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Big D's Interview With Julia Ann
Inside Julia Ann

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Interview Date: February 4, 2016

In sports and porn, sometimes veterans overstay their welcome and hang onto the dream for too long and do not bow out gracefully. Luckily for porn watchers, Julia Ann has not bowed out and has no plans on hanging them up anytime soon. With a body that most women in their 30's would kill for, Julia Ann is an AVN Hall of Famer, has been a contract girl for three different studios and has demonstrated she is definitely not a flash in the pan. Julia Ann has adapted and adjusted to the moving target that is the porn industry and through her raw sexuality and passion for porn and a lot of kindness, has carved out a legacy in the adult film world that will keep fans watching and coming back for years into the future. In this exclusive interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Julia Ann discusses her longevity in porn, her biggest disappointment she had to face early in her porn career and what a young Abigail Mac said to her on set that in 20 years of porn she had never heard before.

Big D: Hi Julia. We had a chance to do an interview with Dana Vespoli earlier this week and she was most recently inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame. You have been in the AVN Hall of Fame for about 10 years now. Looking back to 2004 when you were inducted, did being inducted help or hurt or have no affect on your career to date and moving forward?

Julia Ann: I don't know if it has had any affect on my career. I didn't see a boost. I didn't see a slide. I didn't get any more work. My work has always been really consistent. I don't know that it really changed much. It gave my really good friends the opportunity to do the periodic hazing of, "Oooh! Hall of Famer!" Or it allowed them to pick on my age because I am old enough to have been "Hall of Fame" 10 years ago. (laughs) Other than giving some really good ammo to my friends, I got nothing. (laughs)

Big D: Speaking of longevity in the porn business, there isn't this line of demarcation for the AVN Hall of Fame that if you pass a certain amount of time you are automatically inducted into the Hall of Fame. It seems that the AVN Hall of Fame rewards longevity. We have all seen plenty of flashes in the pan of those "it" girls come and go and get shot out within six months. What do you owe your longevity? What has attributed to your staying power and allowed you to stay in adult for so long?

Julia Ann: Happenstance... I don't know. There are so many really great women in the business for whatever reason they don't have longevity and get the work and they should. What makes one person more fortunate than another? I am really not sure. I do know that a lot of people that shoot me - I am shooting myself but it also helps to have relationships. I think people like to have me on set. I don't think that hurts. That's why I feel like you have to be kind to people. Granted, you have to be walked on by people who are bad. Everyone knows I have an opinion. If you are a person that likes to hurt other people, then you are someone I have no problem not making friends with. But at the end of the day, everyone on set is on the same level. There is no one person that is really higher than another. We are all just trying to get our jobs done and hopefully have a nice day. Be kind. Be nice. Be professional. We are all allowed to have a bad day. If you are not nice and professional, what will happen is, in my opinion - you can be the most popular girl out there, but if you are a jerk and your popularity fades at all, they are going to be happy to never have to hire you again. If you are somebody who they have great things to say about and they enjoy your company of that of a friendship, even if you aren't the number one seller, you are still going to get booked because they love you. They like you. I think that is probably the most important. My agent back in the day, Lucky Smith from Risque Business said to me, "Be good to everyone on the way up because they are the same people you will meet on the way down." I couldn't say that enough to new people in the business.

Big D: That saying of, "Be nice to people on the way up because you will meet them on the way down" - for girls in the industry who may not have the best body or the prettiest face or very well may not perform at an all-star level on camera - if she is pleasant to be around and she makes others around her feel good, she might overcome those physical shortcomings. On the other hand, she could be the most gorgeous supermodel in the world but if she is a pain in the ass to deal with, nobody will want to book her.

Julia Ann: Nobody will want to book her. But here is the thing. Will they book her because she sells amazingly? Yeah. They will do it because of the numbers? Sure. But the second the numbers slide, there are no favorites. They are going to happy. Thank God, she's gone. Thank God I don't have to hire her anymore because she is not selling the way she did. There are no favorites. There is something to say about being kind. Your kindness is not even for the people on set. It's also for your fans. If you nickel and dime your fans... if you are arrogant with your fans. If you are cold with your fans - your members to your website. If you go to conventions and you are stand-offish and you are so about the money you want to make in that moment that you forget about the fact that they [fans] are already paying your bills by making you popular enough to buy your stuff or watch your stuff. They are not going to continue to stand by you. They won't buy your stuff. Sometimes there is something said to people that is so nice that they like you so much they want to buy your stuff. I think I am proof of that. I have members to my website based on the fact that I do animal rescue. It's not even my sex. There is something to say about being compassionate to people, being nice to them and realizing we are just people. Everybody is just a squirel trying to get a nut. (laughs) That's how I did it. Everyone is out there looking for the same thing. A little acceptance, love, friendship. Comradery. Give that to them because you would like it back. People will stand by you if you stand by them.

Big D: Do you find...

Julia Ann: I'm a little "Kumbaya", I'm just going to tell you. Which it is funny because the people who I don't get along with will say, "That's a load of crap". That's fine. Being "Kumbaya" doesn't mean that you let everything slide.
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Big D: You've been in the industry long enough to see when it was booming. The early 2000's there wasn't enough content out there to feed that beast. Now it has tapered off. It seemed during the high times of the adult film industy that producers put up with what I call "the flake factor". Girls would show up and not be ready to perform, they would be hung over, they would be high from the night before or not show up at all. There was so much demand out there that the producers had to tolerate that behavior. But now the industry declined to the point it seems that those producers don't have to put up with that crap anymore. If a girl shows up and she is not ready to go that day, they will send her home. Or if she doesn't show up they will just not book her and tell her agent, "sorry, she didn't show up and we are not going to book her and you better set her straight.". Is that refreshing to see that now where you have had that longevity when you saw it that studios needed to pander to these types of performers? Now it seems like the industry has found its own level and weeded them out?

Julia Ann: I don't know. I am not going to say I didn't see some girls - or some guys - let's call it what it is because it's not just the girls... I have seen performers, men and women alike, show up being hung over. It's just like any other job. It happens. I don't think I saw it any more than someone that works for a bus driving service or a doctor's office. Everyone is doing their stuff on the side. So I don't think I saw it being more prevalent more here than any other job. The few times I really saw a girl be like that - or a guy - even back then we sent them home. There are a few times recently that people have been hung over from partying that weren't sent home. I still think it is still more of a company thing. I do think that now that people are having to work harder for their money, which I think is probably the bigger deal. It used to be the producers could make their money in shooting and moving as slowly as they wanted to in a day. Nowadays you don't have the time necessarily. When you're having to work that much harder to make your money that you used to not have to work this hard to do, you might have put up with a little bit more. Now it is hard based on the ones that are having to work that much harder, the ones that do the gonzo style, they can't waste their time on set. I think that is what it really comes down to. They can't waste time. It means that they either suck it up and shoot the person because they can't waste the time to find someone else or they are already working so hard to make the same money they just don't even care to deal with it and send them home. I think it is really 50/50 now for different reasons. They are having to work harder and their time is so limited. They used to be able to shoot two things in a day and now they are having to shoot four. That's a catch-22. They can either try to either flip scenes if they can and cancel this girl and try and flip scenes for the end of the day. If they can't do that then they shoot the girl because they don't have time to reschedule. So it is a catch-22.

Big D: You've been a contract girl for the lion's share of you career, most notably Vivid, Wicked, Digital Playground and actually Wicked twice. What is it like to see the industry change so drastically from being so contract focused to now where you really can't find a contract girl in the adult industry to save your life. It seems like they are very few and far between. What is it like to see the industry change so drastically from one end of the spectrum to the other?

Julia Ann: Actually, I was only under contract with Wicked once. There was no break in between. I was either contracted for my time and when it expired, it expired. You know... I compare this to big music. We used to have big bands put out one album, let's say Journey, let's say Chicago, let's say Queen, Led Zepplin, whatever. Every song was a hit. You listened to everything. Everything was awesome. This was a big band. And they had album after album after album and they sold out and they were huge. Something came along and all of a sudden we ended up with a bunch of little bands. This band had one or two hit songs and that was it and this band had one or two hits songs and that was it. And the internet came along and made it so there wasn't really an ability to back these bands to even make them big anymore. So you will have a one hit wonder and a two hit wonder. It's just not there with the bootlegging and the stealing. The money is not there to create the contract girl anymore. Everyone is coming and going too quickly. It's harder for people to want to stay. For the career animals, your contract actresses that are here, they are the ones that are like Aerosmith. The ones that can still make an album today becasuse they built their fanbase back then. So now every new fan that they get is just gravy. Let's face it, the only time they are going to die out is either if they die before their fans or their fans die before them. Death is the only way they are going to die out. (laughs) I think that is the way with the contract actresses. We were able to build that fanbase when that glamour existed. There aren't any Marlyn Monroe's anymore. You've got - not that they are not amazing - but you have a bunch of - who would be a perfect example of that? Somebody who is - an actress who is good, she doesn't go there - Charlize Theron. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Wonderful. Enjoy her movies but she will never be Marlyn Monroe. Because that is iconic. That was a time when movie companies had contracts. Now it can't happen. There are too many people who want to be actresses. Too many avenues for people to take - too much stuff being stolen. Money is not there anymore.

Big D: What appealed to you the most about being on a contract to the point you signed three different contracts with three different studios?

Julia Ann: Back then especially at that age, you glorified that. I'm a contract girl with Vivid. You're 23 or 22 or whatever it is and that was the coup de grâce. There was nothing above it. Nothing. I think it was status when you are at that age and it is with that company at that time. Then it was fun to make these big story movies. These big story porns. It wasn't just a gonzo scene. I remember thinking, "Wow, these gonzo actors. That's crazy. They are not even making these big movies. These big movies are where it's at.". At the time there was something to be said about. That was pretty much the 20-something year old in me thinking there was nothing outside the box. Then later I signed with Digital Playground. It was a very short lived thing because the Digital Playground back then was very different than the Digital Playground from right now. Back then I didn't think they were a very nice company. They weren't very nice people in my opinion. I was short lived there because I was used to a certain way of shooting at Vivid. To me, Digital Playground lacked the.... responsibility is not the word I am looking for... the integrity in shooting. They just threw me into some situations I am not comfortable with. I am not saying on a sexual level but more on a "Hey, we're going to have sex in a waterfall in a monk sanctuary but we're not going to tell the monks what we are doing.". You're like, What!?! I don't shoot like that. It's guerilla shooting. (laughs) I'm not good like that. To me there was an ethical thing with that company that I was not comfortable with. Again, different than the company that it is today. Different ownership. When Wicked came along - to me Wicked was more of a serious company as far as - in your 20's with Vivid it was about status and more like, "Yay! Oh my God! This is so great! I have a contract!" With Wicked it was more like, "This is my contract. This is my work." I think there is a different level of responsibility for me there and in the movie making was phenominal. In the beginning I shot one of my biggest movies with - who was my husband at the time Michael Raven - my mind was very cluttered as well with being husband and wife and boyfriend and girlfriend and "Yay! We're shooting this really great movie", and there was a lot of comradery there for me. I think it's hard to compare company to company and contract to contract. It's more age to age. My difference in how I saw the contract was more the difference because of my age and my values and what I wanted in life. How I saw my job and my comfortablilty with my job. When I got out of it [contract work] and started freelancing and doing gonzo, I was like, "Oh My God! This is like a fucking vacation!" (laughs) Although I had been doing these big films and was on set for 20 or 22 hours, it is not for the weak of heart. It really isn't. As I have gotten older I have realized I really am not good at 20 hours days anymore. I am not good at fucking in a warehouse that is 20 degrees. I'm just not. Let's be fair. 40 degrees. It hurts now. It hurts a lot. I think it happened at the perfect time. I think it happened in the perfect order when in my younger days I was in a contract and able to do these hard movies for hours in the cold and making the glamor happen. And now, I just want to show up to set, do my work, have sex with some awesome person and go home. And that works for me now at this time in my life.

Big D: Not to dwell on the longevity thing, when you first got into porn did you envision when getting into porn that you would have the staying power as you have enjoyed and continue to enjoy to this day?

Julia Ann: No. I had no idea. Janine (Lindemulder) and I used to dance together. We did a duo called Blondage. We actually started before we did adult films. I remember in an interview which I have on tape, God love me, [I said] "God, if I'm still doing this when I am 30, I'm a fucking loser!". This is where people get on other people who are in their 20's I think back to these things I actually have on tape. Other people may say, "I never said that!". Oh yes baby, you did. I was actually dumb enough to say this stuff while being recorded. But I got to watch it and say, wow, I said that. I had no idea. Apparently I thought, when I started this, I'd be done by the time I was 30. But that's because that was my headspace at the time. My headspace was I was going to do this for X amount of time. My reasoning for staying in the business also has changed as time went on. My ideas of being here and not being here have changed as well. I can't really think of anyplace else I would rather be. Which is probably the reason I am starting a new website right now. It's a completely different animal but it is still within the business. It's because I can't see being anywhere else.

Big D: What's changed from that 20 year old that gave that - I'm not going to say regretable interview - what changed from that 20 year old who said "I hope to God I am not working and doing this by the time I am 30"...?

Julia Ann: I didn't say I hope to God I'm not [doing porn], I enjoyed my job. I said "If I am still doing this when I am 30, I am a fucking loser.". That just means that I should have saved all my money by then and that I have plans. Later on I think I started thinking more about - I was more comfrotable. I was more comfortable with my job. As a 20-something year old you are just sort of banging stuff out because they tell you to, right? As you get older you tell youself "I really want to do this. This isn't just a matter of let me make money this second. I really want to stay because I like it." I like the people. Now I have freindships and relationships. My life is immersed in these wondeful people. Why would I go? In the beginning it was new and there was nothing holding me other than making a living.
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Big D: You're entry into adult films was rather a big bang. You came in with Janine (Lindemulder) and your first film, Hidden Obsessions, was shot by the iconic Andrew Blake. At the time did you know that it was that big of a deal or did it take years in the business to realize how truly how big of a deal your debut was further down the road?

Julia Ann: I didn't know Andrew Blake. Janine knew him from Penthouse. But she really didn't know "The Andrew Blake". Neither of us had done adult films like that. She said, "There's this director called Andrew Blake. He's going to do this thing." So I met with him and he said he wanted to put me in this scene with this ice dildo. He originally was going to make it a solo with just Janine but he wanted to put me in it with her. I said okay and we showed up and they put baby powder on us so we could squeeze into these latex dresses. I was like, "Wow, this is sureal". I had huge hair and eyelashes and make-up for days. I was like, "Wow! this is porn." You know what I mean? I had no idea it could be so... regimented. So serious. Something more than just the sex. I had no idea. It was kind of amazing. And very difficult I will have you know. To shoot with ice dildos is already not easy. They were real ice dildos. They weren't plastic. They weren't glass. They are cold. They're painful. They're sharp. There were five of them. I was like, "WOW! This is porn." (laughs) Growing up I had always thought porn was two people banging on a sofa and there is a camera guy and he is shooting it. That's dirty. That's it. That's all. First thing I saw was a film called Butterfly or something. I had no idea something could be this hard to do that had to do with sex. I realized it [Hidden Obsessions] was a big deal when I was offered a gatefold in Playboy. Two weeks before they wanted to start to shoot my Playboy playmate gatefold thing, I got the phone call of, "Um, we just saw you on our channel. You know you can't be a Playmate now, right?". And that's when I realized it was a big deal! (laughs) When we started getting all the attention on the Mark and Brian show on the radio and then we went to France and she [Janine] won for best actress for it - or Best American Actress - yeah I was starting to realize it was a big deal. That was the first scene we ever shot and we got best girl/girl scene at AVN. That's when it started to hit, "Wow. Of all the scenes I could have posibly have done, I did one that I will never be able to get away from." There was just no way. The Playboy thing made me realize that I am in. I am definitely in. It's not like I picked some little random scene somewhere. This was one of the top movies ever made in erotica. One of the top scenes ever shot in erotica and it was my first scene.

Big D: Once that realization hit you like a ton of bricks, did you realize that forever you will be Julia Ann, porn star and there is no getting away from this. This is before the proliferation of the internet and social media and things that can be shared in an instant click. This was something that was out there on VHS. There was no getting away from it and it is now permanent. Did you have any realization that there is no turning back? Obviously there needs to be no regrets because there is no getting away from this.

Julia Ann: I didn't regret anything. Other than the fact that I was a little bummed out because, of course, what girl back then that had her eye on Playboy didn't - you cry, right?! Oh, I'm sorry. Two weeks before your shoot - GONE! That's the big, fat bummer. I wasn't upset about the movie or that there wopuld be more to do. I am not really regretful. If I have regrets, it's more because I really fucked that up or wish I hadn't said to that person. Or I wished I would have handled that differently. It's more of an emoitonal thing having to do with my contact with another human being that I usually regret. As far as the decision [to enter porn]? No. I was bummed to lose the gatefold but I was not upset with my decision to do the business or that I would continue to be in the business. It's really a great business. It's a great business but you have to be a business person in your mind. You have to turn into one if nothing else. If you come in like an idiot, you're going to be an idiot here. But it is okay. I came in like an idiot. I decided that I didn't want to be that poerson who would cry that the business ran me over. It ruined my life. No, not at all. It's very much a part of who I am. And I like myself. It's very much a part of my friends and my family. I have absolutely no complaints in any of these areas. It was not a bad decision. My bad decisions were people who I would have not dated outside of the business that screwed up some decision making that I did. I should have not have alliowed other people to change my path - to allow me to change my path. That was a mistake. But the business? Probably one of the best decisions was to be here and stay.

Big D: Wow, that's awesome. Speaking of past relationships, you mentioned Michael Raven a little bit ago, who obviously is in the business and other people who are outside of porn. How difficult is it - you'd think there are jealousy issues with people who are outside of industry that really don't understand that you have sex on camera with other people. They are not starngers and they're your friends. The misnomer that you fuck strangers and then you go home and collect a paycheck and that is it. It's not seen like an actual job like an account hammering away on a spreadheet and then going home and collecting a paycheck. How difficult is it in dating and relationship when you are in such a high profile career that not a lot of people understand how that career works?

Julia Ann: If it is the right people, I really don't think it is all that difficult. That's the thing. It's the right people. And I'm not a swinger so it is not like you have to find a swinger. I'm not a swinger. The people I got into relationships with that had a problem with the business - and that was not Michael - granted we are human and there were jealousy issues. But not just him but me too. But that is just because of who we are and not the business. The reason we failed was because of the typical, average, every day reasons. The compatability wasn't there and it had nothing to do with the industry. The other relationship that failed or did not fail - only one I can say failed because of the industry. And it wasn't the industry's fault. It was that it was a cop. The cop was told that if he continued to date me, if someone wanted to use it against him, they had the potential to make it conduct unbecoming of a police officer. That one hurt because there was nothing I could do about that. As far as the other relationships? The people sucked. Either we weren't compatible or - and that's in the business or out of the business. Pretty much we were either not compatible just as people can be. Or they weren't the right people and had they not been mad about the business they would have been mad about something else. I think if it is the right person they recognize who they are getting into the relationship with. If things start to bother them, they are honest in a very theraputic way. In a nice way. Not in a destructive way. That they communicate. Because our job is not something that people are grown up - taught how to handle - it is our responsiblity to lend a little understanding and compassion. That does not say accept abuse. Put up with bullshit. Name calling. Hurt feelings or whatever it is. There is a certain amount of responsibility we also have to the person we are with, whether it be that they can't stand that we leave our underwear on the floor or leave dirty dishes in the sink or they need some extra love today and hand holding and told they are important and they are your number one because of what you do for a living. There is a certain amount of maintenance in the relationship you hold responsibility to if it's the right person.
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Big D: Speaking of compatability, not just in relationships in and out of the business - is that what makes a good male and female performer within the industry? Because you have worked with both types of performers, who are your favorites to work with? Is is because they were really, really good at the sex? Or was it because there was a compatibility and a connection? What made them your favorites to work with over the years?

Julia Ann: I think there is this sincerity that I enjoy. Whether it is real or not is not even the case. At the end of the day we are performers. We are in the entertainment business. We are there to sell a fantasy. Part of selling that fantasy is to create a sense of authenticity in our performance. I'd like to think that if you are watching a mainstream movie and it is a love story and the one person is turning towards the other person and just giving this Oscar award winning performance, not only are we sucked in, but the reality is the person they are giving it to should be sucked in too. It has to be authentic or how does the other person give back the performance they need to? The authenticity of the performer is what I enjoy, not the performance. The one that can look into your eyes and realize we are selling a fantasy and that means I have to sell it to you. Manuel (Ferrara) is very good at selling it to you - to the other performer. You sell it to me and I can then sell it back. I can give it back. if you give me nothing, I really don't have anything to give you and vice versa. Nikki Hunter is another one that is authentic. I shot a scene with her for a site that I was told by the person shooting it, actually director Quasarman, he said, "I felt like maybe I shouldn't have been there. It actually felt wrong."

Big D: (laughs) That sounds like Mike.

Julia Ann: Right!?! Think about it. That's authentic. That means that it felt so real to him that it felt like a mistake. It didn't feel like a performance. It felt like a mistake for him to be there. Dana Dearmond. I don't know... That woman could .... she has got some hat tricks... I don't even know. You could wake up in the morning and say, "Oh my God! I don't know what is wrong with me and I can't go to work today but it's with Dana so I know it will work." She's got hat tricks. I don't even know. She can do some stuff that you say, "I don't even know what to do with this information but I can totally work with that." There's a passion that needs to happen. Abigail Mac. I hired Abigail Mac for my website. She looked at me when the scene started and out of nowhere she said, "How bad do you want my pussy?'. And I froze. I was like, "You are on a whole other playing field right now." I realized there was an authenticity to what she was about - to her performance. She wasn't going to play this - typically I think women who are generally straight or are shooting for a straight market, for a guy/girl market, they tend to do everything with that in mind. The only thought when you are with a guy is it is so normal to ask, "Do you want my pussy?" because it is a game, right? But, for a woman to look at another woman and out nowhere and ask, "How bad do you want my pussy?" This was foreign to me. This is totally foreign to me because I have never heard anopther woman adress another woman in a manner like that. Yes, makes sense, but - I've lived in a straight world so I have never thought of another woman wanting another woman's pussy like that. Suddenly I realized - and I am not saying I don't love women because that is not me - but I have shot in a straight world and for guys so much that I lost that concept of women wanting women on the same level. I don't think that way. My mind goes to wanting women on a passionate, emotional, rub your hair, make you orgasm, hold you, cuddle, spoon way. I am that way with women. And she deadpanned me with, "How bad do you want my pussy?" I was like, "Holy Shit!" That's awesome. To me, that is fucking awesome. I realized I had to - I needed to up my game. She took it to a level - I don't know why it seems so simple when she said but yet I had never even thought about it before about talking to another woman that way. The performers that teach me something? Ohh! Love that. I loved working with James Deen. He was somebody else that could drive a scene. A couple times he took me to a level - one time in a particular shoot for Mason - took me to a level that I didn't know existed. Again, pushing my boundaries not in a bad way. Just pushing my body, not my boundaries, pushing my body. The sensations were different and I appreciated someone being able to take me there. God, there are so many. These are the ones off of the top of my head I could say.

Big D: When you refered to James Deen, you referred to him more in the past tense. You said "there was James Deen" and you used it in the past tense...

Julia Ann: It's because he hasn't been shooting. With everything that has been going on, I don't know of anyone who is shooting him.

Big D: My question was going to be was that an unitentional use of the past tense? It seems that with the recent allegations with what came out with Stoya and the tremendous support she has gotten that it seems that he is the persona non grata in the adult industry these days. I didn't know if that was an unintentional reference...

Julia Ann: I didn't take a side in that. My side was that we shouldn't be siding on Facebook or on Twitter. That was my side. My side was we shouldn't be judge, jury and executioner on Twitter. That is beyond insulting to everything that our system should be. I found it reprehensible to be honest. Everyone knows that because AVN released an article. They called me and asked would I please say something. So I did. I didn't appreciate the whole thing. I don't know what the truth is because I was not there. Can I say it looked fishy that X amnount of women came forward? Sure. But not all of those women accused him of the same thing. The only pattern that I can honestly see is that James' ego might have got him into a little trouble and he pushed boundaries. That's why I was careful with the word boundaries. He didn't actually push my boundaries at all. He has never done anything to push me. But, with my allowance, he pushed my body and what I felt physically into a place I didn't know. But I knew that that was the scene and that is why I agreed to do the scene.

Big D: Do you recall off the top of your head what movie that appeared in?
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Julia Ann: No. I think it was the first thing that Mason ever shot with me. So it probably would have been with Elegant (Angel). I'm not 100% sure what it was. You can take out my past tense and say James Deen if you want. My mind automatically went there just because everyone has said, "I'm not shooting him. I'm not shooting him. I'm not shooting him. I'm not shooting him." So now I think, well, I guess I am not shooting with him. That was how it was in my mind.

Big D: That's why I wanted the clarification. Not to call you out and to corner you on this really sensitive issue.

Julia Ann: I'm not cornered by it. This is all part of the reason people I get along with and people I don't get along with. I can very well say I can support victims without putting my life on the line or anybody else's by saying, "I 100% believe they are telling the truth." If that were the case, we couldn't have suicide hotlines. We couldn't have rape victim hotlines. Because at the end of the day, the person answering the phone only has to keep you off the ledge and hear you and be there for you. They can't go to court and say I know absolutely this person told me the truth because they called me. Sometimes I think that everybody's wants and desires to jump the gun and stand on that wall overrides sensibility.

Big D: In doing some research on you, you have said that you don't watch your own movies because you are your own harshest critic. Is that still the case? Have you seen any of your own performances and if you have, which ones would you say are the best ones?

Julia Ann: I don't watch the sex. It will never happen. Can't do it. Can't be there. Can't help you. But that's because I don't like myself naked. And as I get older, I really don't like myself naked. I will however watch if I really thought something was funny as shit> I will look for that stuff. I did Divorcees with Wicked. Stormy (Daniels) wrote it and directed it. Veronica Avluv is in it. It's me and Stormy and Veronica Avluv basically doing a bachelorette party thing. Oh my God the shit that we did was funny! Veronica Avluv was so funny I could hardly contain myself. It was hard to do what I needed to do because she was acting like a chicken. It was really hard for me to be able to hold a straight face while she was acting like a chicken. She did it so good. I had to search for this movie and this scene. I had to watch it because it was so funny but it wasn't for the sex.

Big D: So you would hit pause or fast forward when it came to the sex parts?

Julia Ann: Yeah. I really only wanted to see the story. You know what is funny about that? I actually know fans that are the same way. I know people do the same thing. They will even write me and say, "I know this probably sounds weird but I forwarded thorugh the sex stuff because this darn movie was so funny." I thought, "I know". I thought the same way about that movie. Divorcees is hysterical. Veronica Avluv acted like a chicken on cocaine. And that was actually the case. In the movie she acted like she snorted a bunch of cocaine, which she has never done before just to get rid of it because she thinks the cops are coming, and then she is a chicken. I swear. She is a chicken, naked, running through a neighbor's yard and I'm and trying to chase her and stop her and get her clothed. It's fucking funny as hell.

Big D: I know you have done plenty of interviews over the years. Maybe more than you can count. What is the one question you've always wanted people to ask you but they never do?

Julia Ann: I don't have that. I get asked things like, "If you could be a fish, what type of fish would you be?" They try to get really, really different and I don't know why they try to go there. I think they have all been asked. I can't think of anything I wish they would ask because - actually I take that back. Here is something I wish everybody would ask everybody. When I do Exotica and I stand on the panel, and at the end they let me ask the girls the questions and answers for the audience, and I ask them all, "are there are any misconceptions about the business?" And you can tell these people what you believe that they are. What would they be? I think that that is a very valid question. And nobody ever thinks to ask that. When I thought about the industry before I got into it, I thought wow, there's probably a bunch of people running around and a lot of Christy Canyon stuff. I thought there is a bunch of people running around in a house. A dirty house. The sofas and there is a camera dude and he and his cameramen are going to shoot a bunch of people having orgies. Everyone is on pills. The craft table is basically do you want the red pill or the yellow pill or the blue pill? That was in my mind. Now I realize, no, the only difference between us [porn] and a mainstream set is the sex is real. That's it. Other than that, when I came in, there were make-up artsist there. There were gaffers there. The DPs - sometimes there is a DP depending on the size of the movie. That's not even double penetration. That is a director of photography. There are assistants. There are PAs. There is catering. There are honey wagons. Those are RVs that they have to hire for the girls to be able to relax in when they are shooting. Lighting trucks. There really is so much. Model releases. We're a business. I didn't know that. I thought we were a bunch of people winging it. This was the case. However, I will say, with this proposed condom law that this AIDS Health Federation is trying to impose on us, there is very muich the possibility that we become more and more the rebels they already think we are, already. I think people will actually not shoot anymore. And that is frightening. That's scary as hell. I think with that particular question of what I would want somebody to ask me, it would be the misconceptions - my original misconceptions.

Big D: What's the future hold for you? Do you want to continue much like Nina Hartley has and continue to work into your 50's or is there a light at the end of the tunnel that is eventual retirement and you'll move into a different direction? What's the future that you can forsee?

Julia Ann: I go to work. Like every person that goes to work and has a job. I go to work. Maybe one day I will go to work on just the days I want to go to work and not because I have to go to work. That's my idea of retirement. My idea of retirement is not working. That's not it. It's being able to say, "I want to go to work today". That's my idea of retirement. At this moment my thought is, because I am a rescuer at heart, sometimes people but for the most part dogs. But I do love women, and having my curret website, has brought me into loving women even more. I end up with many female members and we develop these relationships that are very dear to me. Friendships in some manners have been better than any other friendship than I have ever had. More reliable. More loyal. I created recently a site for women that gets launched Valentine's Day weekend. It starts February 12th. It's called Women By Julia Ann. It is to encompass not only female sexuality but some of the things will talk about health because I have aged in this business. I am going through things. My members, some of them are going through the things that I am going through. Some have already gone through them. Some have had cancer. Some have had masectomies. Some have had surgeries. Some are overweight. Some are recovering from addiction. We have developed our own sort of support group from having a relationship on my site. I developed this website for them. It is going to launch and I am hoping to make it broader. That way more women can get involved and know that they are not alone. At the same time, be able to tap into that. Am I interested in being on a porn site and what is being talked about here? It is a very gentle graduation. The site when you look at it from the outside, there is no hardcore. If you want hardcore girls with girl, if you want sex, you can go to that section within the site. I wanted to make a safe place for women that have thought about going to a porn site, but you go to the front page and it is so intimidating. There is already, "Ahhh! I have already seen it! Ahhh! Okay, that's too much. Okay, nevermind." I wanted something that they can go to and say, "Wow, not only are we going to discuss this, I can actually see these two women touch each other and that is very erotic." Or maybe she is thinking about getting a vibrator and they used this vibrator in a scene and they did a review of it and this is what they said. That sounds like it would work for me. I am having hormonal swings. Am I crazy? No. Let's talk sister.(laughs) We can talk about that. I wanted to bridge the gap. I have beginners yoga stretch. If somebody wants to do some yoga, there are simple stretches. I have modified some of the positions for the members that may be a bit overweight or have medical issues. I did meditation that any woman can do at her desk at work. It takes five minutes but it gets yourself destressed. We want to discuss pap smears and botox. I want a one stop place for women to - a haven I guess. That's my goal. And with that goal I will be more - someone told me that I will be the Oprah of porn. And that's pretty much my goal. I want something that will serve a purpose. A very big purpose. Many different purposes.

Big D: Tell us about your latest movie release Interracial MILFs.

Julia Ann: I really always liked working with Mason. She's quirky. Quirky and easy on the eyes. (laughs) She's quirky and pretty and serious and artistic and emotional. It's just nice to have that creativity and that passion for what you do around you. She asked me if I wanted to do this Hard X movie. She wanted me to pick from one of the black entertainers. I picked a guy that I had not worked with before. Rod Piper. I was told by some other girls that he was easy on the eye. Never hurts to have too many people who are easy on the eye. Just saying. Never hurts. (laughs) It was the first time he and I worked together. We went to some house that was about two hours away and we shot this scene. I don't want to break the concept of it because you find out at the end with the last thing that is said. I really don't want to say too much but it is really a hot scene. of course, I expect nothing less from mason. It's Hard X, or I think it is Dark X. Isn't that what this one is called?

Big D: It's Interracial MILFs by Dark X.

Julia Ann: Yeah, it's Dark X. It's from Mile-High which also has Sweetheart Video, Sweet Sinner, Reality Junkies. I work with them a lot. They do some amazing work esspecially their Sweetheart stuff is really awesome. But if you like the harder edge, get to the point, pushing those envelopes, sexual boundaries, I would imagine anything shot by mason with them would be your way to go.

Big D: It also includes Veronica Avluv and Mercedes Carrera.

Julia Ann: I love Veronica. Veronica is adorable in every way. Her performance as an actress - I think she ended up winning best supporting actress for one of the parodies. I think it might have been Cinderella for Wicked and Axel Braun. She has so much emotion in her that it really just drives out. Mercedes. She is so real. Did an interview with her one time that she got so passionate about her answers that she teared up. She is just real. Love that. Who is the other one? Is it Cherie?

Big D: Cherie Deville?

Julia Ann: Another one. Completely authentic. I saw a couple of pictures of me side by side with her and for a split second I thought that was me. Oh no, that's me. Which is really weird. Even though obviously I look much older. But you hit that shot and you think, "Damn, we could be sisters." Crazy. She is another one. Just authentic. Authentic. Authentic. Can't say that word enough. Real. Beautiful. Sexual. Great to be on set. That's a girl that could be here forever. People love her.

Big D: Before Blondage, first job?

Julia Ann: I scooped ice cream.

Big D: First concert

Julia Ann: Duran Duran. People will think, "What?!?" especially since my music is Dio and Judas Priest. What? Duran Duran.

Big D: First Car?

Julia Ann: No, no. I don't want to answer that one. I'll tell you why. Because that is the number one question on every credit card or bank application they ask you to authenticate. It's everybody's security question. What's your make and model of your first car. You get that. What's the name of your first grade teacher. Your mom's maiden name. There are some weird questions where I say, "Wait, I know that question." The name of your first childhood friend.

Big D: What's in your MP3 player right now?

Julia Ann: Everything from Frank Zappa to Andrea Bocelli. I don't know how to spell it.

Big D: Favorite food?

Julia Ann: Cheese. There really is no answer on that. There really is no breaking that down. Is there such a thing as bad cheese? Maybe if there are worms in it.

Big D: Maybe if it has mold?

Julia Ann: You just cut the edge off. Cheese is mold anyway, what are you talking about? Blue Cheese.

Big D: Favorite position

Julia Ann: Missionary

Big D: Movies or ballgame?

Julia Ann: Movies

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Julia Ann: Man! How do you pick just one? Movies for me are what am I feeling at the time. Sometimes I like Auntie Mame with Rosalind Russell. Not to be confused with the one with Lucille Ball. Sometimes I will like Tombstone. Kirk Russell. Val Kilmer. That's a good one. When I do my website, I usually make it through the trilogy in a day. Lord of the Rings in the background. If I just want to be entertained and kind of funny and completely sarcastic. Albert Brooks, Mother. Debbie Reynolds. And we will just stop there. I could go on and on. I could say The Birdcage. I could do all kinds of stuff.

Big D: Modern convenience

Julia Ann: Blender

Big D: Favorite place to go on vacation?
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Julia Ann: It depends on for what. If I want to be naked and do nothing. Jamaica, Hedonism. If I want something specific. If I want to go shark diving. Bahamas. If I want to cliff dive. Cancun. Cozumel. Kind of hard to say. But I want there to be warmth. Vicky Vette got me to go to Denver. And I don't ski. And I was sick. And the altitude is really high. I did not fare well.

Big D: Vicky is the viking, Norwegian goddess. She's built for that shit.

Julia Ann: She's too strong, man. She's fricken strong. She's killing me. She's all in the snow doing shoots and video taping herself for her website. I'm inside in the steamroom going, "Holy shit, I can't breathe." AND SHE'S OLDER THAN ME! I am so weak and inferior. I so want to be her when I grow up.

Big D: Who is a person living or dead that you would like to meet but have not had the chance to meet yet?

Julia Ann: That question got asked of me the other day. I want to say my grandfather on my dad's side because he died. Living? I could be such a girl about this and say Hugh Jackman. But he has to be Justice Van Helsing while we have this conversation. (laughs) You are asking my perfect scenario. This is my world.

Big D: Place you would like to visit but have yet to go?

Julia Ann: Italy. Florence area. Torino. Because that is where my family is from.

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