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Big D's Interview With Kate England
Inside Kate England

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Interview Date: October 3, 2016

Have you ever been bored at work, hated your job and wished you could chuck it all for a career in porn? That's exactly what Kate England did and she has become one of the most sought after porn stars in the business. A Radiologist before she started her career in porn, she was fed up with the weird hours and the job itself. A chance check of an old camming profile opened the door for porn and she has never looked back. With higher aspirations including starting her production company, Kate England expects to stay in porn for quite a while. Marking the 100th porn star interview to appear on XRentDVD, in this exclusive interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Kate England discusses how she lost her anal virginity first before her vaginal virginity, being an AVN Award nominated newcomer in two different categories and how the future of porn could take shape if a 2016 voter proposition in California passes.

Big D: Right off the bat, wanted to congratulate you for being nominated for the 2016 AVN Awards Hottest Newcomer category. Did they change the name of the Best New Starlet Award to Hottest Newcomer or is this an additional category for newcomers in porn?

Kate England: I think it is an additional category that is a fan nomination. Best New Starlet is the actual AVN nomination.

Big D: Congratulations on the nomination. Is that nomination a little bit more of a feather in your cap because the nomination came directly from the fans and it wasn't from the AVN nominating committee which has been accused of being too political and playing favorites over the years?

Kate England: I was actually nominated for both.

Big D: Oh, wow! Well double congratulations on being nominated for both.

Kate England: Yeah, it was actually pretty awesome. I felt super happy that people recognized me for all the hard work I did even though I have been in [porn] for a year. It was cool to be nominated for something so big.

Big D: Obviously it is an honor just to be nominated for one but for two really big awards is phenomenal. Do you have a preference to win over the other because you feel one is more prestigious? Or is being nominated enough?

Kate England: That's a hard question. Either way it is an honor. The fan nomination is really cool because you know your fans were rooting for you and actively voting for you online. It seems more competitive than just a bunch of people sitting around and deciding. I don't know. Either one. I know one of them you get a trophy for and one you don't. But it is just a trophy.

Big D: What was your reaction when you found out you were nominated for both newcomer awards?

Kate England: I did not expect it at all. At first I did not believe it. My friend told me. She was watching the nominations come through online. I actually didn't believe until she told me herself. I don't think it actually set in until I was actually at AVN and I waiting for my name to be called. I did not expect it.

Big D: If you do win either award, how do you think it will impact your career in porn moving forward? Unfortunately, previous winners of the AVN Best New Starlet Award have flamed out and not gone on to long careers in porn. Jenna Jameson is one that won Best New Starlet and went on to a highly successful career but others seem to have burned out as quickly as they came into porn? What's your take on that?

Kate England: I think it is definitely a career booster. Of course on box covers they can put, "Best New Starlet Award Winner 2016". I think it does boost your career but at the same time, some girls may get shot out because everyone wants to shoot them before somebody else wins the following year. I think it is all up to them. If they just shoot for everyone else, then of course they can get shot out. Maybe not fast but in a couple of years. I think if they take control of their own career, either start their own production company or their own website while they have that name, I think their careers will be fine.
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Big D: Since you are relatively new and maybe some people do not know your back story all that well, can you fill in the blanks for us? It can be a bit of a cliche question to ask you how you started in porn but for the people who do not know, I am sure they are curious.

Kate England: I was actually working as a radiologist in a hospital. I was getting upset with the hours. They were working me stupid hours and they wouldn't cut my hours. I was getting fed up. I went in and checked my old camming profile that I didn't use just to check the messages. There was a message in there from an agent in Miami. I checked the references and it seemed pretty legit. I thought, "screw it", replied to it, put in my two weeks notice and went to Miami and started shooting [porn].

Big D: How did you get to the point you had an old camming profile to check back in on it?

Kate England: I had a camming profile while I was working my way through college to become a radiologist. I was dancing and camming in order to help pay for my tuition through school.

Big D: Even though you have only been doing porn for about a year, I am sure it pays better than radiology and the hours are more flexible. Do you have plans to go back to that medical experience you have and get back into radiology or are you committed to staying in porn for the long haul?

Kate England: I think I am just going to go head first and see how long this can last. I am actually working on my own production company at the moment. Hopefully I will be in for the long haul. I still keep my [radiology] license up to date so that it does not expire just in case I want to go back. I think I will be in porn for a while.

Big D: What appealed to you about the medical field that initially drew you towards that career field first before getting into porn?
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Kate England: Honestly, I don't even know. I hated the medical field. I just moved to Florida and I decided to go to Med School because there were so many of them. Definitely job security. The pay with experience would have been decent. I just went for it but I don't know why. I think I chose radiology because it was the least bloody medical profession I could pursue.

Big D: You now live in Florida but came from a small town in Pennsylvania. Do you travel back and forth to California to shoot or is there enough work in Florida that you do not travel all that much?

Kate England: Oh yeah. Honestly, I don't really work all the much in Florida because when I go to Florida it is my breather. I take a break. I have two little dogs and I spend time with them. I come to California every other month and shoot as much as I can and then go back.

Big D: How long do you stay in California for porn shoots?

Kate England: It's usually about three weeks but if I get quite a bit of work I will usually stay longer. It just all depends on the work. I think the longest I stayed was five weeks.

Big D: How long of a break do you take back in Florida before coming back out to shoot again?

Kate England: Usually, I try to take off at least a month. If my agency calls while I am in Florida and tells me there is a company that really wants to shoot me, then I might change my plans a little bit. It usually ends up being about three weeks on and three weeks off.

Big D: Even though you are not a California resident, what are your thoughts on the Proposition 60 that will require porn performers to wear condoms and if they don't they can be sued by the general public?

Kate England: I didn’t think it will be a good thing if it [Prop 60] passes. I think it will either move porn out of California or possibly force it to go underground. I don't know because I have not been in one of these situations because I have only been in porn for about a year. It's definitely not going to be a good thing. It's definitely harassment and invading our privacy rights as performers. Condoms, of course, do not protect against STDs [on porn sets]. We are given the option to use condoms when we are at every shoot anyway. We get tested [for STDs} every two weeks. I wrote an article about it a few weeks ago.

Big D: Going a little bit further back, I read that you lost your virginity in a unique way. You actually lost your anal virginity first. How did that come about?

Kate England: (laughs) At the time, the guy I was with, I was really nervous and I thought that it looked really... big, I guess. (laughs) I was kind of scared. He said, "Oh, don't worry about it. We'll just put it in your ass. It'll be so much easier." I believed him and we did it and it was great. It was completely simple to do. Lots of lube. It was cool.

Big D: So he wasn't lying that it was easier.

Kate England: Nope. Apparently not. Maybe it was just me. I don't know.

Big D: Being in porn and you have had sex in many different ways, do you still prefer anal or do you have a preference?

Kate England: It's all good.

Big D: Does that translate to your personal life too or is there a preference to being shot in porn films? Because porn sex and regular at home sex is quite different.

Kate England: It really doesn't change that much from my personal life and in porn. Other than there are no cameras. It's really open for business.

Big D: Either on or off camera or both, do you have a preference of girls or guys? Or is it all good just like with sex?

Kate England: That's all good as well.

Big D: Tell us about your first girl on girl experience.

Kate England: It was actually with my cousin's girlfriend. And I am pretty sure that unless he reads all these interviews I have done, that he doesn't know to this day. I can't remember how old we were. He was gone and we had been throwing hints at each other for a while. It was just a long time coming. Once we got the opportunity, it was on. Even though we were obviously newbies [to girl on girl sex] but it was still pretty awesome.

Big D: Being porn for just about year now, you've worked with some of the biggest studios in gonzo. New Sensations, Evil Angel, Digital Sin, Dark X, Reality Kings, just to name a few. Any favorites to date? Or are there some studios out there you would like to work for but have not had the chance yet?

Kate England: Maybe Digital Playground. I haven't had the chance to work for them yet and I think that would be really cool. Other than that, they were all super awesome to work with. I really like the scene I did for Dark X. It turned out really nice. I think I have only shot for Dark X once and I have shot for Hard X once as well.

Big D: I think that was Interracial Anal #1 that has Abella Danger on the cover.

Kate England: Yeah, that's the one. It was a work out scene I believe.

Big D: What made that one so good?

Kate England: I just really liked the storyline. I think it was really creative. I really hadn't done a work out scene until that scene. Now afterward, it seems like I am getting work out scenes. It was super cool to do that first one. It's just a little bit different. The pretty girls are different. The outfit is different.

Big D: In your time off do you work out or are you one of those people who is blessed with a great body and you don't have to work out?

Kate England: (laughs) I wish. Even though I am only 23, I have found out that I have to work out. I try to work out at least five days a week. In the beginning when I first started working in the industry, I was not working out at all. I was very against working out. I have to now.

Big D: You've also worked with directing legends in porn, Greg Lansky, Mike Adriano, Stoney Curtis. Any favorites or any directors you would like to work with that you have not yet to work with?

Kate England: The directors have always been super cool. Haven't had a problem with any of them. All of them have been cool. Some of them can be a little tough but it's good because you know the scene will turn out good and you can be proud of it because they pushed you. I can't name any off the top of my head right now of those I want to work with.

Big D: Who are some of those directors that push your boundaries and get the best out of you?

Kate England: Greg Lansky was one of those directors. He is a little harder to work with. He likes his stuff absolutely perfect. As soon as I saw my first scene, I can see why he does what he does. It just looks really good. Basically, he is an artist and that is how he makes his art. One of the directors I would like to work with would be Jules Jordan.

Big D: Do you recall the scene or the DVD where Greg Lansky was pushing you to your limits and bring the best out in you?

Kate England: It was the first one I did for him with Rob Piper. (My First Interracial #5) I was cheating on my fiance with his friend. It was actually my first interracial scene I ever did.

Big D: What is it about Jules Jordan that makes you want him to cast you in an upcoming movie?

Kate England: Well, besides the fact that he is Jules Jordan? His stuff always looks super good. It's super bright. I like how he gets creative with it and it looks different even though it still has that bright, clean look like Greg's would. But I am sure he is awesome to work with.

Big D: I saw that your family knew you were previously a stripper and once you got into porn, they thought you were just modeling. Is that still the case? Also, now that you have been in for about a year and long enough to be nominated for AVN Awards, are they still oblivious as to what you do or have you had to have a chat with them about porn?

Kate England: Honestly, I don't think I will ever have to have that conversation. I don't talk to my family all that often or see them at all. It's not really a big deal. Honestly, I don't know if they know or not. If they do, they haven't said anything to me. It would be fine if they found out. I am not going to tell them. They could find out or come to me with it if they wanted.

Big D: You mentioned your first interracial shot for Greg Lansky. You are a white girl, blonde hair, light skin and have shot a few interracial movies like Up That White Ass #6, you are the cover girl on that one. Interracial and Anal #3 from Blacked. Is it the contract of a white girl on a black cock? Is it the archaic taboo of interracial relationships? What's your take on the whole interracial obsession in porn?

Kate England: I think it is all of it. I think it is the contrast. That is what does it for me. I think it is really pretty. Some people really like all the black guys in porn being really big and intimidating looking. Then you have these little, pale, blonde girls. I think they like seeing black guys dominate a small white chick. Other fans have told me they really like the whole love making thing. Maybe they like the fetish of it.

Big D: Another popular niche in porn these days is the taboo of "keeping it within the family". Step brothers and sisters hooking up or step dads and their step daughters hit on the May/December romance thing. You've been on the cover of Daddy's Favorites #3 and even my Grandson's Girlfriends DVDs. What's your take on why that taboo of sex within extended family is so popular? Also, do you like performing in those types of roles?

Kate England: I kind of like the Daddy/Daughter role play. I think it's hot. I think people like that type of porn because it is a fantasy that they can't have in real life. But it is still hot in their mind. I would never do that in real life but I love doing it in porn. It's kind of like living out a fantasy that you could never do. Just thinking, "I wonder what that would be like", but you would never act on it. So you fulfill it by viewing porn.

Big D: Is that indicative of porn in general? You would never get that type of sex with your wife or girlfriend because you aren't in an interracial relationship or your partner doesn't have big tits or isn't blonde, etc.? You can watch porn and fulfill those fantasies you may not be getting at home or if single, not at all?

Kate England: Basically, all porn is a way for people to watch their fantasy and experience things they haven't had yet or wish they could do or shouldn't ever do. I think porn is that fantasy that people watch that they can't do in real life.

Big D: What are three DVDs that encompass what you think is your best work so far to date?

Kate England: The DVD, I think it called Swollen, it is for Ryan Madison, is a really, really good one. Any of the DVDs from Blacked (Interracial and Anal #3, Interracial Threesomes #3 and My First Interracial #5) that I have done. I really like the newest one I did for Elegant Angel, Up That White Ass #6. I just saw the box cover for it. That one was super fun. He really made it pretty. I haven't seen my scene but I know it will be good.

Big D: What made Up That White Ass #6 so good?

Kate England: The way he shot it. I had never worked with that director (Dreadneck) for Elegant Angel. He made it really pretty. There are sections of me coming down the hallway and I was vaping. It looked really cool coming down the stairs and walking around the pool. Cool takes that were really artsy and really pretty. I got to work with Prince (Yahshua). I love working with Prince. He was my male talent and that made it super fun. That scene was super energetic. I think people will like it.

Big D: Who are some of the other male talent that you love working with, besides Prince?

Kate England: Mick Blue. Mick Blue and Prince are definitely two of them. I haven't had too many repeats which is surprising.

Big D: How about guys you have done one scene with and would love to be one of those repeats?
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Kate England: Marco Banderas was super fun to work with. My one and only Tushy scene (Anal Beauty #2) was with Manuel Ferrara. Would love to work with him again.

Big D: So I am sensing you prefer the older, more veteran male talent. Is it because they are older guys and you prefer older guys or is it because they have been working in porn for a while and they are better skilled at their craft than the younger ones?

Kate England: I think it is definitely a combination of both. I like older guys anyway. And I like the way they carry the scene because they are veterans and they know what they are doing. They know how to make it fun and make it flow.

Big D: Hearing that, maybe some of the older, retired porn studs like Michael Stefano and Evan Stone might get a look at you and come out of retirement just to get a shot at you.

Kate England: Maybe.

Big D: You have nearly 120,000 followers on Twitter. What's it like being that popular? A year ago you were a radiologist and now you have more people than in your hometown following your every move on social media.

Kate England: It's a lot to keep up with. I didn't even have social media before porn. I was new to it. It is definitely a lot of work. Every day it take a few hours to go through everything and respond to people and sometimes unfollow and block people. It's definitely a lot of work. But it feels special because you know you have that many supporters even though they may not be on there actively checking your profile and your scenes all the time.

Big D: Do you get a lot of people tweet at you where it can overwhelming by the sheer numbers of people trying to contact you via social media?

Kate England: Most of the time, people are just commenting on a tweet that they follow or something I retweeted. A few times I will get people who will send me a crazy video emoji or they will make their own GIF of me from a scene. But it is hard. I understand now how these porn girls that have over 600,000 followers - I don't know how they do it. They have to have somebody doing it for them. If they don't, then kudos to them. That would be crazy.

Big D: In checking your Twitter and knowing you come from Pennsylvania, it is no surprise you are a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. After last night's drubbing of the Kansas City Chiefs, I have to ask. Who has a better Twerk game? You, Beyonce or Antonio Brown?

Kate England: (laughs) Antonio Brown. For sure. I saw that somewhere. One of my fans tweeted that out. I think it included a meme of Antonio Brown in the end zone twerking. Even though he got a penalty for it, it was awesome.

Big D: Being a Steelers fan, are you a sports fan in general or is it just football?

Kate England: I am an overall NFL fan. I like the Olympics but then again, who doesn't?

Big D: Anything you want to add before we move to our rapid fire questions?

Kate England: If you are a registered California voter, vote no on Prop 60. Also, be careful of who you elect. I think this election, this Presidential election, is actually making a big difference in the future. Future problems possibly. I think it is important to vote. I think it is important to look at the Presidential candidates and some of the other down ballot candidates.

Big D: First job?

Kate England: Fast food worker

Big D: First concert?

Kate England: I think it was some weird Bluegrass group. It was a long time ago.

Big D: First car?

Kate England: Ford Focus

Big D: What are you listening to right now?

Kate England: Mostly Electronic Dub Step. I have some rap in there.
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Big D: Favorite food?

Kate England: Italian. Anything Italian. Pasta

Big D: On or off camera or both, favorite position?

Kate England: Doggy for both.

Big D: Movies or the ball game?

Kate England: Definitely a football game. I can't watch baseball but football, yes.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Kate England: The Italian Job

Big D: What is a modern convenience you would not be able to live without?

Kate England: Probably my cell phone. I have lost it before and I felt like my world was falling apart.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Kate England: I kind of live where people vacation so I could say my house.

Big D: Who is a person, living or dead, that you would like to meet, but have not had the chance to meet yet?

Kate England: Johnny Depp or Mark Wahlberg. They are my favorite actors and I have always thought Johnny Depp is super hot.

Big D: Where is a place that you would like to visit but have not yet had the chance to go?

Kate England: Ibiza or somewhere in eastern Europe. Maybe Russia even though it is cold there. I want to see Saint Petersburg.

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