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Big D's Interview With Faith Leon
Inside Faith Leon

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Interview Date: 01/10/2007

Lots of porn stars are married but we're willing to bet they met their husband while on a porn set. Meet Faith Leon who not only met her husband outside of porn but didn't know he was a porn star just like her. Faith also has undergone a name change but amid that change she has remained true to herself. Blessed with devastatingly gorgeous blue eyes coupled with thick dark hair, Faith Leon has a look that sets her apart from all the other porn stars in Smut Valley. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, conducted at the 2007 AVN Expo in Las Vegas, Faith Leon discusses how she met her husband who is also a fellow porn star, her decision to get into porn without any prior knowledge of the business and why she chose porn over mainstream modeling.

Big D: You recently had a name change in that you were known as just 'Faith' and now you are Faith Leon. Why the name change?

Faith Leon: It's because I was going to do a website but I suck and now I am not. All of the web domains like Faith triple X were gone. So I decided to go with Faith Leon which is my husband's stage name last name. He is Marcos Leon so we would be the Leons.

Big D: Was it all for marketing purposes because it is a lot easier to find someone on the internet if you have a first and last name rather than just a first name?

Faith Leon: No, it was just mainly for creating and branding my own website. If people want to find me, they can find me.

Big D: So you and Marcos Leon are married. Bring me up to speed on how two porn stars met and eventually got married.

Faith Leon: Okay, this is a very unique story. We were both in the industry but we met in a bookstore in Santa Monica. We were both in the adult business for about a month or two months. We met and we didn't tell each other about our jobs right away because you don't tell everybody 'hey, I do porn.' About two weeks later I sat him down and told him I had to talk to him. We found out we both did it and we have been together ever since.

Big D: This industry is pretty small especially when it comes to the number of male talent that is doing porn. I find it hard to believe that you guys were both in porn and had never worked together or seen each other on a set to the point you had no idea each other were in porn. How did your paths not cross prior to meeting in a bookstore of all places?

Faith Leon: It's because we were only in porn for about a month. I was out here from Detroit where I was living and I wasn't out in Los Angeles full time. It just happened that we met that way. Speak of the devil, there he is. (Editor's note: Marcos Leon walked by the booth on the show floor at the time of this response.)

Big D: How are you able to maintain a committed, married relationship while both of you perform with other people? You hear all the time that porn stars meet someone and they still will stay in porn but there are a lot of limitations like they will now only do girl/girl or they will only do boy/girl as long as it is with their husband. That's not the case with you guys. How do you make that work?

Faith Leon: We don't talk about our work. I know who we choose to work with but he does not come home and tell me how he fucked this girl in the ass. It's very separate. If you met us outside of porn, if you went to dinner with us, you would never know we do porn. We are very normal people and I like to keep it that way. We live in suburbia so it is cool.

Big D: Not to get too personal but what is it like to have sex with another porn star when you are at home and the lights are off and there is not a camera crew hovering over you?

Faith Leon: On film you do not get to do the more intimate stuff. You don't do the heavy, passionate kissing and you don't do the cuddling. For me especially, I like to be cuddled. I am not doing pile driver at home. Just for fun one time we tried reverse cowgirl. I was so weird. It was actually kind of creepy. It's different but our sex life is great.

Big D: Has being in the industry been a hindrance to your relationship?

Faith Leon: If he has to work then, no, we are not going to have sex because he can't cum. You don't want to cum two or three times in a day. It's still very normal. I still like to dress up sometimes and make it fun and fantasy like.

Big D: If someone is unfamiliar with your body of work, what DVDs are a good representation of what Faith Leon is all about?

Faith Leon: Oh shit. I am not sure. I know Crescendo from Ninn Worx is very good. Even in my films I am a very normal. I am not doing double vag or crazy stuff like that. I can't think very well right now but the majority of my movies are a good representation of my work.

Big D: Any particular studios or directors that you enjoy working for?

Faith Leon: Oh yeah. Ninn Worx, who I am signing for right now. I am not just saying that because I am signing for them either. I just shot Through Her Eyes for Michael Ninn not that long ago and I would love to work with him again. It is totally cool and it is artsy fartsy. It's not your typical porn where you are getting pounded until you are bleeding or anything like that. I like the higher end stuff. I am not about the fake, 'fuck me in my pussy' type of porn.

Big D: So how does a girl coming from Detroit get into the porn business?

Faith Leon: Technically I am a girl from North Carolina by way of Detroit. I was in college working 68 hours a week at a restaurant. I was broke so I looked up on the internet and started dabbling with that. Eventually it led me to come out here. I have the type of story that something should have happened to me that was bad. You always hear about the girl that comes to L.A. by herself not knowing anyone that just jumps right into it all. I did just that. I jumped right in and everything worked out in my favor.

Big D: Other than being a broke college student that worked her ass off to only still be broke, what else drew you to porn? Was it the money and the money only or were you always a sexual person? You are gorgeous enough that you could have probably been a regular model. What drew you to porn rather than trying something else?

Faith Leon: Mainly it was the money. Instead of mainstream modeling, porn is not as body conscience. You don't have to be 115 pounds and 5'9". You can have some meat on your bones and still be good. I like that.

Big D: You are one of the taller girls in porn and there are not a lot of girls out there in porn that are tall. Do you think that is an advantage and helps set you apart from some of the shorter girls that seem to dominate the porn landscape?

Faith Leon: I see it as you either love me or you hate me. A lot of the companies that I work for like my look and like my style. It's refreshing because it is not a cookie cutter type look. It's more a classic look. I love my look. I would never want to change it. I always mess with my husband and say to him, 'just let me get those big, fake boobs.' I would never get them. I will never dye my hair blonde.

Big D: Did you do research on the industry to know that your look is more of the classic look and will help set you apart or did you learn this after being in for a while? Did you get in and look around and notice that the vast majority of the other girls do not look like you?

Faith Leon: I had no idea about this industry. I didn't know anything. I didn't know any of the companies. I just jumped in head first and ended up on my feet.

Big D: Speaking of just jumping in, do you remember your first job and what were your impressions from it?

Faith Leon: I don't remember my absolute first scene but I do remember one of the first ones. It was for West Coast Productions and it was for a hard core interracial scene (There's Something About Jack #35). I was so scared. The guy I worked with (Jack Napier) was a million feet long. They were super cool and super nice but I could tell I was new in the business. It was scary.

Big D: Coming into the industry you just jumped right in. You probably did not know that girls can say no to whatever they feel uncomfortable with. Because of that feeling of being overmatched do you now have some limitations you have placed on yourself?

Faith Leon: I do have limitations now. I am not a size queen whatsoever. I need to see a picture of the guy before hand and I need to know how big he is. It is all because I get hurt easily. I am very conscience of my surroundings. You know I never really had a bad porn experience that you would hear about that is stereotypical. I've always known that you can say no. I can walk away and it is as simple as that. And if you don't let me walk away you are going to get a kick in the face.

Big D: Speaking of walking away, do you have a timetable for yourself as to how long you plan on staying in porn?

Faith Leon: In a couple years from now I want to have a family. I am starting school very, very soon. Probably start back up in the spring time. I don't know what I am going to do. I know I am not going to be performing all the time as much anymore. We'll see where it leads pretty much. I know I don't want to do this forever.

Big D: First job?

Faith Leon: I was a waitress at Shoney's.

Big D: First concert?

Faith Leon: Jimmy Buffett. First and only concert.

Big D: First car?

Faith Leon: 1985 Nissan King Cab truck

Big D: What's in your CD player right now?

Faith Leon: Christmas music.

Big D: Favorite food?

Faith Leon: Brownies

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Faith Leon: I had never watched porn. I jumped in not knowing anything.

Big D: Favorite position?

Faith Leon: Missionary

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Faith Leon: Ballgame. I love sports and grew up playing sports.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Faith Leon: Lotion

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Faith Leon: Officer and a Gentleman

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Faith Leon: Disneyworld

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Faith Leon: No one really. I am not a big fan of stars.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Faith Leon: Greece

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