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Big D's Interview With Jayden Cole
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Interview Date: April 21, 2010

She's appeared in Playboy. She was even a Penthouse Pet of the month. She's appeared in Hustler Magazine and Club International too. Now she is popping up in adult DVDs doing Girl/Girl and solo work. She's Jayden Cole, the most recent starlett to set the porn world on it's ear. So how does a girl this hot and gorgeous get into porn? Our own Big D was able to ask that question along with finding out what it is like for her to connect with her fans in the 21st century, what a typical week is for her and if being tall has helped or hurt her ability to advance in Porn Valley.

Big D: So I did a little bit of research on you on the internet and saw that you were a Penthouse Pet and have just recently gotten into the adult DVD side of things. I've seen that you've done some internet like Bondage and BDSM type stuff. Bring us up to speed from starting out in adult to the point where you are now. How did you progress from just being a regular person, to a Penthouse Pet, all the way up to doing hardcore adult DVDs?

Jayden Cole: I've kind of taken it slow the past couple of years, you know what I mean? When I started out, I did Playboy Magazine and then later on, I kind of dabbled in it. I left about two days a week to try it and see how I liked it. Everyone that I worked with I liked them more and more and I became more comfortable with it. So it was a slow progression, but it was the right way to do it for me.

Big D: How did you make the leap? Not everybody can just call up Playboy and say, “Hey Hef, I want to be in Playboy.”

Jayden Cole: Yeah, that's pretty much how I did it actually. You go test down in Santa Monica and if they like you, they like you. If they don't, they don't.

Big D: You said you were working for them for two days a week. Was that just doing photo shoots?

Jayden Cole: Oh no, I wasn't working for Playboy. I meant, when I started modeling I only took a couple days a week out of my time from school and work to do that.

Big D: How did you become a Penthouse Pet then? How did the progression go from doing that to being a Penthouse Pet?

Jayden Cole: Actually I had test with photographer Emma Nickson and we kind of hit it off. We threw some ideas at each other and she said, “Well, I'm going to shoot you and see how it goes with Penthouse, but I'd like to shoot you anyway.” So we did it and then it got picked up.

Big D: What was your reaction when you got the news? Where you not surprised because you knew they were going to be submitted or were you surprised because she wasn't fully confident if Penthouse would pick it up?

Jayden Cole: I was really surprised and excited. I knew it meant it was going to open a lot of doors for me. I just tried to be the best Pet I could be.

Big D: How did you make the leap from doing modeling, whether it be for Playboy or Penthouse Magazine, to start doing more adult DVD work?

Jayden Cole: I started doing that around the time that I posed for Penthouse. It's just a matter of time before those things come out. It takes longer for those videos to come out, so it was all at about the same time; intertwined. It was all at the same time in my life, just different release dates from studios to magazines. But it has been good. I like it. It has been a really great lifestyle.

Big D: Now when you made the decision to go from just doing modeling and actually start doing hardcore and stuff for video, was that a difficult decision or was it just kind of a natural progression?

Jayden Cole: It was totally a natural progression. I kind of felt like I was headed towards that direction so I just took my time and slipped in real comfortably.

Big D: Now was that your intent even when you started doing test photos for Playboy? Did you have a hunch that was the kind of path you wanted to take or did that just present itself through the course of choosing that path?

Jayden Cole: Somewhere in between I found a balance between both of those because I wasn't sure if I could make it my career. But since I had the opportunity to make it my career, well, then I took it.

Big D: What have been some of the surprises along the way? It's kind of hard to prep somebody for this. Coming in as a newcomer what are some of the things that surprised you that probably don't surprise you now?

Jayden Cole: It was a little bit more professional than I imagined, but I haven't really been too surprised by anything. I've learned new things, like, I didn't know what Squirting or feature dancing was before I got into the business. I kind of picked up the little things along the way, but those aren't really surprises. Once you get into this business you have to prepare yourself for anything. You are kind of jaded so nothing is really too shocking or surprising.

Big D: What is it about this career path that you've discovered that you feel like you've found your niche?

Jayden Cole: I really love my progression during the solo videos. That's really been awesome for me. It feels like I'm at a point where I can really convey a good feeling I guess. That's like my forte right now.

Big D: So that's kind of like your specialty?

Jayden Cole: Yeah I love it. It's gotten better and better with each scene.

Big D: Was that difficult to kind of find your way? Typically if you are doing a boy/girl scene or girl/girl scene, you can feed off of the energy of the other actor. With solo scenes it's pretty much all on you to pretty much bring it all to the table. Was it a learning curve for you to say, “You know what? This is something I can do in private but now I've got to do it and it's a little bit more of a show now.”?

Jayden Cole: Yeah, exactly. I really do like every All Girl scene I've done. It's been great. I've been able to work with really cool girls and those scenes are awesome because those are the scenes where you completely forget that anybody else is in the room. So that's what makes it really great. They're two very different things but I'm enjoying them both... a lot.

Big D: Now did you do any kind of major experimentation with girls before you got into this side of it or is that something new as well?

Jayden Cole: Oh no. That' s not very new at all. I've always seen girls in between guys, I guess you could say. So that wasn't very new at all. I was actually excited to jump into that.

Big D: Why do you say that performing with girls is something where you can block out everything and you're not overly conscious of the lighting or somebody with a boom microphone over you? Why is a girl/girl scene where a lot of those things just fade into the background where if it's a boy/girl scene you're more aware of your surroundings?
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Jayden Cole: Oh no, I was just comparing it to a solo scene because I haven't done boy/girl scenes. Girl/Girl is totally different than a solo. When you have another person you are just focused on them. I've had good chemistry with the girls that I've worked with.

Big D: Do you have any plans to eventually jump into the boy/girl side or are you pretty much content with the solo and the all girl stuff?

Jayden Cole: No, not at all. I'm totally content where I'm at. I love everything and I don't want to change anything right now. I'm happy where I'm at.

Big D: What would a typical work week be for you? Do you work two or three days a week? Do you work five and then take a week off? What would you say is your schedule? How often do you work and how often do you take off? How do you balance your work and your social life?

Jayden Cole: Well, there's never enough work to be done in this business. Whether it's social networking or networking with businesses, working on content, etc. There's never enough work to be done so you really have to focus and set aside time just to focus and sit at home on your computer and get things moving for yourself. I like to take a little bit of time off on the weekends. I definitely like to put down the phone, put down the Twitter and just kind of spend time with friends and family. You know, just be normal and cook dinner and stuff like that.

Big D: Do you find that it's sometimes difficult that you want to make a connection with fans and you want to be able to stay connected but you sometimes spend too much time trying to do promotions? Whether it's through social media or connecting with fans via Twitter or whatever it happens to be, do you find that's probably the new way for adult film stars to communicate and connect with the fans now?

Jayden Cole: Absolutely. It's a good way to connect with your fans. I'm kind of an outdoorsy person and I don't like sitting at home on the computer. It's hard to get me to really focus and feel productive when I'm just sitting at home. I've been trying to be good lately and trying to get Facebook going. I know it's a great way to talk to your fans and they love it. They really appreciate it and it establishes good connections.

Big D: You've done the modeling side of this business for a little bit and you've been on the internet before your adult DVD's started coming out. Do you find it interesting that you're relatively new to this side of things yet you already have fans? You've already got close to 3,000 people following you on Twitter and I don't know exactly how many fans you have on your Facebook page. You actually have people that are interested in you and not just your performance career. They are obviously interested in things outside of your work where as you know you might be Tweeting about how you are going to go horseback riding or whatever it is. Is it kind of weird that you are relatively new but you have this instant fan base that is interested in you and not just your work, but everything about you?

Jayden Cole: Oh, well thank you for mentioning that first of all. Yeah, the guys have been really, really sweet to me. My most recent feature dancing booking I had a couple guys that were looking me up on the social networking stuff and they were telling me, “we looked for places where you can go ride horses around here during the day if you're bored in town.” I was like, “Oh my God.” It was really cool. It was the first time I've had fans that really followed me and came up to me and talked to me about personal things. It was really sweet.

Big D: Is it a little bit weird that they know so much about you? Obviously you can pick and choose what you want to put out there on Twitter and Facebook and you can pick and choose what parts of your life you want to share with your fans. Is it a little bit weird that these people know that you're a horseback riding enthusiast and they're going to go out of their way to find an equestrian center that's close to the club that you're going to be dancing at that weekend? Is it a little bit weird that these people already have that built in? They already know a whole lot about you and to go to those great lengths?

Jayden Cole: Well, I wouldn't put it out there if I wasn't comfortable with people knowing certain details about my life. You have to be smart about it. Like you said, we're in control of what we put out there. If I wasn't comfortable with you knowing, then I wouldn't have said it. So I'm not going to knock anybody for saying, “Hey I noticed you liked this and I just wanted to say I was looking out for you.” That's just all love. That's what's great, you know?
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Big D: Now obviously you know we briefly mentioned your enjoyment of equestrian and horseback riding earlier. Is that something you were riding horses as a kid and you've just kind of grown up doing it or is it something that you've recently gotten into?

Jayden Cole: I actually started when I was five years old and then I had my first show when I was seven. From then I showed for about five or six years. I actually used to show in Calabasas and that's kind of near where I'm riding at right now. It's like going home. Actually I grew up in Newbury Park and when you get off on Wendy Drive and the 101, you can see that Target which used to be the first horse ranch I ever rode at. Isn't that funny and now I drive past it and I'm like “Aww, it's a Target now, that's so weird.”

Big D: So what is it about horseback riding? What is it about that activity that really draws you to it?

Jayden Cole: Oh I don't know. That's just one of those things that you've had passion for since you were a kid and it sort of gave me a good sense of confidence growing up. It was good. It was a really good sport for a young girl to be doing. It keeps you on a good path.

Big D: So you are actually taller than most adult film stars. I think you're, what 5'10?

Jayden Cole: Yeah, exactly.

Big D: Do you think that being taller than most porn stars is an advantage? Do you think it's a disadvantage or it just really doesn't matter? It's just part of who you are and it really doesn't matter because you do a lot of solo and Girl/Girl so it really doesn't come into play all that often? Did anybody make mention of the fact that you're particularly a little bit taller?

Jayden Cole: No, if it has been an advantage or disadvantage I haven't noticed. So that's up to the people who hire me, I guess.

Big D: Well speaking on the professional level as well, you said that you're very, very comfortable with the solo and the Girl/Girl stuff. You don't plan on doing any kind of Boy/Girl stuff anytime in the future. What's your short term range for progressing within the video side of things? Obviously we're a DVD company and we're very much interested in the stuff that comes out on the DVD side. Do you have anything in the works coming out?

Jayden Cole: Absolutely. I've shot a couple scenes for some DVD companies, they're probably not going to be out until about Fall, but you know, I can't mention it. I don't want to give anything away but I'll definitely be keeping you guys posted on DVD releases. I'm really glad that you know there's people pushing for the DVD side of the industry. We need it. Everything can't always be on internet. It's too easy to steal.

Big D: The big trend these days it seems has been the the porn parodies. It seems as though Hustler and New Sensations have taken the lead on a lot of the TV shows and classic movies and they're doing parodies of them. Have you been cast or have you gotten in on those things? It just seems like you turn around and next thing you know it's another classic TV show is being spoofed. They're always bringing in different people that might look like a certain character from one of those shows or movies. Have you gotten approached for any of those kinds of parodies where you might look like a particular actress that appeared in one of those shows?

Jayden Cole: We always joke about, on set before I get my make-up done, that I look a lot younger than I am. Everyone always thinks I look like Katie Holmes from the Dawson's Creek days without any make-up. We always joke that we should do one called “Dawson's Crack” or something like that. We always joke about a Dawson's Creek Parody and me playing Katie Holmes, but no I haven't really been approached. Asa Akira and I just did a mini feature for Danni's Hard Drive and it was a parody of Kick Ass. You know, the super hero movie? She plays Alicka Lottass. It was great.

Big D: Well it's funny that you mention the whole Dawson's Crack because actually do have a gay DVD called Dawson's Crack. I don't think they actually did a parody of the James Van Der Beek TV show. I think they used that as a particular theme for the basis of a gay porn. So maybe we can come up with something else? Maybe you and a Tom Cruise look alike can do a Katie Holmes type thing. Maybe Dawson Creek meets Top Gun?

Jayden Cole: (lots of laughter)

Big D: So what else is going on? Obviously you're just taking things one day at a time and not trying to work yourself out, not trying to be shot out. Do you have any kind of long term goal where porn is great for now but eventually I want to open up my own equestrian center or something else? Do you have any other things that are farther on down the road that you're planning on doing, whether it's inside or outside of the adult realm?

Jayden Cole: I definitely have a few things I can fall back on. I have been planning more for my short term goals, more of my yearly goals. I'd like to start my own website this year so that's the one goal I'd like to throw out there. We'll see how things go.

Big D: First job?

Jayden Cole: I was a waitress

Big D: First Concert?

Jayden Cole: No Doubt. Good stuff, good stuff. That's the good thing about Southern California. There's always good bands whether you're going to a house party or a bar. There's always a good band playing.

Big D: First Car?

Jayden Cole: A VW Jetta, stick shift. Oh yeah. Dad wouldn't have it any other way.

Big D: What's in your CD player or iPod right now?

Jayden Cole: All kinds of classic rock, Woodstock type music. I also have modern rock. I have Metallica, Led Zeppelin. A lot or Rock n' Roll.

Big D: Favorite food?

Jayden Cole: It changes every day. I like to cook a lot so I don't know....Let me think. I really like Thai Food

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Jayden Cole: It was called Crack Her Jack. It was a DVD. I'm sure you know of it.

Big D: Favorite position?

Jayden Cole: Doggy style.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Jayden Cole: Oh, I'd pick the movies. I'm not really into team sports. I'm more into extreme sports. I really would enjoy a movie.
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Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Jayden Cole: The iPhone. I love it.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Jayden Cole: That's a tough one. I really liked Blow. I always feel like real stories tell so much more and there's all kinds of twists and turns that you just couldn't make up.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Jayden Cole: Hawaii. You know it's not as complicated as leaving the country and it's just... it's beautiful.

Big D: Person you would like to meet that you haven't met?

Jayden Cole: There's a couple girls I'd like to work with that I haven't met yet. I can't quite think of the names off the top of my head so I'll have to get back to you on that one.

Big D: Place that you want to visit but have not yet gone?

Jayden Cole: Thailand

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