be fun to work behind the scenes maybe down the road after I'm done. And also some awards. That would be cool but if I don't ever get an award that's fine too. I just want to have fun doing what I'm doing just for fun.

Big D: What was your first job?

Kendra Lust: Baskin Robbins scooping ice cream.

Big D: First concert?

Kendra Lust: Def Leopard

Big D: First car?

Kendra Lust: Saturn 1992, blue-neon color

Big D: What's in your Ipad, car CD player or MP3 player?

Kendra Lust: I have a lot of hip-hop and R and B with some mix of dance stuff. I like things with a good beat where I can shake my booty.

Big D: Favorite type of food?

Kendra Lust: Probably Mexican and Italian.

Big D: Either on or off screen or both, favorite position?

Kendra Lust: I love cowgirl.

Big D: Movies or a ball game?

Kendra Lust: Oh my gosh, ball game. Sporting event hands down.

Big D: Who are some of your favorite sports team?

Kendra Lust: Love basketball, love football. I can stomach baseball but have to actually be at the field. It's boring just to watch on TV.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Kendra Lust: I love Dirty Dancing but also it's kind of old school but Hangover – it's awesome.

Big D: What is a modern convenience that you cannot live without?

Kendra Lust: I love the fact that I can just get any prescription I need. I have an app on my phone. I could go to Walgreens and just scan it and go. It's really easy.

Big D: Favorite place to go on vacation?

Kendra Lust: Las Vegas. I can go there for two to three days and have an amazing time. There's just so much to do. It's awesome.

Big D: Who is a person, living or dead, that you would like to meet but you have not yet met?

Kendra Lust: Oh this goes back to when I was a nurse. Probably Florence Nightingale. Because I have a nursing background, she's not very exciting but when I think of nursing that's who I think about. And eventually I'm hoping I could go back to that.

Big D: Where's a place you want to visit that you have not have the chance to visit yet?

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