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Big D's Interview With jessica drake
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Interview Date: 8/7/2006

jessica drake is not your stereotypical porn star. Although she has been under contract with porn powerhouse Wicked Pictures since 2002, jessica drake has that different look to her that let's you think she could be a mainstream model or Hollywood Actress. She prepares for her roles like there is going to be a test later and when it comes time to have sex, she definitely gets an A+. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, jessica drake discusses her unique approach she takes to prepare for her movie roles, her short marriage to male porn star Evan Stone and reveals who is the one girl she is dying to have sex with but knows it will never happen. (Note: jessica drake, using all lowercase letters, is a trademarked name and XRentDVD has intentionally not capitalized her name to comply with that trademark)

Big D: It's the summer of 2006 and the deadline for nominations for the end of the year AVN Awards is rapidly approaching. What movies have you done this year that you think have a good shot of winning some awards either as a whole or for your individual performances?

jessica drake: That's one of the good things about being a Wicked girl. This year I am lucky enough to have quite a few movies coming out that I think are really strong as far as AVN nominations are concerned. Quite a while back I did I did a movie called Curse Eternal. That was starring Kaylani Lei and myself and I think that one is a really strong contender in the majority of the categories it could be considered for. I think the acting in that movie was really good. I play an archeologist in that one and there is a lot of dialogue. I think the sex is really good, especially the orgy scene that had about ten people that flashes back and forth between modern day and then back to ancient Egypt. I think Curse is a really strong movie.
   We also just shot two films that were directed by Brad Armstrong and they are very different categories but they are both really outstanding. We shot an all sex, theatrical style vignette entitled FUCK. We shot that one on film and the sex in that movie is really amazing. There are a lot of different set ups. I did a boy/girl scene in that with Eric Masterson. In the movie he was sort of creating the perfect woman that's part android and I play that android. He basically assembles me. I come to life and there is a lot of poking and prodding and speculums and butt plugs. Just really, really cool stuff. It is not just a straight boy/girl scene. I actually to a four girl scene that is in the movie as well that is really unique. We're all porcelain dolls and I am the biggest doll. They actually had me up on a 14 or 15 foot ladder and they built a big platform at the top. I sit on top of it with a huge dress complete with petticoats and the other three girls, Felecia, Clara G and my all time favorite, Katsumi; they crawled out of my skirt. It was really cool and kind of abstract and bizarre but really very sexy and cool. That turned out to be an all-anal girl/girl/girl/girl extravaganza. (laughs) I think I would have to say the biggest project that we have done this year also was directed by Brad Armstrong and shot on film is an action movie called Manhunters. It's about female bounty hunters but not like the TV show, Dog the Bounty Hunter. The movie was taken from actual interviews and a lot of research on bounty hunting. I actually became certified in fugitive recovery. I took a course in that. When I find out about a role I will be playing in my next movie, the first thing I do is get online and do some research. A great example is when we shot Curse Eternal I went to the Kind Tut exhibit which happened to be touring in Los Angeles as we were shooting the movie. That was a great coincidence. I like to do a little extra research because I like to see all the characters a bit more in depth.
   When we first started talking about the movie I thought I should become a certified fugitive recovery agent. We started working in Los Angeles with a guy who is actually a real bounty hunter by trade and he was able to offer us some training and some insight as well. We went on a stake out with him but of course we didn't get the guy. It was just a great illustration of how the job typically is. It's a lot of research and a lot of waiting and not so much success all the time. The other girls in Manhunters are Carmen Hart, Kirsten Price, who both are Wicked contract girls. It also includes Exotica, who isn't a contract girl with Wicked but she has done a lot of really cool stuff over the years. We made her the fourth girl in the group. We all did all of our own stunts in the movie. We did a lot of physical training. It was by far the hardest movie I have ever done. Brad had us running on a fire escape that was attached to a hotel in downtown L.A. We started on the eighth floor and we had to run up to the 12th floor and jump up on the roof. This was done without wires or harnesses. We ran up this tiny, tiny fire escape wearing all of our gear and we jumped onto the roof. Kirsten and I were chasing a fugitive and we have a big fight scene up on the roof. I get hit in the head with a board. There are a lot of fight sequences. I also noticed while we were shooting the movie there is a lot of really hot sex in this movie. There is a lot of anal. One of my favorite scenes was a three way between Brian Surewood and two hookers in a seedy hotel. Brian is actually the guy we are chasing across the roof. The training we did for this movie really paid off because I have never worked so hard on a movie. They took us out to a gun range with professional, Hollywood ammunition handlers. They taught us how to fire weapons and to use them properly and not to point them at anyone. (laughs) We were trained by the real bounty hunter on our own time for about two weeks before the movie started filming. We would meet just about every day and it turned out to be an eight or nine day shoot. I can't wait to see it. I think that one has a lot of really strong chances to win a lot of the film category awards.

Big D: You mentioned that you are researching these roles by going to museum exhibits and hitting up the internet, meeting with weapons experts, going on stake outs, etc. You are jessica drake, porn star and Wicked contract girl. From talking to you it sounds like you prepare for your roles much like a mainstream, Hollywood movie actress would prepare. All of this kind of kills that stereotype of porn stars that just show up on set, take off their clothes, have sex for a few hours, cashes her check and goes home. Is that the main reason why you signed a contract with Wicked back in 2003 so you could be more than just that stereotypical porn star?

jessica drake: I think with some people and at some times there is room for that just show up and have sex and then go home thing. It's really indicative of a Wicked contract girl to really be able to do more than just show up and have sex. I almost signed with another company. I won't name who that was but we were in pretty serious negotiations. At the last minute I got a few phone calls from a few people that worked at Wicked and they said, 'hey, we see on the internet and gossip sites that you are about to sign with another company.' They asked if I had signed with them and I hadn't yet but I was supposed to sign with them the following week. They said to do them all a favor and just come in and talk to them. I met with the owner of Wicked, his name is Steve Orenstein, and I met with him on a Friday afternoon, right about when the Wicked offices were closing. I was a little bit nervous going in to see him but I sat down in his office and very casually started talking to him about the things that were important to me. All the things that were important to me ranged from artistic control, choosing my sexual partners, doing more than just having sex and really doing more acting and having control over my own name. I wanted my own website and my own toy line and I wanted to be able to progress in my career. I wanted to write and I knew eventually I wanted to direct. Even after telling him all of that, he didn't have a problem with that. He was okay with everything I said to him. I don't think I could have made a better choice in this industry. My contract came up in April 2006 for renegotiation and we haven't released an official press release but a lot of people do know that it was a successful renegotiation. I don't see myself ever working for another company as long as I am in this industry. They have been that good to me.

Big D: When you were seeking a contract and you almost signed with someone else, were you at that stage in your career where you were seeking out the contract or were the companies approaching you?

jessica drake: When I first got into the business I didn't know anything about it. It was around late 1999, early year 2000. I think I did two or three movies in 1999. Michael Raven and Sydnee Steele were both instrumental in getting me into the business. I am from Texas and so are they. I just kind of met up with them and they were telling me a little bit about what they did and I started dabbling in it. Once I was sure I came out to L.A. I actually had a contract with another company. I was with Sin City for about a year and a half and things did not work out. I don't think they were equipped to have a contract girl. Not only that but I really didn't know what to ask for. I didn't know what was important to me because I was so new. After that I decided to work independently for a while. Sometimes these girls will make so much money being an independent. Right about the time I was starting to become really selective in my projects I would go on the road and dance for a few weeks and then come back into town and shoot a few movies. I didn't want to get shot out and get all used up within that year and a half that I was independent. I started having people call me for contracts. I had four companies at once interested in me and I narrowed it down from there. Some people were really easy to turn down. They simply did not fit with what I was looking for.
   When it came down to it, it was Wicked and another company. I knew that I wanted a contract. I was really going back and forth with that other company because they would come to me and offer this and this is what I was going to do for them. I would come back and say, 'I want this and only want to do this.' There was just too much negotiation involved. I don't think they would have gotten 100% of what they wanted from me which was an awful lot of control over my career. I don't think I would have gotten what I wanted out of them which was a chance to grow in more ways than just what I will do on camera next. As a result, I think that has made me much more successful now that I am with Wicked. I started doing all the things I really wanted to do. The sexual acts, like anal or multiple guys or whatever, that was never a part of my contract. That's really interesting to me. With the rest of the companies that I have talked to, they wanted to know, 'do you want to do anal? Are you doing DP's? What will you do? What won't you do? Condoms? Yes or no?' That was all very important to them. With Wicked, we are condom only. Also, Steve never asked me if I did anal, ever. I do what I want to do. I happen to love anal sex. I also don't like the feeling of being handed a shoot schedule and it says I have an anal scene at 2:30 in the afternoon. I don't like that. I like to start a sex scene, really get in the mood and then go for it. If I feel like doing anal then I will. I have done DP's. I've done anal with girls. I've done anal with guys. I think it has really worked out to my advantage to not feel pressured but rather to feel encouraged and free to do whatever I want.

Big D: For those that are unfamiliar with your career, how does a girl from Texas become a stripper and then eventually start working in adult films to the point you are one of the most recognized contract girls for Wicked?

jessica drake: I was a house dancer in Texas. It was very stereotypical. I was stripping my way through college. I had about two and a half years of college under my belt and I was a psychology major. I went to community college in El Paso and I was then going to the University of Texas at El Paso, UTEP. I worked at a club, especially on the weekends so I could have time during the week to study. I kept on seeing these feature entertainers come through. They are the girls that have set stage times and they have these incredible costumes and they have done magazine and movies. I have a real knack for being on stage. I really enjoy the entertainment part of what I do. I loved the attention and it was really cool by just being a house dancer. Then the feature girls would come through and they have these very theatrical shows. I said, 'Oh, I can do that.' I started making costumes and bought costumes and started doing routines in the club that I was already house dancing at. Enough of these feature dancers would come through the club that I saw not only could I do it but I could do it better than they were. I called a few dance agencies that booked features and one of them was really a network. They told me that there was a contest being held at a club close to mine. They suggested I go there and meet the people that they work with. Obviously they did not want to hire me sight unseen because sometimes people do not look like their pictures. I showed up at the club and met some of their employees and I showed them some nude pictures of me. This is actually really funny. This usually gets left out of the story when I am telling people about this. I had some pictures taken of me that one of my friend's boyfriends shot because he was the person with the best camera that I knew. I showed these people the nude pictures I have of me and they take them and they walk out of the room. They leave me in this room behind the stage by myself. I was saying to myself, 'well, that wasn't too good.' The woman literally, took the pictures, looked at the pictures and walked out of the room without saying a word. She came back into the room with Michael Raven. I didn't know who that was at the time because I guess he wasn't actually Michael Raven at that time. He was just starting out himself. He was kind of a photographer. He was shooting the contest and he was also out there shooting a movie out in the desert outside of El Paso. I met up with him and he explained to me what he did. I met his wife and I was introduced to porn very gradually. I did some work for Playboy TV. I shot some magazines and then they took me onto the set of a movie. I watched it and it was a scene with Jill Kelly and she was doing a scene with Mark Davis. They let me be the condom and lube girl. That was great. I got to stand about four feet away from Jill Kelly who I was, of course, already very familiar with her. I had seen her in movies. On the set I thought it was really great but I wasn't sure about it at this point.
   Once you decide to get into porn you really can't take it back. To their credit, everyone that I talked to before getting into the business were very clear with me. Things were thoroughly explained to me. I understood the consequences of what I was thinking about doing. I hung out in L.A. for about two months doing magazine work and Playboy work and then I made my decision. I thought that this is something I definitely want to do. I shot my first movie for Michael Raven while he was at Sin City. I actually did boy/girl scenes before I did girl/girl. I did a boy/girl scene with Alec Metro and a girl/girl with Alexa Rae. Coincidentally, I found all of these people at different point in my career like Alexa Rae and I turned out to be very good friends for a while. Then she became a Wicked contract girl a few years before I did. Sadly things did not turn out the same and she is no longer in the business anymore. I think it was a boyfriend thing. Michael Raven was actually signed at the same time I was with a contract.

Big D: You made mention of Alexa Rae getting out of the business because it might have been a jealous boyfriend asking her to stop working in porn. You and adult male performer Evan Stone were married in 2002 but you both worked with other people. How did that work to maintain a committed relationship while you both were having sex with others away from each other?

jessica drake: This is a funny situation because we weren't married for very long. We are not together and we have not been together for a really long time. Evan and I met as I was getting into the business. I had made the decision that I didn't want to have a relationship with anyone while I was in the business. I didn't think that it would work. He pretty much came in and swept me off my feet. He talked a really good game. (laughs) I am not going to go too much further on this topic because it was an amicable split. Things just weren't as they seemed. I was under the impression that he was totally fine with what I did for a living. For the most part he was supportive. I did find that when I got to a point where my career had a chance to advance that was not what he really wanted. He was very demanding and very controlling. He didn't want to hear about my work. I, on the other hand, was totally fine and very supportive of him being in the industry. It wasn't a great fit. I think that with every interview that he did he would say when asked about me, 'Oh, I love her job and I am totally fine with it.' Then he would come home and it was 100% untrue. I started getting really resentful because of that. We were married in 2002 and we made it maybe a year, possibly a year and a half and it didn't work out. I wanted to make the split very friendly but that was not to happen. We really don't talk that much. I think the break up of our relationship had more to do with the lack of communication and him saying one thing but meaning another. I can't say of any specific instances that split us up. I just think that honesty and open communication as a couple is very important. I am in a relationship now. We keep it pretty low key but the person that I am with now I have been with him for over two years now. He's in the industry as well. I am not a good serial dater. I do better when I have a support group. This time in our relationship if we say we are swingers, then we are swingers. We are not exactly in an open relationship but we are definitely open to new ideas. One thing I did learn about my relationship with Evan was it is important to keep the relationship somewhat out of the public eye.

Big D: At 5'8", you are actually rather tall for a porn star. Most of the girls are pretty small compared to you. There are a few girls out there that are tall like Lauren Phoenix and of course, Tall Goddess but for the most part the girls are smaller like Carmen Luvana or Penny Flame. Do you find it to be an advantage or a disadvantage to being tall in this business?

jessica drake: I can see it both ways. Growing up I was almost as tall as I am now when I was in the sixth grade. I definitely experienced a lot of awkwardness because of it. I didn't like it back then. I would look at girls that were shorter and seriously I wished I was shorter. At night when I went to bed and wished on that star, I just wanted to be 5'4". In this business there is such a variety and such a mix of all kinds of different women. We have the girls that have that runway fashion model body. I am also on the skinnier side and I went ahead and got boobs to kind of balance that out. We've got tall and skinny. We've got short and small. We've got short and voluptuous. There really is something for everyone. Someone that might not like a shorter girl will like me. Or it could go the other way. Someone that doesn't like me will like the shorter girls. Definitely I think there are advantages to being a taller girl. You can reach things without a ladder. (laughs) I do get asked while I am in the grocery store, 'can you reach that for me?' as they point to something on the top shelf.

Big D: You've worked with both and women. Do you have a preference or either one is good for you?

jessica drake: I definitely have my favorite people. My very favorite thing would be to have sex with a man and a woman at the same time. I love women. I don't think that I could survive if I could never make love to another woman again. Eventually I find that I run out of things to do with a girl. If you have that extra appendage you can do so much more. I would say probably a three way is my favorite but barring that I do like guys more than women.

Big D: Who are the top three male and female performers you enjoy working with the most?

jessica drake: Wow, that is so hard to narrow it down but I will try. Lezley Zen. I used to say Sydnee Steele but she is now retired. She was one of my favorite women I have ever worked with. If this were a dream, I would choose Taylor Rain. Taylor Rain is straight and doesn't do chicks. I have the hots for her so much. This is asking me to narrow it down and it is extremely hard. Carmen Hart who is with Wicked and Kirsten Price who is also with Wicked. For the guys I would have to say Brad Armstrong, Barrett Blade, Randy Spears and Hershel Savage. The guys are easier to name off because I only shoot about seven movies per year. So I know the guys that are on my list. They aren't ranked in order of preference so if I started counting off guys on my list there would be about seven guys on there. So I just start counting off my guys and if you want three I can give you three. If you want more I can continue on. The girls are really hard because I really want to work with Taylor Rain. I've done everything short of begging her but now she is retired too so there is no chance.

Big D: What projects are yet to be released that we can look forward to?

jessica drake: I am actually working on a movie for Michael Raven called Delilah. It's a modern day retelling of the story of Sampson and Delilah. I, of course, play Delilah. I have written six or seven scripts. With the renegotiation of my contract we are deciding what I will be directing first. I have it narrowed down even though I don't want to put any specific time frame on it. With that said, it should be within the next few months I will be directing my first feature. I've been sitting on scripts for a long time. I started writing a few back when I was with Sin City. I've got about six that are just sitting on my computer that I work on and tweak from time to time.

Big D: Since you have already started writing scripts and are moving in the direction of directing, does that seem to the way you are headed once you decide to stop performing in front of the camera?

jessica drake: Here's the deal. I don't want to be one of those chicks that directs just because she wants to see her name on the box cover. I decided to start seeing what I thought I would be good at in the business. I have worked on a few sets where I was not in the movie and I try to learn every aspect of the business. I've done a lot of art direction. I did a lot of the art direction in Curse Eternal. Even when we were making The Collector I did some of the art direction on that. I had a large hand in both FUCK and Manhunters. FUCK was the first movie where I helped to physically build a set. I learned about that. I have learned about the producing side of it. I want to learn about lighting a bit more. I don't want to be the person behind the monitor telling people, 'That looks terrible. Fix it.' I want to be the person that says, 'I don't like the way this is. Let's do it this way.' I want to really understand every aspect of the business before I can call myself a director. I do think that is what I want. I do think I want to head towards directing. Whether I am in the business long term and that is the way I do it, I just know I want to be around it for a quite a long time.

Big D: So a lot of things going on for sure. Is there anything you would like to add that I may have missed?

jessica drake: I am not sure if you are aware of this or not but Asia Carrera is a good friend of mine. She did quite a bit of work for Wicked and a lot of other high profile work for some other companies. She decided to get out of the business so she could have a family. She married a guy and they had a child and she made the decision to have another baby and she was doing really well. They were so happy. They were a success story of a woman who was in the industry and took what she wanted out of it and then moved on and did what she wanted to do next. In June, Aisa's husband Don was killed in a car crash. He left behind a year and a half old daughter and a very pregnant Asia. Asia just had her baby just about a week ago and we can follow all of this on her website, asiacarrera.com. She has asked a few times for donations. Anyone out there that wants to go and check out her website I encourage you to do so. If you go to her website and click enter and then click on her bulletins page, you will read the most amazing account of the things she has been through. Whether it is through word of mouth or donations or a card or an email, I just want people to help her. I helped her out and I passed her email on to a few friends to help her out. I think we should give a little bit back to her because she gave a lot to us through the industry. I can't imagine being in her shoes right now. That's my shameless plug along with a mention of jessicadrake.com and wickedpictures.com.

Big D: First job?

jessica drake: I was a tortilla maker and a hostess at a Mexican restaurant when I was 14. My mother changed my birth certificate to say I was 16. She made a photo copy of it so I could get a job. They ended up putting me on graveyard shift and they thought I was 17 at the time and I was only 15. I started working long nights for them and they made me assistant manager. (laughs)

Big D: First concert?

jessica drake: Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet. I snuck out of the house to see it.

Big D: First car?

jessica drake: 1966 Turquoise Ford Mustang. My dad bought it for me. I was at home and he came up and knocked on the door. I was wondering why he wouldn't just come in. He was standing out in the yard and shaking these keys in his hand. He said, 'come here' and throws me these keys. I looked down and realized they are not the keys to his truck or my mom's car. I looked over and there it was. It was cool. It got me into a lot of trouble but it was cool.

Big D: What's in your CD player or iPod right now?

jessica drake: I have so much in there. Right now it Busta Rhymes. DMX, Eminem, I like Moby, Kanye West, Maroon 5, Evanescence. I have a diverse taste in music. I also have XM Radio so I either listen to the Top 20 channel or the uncensored Hip Hop channel or the meditation channel. (laughs) I don't like Country though.

Big D: Favorite food?

jessica drake: Foie gras. It's French food and it is liver. You can't find it everywhere. I am a food critic as well. I write restaurant reviews here in L.A. for myself independently and also for a publication called Beverly Hills Outlook. So a lot of the time I make it my business to use it as an excuse to run around and see who has the best foie gras. I also really like steak and I also really like Creme Bruelle.

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

jessica drake: House of Dreams directed by Andrew Blake and starring Ashlyn Gere. When I saw it I said, 'I want to do that. I want to be the chick. I want to try that.' I never thought I would but that was my initial impression.

Big D: Favorite position?

jessica drake: That's hard to narrow them down. On camera I would have to say Pile Driver. I know that is pretty weird for a chick to say that but I just think it shows a lot and it's pretty rude. Off camera I have this thing about standing doggy. I am curved on the inside so anytime I have sex doggy style it's really cool if I put my right leg up. It just changes it and it pushed it in the right spots. I really like that a lot. I like this special doggy where I lay on my stomach, in preferably a bed, and I squeeze my leg together and kind of arch my ass up in the air. That would be good too.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

jessica drake: Movies. I don't know enough about sports. My dad was a big Cowboys fan so I did go to a couple of Dallas Cowboys games. I caught myself checking out the cheerleaders. Two things I like in sports: fights and cheerleaders.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

jessica drake: I bet everyone says their cell phone. My cell phone is my like a computer and a PDA all in one. Either that or my pocket rocket vibrator.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

jessica drake: I have a couple. The Lost Boys is a mainstream favorite. I have seen that movie probably 50 or 60 times. A lot of the movies I like to watch are a bit older because I watch them in the name of research for a role. If I am writing a movie about something I will watch several mainstream movies about it just to see how others portray it. Moulin Rouge is also my favorite movie right now. I was trying to think what was in my DVD player and two nights ago I was stuck on Moulin Rouge.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

jessica drake: Right now I would have to say it is the big Island of Hawaii. We have a place over there and we go there about every two months. I went to Bora Bora and it was astounding.

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

jessica drake: I think I would like to meet President Bush in person. I have some opinions about him but I am also predisposed to have some opinions about him because I am from Texas. I think if I had a chance to meet him in person it would give me some insight as to his true character. It would either reinforce my opinion about him or dismiss my opinion. I can usually get a really good sense for people if I am actually in contact with them. I have met a lot of really incredible people lately. I did a celebrity golf tournament and I got to meet people like Lance Armstrong, Donald Trump and just crazy people that I thought I would never get the chance to meet. I guess second to meeting George W. Bush would be Bill Clinton. I think he is kind of hot and I want to if he really is hot in person. I saw Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on one of our flights to the U.K. I made a trip with Wicked a few months back and there was a big commotion at LAX. I heard it was them and I got kind of tingly. I am not one to be star struck. I don't chase after celebrities but when I heard it was them it was different. Those are the two sexiest people of all eternity. I was kind of checking them out and then they ducked into a gift shop. They had kind of a lot of people with them. Basically LAX turned into one big riot with people running and video taping them. Everyone had their cell phone cameras out. There was a sea of people that were yelling. It died down eventually. We went back to our gate and waited for our plane to take off and 20 or 30 minutes later I hear a commotion again and it is getting closer and close to us. I realize it is Brad and Angelina and they have Maddox and Zahara with them... and they are walking towards us! They are on our airplane. It was the coolest thing ever. They bought out the entire first class.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

jessica drake: I want to go to Greece and I also want to go to Bali. If I was in Greece I would go to Mykonos. I have been to a lot of places but there is always that next place that I want to go to.


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