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Big D's Interview With Jesse Jane
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Jesse Jane is every man's dream. With an angelic face and body built for sin, this girl brings more to the table than just a willingness to have sex on camera. Jesse Jane is a woman that knows what she wants and didn't let doubters discourage her from taking the porn world by storm. An avid sports fan and a self-proclaimed country girl, this Digital Playground contract girl prefers her truck over a German sports sedan and a Sunday watching football with a cold beer is her idea of heaven. In this exclusive interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Jesse talks about sex with no limits, her first DP on film and her love of guns.

Big D: You have a lot going on right now. First things first, your big blockbuster production, Pirates, came out Sept. 26. What was it like working on something that big and highly anticipated?

Jesse Jane: It was such an experience. It was a neat project to do, being on the actual Pirates of the Caribbean boat, sword fighting, and stunt doubling for Carmen (Luvana). I was pushed ten stories high into the ocean because a six foot shark was caught the day before she was supposed to jump so she didn't want to jump. It was a lot of work but it was really neat. What's odd was the red carpet premier we just had at the Egyptian Theater. Seeing your pussy over 17-feet tall is kind of weird. (laughs) Your pussy is bigger than you and is getting fucked by a dick way bigger than you. It was the first time in an actual movie theater but I want to say it was pretty odd.

Big D: What do you anticipate for this movie Pirates? Before they have seen it, a lot of people are saying this is the odds on favorite to win the AVN Award for Best Film.

Jesse Jane: I hope it is. A lot of people's reactions are going to be like they were at the premier. They are going to be shocked. A lot of people were saying, 'this is real film'. The girl/girl scenes I had with Janine and Carmen Luvana were so over the top of what Digital Playground usually shoots on girl/girl scenes. We were rough with each other. It was insane. At one point you would think that Carmen and I were going to kill each other. But it was really sexual. You are going to have the people that either like it or love it. I guarantee this will be the biggest film in adult history. Nothing of this caliber has been done before.

Big D: You had to learn some martial arts techniques and you shot guns in your movie Loaded. Which is more fun, guns or swords fighting?

Jesse Jane: Guns! I love guns. I had fun with the swords but they are really heavy and they are bigger than my arms. It was really hard for me to do that. At one point they were trying to get me to swing from a rope from one side of the boat to the other and the swords were on my pants. The swords kept pulling my pants down. I was saying, 'You know what, this is not going to work'. I like swords. I like a challenge and doing different things. I like stunt work. I like to learn different things and to do different things because it challenges you. It's different than your typical film.

Big D: You also were named the host of the 2006 AVN awards. A pretty big honor for a girl that has been in business for just three years.

Jesse Jane: I know. I am excited. I am going on three years of actually performing in this business so I am definitely honored. I am so excited. I thought they were joking at first, Paul Fishbein and Gary Miller. Gary was just in Vegas working on the show so we're going to start getting our theme together.

Big D: I'm not trying to make you nervous but any added pressure knowing you are hosting the same show other legends like Jenna Jameson have hosted before?

Jesse Jane: Honestly, I am not nervous now but I know I will be when the show comes close. I hosted Playboy's Red Carpet last year and that was nothing compared to actually being up there and on stage hosting the whole entire show. I haven't met the comedian yet and I am going to be nervous wondering what if they don't think I'm funny? What if I trip and fall on the stage? I'm not nervous now. I'm really excited for it now but I know I will be nervous when it closer.

Big D: Let's go back to the beginning. You started out modeling and did work for Hooters and Hawaiian Tropic. At what point did you think that doing hardcore was the direction you wanted to take?

Jesse Jane: You know what's funny? I never really thought about it. I've always been an extremely sexual person and I knew I would like to do videos. I never actually sat there and really thought about it. When the opportunity came about with a contract from Digital Playground I was thinking more about it at 19 but when I was 22 the opportunity was just wide open. When I was 22 I said, 'Yeah, let's do it'. But I wouldn't have done it without a contract or without rules. I have rules because I want to set a certain standard for myself and in the business. I wanted a brilliant marketing team behind me. I wanted to do cool films. I like gonzo but I don't like to do gonzo. I will do gonzo a couple of films a year. I want to do features. I want to be a big name where you don't shoot a lot of films and you get publicity and you travel the world and you get to know people.

Big D: You entered the business with a contract in hand since you started doing hardcore. How did that work out that way?

Jesse Jane: I was very fortunate. I also have a good business head about me. I was the regional training coordinator for Hooters and I knew not to step into this business without a good start. I would have definitely not gone into this business without a contract regardless. I was really luck that Digital Playground took me. It was weird. They saw my pictures. They flew me to LA. The same day they met me in LA they were handing me the contract. I said, 'Cool, alright. Sounds good to me. Where do I sign?'

Big D: You are a big football fan of both the Green Bay Packers and the University of Oklahoma Sooners right?

Jesse Jane: Fuck yeah! It's been great since football season started.

Big D: We all know that hot girls that also know sports are a huge turn-on for guys. Do you prefer the west coast offense or the traditional veer option?

Jesse Jane: Oh, west coast for sure.

Big D: So how does a hot girl that likes sports and loves sex not get snatched up and taken out of the porn industry yet?

Jesse Jane: I won't get out of the porn industry. I am very controlling about what I want. I've had relationships with people and they have wanted to drag me out of the business because they do not want to share me. I am very independent and I always have been. I will choose what I want to do. Nobody will change my mind. The people that have tried to be my boyfriend that can't handle it, I say goodbye. It's very easy for me to do that. I am actually engaged to this guy right now, but he does porn. It's easier for him because he sleeps with other people too. We're actually getting along really, really well. He is a great person. He's sexy and he's great in bed and he likes football. I've dated the rockers. They don't like sports and that doesn't work for me. If I have to explain to you what a touchdown is, then see you later.

Big D: So are you willing to reveal who this lucky guy is?

Jesse Jane: Yeah, his name is Rick Taylor. He's Tawny Roberts' ex-boyfriend. Yeah, he's sexy. He's like 6'9?. He's huge and he is not uncomfortable with my job. He came to the Pirates premier and I was fucking other people and he is cool with it. I see Evan Stone who I normally work with, I didn't work with him in Pirates but I always work with him and he is comfortable with it. Evan and I have a thing, you know what I mean? When we see each other we are grabbing each other. I'm hoping up on him and kissing him. He can accept it and he's cool with it.

Big D: Up until Pirates, what movie are you the most proud of?

Jesse Jane: My favorite film of all time is Jesse Jane Erotique. That's just because it gave me a bunch of different looks and it was just music and sex. It gave me a bunch of different looks with guys, girls and solo and let me act out a couple different fantasies. The one thing I don't like about my films is that I am controlled sexually a lot of the time. They (directors) need to get certain positions or certain shots and they want the action to slow down. They'll want me to act all romantic and I'm really not. Lately they've let me go. They tell me to just go crazy. Now I can appreciate it more because I am extremely vivacious. I'm like a tiger on the prowl. When I am ready to have sex you're like a piece of meat and I am the lion. I am going to tear you up. Jesse Jane Erotique was the first film that let me do romantic but then let me do crazy sex with Belladonna like bend her over a motorcycle and let me fuck her hard with a strap-on. Different things like that I like to act out. I am not a romantic type of person. Romance is not for porn. I like to get fucked. I like to be crazy. Bend me in any position possible, let's go! Let's create new positions, come on. So now that they are letting me do that a little bit more I like it. Like I said about Pirates, the two scenes with me and Carmen and me and Janine are rough. They are crazy. I actually took anal for the first time from two candles. One in the ass and one in the pussy while lit and creating candle wax that was hardening on my body which was really cool. We were rough and went crazy. I loved it.

Big D: Let me get this straight. You took a DP from two candles while on fire?

Jesse Jane: Oh yeah. The wax was dripping down my body and just hardening on my pussy and on my back. It looked sexy. It was fun. I just don't like to be controlled. When you tell me no, I am going to do it. I am like one of those types of people. Just let me be myself. Let me be free and you're going to get what you need and beyond sexually.

Big D: So what has changed in the past three years from doing your first film, No Limits, to just wrapping up Pirates?

Jesse Jane: I am more hardcore. They know not to control me now. I don't do those same positions that everybody wants to see. I'll go crazy and I'll be myself. I don't let anyone try to tell me what I should be like in my films. I just go. Let me be me. I'm going to be me. What I've noticed is a lot of people that don't like soft-core films will watch Digital Playground films because they are pretty but some people like it more hardcore. My fan base has gotten bigger because they have just let me go. My fans will say, 'Oh you're crazy?. But yet, you can still hold a classy image and I've still done that. I'm not trashy because of that. I've gotten to do mainstream stuff. I did Entourage on HBO. It's just opened up a lot more things to me, a lot more opportunities and I am really grateful for it. I'm having fun. I'm having the time of my life.

Big D: You mentioned this amazing chemistry with Evan Stone but also great scenes with women like Carmen Luvana and Janine. Do you have a preference working with men or women or does it matter?

Jesse Jane: I like both. I am definitely a bisexual. I sleep with women on the side. It's not just in films. I'm not a total lesbian. I don't think I would ever date a woman but I'd surely fuck the shit out of some hot ones.

Big D: Nice! You choose to live in Oklahoma instead of being out in the LA scene. Why Oklahoma of all places?

Jesse Jane: I am such a country girl. I like my truck. I like to go to the lake and drink beer. I like to go mudding. I like football games. When I was in LA, LA is beautiful and there is a lot to do and it's fun but everyone is fake. I couldn't go mudding. You can go to the lake sometimes. Everyone gave me a hard time about driving my truck. They would say, 'Why don't you drive a Mercedes or a BMW?' and I would tell them 'Because I like my truck'. I'm not going to change and be someone else. I saw so many people just adapt and try to act like somebody else that they think she should have been. I just like it out here. We are hardcore about our football out here. It's college football because we don't have a professional team. My family is near here. I am only about a 2 and a half hour drive from Dallas which is a big town. If I need real big city craziness, Dallas is definitely the place to go.

Big D: What's the best part about being a star? The money? The fame? The fan recognition? The sex?

Jesse Jane: The best part about being a porn star is the sexual experiences you get to encounter. You get to act out fantasies. You live out everybody's fantasies, your own fantasies and you get it good. You know you are getting laid good because you're getting laid by professionals. I love the fan recognition. I get to go to clubs and get to walk right the fuck in. No waiting in line. The recognition is great. The money is good and it will get better when I start dancing. I haven't even started dancing yet. I'm in it for the sex and the freedom to travel. I don't have to work a lot so I have time to take care of things and just do whatever I want. Just hang out with my friends and vacation.

Big D: You've also done some mainstream work like a walk-on role in the Baywatch movie and recently for HBO's Entourage. Any aspirations to get out of porn after your contract is up and explore that side of the business?

Jesse Jane: I definitely don't mind doing other things in the mainstream. I like it and I have a good time. I've done Starsky & Hutch and a few other things. It's fun. It's something different. It's a project. It's something new to try. I am definitely not looking to get out of adult. I have my own show on Playboy TV now and I just shot for the cover of Playboy for the girls of Playboy TV. I like that kind of stuff. I am just a sexual person and I always will be. I don't mind doing other mainstream stuff but as you can see with the stuff I have done in mainstream it is some sort of a sexual role. I play some type of sex icon. That's what I definitely want to do. I like adult too much. Eventually I am going to run my own company. I am going to do what Jenna did. She's very smart.

Big D: And very rich.

Jesse Jane: Yeah, seriously. She is like my idol. She is brilliant. Not only is she beautiful and sexy but she is just smart. That is what I like about her. I hate the girls in our business who act totally dumb or the girls that aren't so dumb but they act dumb because they think they have to. That just drives me insane. I want to say, 'come on, be smart with your money'. Also, there are girls that are pretty and the money is great but if you don't have a contract you are getting thrown a $1,000 a day and you can do two shoots in a day. You're getting a lot thrown at you. But once you are shot out, you are shot out. These girls just blow their money like nothing and then they are left with nothing. What are you going to do? There is the issue of you were a porn star and someone is going to know and you will have difficulty getting another job. Whether people want to sit there and claim 'that's not true', but it is. You'll get a job but it won't be something you might not necessarily want. So why throw away your money? Definitely throw away your money sometimes because we are making it because you need to enjoy it. But come on, be smart about it too.

Big D: Speaking of mainstream work, you also appeared on the cover of Drowning Pool's album Desensitized. Are you a head banger through and through or do you like other types of music?

Jesse Jane: I'm a rock chick. Doing that album was so much fun. I love music videos. I've done a few. I would do as many as I possibly could. The guys from Drowning Pool, Jason, Mike, Chris, all of them are fucking rad. They were cool. We acted out the whole video. The video is what I actually got and because we hung out and they thought I was a cool chick they asked me if I wanted to be on the cover of the CD. I said, 'hell yeah'! Who's going to turn that down?

Big D: You said earlier you are a country girl at heart. So which one are you? A rock chick or country girl?

Jesse Jane: I am a rocker chick to heart. I listen to other music but really the only music I listen to is rock. I am a die hard rock chick. I do know how to do the boot scootin' boogie and the watermelon crawl though.

Big D: First job?

Jesse Jane: Hooters Girl.

Big D: First concert?

Jesse Jane: Tool. I remember when I was in eighth grade or seventh grade Marky Mark played at Six Flags over Texas when I was living there. I went and saw Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

Big D: First car?

Jesse Jane: Honda Civic

Big D: What's in your CD player right now?

Jesse Jane: System of a Down, Slipknot, Guns 'N Roses and I'm not sure what the other three are.

Big D: Favorite food?

Jesse Jane: Pizza

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Jesse Jane: Something with Traci Lords in it. It was one of her legal ones.

Big D: Favorite position?

Jesse Jane: Reverse cowgirl

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Jesse Jane: Ballgame. Ballgame in a heart beat.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Jesse Jane: TV because of sports. I gotta have my ESPN.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Jesse Jane: Dirty Dancing and Friday Night Lights.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Jesse Jane: Bora Bora. It's beautiful.

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Jesse Jane: Angelina Jolie. Technically I met her on the Ellen show. But I never really got a chance to talk to her. She came into the crowd and she looked at me and grabbed my hand and said 'hi'. I was totally star struck and I am normally not a star struck person. So I said, 'hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!'. I couldn't say anything more to her. I felt like a retard. So I would actually like to meet her and have a conversation with her.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Jesse Jane: Fiji. Don't think that I haven't pitched that for Island Fever 4. I am hoping it might work. I am the one that picked Tahiti and Bora Bora for Island Fever 3. They only shot the first two in Hawaii. They wanted number three to be the trilogy and something special. I said if they want it to be special and part of a trilogy, then you need to end it somewhere more exotic. What about Tahiti? I even came up with a corny line when I was trying to pitch it. 'Island Fever 3: Tahitian Nights'. I was just being corny but when Joone looked it up and we shot in Bora Bora it was so amazing. Now Joone says it can't end with three. We're not done. So I am still working on that pitch of Fiji. For Island Fever 4 we need to be somewhere different, why not Fiji? I don't know if it is going to happen but we are scheduled to shoot at the end of November.

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