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Big D's Interview With Jazmine Cashmere
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Interview Date: 08/30/2007

Sometimes it just takes a little bit of persistence and patience to start getting noticed in the world of adult films. Take Jazmine Cashmere for example. She is a girl who has been in the porn industry for over four years but at times people assume she has retired. Now with a slew of DVDs coming out featuring her banging body on the front cover it is unbelievable that anyone could think this girl was out of porn. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Jazmine Cashmere discusses the delicate balancing act of porn star and single mom duties, being recognized more in her native Chicago than in California and how a small break from performing has rejuvenated her career.

Big D: One of the reasons I was so interested in talking with you is that you seem to be popping up on a lot of box covers these days. What's been going lately that you have been the girl everyone wants their to sell DVD because you are on the box?

Jazmine Cashmere: Honestly, I don't know. When I first got into porn four years ago I used to be on a lot of box covers. I am not trying to be one of those girls that tries to work 10 times in a week. I keep my name out there to make the rotation I guess, and I don't accept every job that's offered either. Maybe people are actually realizing that I am still here.

Big D: You mentioned that you have been in for about four years now but it seems like people are just now noticing you are out there doing porn.

Jazmine Cashmere: I've always had a strong fan base it is just that the companies are now noticing. I have never really had a steady agent. The longest I have ever had an agent was with Gold Star and that was only for a couple of months. Because of that, people do not have a great way to contact me. It's hard for people to get me. For the first two years of shooting porn I was coming back and forth from Chicago. I finally moved out to California but I still travel a lot. I do a lot of features and appearances and things. Since I am traveling I am not open to shoot on a regular basis like other girls. Most of the people that shoot me are people that I know that have shot me before.

Big D: The fact that you are hard to get a hold of is that by design because you don't want to work yourself to death or is that more a result of just being busy doing other things than shooting porn videos?

Jazmine Cashmere: I could always shoot and work more. Don't get me wrong. I love what I do. I get excited when it is time for me to do a scene. I still enjoy it after four years where a lot of other people are already burned out. I don't like all the agents. I tried to get with Lighthouse (Seymore Butts's agency) but they still haven't called me back. That is probably the only agent out there right now that I would want to be represented by.

Big D: You kind of have this negative view of agents but apparently the agency that Seymore Butts runs is the only one you would consider. What is it about his agency compared to the others that makes that one the right fit for you?

Jazmine Cashmere: I just know a lot of the girls that have dealt with him. That agency seems more upfront and they seem to work more with the girls and for the girls as opposed to having the girls work for them. In the world outside of porn the agent works for the person, right? So if I say I do not want to work for some studio or I do not like the type of movie they will be shooting I should not be pressured to have to do it. In this industry the relationship is reversed and the girls work more for the agent instead of the agent working for the girls. It should be that the agent and girls pretty much work together. You get a lot of the agents telling the girls they can't shoot with that company but I really want you to shoot over here. It's more like, I hate to use the word like 'pimp' but it seems like they are in some type of daddy mode. I am on a website right now but that is more because Lee Bang and I are friends. He made a good point that I at least want to be up somewhere so he put me up on his site. His website does not get as much traffic as other agencies. Jada Fire and I are good friends and she gets on me about not working as much. I don't care to work as much as others. When it comes to everything I do, I want to approach it like a perfectionist. I don't want to get on a set and feel like I am at a nine to five work job and I can't wait to get off work. I keep it open where I can still do my scenes, do my features and do everything else and still enjoy it.
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Big D: When you got into porn about four years ago, what got you into doing this in the first place? You did some stripping and escorting but what helped make the transition to making adult DVDs?

Jazmine Cashmere: It pretty much progressed up the ladder. I started off lingerie modeling and then I was stripping. As soon as I got into the escorting part, I thought I might as well not do this half-assed and might as well start doing movies. I am a freak. Why not get paid for what you like? If you love it you might as well get paid to do it, right? I've always been a freaky little girl. When I was younger I would always watch adult movies. I remember seeing Alisha Klass, she was one of the first porn stars I ever met, she came to Déjà vu in St. Louis, a club I used to dance at. I talked to her and she was super cool. She had Seymore Butts tattooed on her back and spoke highly of him. She told me how he recruited her and everything. I always looked at the porn stars as being another level above just us dancers. One of my biggest issues for the longest time was that I am a freak but I am not sure if I can be a freak with just anybody. Once I started escorting I realized that if I can be a freak with them I can be a freak on camera.

Big D: You mentioned Lee Bang and Jada Fire earlier being friends of yours. Have you been able to make a lot of friendships within this industry or are they merely colleagues and acquaintances?

Jazmine Cashmere: Most of my friends I know through the porn industry. It pretty much is that you surround yourself with people you work with. You relate more with people you work with. They go through similar experiences and can identify with you as a person. Honestly. A lot of the people that I surrounded myself with when I first came into the business are not in my life right now. After a while after you start doing certain things and people develop this perception of porn. They either look down upon it or some people just don't know how to accept it. A lot of people want to do it themselves but they don't have the balls to do it. Everybody has their own little outlook on it. A lot of female friends that I have before doing this I really don't talk to them as much anymore. And that was all based on their choices, not mine. I am not going to stop what I am doing just because my friends from my past don't want to hang out anymore. It is already done so why would I stop doing what I am doing? I look at it this way. Anyone that was my true friend from the beginning is still my friend now. Most of my friends are in porn and have been truer friends to me than the people I considered to be friends of mine before. Lee Bang has always been good to me from day one. There are a lot of people that from the time I met them we already have a lot of things out on the table as far as what we are and what we do. There is really nothing to hide so why would you be fake about anything at that point?

Big D: Is it disappointing to you that people that were your friends before doing porn do not have an open mind to accept you for who you are and not judge by your career choice?

Jazmine Cashmere: Yeah, but at the same time I can't convince somebody to believe in something I believe in. If they were my true friend, then they are still there. When I first started out I was shooting for companies like West Coast Productions and other companies. When you first start working it people will make jokes and call up someone else and say, 'guess who is doing pornos'. Now I have been doing this for four years and I pop up here and there on boxes. I travel. I do a lot of events. I have pretty much built a name for myself. A lot of people that I haven't seen in four years are hitting me up and calling me Jazmine Cashmere. They don't know me as Jazmine. No one was really sure I was going to make it doing this or I was going to come back and start working at the local 7-11. I moved to California, I am actually doing something. All they see is that I am successful at it and I am actually doing it. I just didn't start fucking on tape and then moved back and got nothing out of it. I am actually making something out of it. Once they see that, they see it as a good thing and they want to be my friend again. No. You left me at a hard time. You didn't stay through the rain so don't try to be coming around on the sunny days.

Big D: You made the decision to come out to California from Chicago. Has that turned out to be a good decision and was it one based on being closer to where the majority of adult DVDs are shot?
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Jazmine Cashmere: There were a lot of things that went into the move. I travel a lot. Since I do not have an agent and a lot of my scenes are pretty much last minute. It makes it easier when I am in California to work. Also, it seemed like every time I was back home in Chicago, everyone that I wanted to hang out with was in California. Friends had a lot to do with it. Honestly, I started getting a lot of stalkers back home. (laughs) I feel like I am around more porn people so it is less likely for me to have a problem. People in California are used to walking by and seeing a porn star. In Chicago it got to the point where I couldn't go out by myself. I don't care about being recognized. It never got to the point where someone wanted to fight me or totally disrespect me but it was hard to go to the grocery store without someone going nuts because they have never seen a porn star. Out here, seeing a porn star is no big deal because they are everywhere.

Big D: Was that weird for you to go back home and be recognized by strangers and see them act out of control because you are a porn star?

Jazmine Cashmere: I started dancing when I was 18. I am from Joliet, Ill., which is a smaller town outside of Chicago. So there are not too many girls actually dancing and stripping. To them, that was extreme. The guys from the town used to always come to strip club. I used to get looks anyway. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the attention and being in the spotlight. The only time it bothers me when I get recognized and I feel uncomfortable is when I am out with my two kids. So if I am out with my kids and someone is disrespectful, that's not right. You can give me a nod or a shake and my kids even know me as Jazmine so you could even call me that. I had a situation where someone came up and told me how they saw me on a box cover. Come on now. Did they not see these two little people standing right next to me? People need to be a little more respectful.

Big D: How do you balance family life of being a mother and also being a porn star when you go to work?

Jazmine Cashmere: The same way Julia Roberts balances being a mother and an actress. It's still a job and you have to treat it like it's a job. My kids have a normal life. They have everything a kid needs. They still have family time. They still go to school. I still do everything that a normal parent would do whether they be a lawyer or a doctor or whatever. Work is work. I come home and I am with the kids. Most of the time when I am home, meaning back in California and not traveling, I am with my kids. Sometimes I am gone for a week or two weeks straight. I know I have a lot time away from home so when I get the chance to be home, I am home with the family.

Big D: Which studios do you really enjoy working for?

Jazmine Cashmere: I love shooting for Black Ice. Everyone over at Black Ice is wonderful. I love William H over at Elegant Angel. Those are the two main studios that I have been working for a lot. I really don't like to shoot for what you might call the 'ghetto lines'. I try to stay away from them. Nothing against them and what they do, but I just try to stay away from them.

Big D: Are you trying to branch out beyond just the black themed adult DVDs or is that your niche and you do it well?

Jazmine Cashmere: I definitely want to branch out. I have shot for Wicked. I have shot for Vivid. I think it may have been for one of their websites. I like to shoot Interracial porn. I have shot a few scenes but they are not as many as I would like. I definitely would like to do more but it has not happened as much as I would like. I am always told I am the best kept secret. People know I am there but they don't know I am there. I guess it is because I do not have an agent and have a lot of exposure amongst the porn industry. That's crazy because I have a huge fan base. A lot of porn people know who I am. People always tell me, 'you are still here? I thought your left.' Why would people think I retired?

Big D: Speaking of retirement, how long do you see yourself staying with performing?

Jazmine Cashmere: Honestly, a couple months ago I didn't do a small a retirement but more like a 'backing-up'. I didn't like it. I guess you could say I took a few months break. I was turning down scenes left and right. It kind of rejuvenated me and now I am ready to go. I am not really sure on when I want to retire. I have even talked to Jada Fire about it. I kind of look up to her and I'll say her name a lot because I look up to her. I've asked her if she ever has wanted to take a break or retire and she says no. I did a scene yesterday and the make-up artist was asking me how long I have been in porn. I told her four years and she said, 'oh, that long?' Is that long? I guess it is because some girls are in for two years and then they quit. I like what I do and I think I do it well so why quit? If you are good at something, why quit, right? If I was a horrible actress you probably wouldn't want to do this interview in the first place, right? You would have looked at my movies and my bios and you would probably want to talk to someone else. Obviously I am doing something right. I do a lot of interviews and I am still getting calls. I guess when my phone stops ringing is when I will retire. Or if I meet my handsome prince and he doesn't like what I am doing.

Big D: Do you find it hard to date and maintain relationship while working in porn?

Jazmine Cashmere: Definitely. Absolutely. No man wants another man touching their woman. I don't care how good your mindset is or how strong minded you are, in the dark they will cry and think about how she just fucked Mandingo. I was actually just in a relationship and I thought it was going to be the best thing ever. I have actually been two relationships in the past two years and it is hard. I am to the point where I do not want a relationship until I know for sure that it I am done and I won't be touching anybody else. Hopefully he will be able to accept the fact that I did do movies not that I am currently doing movies anymore.

Big D: First job?

Jazmine Cashmere: Telemarketer for a quick minute but I also worked for White Castle.

Big D: First concert?

Jazmine Cashmere: 50 Cent in Atlanta in 2002

Big D: First car?

Jazmine Cashmere: I am from Chicago so we are still driving Cadillacs. It was a short body Park Avenue.

Big D: What's in your CD player or iPod right now?

Jazmine Cashmere: Tu Pac

Big D: Favorite food?

Jazmine Cashmere: Italian and Spanish food.

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Jazmine Cashmere: I don't remember the name but I can remember what they were doing. It was two white girls and they were fucking each other with their stiletto heels. Then a white guy came in and started giving it to them both. I used to watch Cinemax late at night. I used to lie in bed and watch that and as soon as I heard someone coming I would switch it quickly to a cartoon. I remember my mom had a friend that had all these dirty magazines. I got in trouble for taking a porno magazine to school. This was when I was in grade school. They asked me where I got it from. I thought my mom would get in trouble because it was her friend. So I told them that I found it on the way to school.

Big D: Favorite position?

Jazmine Cashmere: Sex. It don't matter. Just any kind of sex. The smell, the taste the scent. It don't matter.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Jazmine Cashmere: Ballgame. I like sports. I like players on certain teams. You can go to the movies any time of the day. You can go to the movies by yourself. When you are actually at the game, that is when it is fun.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Jazmine Cashmere: Shoes

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Jazmine Cashmere: Scarface

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Jazmine Cashmere: San Francisco

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Jazmine Cashmere: Ludacris. He is so sexy. And he is the only person to make me stop in my steps. I saw him in Vegas a few years ago. I normally do not have a problem talking to people who are stars. I didn't know he was that cute.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Jazmine Cashmere: Italy

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