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Big D's Interview With Harmony
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Interview Date: 01/10/2007

Knowing where you are going while keeping an eye on where you have been is always a good attitude to have on life. After getting into porn just three years ago, Harmony definitely subscribes to that philosophy. She recently started doing anal scenes and that decision has opened up new doors for her. Her plans to parlay a career in porn to eventually transition to a real estate mogul are already underway. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, conducted at the 2007 AVN Expo in Las Vegas, Harmony discloses being the one responsible for bringing Tory Lane into porn, discusses her decision to start doing anal scenes and reveals that even when she is not working she will have sex five or six times a day.

Big D: You've been in the porn business for a little bit but not too long that you are shot out. What brought you into porn and what made you stay?

Harmony: What brought me in was that I was always very promiscuous and I thought why not get paid for it. I never thought anything of it. I was just having sex but it was on film. What has kept me in it is the amount of money I've made and the people that I have met. I have never met people like this that are so open and so accepting of things. It is just a place where I feel like I belong. I am still doing it because I take my money and I invest it in real estate. I can't make this kind of money to be able to make more money anywhere else. I will continue to do porn until no one wants to shoot me anymore.

Big D: When do you think that will be? Do you have a time table as to when you think we won't see any new Harmony DVDs anymore?

Harmony: I don't want to direct. I definitely don't want to do that. I just like the performing end of it. That's the easy part. I don't know when it will end. When I first started I thought. 'oh, I will only be in it for a year'. Here it is three years later and I'm still here. I can't really predict when I will be done. I think one day I will be at a point where I am doing fine with the real estate thing and I won't have to do it anymore. There are a ton of other cute girls coming in. Give them a chance.

Big D: You said you enjoy the money and the people in porn but is there anything else that has kept you in porn for going on three years now?

Harmony: I love how I get to go to set everyday and it is like I am going to a friend's house. I know the director. I know the PA. I know the talent. I know everybody. I love knowing that it is just going to be a good day. I am in good surroundings and I am going to have good sex. I mean, come on. You get to have sex with people that you are around all the time with no commitment. That's pretty much the best part.

Big D: Earlier you said that it was not a hard decision to get into porn. You were already promiscuous so why not get paid for it. So how did you actually get in? Did someone suggest porn to you or did you investigate how you could get into porn on your own?

Harmony: I was actually working at Hooters. I am sure you know who Tory Lane is. Pretty much everyone in the industry knows that we are best friends. We worked at Hooters together. She got me into dancing and then I got her into porn. I did my first scene and I told her it was the best thing ever. You are going to love it. She loved it and we both just kept going.

Big D: If someone is not familiar with your body of work, you have done gonzo, you've done fetish and bondage and BDSM type stuff as well. Seeing how you have experience in all kinds porn, what type of porn do you really enjoy doing?

Harmony: I would have to say male domination. It's my best thing. My favorite thing to do is to be tied up. I don't even have to be tied up. Just to be dominated by a guy and a guy telling me what to do. I never respected authority. I never went by the rules. So when someone is telling me what to do I will say, 'yes sir'. That's a big turn on for me. Whether they do me up the ass or do a DP or whatever, it fucks with your mind and fucks with your body. It's just great all around.

Big D: What DVDs would you suggest someone renting or buying that pretty much exemplifies what Harmony is all about and what embodies your best work?

Harmony: I started doing anal this year and so many people have come up to me and asked me, 'what happened to you Harmony? You totally exploded from being this innocent girl to now you have totally exploded'. I don't know what it is but they would have to pick up an anal DVD of mine. It's just so intense for me because I never did it in my regular life. Now I am doing it on video and it is so intense. The feeling is so overwhelming. I love it. That's what I would suggest. Go pick up an anal scene of mine like Anal Asspirations #5 or Overflowing Assholes #3.

Big D: Why did you hold off for about two years of not doing anal? Also, what made you decide, especially if you had never really done it in your personal life, what made you decide to start doing anal on camera?

Harmony: I came into porn doing as many boys as possible like double vag and all that. I wasn't doing anal because I wasn't familiar with that in my regular life. So my thought was if I am not even there in my personal life, I don't want to do it on video and do a shitty scene. After a while I thought to myself, 'Dude, I have been in this industry so fucking long that I have done everything. I need to try something new'. So at that point my attitude was 'suck it up and do it'. So that is what I did.

Big D: What was the major roadblock to finally getting over that? Was it the mental thing of it's taboo and it might hurt or was it just something you thought you needed to get accustomed to?

Harmony: Girls would always tell me it was a mental thing. I would tell them, 'you guys are fucking idiots. It's a fucking dick going in your ass! It hurts'. Honestly, it really is a mental thing. It really fucking is. Look, it's just another hole. Don't think of it as your ass and it will tighten up. Just relax and let it flow. Yeah, you do have to get used to it but it is enjoyable now. Once I relaxed it was all a mental thing.
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Big D: Do you find that since you have essentially taken the 'DO NOT ENTER' sign off your asshole that you have gotten more work because of it? Were you essentially limiting yourself by choosing to not do anal for so long?

Harmony: No, not at all. I was already booked every day. That's the advantage of coming in from out of town. I have been with L.A. Direct Models for three years and I have always gone home to Florida and back out California to work. So when I am in town they want to shoot me while I am there and I would shoot every day. There was no lack of work before I started doing anal. Now there are two or three shoots a day instead of just one a day.

Big D: How hard is that? Especially if you are doing anal and you are doing two or three shoots a day. How hard is it to maintain that kind of a grueling schedule? No matter if you come in from the east coast for a short amount of time but still, two or three scenes a day is still two or three scenes in one day.

Harmony: You're right. I won't do that all the time. I will maybe do two in one day maybe once a week. I like to have sex in my regular life. I fuck probably five or six times a day. To me it is something I like. I don't get sore and I love to work so it is all good.

Big D: Since you love to work as much as you do, in your three years of doing adult DVDs is there someone out there that you haven't been able to work with yet?

Harmony: It seems that I always work for the same people. It is very rare that directors that I haven't worked for already will try to book me. I worked for Joanna Angel over at Hustler and I had never worked for her. It was awesome because I had never worked for her before. I've always wanted to work for Jules Jordan and I have never shot for him. I know that he likes to shoot a lot of anal and now that I do anal maybe he will shoot me. We'll see. Jules is someone I'd like to shoot for. His shit sells like crazy and that is a great thing.

Big D: Yeah you are not kidding when you say that. So when you get booked on a shoot and you learn who you are working for and will performing with, are there any people in particular that you get excited about knowing you are going to be working with them that day?

Harmony: I don't even have to think about it. That would be John Strong. I always have great scenes with him. I love working with him. He fucks me hard and fast and that is how I like it. He doesn't disrespect girls. He is not a fucking idiot. You can actually have a conversation with him. He is easy and he is to the fucking point. I just love him. He is by far my favorite person to work with or work for.

Big D: What about directors? Does John Strong qualify for both categories of performer and director or are there other directors out there you like to work for?

Harmony: I like Ricky D for Diabolic a lot. I like crazy ass Chico Wang. Those are the only two that stick out in my mind right now.

Big D: Some girls I have talked to really enjoy the style in which a director shoots while others prefer directors because of the person they are on set. An example would be if the director is funny and personable on set and they have a good time it doesn't matter what style of porn they shoot. What makes working with people enjoyable? Is it the way you come out looking on film or is it all about the experience while you are on set?

Harmony: What makes it more enjoyable for me is that I have worked with these people so many times. It's like going back home. I enjoy myself all the time. I can bullshit with them and laugh. They know what is going on with my life. They will ask me if I bought that house I was telling them about last time or they will ask me about my family. I like that aspect a lot.

Big D: You said that you were interested in working with Jules Jordan and now that you do anal that might increase your chances of him shooting you. Why is this industry so focused on the ass to the point that it seems like some directors will not shoot you unless you do anal?

Harmony: Honestly I think the consumer is just bored of seeing just vaginal scenes or just girl/girl scenes. With anal it's like, 'oooh, we can stick a fucking baseball bat up her ass and do some crazy shit, blah, blah, blah.' Now that we have given the consumer so much crazy anal what do they want next? What do we do now? It's a little much if you ask me. I think the anal just became more taboo and now everyone wants to do that. I mean, fuck straight vag sex. They all want to see anal and to see what you can take up your ass. It's the shock value.

Big D: If it is the shock value and everyone is always pushing the envelope and making these sex scenes more and more extreme, where does it stop and where is it going?

Harmony: That's what I always say. I say, 'we've given them everything. What else can we stick up and do to ourselves?' We've dunked our heads in toilets. We've had fists up both of our holes at the same time. I don't know. I don't know where it is going to go. That's why I think the fetish genre is becoming huge. Just the little bit that I have been in the industry I have seen how gonzo and fetish have merged. Jake Malone does a lot of fetish stuff like that. I like the way he shoots. That's becoming very big now, fetish with gonzo. The latex, the whips, the blindfolds. All that shit.

Big D: Is that appealing to you because it is where porn is moving towards or does it go back to the whole mind fuck thing?

Harmony: It's the mental thing for me. I just love all that. It's a mind game and it's sex. Why not switch it up a little bit?

Big D: What's on the horizon for you? We're here at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas and everyone is rolling out new products. What can we expect from Harmony in the next few weeks or months?

Harmony: I really don't know. I guess you can expect to see me to continue doing what I am doing.

Big D: First job?

Harmony: I was 14 and I worked at McDonald's. My dad had to sign a child labor law consent form so that I could work. I just wanted to work so badly.

Big D: First concert?

Harmony: Danzig was when I was 13

Big D: First car?

Harmony: Acura RSX

Big D: What's in your CD player right now?

Harmony: It's a wide variety. In my CD player in my car it is Sublime. In my iPod there is a variety of everything. I have old rap and 80's rock. It really varies. There is a little bit of techno in there.

Big D: Favorite food?

Harmony: Italian food. Anything Italian. I really, really love Mexican food too. I eat hot sauce with everything so I guess you could say hot sauce is my favorite condiment.

Big D: First porn you ever watched?
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Harmony: I can't even remember the name. It was from the early, early 1990's. It was a VHS tape of ten random scenes. I think it was a compilation and I can't even remember. I remember I jerked off to it a couple of times.

Big D: Favorite position?

Harmony: Doggy, on camera or off camera. Wherever the hell you are. It is a very deep position and you can grab the guy from the back. You can hook your legs around him and pull him in. You can push back on him. I like it deep and fast and that way is the best way. They grab your ass. They grab your hair. It's just good sex.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Harmony: Movies. I don't like sports. I think they are boring. I think the guys are pussies. Except rugby. I think of football when they get hurt and they make a big deal of it and are limping off the field. It's like, 'Dude, suck that shit up. You are getting paid X amount of millions of dollars per year'. I think rugby is the only actual real sport.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Harmony: My cell phone

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Harmony: That's a hard one. I love A Clockwork Orange. I thought the The 40 Year-Old Virgin was hilarious and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy was hysterical.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Harmony: I have two. Whistler, Canada to go skiing and Cabo San Lucas. I love Cabo.

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Harmony: I'm going to be gay with this answer and say I want to meet Johnny Depp. I say him because I just want to rape him. I always thought he was fine.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Harmony: I want to go to Alaska and see the Northern Lights.

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