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Big D's Interview With Kayden Kross
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Interview Date: July 24, 2008

Kayden Kross could possibly be the most perfect woman not only to grace your TV screen for your perverted little mind but ever. With the face of an angel and the body most women pay plastic surgeons and personal trainers to attain, Kayden is unaffected by her perfection. Keeping a ridiculously hectic and packed schedule she moves from doing a scene to promoting her company Adam & Eve to blogging for numerous websites with the speed and precision of a humming bird. In this interview with XRentDVD's Bid D, Kayden Kross revelas how working on contract is extremely important to her career, the fact that sleep deprivation is all part of the job and which movie she will personally buy 400 copies of because it is that good.

Big D: You broke into the business by going on contract with Vivid right from the start of your hardcore porn career. There was a falling out with Vivid and you were a free agent for a brief period of time and now you are back on contract, this time with Adam & Eve. Why is it so important for you to be on contract? Did you not like your time while a free agent and shooting for just about anyone?

Kayden Kross: Actually when I was a free agent I was only a free agent when I was doing test shoots and negotiating a contracts. (laughs) I don't want to be a free agent for a number of reasons. The first being is that by being on contract I will get better advertising and be able to build a more solid name for myself. Part of it is a comfort thing for me. With Adam & Eve, I feel like I am part of this Adam & Eve family. I like that force behind me and I like the feeling of having someone I can go to and someone who is on my side. They are great people. I do not feel like I am just learning as I go. Although I am I just don't feel like I am. Also, I don't want to be shooting scenes constantly. I'd rather do the stuff I am doing now. For example I am on set at Danni's Hard drive. I can do magazine shoots. I would rather be building a brand name than wearing myself out on set.

Big D: Why Adam & Eve? There are a number of other porn studios out there that have contract girls. Why did you eventually go with Adam & Eve?

Kayden Kross: It was a really good fit for what I was looking for. First of all, Adam & Eve has a huge machine behind them as far advertising goes. They have this catalog they are famous for. I think they are a solid company because mainly their money is not all made on their DVD stuff. It's made on the sales through their catalog. I have seen other companies cut back on their budgets or slow down on productions. I understand why they are doing that but I just think that Adam & Eve economically is the safer company to be with right now. On top of all that, they are very free. They let me do kind of whatever I want. They promote me. They promote my name and not just the fact that I am an Adam & Eve contract girl. Some companies will only promote the fact that you are a contract girl and your name never actually gets out there. It just was a really good fit. And personally I really have a lot of respect for (Adam & Eve owner) Phil Harvey and what he went through 10 or 15 years ago now. The whole company I am very happy with them.

Big D: Well, it seems like you are pretty well versed in the ins and outs of the adult industry. What attracted you to get into the adult industry and namely getting into hardcore porn in the first place?
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Kayden Kross: I started dancing at first so I guess you could say I got my feet in the water there. Then I started doing the solo shoots and with that I started getting a little deeper in. I know this may sound crazy but when I was a stripper I knew nothing about the adult industry. I knew nothing about porn. I believed all the same stereotypes that all the general population seems to believe. So once I started shooting and was talking to people on set who did boy/girl porn or people who were involved deeper into the industry, I realized that the stereotypes and the lies you hear are just that. They are just bullshit and it is a great industry and they are great people. When it comes right down to that, there is no reason not to make the kind of money you can make. I was like it, “fuck it”, I am this age, I have the opportunity, I can do it, Why would I pass this up? There is no other job that is going to take me anywhere at the rate this industry will take me.

Big D: It sounds like it was a rather easy transition from stripping to solo stuff to hardcore porn. Did you struggle with the idea of once something gets shot on film there is no taking it back? If you try your hand at stripping and you don't like it you can always quit, get a desk job and no one has to know you were a dancer. Once you shoot a porn, only if it is just one, people are going to find out you were in porn no matter how obscure the title is. So did you struggle with the decision understanding that being a porn star is a permanent decision?

Kayden Kross: I did actually. I put a lot of thought into that. Between the time I actually did my first photo shoot and my first movie scene, there was about a year that had passed. Between the time when I first started dancing and I did my first photo shoot it was a year and a half. I had all this time to really think about it. Once I did the solo stuff I wasn't really worried about that ever coming back to bite me. And if it did, it was just a solo set. I thought about it and I am in school for a psychology degree. I know at this point that I can't technically really expect to practice psychology at some point. No patient is going to come in and sit down and say, “so, what was it like fucking guys on film?”. I am okay with that because it was not my dream to become a psychologist. I just happen to have to declare a major and it was interesting. There was no other thing I was going to school for that was my dream. I don't feel like I am giving anything up because there really isn't anything that I really wanted there anyway.

Big D: It sounds like to me by you going to college and continuing to get an education that you have plans for the future. It seems that you already know that being a porn star will not last forever. What plans do you have for staying in the industry and then once it is time to get out what do you see yourself doing?

Kayden Kross: Honestly, the more I think about it, I would really love to move behind the camera. I love this industry. And for all the time and energy I am putting into learning about this industry I don't see any reason to walk away from it whenever I decide to stop performing. If that does not happen I am still going to school. I do intend to work for myself or at least have the kind of control I have now. We'll see what happens with it. But it will not be the kind of thing where it happens where I turn in a resume and I have to lie about what I did.

Big D: You are pretty open and honest about your personal life. You are so open about it in that you are one of the few porn stars that are openly blogging about your personal and professional life not only on your own website but the well established porn industry blog sites as a guest writer. What compelled you to put your personal life out there on the web for anyone to read?

Kayden Kross: The way it started was almost a fluke. Mike South was the person I wrote for first. He called me up one day... You know I had always put blogs up on my myspace page... everyone does that. Mike called me and told me it was not a paying gig and told me he thought I would be really good at it. He said he thought I would like doing it and ask me if I wanted to write for his site. I agreed and I jumped on his site to see what they talk about and someone had put up on there that they wanted some perspective from someone who was in the trenches in this industry. So I thought that would be a good first blog. My first one was a comical little take on the stuff I have experienced. That very first blog got picked up by another site and got blasted across the internet as this completely controversial thing. I then thought, “oh! so that's how it works.” So I kind of make it a point to put stuff up there that will piss people off or at least rile up some type of emotion in them. From there someone gave me a blog on XCritic, Adult Stars Magazine. Adam & Eve asked me to do a blog for them. So it has just kind of gone from there. It happened by accident but I love it and it is working for me.

Big D: You mentioned that you write for four or five websites that are all vying for your time. Do you find it difficult trying to come up with something original for each individual site? Or is it you write different types of blogs for each site based on the types of readers they normally pull in? How do you determine which blogs get which articles you are going to write?

Kayden Kross: Here is how I do it. Stuff I know that personally only my fans will care about, automatically goes to my myspace page. The stuff that I know is going to piss people off or the stuff I know is not your typical porn star blog, that stuff goes straight to Mike South. For Xcritic I try to give them stupid sex related stuff that has happened to me in the industry. The Adult Stars Magazine has almost kind of become my little journal. (laughs) It's just day-to-day stuff I throw up there. I don't know if you have read anything I have put up there but it is about the little thoughts that go through my head as the day progresses. It is pretty random but it is fun. It is actually one of my favorites to write for.

Big D: I seem to remember reading on of your numerous blogs, forgive but I don't remember which one it appeared on, but you were writing about how you were traveling but still had to get up early to do a photo shoot and then a scene but still felt compelled to blog and keep everyone up to date on what was happening. Do you think the thirst for Kayden Kross information has reached critical mass that you can blog all the time and it is still not enough and the fans will demand more?
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Kayden Kross: I feel pressure to write more but it is not coming from the fans. It is coming from the people who run the blogs. They will send me an email asking me when it my next entry. I'll sit down and think about I wrote about this, I wrote about this, I wrote about that... I need more time in the day for things to happen so I can write about them. (laughs) It's honestly not that hard when it comes down to it to keep new information and to be able to contribute something new to each blog. It's just a matter of sitting down and writing. That blog you read I wrote two days ago and at that time I think I had racked up 10 hours of sleep since Saturday morning. Two five hour nights, correct? Since then I have put in another eight hours total. I've had 18 hours of sleep since Saturday. (laughs) I almost want to put a sequel to that blog. I am going to sleep in tomorrow and my flight does not leave until 1 in the afternoon so I will sleep in that day.

Big D: With so many commitments and such a busy schedule, how do you stay fresh and prevent yourself from getting so burned out?

Kayden Kross: Honestly I can't give you an answer on that. I can't even tell you how I am still awake right now. I did just mix hot chocolate powder with coffee and made myself a homemade mocha. Yesterday I know had three lattes. It's just that these things just keep happening. I will go a week solid where I will look at my schedule a week before I have to go through it and I feel like I need to hold my breath and just jump in. I just have to come back up for air at the end of it and take a few days to recover and then I start all over again. I've kind of been like this my whole life. I tend to take on way too much and then I'll look around when I am already in way too deep and say, “holy fuck, how am I going to do this?'. But in the end it always seems to work out.

Big D: Since you are one of three Adam & Eve contract girls, Carmen Luvana and Bree Olson being the other two, do you use them as a support group or confide in them because they probably maintain the same busy, crazy schedule as you have? Or do you not have much contact with them because you are always off doing your own thing?

Kayden Kross: I am more removed from Carmen. I have a lot of respect for her and she and I get along wonderfully. She lives in Florida and she is way further along in her career. I don't get sent out on any jobs where she shows up. Bree and I end up on set a lot and sent out on promotional stuff. We talk and we confide in each other. Honestly I think she is in the same boat where she looks at her schedule, holds her breath and jumps in. I don't think either of us have figured out how to cope with it long term. At the same time I don't want to complain. I am not complaining because I love it. If it weren't this way I would feel like I was a failure. If I was sitting around waiting for someone to call me to tell me to do something I would probably be depressed.

Big D: If someone is out there reading this that wants to get a true read on what Kayden Kross is all about, can you point to a few DVDs that are really indicative of what is your best work and really is a true representation of you are a sexual performer?

Kayden Kross: My very, very, very best scene is not going to be released until the fall of 2008 and that is for the Surrender of O. It was a boy/girl scene with Erik Everhard. When that movie hits stores I am going to buy something like 400 copies of it and push the shit out of it on every single blog and on my myspace page and on my website. I am so excited for that thing to hit stores. Another one that I am sure is going to be amazing is we haven't even shot it yet. Hopefully I don't fuck it up but is a movie called The Eighth Day and it is an 11 day shoot. It's an apocalypse movie. More of the end of the world type movie where we will do a lot of shooting in some deserted downtown Los Angeles areas and also out in the desert. I got the script and I am so excited. Adam & Eve is going all out. I am on set every single day. I have dialog every single day. Hopefully it will be this big, huge thing that puts me on the map.

Big D: Sounds like a lot of effort and work. Are those the types of projects you really look forward to or do you also enjoy the “one and done” type scenes where it is not as involved and might be a shorter day?

Kayden Kross: I like the bigger types of projects. I want something where you put all of your energy and you put everything into it and at the end of the day you can see that final package. That makes it all worthy it. A little scene here or there are great and they are fun to do but they are not what I look forward to seeing. Those aren't the things that keep me motivated to keep going.

Big D: First job?

Kayden Kross: I was the drive through girl at McDonald's

Big D: First concert?

Kayden Kross: Eminem

Big D: First car?

Kayden Kross: A Dodge Neon

Big D: What’s in your CD player right now?

Kayden Kross: Whites Stripes CD

Big D: Favorite food?

Kayden Kross: Sushi

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Kayden Kross: It was one of my own. It was Kayden's First Time. The first thing I saw was actually live and it was Penny Flame's scene who was the scene before me. I showed up and was not sure what to do so I went upstairs and watched her scene and then went downstairs to do mine. So when it came out I wanted to see how I did compared to her.

Big D: Favorite position?

Kayden Kross: Right now I would say it is cowgirl. It changes every few months and it depends on the guy.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Kayden Kross: I don't watch TV or sports. I would rather sit down and read a book in the corner.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Kayden Kross: Cell phone

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Kayden Kross: Juno

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Kayden Kross: I really liked Hawaii. Wait, change that. I really liked Paris.

Big D: Person you’d like to meet that you have not met?

Kayden Kross: I want to meet Neal Boortz. He is a talk show host.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven’t yet?

Kayden Kross: Australia

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