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Big D's Interview With Jillian Janson
Inside Jillian Janson

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Interview Date: April 9, 2015

How does a wholesome girl from Minnesota end up one of the hottest and most highly sought after porn starlets in the jizz biz? That is what happened to Jillian Janson. A bored night on the internet turned into a gig doing web cams and then she is flying out to Los Angeles to start a career doing hardcore porn. It may have started out benign and routine but her path to porn stardom has had the trajectory of a rocket ship. Nominated for newcomer awars and her selection as one of only two trophy girls for the 2015 AVN Awards Show, Jillian Janson is turning heads not for her gorgeous beauty and body to die for but for her personality and voracious appetite for gonzo sex. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Jillian Janson discusses her humble beginings growing up in Minnesota, her upcoming showcase DVD that will feature her first douple penetration along with how she interacts with fans while still being too young to legally drink but being considered a celebrity and being recognized almost everywhere she goes.

Big D: It sounds like you have a pretty heavy schedule. What's it like being Jillian Janson and having as heavy a schedule as I'd imagine?

Jillian Janson: It's pretty fun. I love my job and I don't treat it like one. I go on set and I meet people that I've either never met or seen billions of times where we've got great chemistry. I just love going to work. I don't do much in my spare time right now.

Big D: Is it a non-stop schedule for you? Are you booked five out of seven days of the week? Whatis it typically like for you? Are you shooting once a day, twice a day? What's your typical schedule?

Jillian Janson: It just kind of depends. For a while I wasn't living in LA. I was flown out here for a few months at a time, so I was crammed. I was booked constantly. I barely had days off. I'd go home and then fly back. I eventually moved to LA. Now I'll have a better schedule to where it's not going to be as busy, but it's still a pretty busy schedule. With award shows that come up and I just started feature dancing, with continuing my career further as I want to do photography and directing someday. I'm working my way up.

Big D: Tell me about that. How does a girl from Minnesota, which probably isn't a welcoming place for a budding young porn starlet, how does somebody go from growing up in that environment to, at the age of 18, and just three months after your 18th birthday, jumping feet-first right into the adult industry?

Jillian Janson: I was always interested in pornography, because I watched it when I was younger. There was nothing to do in Minnesota. All you had was the internet or TV. And, of course, everyone surfs up when they're horny. Porn. As the years had gone by, as I started to learn more about the categories and what's out there, I got on this web cam. You know how you go on a porn site and an advertisement pops up for LiveJasmine or something like that? I decided to sign up for web camming and two days into it, my agent found me and I've been with them ever since. It's just ironic, because I wasn't even going to go on that night and then he found me. He flew me out to California a week or two later and here I am.

Big D: How did you know you were going to be able to make the cut when it came to web camming and then eventually making the jump into full-blown adult? Were you always popular? Obviously, you know that you're a gorgeous young lady, but how did you know that was something you would be able to be successful at? Was it like, I'll just give it a shot and see if anybody picks it up and then go from there?

Jillian Janson: Honestly, yeah. I just gave it a shot. I wanted to do it for me. I've been having sex from a young age and I just knew that it was just right for me. I love being in front of the camera, obviously, but I want to be behind it too. I just have a knack for it, like an eye for what I do.

Big D: When you mentioned that you started watching porn even before you got into the industry, was there a particular type that drew you towards it? Isa there a particular genre or category that is the type of porn you watched and made you want to perform in those types of films?

Jillian Janson: Yeah. I kind of did but I didn't, because I was always into guys, so that was a no brainer. I knew I was just going to do the boy-girl. I couldn't start off with something I've never done before, you know, All Girl. So I eased into that on camera too. I thought it was so much hotter that everyone was able to see my first experience and my first anal experience. I don't know. I just wanted to get into the category of course of what I always watched in porn which was lesbian and then I do eventually want to try BDSM, that kind of stuff. Right now I'm happy where I'm at, doing my anal and interracial and whatnot.

Big D: You originally did your first anal/interracial scene in the movie Black and White #2 from Blacked and you appeared on the box cover. How was that experience? Was there anything that surprised you, seeing how you're breaking the barrier and trying some new things?

Jillian Janson: No. I knew what I was getting myself into. I wasn't really shocked or worried or afraid. I was friends with the guy who did it. That's the thing. I have chemistry with him, so we just eased into it.

Big D: Had you done anything like that in your personal life? Some of the porn stars out there tell me even though it was their first on-camera experience doing anal or interracial, they always try to do it in their personal life first. That way it will be their first on-camera but they are prepared for it. Are you that same way or when you try it on camera it is the true first time you have tried it?
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Jillian Janson: I usually like to plan and try it first in my personal life, so I wouldn't be shocked or embarassed. But you know what, I actually don't mind that shocked or embarassed look, because that's the expression everyone looks for. It's not like we have to sit there and smile all the time. Of course it's gonna hurt, of course it's gonna be big. (laughs)

Big D: Speaking of breaking some barriers, it was just recently announced you're working on a showcase that will feature your first DP. What can you tell us about that? Who's it going to be with and what studio and when can we expect to see that?

Jillian Janson: Well, the studio happens to be someone I'm very familiar with, Jules Jordan Video. I just love everything about it. I love the photos so far. I have one more scene left in the movie and that one happens to be the DP, so that's what I'm doing. Surprise, everyone!

Big D: Who are the actors that are going to be doing the DP with you? Do you already know?

Jillian Janson: Yes. Erik Everhard and James Deen. I'm a little nervous, but excited. I'm going to be very expression-full. I'm going to have lots of shocked faces, that's for sure, because I've never been double-penetrated before.

Big D: Sure. Well, those guys are pros. Those would probably be on the all-star list, if you're going to do it for the first time. Both James and Erik are a good choice to make. So, speaking of that and porn veterans, what's your plan for the rest of you adult industry career? Some girls want to get in at a young age, make a lot of movies in a short amount of time and then get out and move on to something else. I know you mentioned earlier that you eventually want to direct. Other girls want to make a career out of this and stay in as long as they can. Where do you fit in with your plans for the adult industry?

Jillian Janson: I want to do a lot of things. I really do want to continue in the industry and create something different and new with the industry. Everyone's doing the same thing. I feel like I want to make it different. Someday in the future, I would like to become a photographer or director. One day I hope to have my own company, but it could be a photography company or something. I just want to have some sort of business line, products and stuff and just start branding myself and getting myself out there more.

Big D: You mentioned that you were going back and forth between Minnesota and California, but now you live out here. Are you only going back to Minnesota to visit family on holidays, and now pretty much California is your home? How do you fit in personal time with your professional career?

Jillian Janson: It's kind of easy. My family is really loving and supportive on my mom's side where we're from in Minnesota. I was living over there for a little bit, so for a period I got to spend time with them and basically say my second goodbye before moving on my own and doing this again. I'll go out there whenever, when holidays are. We always have the main holidays together, Thanksgiving, Christmas. I have a cousin's wedding coming up, so we have stuff that goes on. I can afford a plane ticket to go see my family for a week or two and then come back and jump right back into work.

Big D: You said that your family was pretty supportive. Did they accidentally find out or did you come to them before you jumped into web camming and then eventually did the move to adult? Did you discuss it with them and say "Hey, you know what? This is something I want to do and I want to clear it with you first?". How did they come to be so supportive, is probably the best question.

Jillian Janson: Well, I kind of got both worlds. My mom is the lenient person that knew about my sexual habits and I was able to talk to her about it. I was able to sit her down and say, "Hey, mom, this is what I want to do. I love sex and you know I'm old enough to do this. I can make my own decisions and it's a very good financial opportunity and the fact that it's in my dream state that I wanted to live in," it was a win-win-win. But with my dad, that was an accidental discovery. I had adccidentally linked my porn Instagram to my real name on Facebook and my family, my aunt looked at it and she told my father and my father just kind of freaked out a little bit. We don't have a very close bond. He still looks at me as a little girl and doesn't want to see me like that. I hope he comes around and accepts it, because it's what I do. It's what I love. I mean, it's how he made me, right? (Laughs) I love my mom's side. They definitely support me a lot and I always lived with them. So, how can they not support me?

Big D: That's great that you do have that support, because you are an adult. You can make your own decisions. But, you know, we can also understand the daddy's little girl type of thing. Speaking of that, when you came in, you're this fresh-faced, girl next door type, I guess you could say, from Minnesota, making a lot of the barely legal/just legal type movies out there. You've since branched out and you don't necessarily want to be pigeonholed to be just the fresh-faced/barely legal type. What's the type of scenes and movies that you like to be cast in?

Jillian Janson: Because I still do have that young look to me when I don't have a lot of make-up on, I can pull off the young girl look. And I do like that, because I know it is kind of perverted for me. It's dirty, talking to all these people like I'm younger and whatnot, but then it's also really cool to be all glammed up and take charge or look sexy doing anything, whatever it is. I really do like the glamour more. I feel more sexy. I feel like I can feel the guy's aroused when I'm in something sexy.
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Big D: What are some of the studios that you've shot for that you really like their style or they have a particular director that you've really enjoyed working for as well?

Jillian Janson: Oh, wow. There's just a lot of people. When I first started, I shot for Babes and Eternal Desire and I've shot for recently actually, it hasn't come out or anything yet, I've shot for Penthouse quite a few times. So I like the cinematic, slow, romantic type feel, and of course I like hardcore. I feel like there's a lot of time that can be built up into foreplay and whatnot and then go into the sloppy sex.

Big D: Let's talk a little bit about the awards. You're very, very young in the industry, but you were nominated for Best New Starlet for both XBIZ and AVN. You were also recently nominated for the same award by XRCO. How important is it to you to be recognized and honored with nominations from organizations like this or is it not a big deal?

Jillian Janson: Hmmm, see, now I don't really think that way, because I love the fact that we can get an accomplishment award, basically for having the best sex in the world or whatever the case is. The fact is that I've never really won anything technically. I never had a trophy. People in high school are always going through all these sports and making trophies and then you have the entertainment business where they're always winning Grammys and Emmys and all that stuff. So it's really cool to have that award show. We have that celebration for what we do as well as the entertainment, with music and whatnot.

Big D: Do you have aspirations for possibly getting the Star of the Year or any of the other awards like that?

Jillian Janson: Yeah, I'd love to, but it's not my goal. I'm having a good time. It's really opened me up as a different person and when I have these connections with other people.

Big D: Speaking of award shows, you were one of the few trophy girls that were up on stage this past AVN. What was that experience like being that it was probably your first show, or was that the first time you had attended the AVN show or did you attend the year prior?

Jillian Janson: I attended the year prior for a little bit. I walked around the convention for one of the days and then went to the award show. I was just in awe. I was relly happy and surprised and thrilled to be in that position when all the lights were on and the cameras and the people were in the crowd. Because I was able to get that rush before hand, I was able to relax and say this is going to be fun. Don't be nervous. I was able to have a good time. It was easy escorting people off of the stage. It's great though, for the recognition, for being on stage and whatnot. And, Carmen [Caliente] was fun too. We had a blast watching the show backstage.

Big D: Have you, since moving out here and starting a new life out on the West Coast, do you find that your social network intertwines with your professional network? Do you have really, really good friends within the industry where when you do have what limited free time you have you go out and you spend time with other porn stars? Or have you made your own friends outside of the industry out here since moving?

Jillian Janson: I balance it out. I have my friends in the business. You know I love working. I am definitely friends with a lot of the guys and then the girls that I work with, they're all sweet. I end up keeping in contact with them.

Big D: Who in particular would you hang out with that we would know?

Jillian Janson: Erik Everhard. Let me see. I don't really hang out with a lot of the girls. I haven't really been able to since I haven't been able to set up in LA. I haven't been able to have people come over or anything. I definitely plan to make more friends in the business. To be honest, I have more friends outside of the industry, because it's just, I'm not just going to have my friends be in the industry. I run into people at the mall. It's random, too. I meet people at the mall or at the club or something random. It's fun. I love meeting new people. It's why I love meeting my fans. I love just meeting everybody.

Big D: Speaking of that, I've interviewed a number of stars over the years, and they say that the place they get recognized the most is at the baggage carousel at the airport.

Jillian Janson: Yeah! Yeah, of course!

Big D: How is that, that you're 18, 19 years old, girl from Minnesota who is being recognized in random places, whether it's the grocery store or the mall or the baggage carousel at LAX? What is that like? What's that experience like for you to be recognized by somebody by the fact that they've seen you naked having sex on their TV?

Jillian Janson: Well, the funny thing is, when I go to the airport, of course, I don't know if any of these people know who I am, but they always look at me and I don't know if it's because of my appearance, by what I am wearing, do I have something on my shoe, no, I'm just kidding... I wonder what they've seen of me, what they know. I have had people, okay, once I think at the airport, and then I've had one in Uber, just random places, at the mall one time. Otherwise I haven't had a lot of experiences like that yet, to be honest. Except in Vegas. When I'm in Vegas, people know and recognize me.
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Big D: When they do recognize you, do they say, "you're that girl" or do they know your name immediately? How do they come up and present themselves to you as a fan or how they recognize you?

Jillian Janson: Everyone so far has just come up and said, "hey, you're Jillian Janson. Oh my gosh, my wife loves watching you, or "my husband loves watching you" or "we love watching you". They come up to me and say all this and then they want their picture with me. It's cute. I love it. It's that little bit of excitement that you get from being a celebrity. You get that little experience of what it feels like to be Madonna or something like that. You get to have someone come up to you and to know you and you don't even know them. It's weird but I like it.

Big D: So, when that happens, obviously you're putting yourself out there and people are recognizing you but at the same time, you're being proactive in reaching out to your own fans via your social network. I know you say you have your own private facebook, but you accidentally linked your Instagram, which is your porn personality. How much of a full-time job is that, to keep up on Instagram, to keep up on Twitter, to keep up and have that direct contact via the social media with your fans and being able to reach out to them? In the old days before a lot of this social media explosion, a lot of the girls had to rely on their publicists and get press releases out via AVN or XBIZ. Is it a full-time job on top of your regular full-time job to stay connected to fans to make sure that you're top of mind?

Jillian Janson: I wouldn't say that it is a full-time job necessarily, but it is a little extra work, just on the side. You do it because you love it. Obviously, if you don't like to do it, you're not goning to do it. I do keep everything linked together as easily as I can. My Twitter username and Instagram are both the same, and then I link everything together. All the photos I post go up on the same thing and then I just update my status, you know, how I feel, what I'm doing. It's really not that much extra work. It's just something you want to do. I like talking to my friends. Some days I have a crappy day and everyone around me is not making my day, I like to go online and interact with my fans and they have a lot of support for me. It's not always about, "Oh, I love your pussy, I love your butt.". They always compliment my eyes, my face and my complexion more than just what I do. It's worth it. I love it.

Big D: So, if you're ever having a bad day, you just go to social media and then a lot of the fans will give you a pick me up?

Jillian Janson: Yeah. It makes me happy to be honest. I see one comment about one of my favorite pictures or something from a studio. It will make me say, "Oh my gosh, yes, they love it!". They'll comment about the scenes and it just helps to know what they like.

Big D: Is there anything that I very may well have not touched on or might have missed that you want to get out there? There's going to be lots of people that are going be reading this. Is there something that I may have missed that you wanted to touch on?

Jillian Janson: Well, I don't really have much going on right now besides the showcase, you know, with the DP. That's pretty much it. I want to keep up with my fans on Twitter. I also do webcam, so they can interact with me on there. And then, the awards are coming up. I hope this year has brought forth some good things. I thank my fans.

Big D: First job?

Jillian Janson: I actually started pretty young, around age 14. The only job I could really work at was McDonald's. So, I was there for a couple of months until I moved on to Walgreens.

Big D: First concert

Jillian Janson: My mother is a country fan and I remember her taking me to a Joe Nichols concert and Montgomery Gentry. That was, I don't know, when I was 10 or something. Joe Nichols and Montgomery Gentry or something. I don't listen to country much any more, but I used to with my mom when I was a child.

Big D: First car?

Jillian Janson: 2002 Chevy Impala

Big D: What is in your iPod, your iPhone or MP3 player right now?

Jillian Janson: Oh goodness, I have lots of stuff. Electronic music, rap, hip-hop, a little bit of country, a little bit of rock and roll.

Big D: Favorite food?

Jillian Janson: I really love Chinese food, but not sushi. Like, lo mein noodles and that kind of stuff. I don't know why, but I love it. I love Italian too, because I love noodles. So good.

Big D: Favorite position?

Jillian Janson: Actually, it's kind of funny, because recently, I started really loving pile-driver for camera. It's interesting for the camera angle. I get to see everything happening, especially if it's anal. If I'm in doggy, I can't really see what's going on, but in my personal life, doggy-style is my favorite.

Big D: Movies of a ballgame?
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Jillian Janson: I like the movies, but I don't go to a lot of sports games. I like the crowd's energy and whatnot even though I don't know much about them, I would still go. I'd rather go there.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Jillian Janson: I actually just saw the movie that just came out, Get Hard. I love that one. I haven't really watched many movies in the past couple months and that's the only one I liked recently.

Big D: What is a modern convenience that you could not live without?

Jillian Janson: That's a tough one. My contact lenses because I can't see without them.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Jillian Janson: I haven't really been on a lot of vacations, but I'd love to go to Paris!

Big D: Who is a person living or dead that you would like to meet, but you have not yet met?

Jillian Janson: I have never thought about that in my entire life. Actually, yeah I have. What the heck am I thinking? Marilyn Monroe! She's my idol. What the heck?

Big D: Where is a place you would like to visit, but have not been there?

Jillian Janson: Paris. Anywhere in Europe, to be honest. I'm European. (laughs) So, I want to just travel the world, actually, not just Europe. I want to go to Australia, try everything. I'm very adventurous.

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