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Big D's Interview With Justine Joli
Inside Justine Joli

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Interview Date: October 9, 2009

Justine Joli grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and moved to California in her late teens. This dazzling redhead, with her delicious creamy complexion, has been in the adult industry for a decade with over a hundred titles under her belt. She is a free spirit that lives life to the fullest. In this interview with XRentDVD's Backdoor Betty, Justine Joli discusses who and what attracted her to the porn biz, her love of women, obsession with toes and her enjoyment of mental bondage. She also reveals her love for science fiction and her upcoming plans to enthrall her fans with the upcoming changes to her website. Justine Joli - the world's hottest and kinkiest geek!

Backdoor Betty: Most little girls don't dream about growing up to be porn stars. Who and what attracted you to get into the adult industry?

Justine Joli: Unlike a lot of the girls who have come into the industry recently, within the last five years where girls have seen Jenna and wanted to come in and take control of their sexuality and their power and use it for good, in a sense of making themselves money and being strong in their sexuality and enough to know their safe and secure in doing these sexual acts publicly and get paid very well for it. I, unfortunately, am not within that group. I got scouted by a man named, Kris Kramski. I doubt he is in the industry anymore. I'm not sure if he is, but he was working for Hustler at the time and at that particular time in 2000 I didn't drive; not at least in the city of Los Angeles. It terrified the hell out of me. It did seriously. Five lane freeways; I've never seen it before. My mom took me to this interview in downtown Los Angeles where he had a loft or house, I can't remember, and we're sitting there. He found me at a mall and he's like, come over to my house and we can talk about what I can do for you. So, I'm in his house and I look up over to the left and there is a 5ft by 3ft picture; and what was in that picture, there were 3inch by 5inch sq close-up shots of a vagina, way close ups. You couldn't tell what they were shots of at first. My mom, mind you my fifty-two year old mother, is sitting next to me. And while we are both looking at this picture that is to our right and were looking at it and my mom goes "what the hell is that?!" And I keep looking at it, and it finally dawns on me what it is! I didn't tell my mom immediately what it was because my mom and I don't discuss sex as it is, so for that to be sitting there right next to my very conservative mother "Oh Holy Crap!" So I realize what it is and I'm like yeah mom I know what that is, and she's like really... I think we shouldn't look at that anymore and then Kris comes in and he goes through the list of how he can help me and how he use to be in fashion and that he's not anymore and that I'm not the right height. What this guy doesn't know is that I had ran this gambit already. I've already done beauty pageants and all kinds of stuff prior to getting into porn and he finally gets to the end of his spiel which is what he meant to get to in the first place "Hey, I'm a pornographer and your a really hot girl do you think you can have sex with woman on film and get paid for it? I said wait a minute your going to pay me to have sex on film with hot chicks? How much do I get paid? He say's "$500." I say, "OK, I'm in, Yes!"

Backdoor Betty: What did your Mom think about you appearing in porn?

Justine Joli: My mom wasn't too thrilled with the idea, but I also grew up in a very small town and I have heard since then that things have not changed so much. Where I grew up, I couldn't even walk down the street holding my girlfriend's hand. I wasn't able to express my sexuality in this area at that time, late 90's and early 2000, because people would threaten to beat my ass and all kinds of stuff. This just opened up a whole new world for me, made it simpler. Oh, hey, I can be with girls and it's ok and I'm not going to get my ass beat and I get to have fun with chicks and your going to pay me? Ok why not. And, that's how I got in.

Backdoor Betty: When did you know that you were Bisexual?

Justine Joli: I was sixteen years-old. I came out and told my Mom when I was sixteen and she turned around and said, "all you really need is a good man." My Mom is not necessarily supportive of it, but if I'm happy and I'm ok that's all she cares about.
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Backdoor Betty: Who was one of the first directors you worked with, and was it a good experience?

Justine Joli: It was Steven Hicks. I'm pretty sure Steven was my first photographic experience and Steven was amazing. His make-up artist and assistants are truly amazing people. It was an amazing experience. Nobody was rude; in fact they all thought I had actually done this before. Nobody knew that I was so brand new. The only way a photographer knew you had never.... ever.... done anything in front of the camera is if you try to grab the light meter. You automatically think their handing it to you, and of course I tried to grab the light meter and he's like, "No this is a light meter, I'm just trying to check the light around you."

Backdoor Betty: Did you ever get to shoot the girl/girl scenes with Kris Kramski?

Justine Joli: I actually never shot with him. He ended up losing his contract with Hustler. Hustler was actually courting me to be one of their contract girls. They were going to sign me before they signed Jessica Jaymes. Larry had actually pulled me into his office to talk to me prior to signing Jessica Jaymes. He was going to sign me right about that time, before he signed her, but I wouldn't do boys. So, they decided not to sign me. But I'm also only one of three girls that have been on the cover of Hustler three times. It's very rare for Larry to allow someone to have cover more than twice.
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Backdoor Betty: In September 2007 you were chosen Penthouse Pet of the Month. How did this effect your work in the adult industry? Did it open more doors and did it help increase your fan base?

Justine Joli: Working with Penthouse is amazing. They are wonderful people. I was actually Penthouse Pet 3 times. Just before they went Chapter 13 in 2002, Eril Miller had shot two sets of me for Pet and were later released only for the web. It was pretty cheeky of me when I walked up to Mark Bell and told him that all my girlfriends have been in your magazine and they've gotten Penthouse Pet or Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner Up and I'm not really sure why I can't be in your magazine too? I was pretty enough for you to buy 3 sets of me and obviously nothing has been done with them, and that's actually how I got Penthouse Pet. It was wonderful to be under contract with them for a year. I wouldn't say they opened up a whole lot of doors, but the more doors I opened up gave me a nicer peddle to carry around with my long body of work, and it does open doors for me, and not necessarily were you would think either. For example, I can now do horror conventions, where prior to being a Penthouse Pet, it was very difficult to get into. It does open doors, in fact, my fiance's mother doesn't think it's so bad that I'm actually a Penthouse Pet.

Backdoor Betty: It is known in the adult industry that you are Bisexual. Is there a reason why you only do girl/girl scenes? And, are there any plans in the future for boy/girl scenes?

Justine Joli: Actually, me not doing males on film has nothing to do with my significant other. It has to do with me being open with a portion of my sexuality, that is that I really enjoy sharing with people my love of women. However, within the next two months I'm actually going to start doing a live broadcast of having sex with my boyfriend. Why not share some of that with the world as well? Everything will be broadcasted live directly from my website. I'm a freak and incredibly kinky. When I have been in relationships, and with somebody who I was in love with and wanted to express part of that on film most people would look at it and say either she's in love with that person, or she's totally just getting railed as hard as she possibly can. And while, yes, that's why you end up putting it out there for those people that really want to see hardcore, but there are other people that really look at it and see that I'm actually very in love and wanting to share that. A lot of my past partners have not been down for that.

Backdoor Betty: I noticed that you have done several Triangle Films titles. How does it feel to be working with a talented director such as Kathrine Anelle? Do you notice a big difference in the directing style between men and women?

Justine Joli: I've worked in the business since 2000 and I've seen things change quite a bit, mostly in male directors and male photographers. The powerful woman that have been in front of the camera have seen were they can improve and improved it themselves, namely, Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick, Sophia Santi and Adriana Sage. All of these woman have seen what they can do in front of the camera and also what they can do behind the camera. It is different working with a woman than a man. I prefer working with women because I'm an elite in that particular sense. It's not like I'm saying I'm a raging right wing feminist, but I am a feminist to a certain degree and I do think that a woman's buying power is changing in the market place and that more people, male or female, when they're going to purchase a pornographic film, it says something about the consumers. It says we really like what these women are putting out and I also think it says something for the consumers themselves. Hey these women are a whole lot kinkier and dirtier. I personally enjoy working with Kathrine Anelle, she has like this yoda way of picking girls that would do great scenes together, even girls that have a problem with one another. There is something about Kathy that allows her to be that person that can pick the right people to be together to do a scene. I think it comes from the fact that she is a lesbian and she has a wonderful marriage with her wife.

Backdoor Betty: Your newest title "River Rock Women's Prison" from Triangle Films will be releasing soon. How did it feel to film, River Rock Women's Prison? And did you get gangbanged?

Justine Joli: Actually, I was kind of hoping for a gang rape, but that actually didn't go down. But, I did have an amazing sex scene with Melissa Monet and I lost my septum retainer during the sex scene. I went into the sex scene wearing make-up and I came out of the sex scene wearing no make-up at all. I ended up sweating every bit of it off. It was an amazing sex scene and I enjoyed the movie quite a bit. Kathy did a lot of research in order to make the movie very authentic and she was talking to me about visiting some of the women in prison. A lot of the situations that are in the movie really go down. Kathy is an amazing director.

Backdoor Betty: Everyone has something that turns them on. Do you have a particular sexual Fetish?

Justine Joli: First, I'm going to start off by saying that I've been in the sex industry for a long time. Honestly, it's the energy. It really is the energy the person brings to that particular sexual experience, whether it's heavy breathing or it's rather more about my energy with that person and how that energy can be a give and take. That's what really turns me on. Outside of having a huge foot fetish, and really my foot fetish is limited to bare toes on men, oddly enough, and no socks for guys but then crazy socks and crazy shoes for girls. I don't have any idea why it is. I have no idea where that comes from, but toes do it for me! Also, the energy that I can play off from my partner, whoever that happens to be, male or female. And I love making out, one of the most amazing things in the world is if you can fuck while kissing really well, then you can have me really wet and do whatever you want to me in two minutes. Oh God, and I love biting.

Backdoor Betty: Do you participate in the BDSM world?

Justine Joli: Yes, I do. I'm a switch actually. I haven't really been too heavy in the BDSM world for the last two or three years, but I do really enjoy that power play. I'm also very aggressive and very dominant. I do like to turn that power over. There's a lot of psychology that goes into it, but I think it's more of the psychological portion of it that excites me so much with BDSM. Mental bondage as opposed to physical bondage, but I also like physical bondage to get my off beat because I'm a sever heavy sub. You can beat me, whip me, cane me all you want and I'm thrilled with it. The harder you go the happier I am. The only unfortunate thing is that I'm a model too. I can't get striken head to toe like a fucking zebra like I want to be and have my ass completely black and blue so I can't sit down for two or three days, I have to model.

Backdoor Betty: Originally you went by the name "Swan" but later adopted the name "Justine Joli" what or who inspired the name change?

Justine Joli: This is the funny thing, it was only six months that I had worked as "Swan", all my photo work was done under "Swan". I worked for Andrew Blake within that six months and he said I reminded him of a Bonnecili song and his lead actress from the 60's, I forgot her name. He said I also reminded him of a character called "Justine" from Marquis de Sade, called "120 Days of Sodom and Other Writings." I said "ok, I don't care just make sure you get me a airplane ticket for France and call me whatever the hell you want." and that's how I got the name Justine. I was dating a Frenchman at the time and he use to call me "Joli" and this was before Angelina Jolie had become very big. I think she had just done the film "Gia" and her popularity started to peak. In 2002, I purchased justinejoli.com and that's when all my work as Justine Joli started to come out. I worked for six months solid, and then I took six months off, and that's how I ended up with the name "Joli" because I took the pet name from my French ex, and "Justine" from Andrew Blake. I read "120 Days of Sodom and Other Writings". Parts of it, I have to admit, I had to skip, but I would have to agree with Andrew Blake that the whole progression of my career has kind of really mirrored Justine in that sense of opening up her sexuality. It's a rough read, I'm not even going to lie. He talks about gathering girls from the hillside. It really is the beginning of BDSM.

Backdoor Betty: You sound incredibly well read. What else inspires the sexy Justine Joli?

Justine Joli: I love reading and listening to the Economist; it's one of my favorite things to do. I actually download the podcast. I listen to it while I drive, or when I'm on a plane. Things that inspire me, I would have to say, because I'm a comic book nerd and science fiction geek. TV shows like Firefly, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Doctor Horribles Sing A Long Blog inspire me. I'm a huge Joss Whedon fan and Doll House is one my huge inspirations right now. That's what inspires me. For example, I did a photo shoot based on one of my favorite Manga's ever, "Ghost In The Shell," I have those photographs on my website. I've also done Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and all these comic book characters and I think that is part of the reason why I also have a different fan base than what Penthouse could ever bring, because of comic books and things like that. I want to be able to give something back in that sense. Belladonna has done the gonzo thing and Jenna Jameson has done some hardcore in the mainstream realm.

Backdoor Betty: I noticed that, on Totally Nerd Core, you appeared on the 2009 and 2010 calender. How did you become affiliated with Totally Nerd Core?

Justine Joli: Totally Nerd Core contacted me through my website and they said, "we don't really pay that much but we have this idea." They sent me the calender from the year before. What they could do instead of paying me was to get me into San Diego Comic Con because I'm currently banned, I'm never allowed to come down as a vendor. They really want it as a family thing, they really don't want girls to sell nudity there, plain and simple. I've been baned three times, so, that is how many times I've snuck into it. Things like that is what makes up for it and that's how I got involved with them. I told them anytime they have projects, I don't care what it is, I want to be part of it because it speaks to the geek in me. It totally speaks to the geek in me.

Backdoor Betty: On doing a little research on you, I learned that you are a huge Star Trek fan. Which of all the Star Trek shows is your favorite? And, do you plan to attend the Star Trek Convention in 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Justine Joli: OMG, Yes! We just bought Star Trek Next Generation. I burned like 40% of my left leg with boiling water in April and I couldn't do anything. The burn started from my crotch all the way down to the tip of my toe so I couldn't move. I hadn't seen Star Trek Next Generation since it aired in the late 80's, and since I hadn't seen all the seasons, my boyfriend said he needed an incentive to keep me on the couch, so he surprised me by buying Star Trek Next Generation seasons 1-4. We burned through the first two seasons in like a week. I do love Star Trek Next Generation. I even bought the original series, and oh my god how awesome was the Star Trek movie this year!!!? I actually didn't get to see it opening weekend though. I'm actually more of a Star Trek Next Generation and Deep Space 9 fan all the way. Star Trek Voyager was really awesome, though I only got to see the first year and a half because I lived in the Midwest and they pulled it from the Midwest. It dealt with too many issues and it also didn't get enough ratings. I probably will not be attending the convention. The last time I was at a Star Trek convention, I actually got recognized so I'd rather not. I hit on Wil Wheaton on top of it all. I didn't know he was married and of course I had a crush on him from when I was a little kid. Anyway, I hit on him and got his signature and my dumb ass completely forgets the 8 X 10 and I had to walk my happy ass back there. So, I come back and he's like "oh yeah, here it is no problem," and he says' I know this has to be embarrassing for you to come back, especially after hitting on me, but the guy who was behind you is absolutely convinced that you are a porn star, and he said to me "You just look so wholesome" and I'm like, "I think he has me confused with somebody else, everyone looks like a porn star these days."
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Backdoor Betty: What other projects are in the works that your fans can look forward to?

Justine Joli: In the next six months I'm planning to shoot something very similar to Doctor Horrible's Sing A Long Blog, where I do sing and I'm a villain. That's one of the things I want to make is web episodes. Basically, I want to put it out there where it's available, except the very last five minutes which is where I will be completely nude and have sex. All this will be available on my website. You will be able to download each episode separately and we are also building a store for the front of my website where you'll also be able to buy the episodes a la carte in case you don't want to join my website. In order to make Doctor Horrible's very popular we will put it up on our website for free for three weeks, live stream. Then three weeks later, I will put in on ITunes for everybody to buy. I have the story line and I have shot list, that is what I'm really good at. I'm a nerd and I like to gather people around me that are good at the job they're supposed to do. I'm great at being a media whore to an extent. I know how to get you guys down to the set and how to give you a short breakdown of what I'm doing. I'm good at all those things but what I'm really looking forward to is sitting down with the marketing people from my website and letting them know this is what I intend on doing and this is what Joss Whedon did in order to make Doctor Horrible's very popular. He put it on a website for free, live stream, then three weeks later he put it on ITunes for everyone to buy. I think this is really a good idea and what do you think? Well, I think the biggest thing coming up is my live cam show with my fiance. I have never done live cam shows before on my site. So, those are the two biggest things coming up on my website.

Backdoor Betty: First job?

Justine Joli: Babysitting

Backdoor Betty: First concert?

Justine Joli: I was 22 years old and it was Delirium at the El Rey Theater.

Backdoor Betty: First car?

Justine Joli: Toyota Celica. Now if you want to know my favorite car, it was the 88' Oldsmobile.

Backdoor Betty: What’s in your CD player right now?

Justine Joli: I'm currently listening to a couple of things. I have three play lists that are my favorite. One is called is my "Healer" play list. It has Electronica music from Fahrenheit Project Vol 1-6, Carbon Based Lifeforms. The other one is called my "Crystal Mix" play list, which has Crystal Method, Moby, White Pound, it pretty much has house music and my third play list is, Turn Coat, which is a audio book from Jim Butcher.

Backdoor Betty: Favorite food?

Justine Joli: Bionic apples from Merb's Candies.

Backdoor Betty: First porn you ever watched?

Justine Joli: The first porn I have ever seen was one that I was in.

Backdoor Betty: Favorite position?

Justine Joli: Missionary.

Backdoor Betty: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Justine Joli: I'd rather do a movie, unless, at the ball game, I get to be the beer and snack girl.

Backdoor Betty: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Justine Joli: A Bodega. They don't have them in the West Coast and it pisses me off. I want to be able to walk into the corner store and get a bacon, egg 'n' cheese at 4 p.m. that is one of the fewest things I can't live without.

Backdoor Betty: Favorite mainstream movie?

Justine Joli: Does it just have to be one? Dune, the original movie and the four hour version of that. The Dark Knight was an amazing movie. Spiderman #3 with Venom. Star Trek and Watchmen would have to be on the top of that list.

Backdoor Betty: Favorite vacation spot?

Justine Joli: New Zealand

Backdoor Betty: Person you’d like to meet that you have not met?

Justine Joli: Bill Gates. I would love to meet him and his wife.

Backdoor Betty: Place you want to visit but haven’t yet?

Justine Joli: Bangkok, Thailand.

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