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Big D's Interview With Hillary Scott
Inside Hillary Scott

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Hillary Scott is a 5'4", 100 pound girl that likes it rough. We're not talking a light spank on the ass, she rather prefers the choking, face slapping, hair pulling type of rough. She burst onto the porn landscape less than a year ago and has performed in over 100 adult DVDs since. In this interview, Hillary explains why she was not working for the month of August, credits Skeeter Kerkove for her love of anal sex and how performing in porn is the only way to feed her sex addiction.

Big D: You haven't been working for a while and took the month of August off. Why the break?

Hillary Scott: I got breast implants in early August. I can't really work while I am letting them heal.

Big D: So how big did you go?

Hillary Scott: I went from a B to a large C cup. It's not overdone. It's not porno tits. It looks good on my frame because I am a small girl. I'm now tiny with boobs.

Big D: Do you think being a smaller girl has helped your career in porn?

Hillary Scott: I think it's good because the younger girl look is big right now. Even with the boobs I look 16. Everyone that has seen my breast say they look really natural. I guess it is an advantage. I've done most of the teen lines out there so I have definitely gotten a lot of work out it. I'll let you in on a secret, I'm 22. I'm not 18 even though I am in pretty much all the teen movies.

Big D: You mentioned you have done a lot of the Legal Teen type porn. Your first porno released was Anal Teen Tryouts #6 for Devil's Film, correct?

Hillary Scott: That was the first one released but it was the second scene I ever shot.

Big D: What was your first one?

Hillary Scott: Double Play #2 for Digital Sin.

Big D: You're originally from Naperville, Ill., a suburb of Chicago. How does a girl from the Midwest get to L.A. and start in porn?

Hillary Scott: Actually I was originally from the city of Chicago but I moved to L.A. when I was just living in Naperville. It kind of happened by chance. I never really pursued porn. I kind of always fantasized about doing it. I always knew that I would enjoy myself in front of the camera and I would really have fun with it. Living in Chicago there really is no opportunity to get into porn. I was working at a bank for two and a half years selling mortgages and happened to meet a guy through mutual friends. He told he was a talent in the business. I don't think he actually ever came to L.A. but he did know some legitimate agents in L.A. He gave me the number for one and his name is Skooby with Fresh Talent Management and that is still my agent today. I was talking with him on the phone while I was still in Chicago and he was telling me about the business, how much money I could make and how he could put me up and help me with starting out. So it sounded all good and the next week I got fired from my job and my lease was up for my apartment that month. So I said to myself, 'Hmm, maybe I should just try it'. Everything for me in Chicago was coming to an end and I was at a place where I needed some kind of change. So I came out here for two weeks to just try it. I had so much fun and made a ridiculous amount of money. I went back home, got all my stuff and drove out here. I've lived here ever since.

Big D: When did you make the move to Los Angeles?

Hillary Scott: I came out here in the end of August 2004 and started working in September. I believe I moved out for good in October or November last year.

Big D: You've worked a ton in just under a year. How was it going from working in mortgage sales in a bank to working almost every day in porn?

Hillary Scott: I pretty much have been working almost every day. Because I do anal and all of the other crazy stuff, I literally can not work every day of the month. I can not do that. I need to take breaks because my body needs that. So I will work every day and take a week off each month. For me, doing a scene is hard for me to call it work. I genuinely enjoy what I do and I go to the set looking to have fun. I really feel like I have been on vacation for the past year because I have all this money in the bank and I do not know where it came from. It's kind of how it is to me. I've been just having fun and I am very fortunate for it.

Big D: Were you always wild and crazy in your private sex life or was doing porn a big change for you?

Hillary Scott: I've always been very, very sexual. During my teen years I had only two long term relationships. My high school sweetheart was a girl. That was the first relationship I had and I was with her for two and half years. So when I was with her, I was always fantasizing about being with guys. After I broke up with her I finally found a guy. I fell in love with him and was with him for two years. I've always been in relationships but have always wanted more. Before porn I had only been with 12 guys. Between breaking up with that boyfriend and before I got into porn was a six month period. In those six months I think I slept with 11 guys. I think that's a lot for a normal girl outside of porn. Even with those guys I felt like I needed something more, something more shocking, more hardcore. I never really got the sex I really wanted until I started doing porn.

Big D: What is it about porn that has satisfied that need for more outrageous sex?

Hillary Scott: I've always been intrigued by really, really rough sex. I was never abused as a child in any sort of way. I can not explain it why I enjoy it rough as much as I do. I've never been with a guy before porn that was really able to do that to me. I've never been choked or slapped or anything like that before porn. Finally when I got into porn I was able to do those types of things. Porn has these professional man whores that are like machines. There are a lot of things that I have experienced in porn that I have always wanted to do and didn't think a normal person would be into. I didn't know how to approach it in my personal life before porn. I didn't know how to ask my very serious boyfriend, 'could you just slap me a little bit? Maybe just choke me a little bit?'. I've never had a guy try to do anything like that. I've done anal sex before porn but nowhere near like I am doing it now.

Big D: Is there a particular performer in the business that you get excited knowing you will be working with them?

Hillary Scott: I think the very first time I worked with Brandon Iron was really good. Up until that point that was pretty much the roughest thing I had done which is nothing in comparison to what I have done since. That was the first scene where he really threw me around and I really, really enjoyed it. But after that, any of the guys from Red Light District are amazing. Tony T is really great and I like Lee Stone a lot. All of those guys know what they are doing.

Big D: Any directors that you love to work for?

Hillary Scott: Jim Powers is by far my favorite director. I wouldn't say that his porn is my favorite as far as the quality of porn but he is by far my favorite director. He is so much fun, it's a total circus. He usually directs for JM Productions or Multimedia Productions so it is all the crazy, fun stuff. I am able to have the type of sex I want to have. There are really no rules. I mean there are certain rules but you can definitely get away with more. A lot more than if you are working for someone like New Sensations. I always have fun on his sets. I love working for Red Light a lot too. I think every scene I have done for Red Light has been among my best just because the people you work with are so good.

Big D: Is there a director out there you have not worked with and you would like to?

Hillary Scott: I've worked for a lot. Before porn I really didn't know directors names. I didn't know any of the girls' names either. I didn't even know who Tera Patrick was before I got into porn. I really don't know who they are unless I have worked for them or worked for that company. I would have to say I have not worked for Vivid or Wicked at all. I think I have worked for every other company except for them. So I would like to work for them once.

Big D: Even though you have yet to work for Vivid or Wicked you have done some features like Darkside. Do you have a preference between features or gonzo movies?

Hillary Scott: I like them both for completely different reasons. I like gonzo because it is the sex I like to have. When you work for features it is not always about the sex. You put so much into the story and the acting and it takes a little bit away from the sex. I do like it because it does give me a creative outlet. I've done quite a few features and they are fun to do. It's like being on a regular movie set. The catering is always better and the people are pampering you. It just feels like you are a part of something bigger as opposed to being on some location in the valley and getting fucked in the ass for half an hour. It's different. I like being a part of creating something cool and I love acting and I have so much fun doing it. When it comes to sex, I love gonzo. I don't think I could ever be a contract girl. The sex is a really big part of why I am doing porn and why I am continuing to want to do it. The money is great but the sex is a huge part of it.

Big D: So you are not just showing up on set to collect a paycheck. You're there to have fun that day.

Hillary Scott: One hundred percent, absolutely. Since I have been off work this past month I've been literally going crazy. I really have this itch to get back to work. It's been torture for me to have to not do it for so long. On some level I have a sex addiction and I think porn is feeding it more. When I go without it, I definitely notice.

Big D: Since you have been sidelined after your breast augmentation surgery do you already have jobs lined up and ready to go once you are cleared to work again?

Hillary Scott: My agent and I agreed that it would be best to not book anything until we have good pictures of me with them, which we do now. We didn't know exactly when I would be able to go back to work. I didn't want to be locked into a specific day if I wasn't ready. I am not going to go back to work just for the money. I wanted to go back to work when I am absolutely sure and we didn't know when that would be. There are several people that are waiting to shoot me. One of them is Laurent Sky. I worked with him for Hustler Video and he is dying to shoot me for the magazine. That will probably be one of the first things I do when I get back to working. My agent has told me that a lot of people are asking about them and a lot of people are eager for me to get back to work.

Big D: Since you do a lot of the hardcore sex acts out there, is there something that you have said you won't do?

Hillary Scott: I obviously won't do any scat or bestiality. I am not too much into the pissing thing either. I wouldn't do Meat Holes. I have been offered quite a few times. I enjoy rough sex but the little interview they do before each scene is not really what I am into. I like being submissive but not on that type of mental level. I am submissive sexually but I know how I would react in that type of interview and it would not be good. I do plan to work for Max Hardcore. I have actually met him and I was a fan of his before I got into porn. His porn is the only type that I can watch and enjoy. I need it to be extreme and I need to it be shocking for whatever reason. I will work with him actually and that is one date that I do have booked. I've never worked with him before but I have met him and he is actually a really, really cool guy. I told him I am not doing any puking. No puking.

Big D: If someone has been living in a cave and does not yet know who Hillary Scott is, what DVD would you suggest they see? What DVD would be the best one to get a good idea of what you are all about?

Hillary Scott: I would have to say I can't just pick one. I am most known for Baker's Dozen #4. I think that is one that everyone says is the movie that defines me even though it was done quite a while ago. I would have to agree that it was very high energy. I ended up on the box cover and had three scenes in that movie. It was insane. It was pretty off the wall. That's always a good one to start with. I think Cum Fart Cocktails #2 is another one of my 'legendary' scenes.

Big D: Those are DVDs that other people have said you were great in. Is there a scene out there that you remember you enjoyed doing even if other people haven't said it was one of your greatest?

Hillary Scott: Definitely. Where's the Cum from Platinum X. It's a BJ movie and a swallowing movie. I did a blow bang with I think five or six guys. It was intense. Everyone agrees that it was intense because it had all the gagging and it was crazy. I read some reviews that it was almost disturbing in regards to how intense it was. One reviewer said I displayed animalistic behavior. I watched it myself and it is really different because when you are doing it, it doesn't seem as rough as it looks. When you are watching it, it looks so much more extreme than it actually is. I literally went ape shit. That is my most hardcore BJ scene I have ever done and I don't think I could ever do anything to surpass that. It was just very intense with lots of gagging and talking and face slapping and rimming the guys' asses. You can't get any nastier. I've never been that into a BJ scene. That's by far my best ever. I personally think it's the best. After reading a bunch of reviews and almost all of them say it was crazy. Some say it was too crazy. Some say it looked disturbing. Those that know me as a performer and have followed my career expect that from me.

Big D: If you have a movie coming out that you are in, will you make an effort to get a copy of it and watch your performance?

Hillary Scott: I don't go out of my way to get all my movies. If I happen to be in the area and I am picking up a check from a particular company and I know the company will give me the movie for free I will ask for it. I have all of my Platinum X stuff. If there is any scene that gets a lot of attention I will check it out. I have a pretty good memory and I remember a lot of my scenes. I think that if I can replay the actual scene in my head, why do I need the actual movie? I am really self conscience about watching myself.

Big D: What other DVDs would you recommend seeing that you liked?

Hillary Scott: I was checking out Bakers Dozen #5 with Alektra on the cover. I think she is really great. I love her look. Delilah Strong is also in the movie and she turned out a really awesome performance. I think number six that is going to be coming out is going to be really great too. I think that is always a good line. I think number five was really good. I even came back as a clean up girl in number six.

Big D: Since going on your first shoot to being in the business for just about a year now, what have you learned and how have your impressions changed in that time?

Hillary Scott: When I first started I really had no idea of what to expect. I've always been sexual and a wild and crazy fuck, but I didn't know what was expected of me as a performer. I didn't know what was considered too much. I didn't know if I should talk, if I shouldn't talk, if I should look into the camera, if I shouldn't. Every director is different so it took me a while to see a pattern and to learn which companies like what. Before I started doing porn, I had done anal sex but I didn't know how much they expected out of a performer when you do a scene. My very first scene was an anal scene with Mark Ashley and he is not small by any means. I really didn't know if I could do anal every day or do it regularly like that. I didn't know how hardcore it was going to be. I worked with him and it was fine and I remember leaving that set and telling my agent, 'That was so easy! Oh my god, in fact it was awesome. I loved it!'. So I started doing anal right away which a lot of girls don't do.

Big D: You are right when you say Mark Ashley is not a small guy. You are a really small girl and you get paired up with some of the bigger guys in the business. Stretched Out Snatch #3 by Digital Sin comes to mind. What do you think when you get to work with guys like Shane Diesel or Mandingo?

Hillary Scott: I've worked with Mandingo but not anally. I've worked with him several times. He does not do anal. I had Jack Napier in my ass. Right before I got my boobs done I did a movie for Elegant Angel which is an all Hillary movie. I did a double anal in that movie. You'd be surprised as to what an ass can take. I have fisted myself before. I did The Violation of Hillary Scott for JM Productions and had a baseball bat in my ass for that one. You just have to know your body. You need to make sure you don't do anything stupid. It's all about stretching and pacing yourself. A lot of girls know that there is a whole system for anal sex. You should always, always, always stretch out your ass before a scene or else it could tear. It's always good to use a butt plug or a toy before every scene. It really does help a lot. A lot of people say that the smaller girls can take more cock than the bigger girls. I don't understand that but my ass can take a lot I guess. One person that I owe a lot of my knowledge to is Skeeter Kerkove. Skeeter and Jim Powers have shot me more than anyone out there. Skeeter is really, really good because his style of porn is all about anal. He's never shot a non-anal scene. He's really good with the girls as far as pushing their limits. He's been married to Bridgette for so long so he knows all the stuff, like stretching with toys and how to fist yourself and how to do double anal and how to relax yourself. He was really good and actually taught me a lot as far as going to the extreme. I really owe a lot to Skeeter.

Big D: You were so new to the business last year that you missed the deadline for a nomination for AVN Best New Starlet. Do you think you'll be nominated this year and what will you do if you win?

Hillary Scott: To be completely honest, I do porn for two reasons. Number one is that I am a complete sex addict and two is because it pays my rent. If someone wants to give me an award for having great sex I would appreciate it. I do put a lot of effort into my work and I am proud of it and I am glad that someone else appreciates it. If they want to give me an award that's fine but it is not a goal of mine in any type of way. How seriously can you take an award for Best Anal Sex Scene or Most Outrageous Sex Scene? It's funny to me. I think it's nice and AVN is really important to the industry but I can't say that when I do a scene I am thinking 'I hope I win an award for this'. I don't think of it that way. It's cool if they do (give an award) but if not, then whatever.

Big D: Now that you have had some time off and can reflect on the past year, what do you think is in your future for the next year, five years or ten years? Where do you envision yourself farther on down the road?

Hillary Scott: I think there is no way I will be able to perform for years and years and years. I don't think it's smart. I don't think it's good for your body. I don't think it is good for your personal life. I don't see myself performing for several more years. Maybe a couple more years if that. I do love porn as an industry. I have intentions on directing. I got a taste of that doing that movie for Elegant Angel. That is definitely something I would love to do and I know, I know I would be good at it given the opportunity. That is definitely something I want to explore on the production side of the industry.

Big D: What movie for Elegant Angel did you get the directing bug?

Hillary Scott: It's called Hillary Scott's Anal Princess Diaries. It was actually directed by Patrick Collins, but I named it and I thought of the concept and I casted it. I got to do whatever I wanted to do in the scenes. I definitely got a taste of it and I definitely want to do it all myself some time soon.

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