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Big D's Interview With Eva Angelina
Inside Eva Angelina

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Interview Date: 11/21/2006

By glancing at some of the most recent box covers you would think that Eva Angelina was the next big thing to hit porn. Despite being in porn since turning 18, Eva Angelina's popularity has yet to decline and she continues to expand her fan base larger with each passing year. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Eva discusses scrapping her plans to leave porn and join the military, shares her thoughts on becoming a contract girl and dishes about her relationship with former porn starlet Keri Sable.

Big D: You've had a pretty busy year in 2006. I heard you were planning on leaving porn and enlisting in the Navy but that fell through and you didn't end up shipping out. Now you are back and we've heard you were going to start doing anal but we have yet to see that happen. Just recap the year for me and tell me what a wild ride it has been.

Eva Angelina: The end of last year even though I was considering going into the Navy I never actually slowed down from working. Going into the military was kind of an idea and I wanted to see what it would take to get me in. Believe it or not they were having problems with my tattoos. I started getting one of them lasered off and then they told me they had problems with my education and I needed to get my associates degree in order to get in. At that point I was like, 'dude, it's too much trouble'. Maybe if it would have been easier it would have been cool but you know. Actually I continued staying in the business and this year I did everything in moderation. In 2005 I shot so much porn. I needed to cool down and focus on feature dancing and building content for my website. My website just launched about six weeks ago it is evaangelinaonline.com. Now that I am relaxing and doing more feature dancing I can do more shooting.

Big D: You mentioned that the military had issues with your tattoos and your education. With all due respect to the Navy, I don't really have the mental image of sailors not having tattoos and all of them being college educated. That may be a false stereotype but I find it hard to believe that they would have issues with tattoos and that you are a porn star was never brought up. Do you think they somehow found out you were a porn star and came up with a bunch of different excuses to keep you out?

Eva Angelina: I never told them I was in porn. I knew that would probably be against the morality of the military. I guess when I was trying to enlist they came out with a brand new rule that you can't enlist if you have a tattoo that would be visible when you are wearing your uniform. (Eva Angelina has a tattoo at the base of her neck that would be visible above a uniform collar.) That's just to get into boot camp. After boot camp you can get any tattoo you want. You just might have trouble reenlisting. Regarding my education, I didn't graduate from a 'traditional' high school. I graduated a semester and a half early from a non-traditional school. They had a problem with that and said they wanted to see more education. I got out of school early not because I got a high school G.E.D. but because I was so ahead in my high school units. Why would they penalize me for that? Some people in the military didn't even graduate and got in with a G.E.D. and I have a diploma and everything. I always thought they knew I was a porn star and they thought it would cause trouble for the military. In a way it was kind of good because I was afraid someone would have found out and then try to blackmail me and say, 'I know you did porn and now you need to be my sex slave'. I was almost afraid of what would have happened. I am sure there are a few porn fans in the military.

Big D: What was the appeal of getting out of porn and getting into the military? In porn you have all kinds of freedom and can work when you want to and get paid well. The military is notoriously low paying and you are told when you can eat and sleep. What appealed to you about military life that you wanted to leave porn?

Eva Angelina: When I was 18 and even before I got into porn I had a decision to make. It was to either do porn or get into the military. Both were always a dream of mine. I did my porn and I was in it for about two and half, almost three years and I knew I didn't want to get into the military when I was a lot older. After serving four years in the military I could still go back and do porn. I would still be relatively young when I got out and I would be 24 or 25. It was something I wanted to do while I was still young. I wanted to do both ultimately and I wanted to spread it out a little bit. I had an idea what porn was like and I wanted to experience the other. You know, experience the two extremes of having complete freedom and then going to a heavily structured environment. It's kind of like I wanted to be on both sides of the fence.
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Big D: You said that at age 18 your were at a crossroad in your life and you could choose the military or choose porn. Why did you choose porn first and what was the appeal to get in so young?

Eva Angelina: Since I was 14 I always shot my own home videos and edited them and was very much into porn as a fan. The reason why I went into porn was because I was so young and I knew I could market the young girl look. I knew that at the time I could make a lot of money and save a lot of money so that when I did go into the military I could have the nice perks of the 'free person' I once was. I was kind of planning ahead in a way. They (the military) didn't want me so that was kind of a bummer.

Big D: Since you said you were a bit of a fan of porn before you even got into the business, did you have any preconceived notions of what it would be like coming in? Were you right about them and what do you know now that you wish you knew when you were just starting out?

Eva Angelina: I know a lot more about the technical side of porn as far as how the soft-core and the hardcore versions go. Even the technical things about sex like the different positions. I never knew what a reverse pile driver was before I started doing porn. There are different aspects in that you have your long days and your short days. Porn can actually get cut down to about seven minutes even though you have been shooting for an hour and a half to three hours. When you watch it on video you think it is a lot more glamorous that it really is. Some movies are more glamorous than others and there is such a wide variety or porn out there. I just thought the porn that I knew was the only porn out there and available. There is a lot of creativity and there is a lot of raw sex. I learned even the different aspects about websites and networking and marketing myself. You don't realize how much stuff can be done behind the scenes as well. All you see are the stars of porn. You don't see the camera man or the editors. It doesn't just happen by itself.

Big D: You mentioned the long hours on the sets of features but you have also done a ton of gonzo work. Do you have a preference?

Eva Angelina: They definitely have their pros and cons. With gonzo you will definitely be out a lot quicker than when you are shooting for Wicked and Vivid. It is a bit more gratifying when you have a glamorous porn come out because you come out looking like this fantasy porn star that everyone wants to be. It's so different but I enjoy both. Sometimes I want to be out and on with my day in four hours. Sometimes I want to see the publicity and the marketing that the big major companies put out if you are starring in a big budget movie of theirs. It's gratifying in different ways to do both. I don't want to be stuck as being only a gonzo girl or a feature girl.

Big D: When you first started in the business you seemed like you were popping up on box covers left and right. Do you take pride in being placed on the box cover or it is not that big of a deal to you?

Eva Angelina: I think it is a totally a big deal. I love to see my face on box covers. I can use those when I go feature dancing and it helps people recognize me and gain more fans that way. They recognize my face and they will start to recognize me when I am in magazines and they will make that connection with my movies. They can connect me having sex in a movie with the picture they see in a magazine. Being on box covers is a great privilege and it kind of defines you as a performer. If they (studios) want to put you on their box cover, they totally have faith in you that you can help sell their product. It's kind of cool because it makes me more of a marketable person.

Big D: Is there a downside to being on so many box covers and you are more recognizable? Do people approach you on the street and think they know who you are what you are all about because they have seen your movies or recognize you from a box cover?

Eva Angelina: I think it is really flattering. When I got into this business I really wanted to be a sex icon. When people see me I wanted to just reek of sex. I like being the person that people fantasize about. Last night I was at the airport and I was at the baggage claim and I had a fan come up to me. He said, 'oh my God, what are you doing here!?!' It was kind of a breath of fresh air. You never really realize how many people are actually watching your movies. You don't realize how many people actually check up on you during your career until they approach you or you get a fan letter. I got a fan letter this week from someone that lives in Finland. It's so fucking rad. It's so fucking cool. It makes you feel like you are appreciated. I don't really see a down side of it right now. I haven't had my privacy invaded or I haven't had any crazy stalkers or paparazzi where I can't do the things that normal people do. If that happens it is going to happen but I am not bothered by it at all.

Big D: You mentioned that it surprises you when you get recognized at places like the airport but what about places like Los Angeles or Las Vegas when you are at the big porn conventions? Does it kind of sink in a bit more that you have tons of fans out there when they are all concentrated in one place and all trying to get your autograph or a picture with you?

Eva Angelina: You know, it hits me more when it is a random person on the street. When you are signing at a convention you are expecting it. People are there for that reason. Sure there is a max quantity of people there and they will bring 8x10 pictures of you from stuff you have done years ago. Thanks really cool because you know they have been following you and they are a die hard fan. When people recognize me randomly when I am not all 'pornofied' and they know who you are, I think that that's that gives you that celebrity status type feeling. I was at Abercrombie and Fitch one time and one of the employees wanted me to sign something for them. When you are at a porn convention it is more of 'Hey I am a porn star, here I am'. When you are out in public and you are not fashioning yourself as a porn star and people still recognize you, that is kind of cool.

Big D: Speaking of those conventions, the biggest one of the year is coming up in January. Along with the convention is the AVN Awards show. The nominations were announced a few days ago and I was very surprised you were not nominated in a single category. Are you pissed off of do you just not care?

Eva Angelina: I've gotten used to it. This is the fourth year I haven't gotten nominated for an AVN award. I fell that it is very political. I think that if I choose to start doing anal that the nominations would follow. I do all the big Wicked movies but I am not a contract girl and I am not getting gang banged in the ass so I don't have just one company pushing me and putting a lot of marketing towards me. They are not paying for big ads to appear in the magazine. I think it is a little biased and political. I'm sure there will be a year when I will get a bunch (of nominations) and that will make up for all the years I didn't get any. Actually this year is the first year I have even gotten nominations for other award shows. It's not even a big deal to me anymore. My attitude is, 'if I get it, cool. If I don't, it's nothing unusual.' (laughs)
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Big D: You mentioned you still have yet to do anal and that might be a contributing factor to you not receiving award nominations. There were rumors out there last year that you were going to start doing anal but I haven't seen anything since then. Where are you with that? Have you given up on it or can we still expect to see it?

Eva Angelina: What happened was I was going to do a movie where it was going to be me in every scene doing something that I haven't done on camera before. It was pretty much going to be a lot seeing how I haven't done a lot. I have done girl/girl and boy girl and even boy/boy/girl scenes. I've never done gang bangs. I've never done a DP or anal or blow bangs or anything like that. I was going to do that for one company and they were going to give me a big lump sum of money. Then all of a sudden they wanted another porn star girl to direct it. I was thinking I didn't want another porn star's name on my movie. They were trying to add more scenes for the same rate and then I was thinking, 'okay now they are just trying to fuck me.' I pulled back from that whole gig because now I am only going to do anal for my website exclusively. I am going to pay the male talent because I don't want it to be surfacing anywhere else. I want it to be only one place you can find my anal movies. I think by doing that it would be a good way to market my website. Ultimately that is going to be my product and if one day I want to put out my anal scenes on a DVD that is what I will do. I see all these girls getting the standard rate for doing anal and these companies are making so much money off of them. I mean, it's my asshole. I cherish my asshole. There has only been one guy that wasn't my boyfriend to ever fuck my ass. It's kind of a big deal to me because that is something that is a bit more personal. I love anal. That is the way I masturbate. When I masturbate, I DP myself. It's almost like it is my little sacred thing. I want to make sure it is done right and it is the best possible way to market myself and advance my career right now. I am sure that eventually I will do it on camera for other companies. The other reason I have held out on anal is that I want longevity in my career. I see girls coming into porn and doing anal and DPs and gang bangs right off the bat and they are only around for six months to a year. I want to be in this for as long as possible. I care for it that much. Fuck, I have been doing it since I was 14 doing my own home videos. I don't want to blow it off and get all burnt out on it. I am just trying to take the right steps.

Big D: Do you have aspirations to starting up your own production company? Sounds like you are taking the right steps in the fact that you are owning your own product produced on your website. What about your own production company?

Eva Angelina: Yes, definitely. I already have a corporation. Once I start shooting more I want to learn how to edit, shoot the camera and all the other technical aspects of it. When it comes time for me to push my own product, I know it is great product and I am comfortable with it. Ultimately it is going to be something that will reflect on me. I want people to watch my stuff and know that this is what this girl is all about. I want it to be good and I want to perfect it by shooting my own stuff for my website. That's the first step to eventually having my own production company. I am learning a lot about marketing and distribution. I just don't want to invest a bunch of money and then not succeed. That's what I thought a couple of years ago. There were so many new companies and now they are all now either on hiatus of bankrupt. I don't want to be like one of those people. I also want to establish a name for myself as a performer that I now have that fan base following. So when I am ready to start my own production company I already have the built-in fan base following me. That a good way for people within the adult industry to take me seriously. That's an important thing to me.

Big D: I know your website content will have a lot of stuff you directly have a hand in producing. So what's out there on DVD that you would say is a good representation of what you are all about? If someone has never seen an Eva Angelina DVD, which one would tell them they need to see?

Eva Angelina: As far as my acting ability I would suggest Wicked's Sleeping Around. I co-starred with Stormy Daniels in that one. That one was pretty much my breakthrough acting role. As far as sex scenes would go I would say Latin Obsession #2 by Defiance Films. It's me, Jenaveve Jolie and Tiffany Taylor on the cover. I would also suggest The Perfect Date from Hustler. Anything that Jerome Tanner has shot that is a boy girl scene. He just hooks me up with such great male talent that I just really enjoy having sex and he shoots it so well. It's hard to say just a few because I have about 250 movies if not more out there. I would say College Invasion #4 from Shane's World. That one was really cool and was one of my best scenes that was done in the beginning of my career. I think it was in Farmer's Daughters Take It Off where Harmony and I made Manuel Ferrara cum five times from one scene. That's not easy to do because that guy has been the male performer of the year two years in a row. I would also say anything I have done for Wicked or Vivid. Those are great companies to work for. Ninn Worx also dedicated a movie to just being about me and that one is called Eva. That one is a bit artsy fartsy but the raw sex part of it was great. I liked working for Laurent Sky in Sophia Syndrome from Club Jenna. I worked hard on that movie because he shoots for something like three hours and he puts you on some of the most uncomfortable things. I busted my ass for that movie. He shoots it well and takes pride in his work. I want to be one of those people where I take pride in the sets and I take pride in the lighting. I want to have a lot of pretty girls but there still is some really great, raw sex. I believe ultimately the viewer wants to see the fantasy woman having sex. It needs to be the kind of sex they can't get at home. If they did, they would be having that sex at home. My main goal is to fulfill the fantasies.

Big D: Since you and Harmony were able to make Manuel Ferrara cum five times, who are the other male talent out there that you like to work with?

Eva Angelina: I like Manuel. I like Ben English, I like Mr Pete. I love Scott Nails. I like Billy Glide and Julian. I could go on forever because I have been with everybody almost.

Big D: When you finally decide to start doing anal, do you have someone picked out that you definitely want them to be the first one you do it with on camera? Has there been a guy that is just begging to get your ass first that you have promised it to?

Eva Angelina: Since the idea of the original movie where I was going to be in every scene, I always envisioned my first anal scene to be with Mr Marcus. He loves anal. I totally want it to be with someone who loves anal sex. There are some guys out there that do not desire it. They would much rather do something else and having to do anal would be a bad day for them. I definitely would not want it to be with someone like that. I totally want the chemistry to be there and there to be total intense passion. It could be Manuel Ferrara or Mike Stefano too.
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Big D: You mentioned that you want chemistry to translate through the camera lens. How do you get that chemistry when you are about to do a sex scene to make sure it carries over to the finished product? How do you stay energized to go to work even if you didn't get a good night's sleep or are not feeling your best?

Eva Angelina: I am a really strange person when it comes to sex. When I am tired, having sex wakes me up. Instead of putting me to sleep it totally gives me energy. Even if it is a little bit of sex. Every little bit helps. It's like you have unleashed the dragon. I am a really, really sexual person. I am a multiple orgasmic type person. For me to come to work and actually want sex is a very common thing. It's like when I have sex I am awake now. I am alive now. My blood is pumping and it is the way it should be.

Big D: When you first got into the porn business, you were roommates with Keri Sable. Keri eventually went on to sign a contract with Wicked and is now out of the business. What was it like when you two were both new to the business and sharing a place together?

Eva Angelina: She is a crazy girl. She is out of this world in that her way of thinking was hard to understand. We became friends when both of us really, really needed friends in this business. We automatically bonded. There were times when I could not handle that girl. I would sometimes say to her, 'are you fucking for real? Did you really just say that?' It was hard because she came into the business and she did about six months of just doing regular boy/girl stuff. Then she got thrown into the DP and anal stuff and the five guy creampie things. I was watching her come home with all this money and I was thinking, 'what the fuck?' I was questioning if she was really getting all this fame and recognition if she was really making the right decisions. I wanted to help her because she was really young. I don't mean because she was young in regards to her age but her mentality she was a bit young. She hadn't experienced a lot and I felt like I needed to take her under my wing. It was a crazy situation and she is a fucking hilarious person. I miss her. She is in a different place in her life right now. She didn't need the business. She didn't really care for the business. In a way she got into porn to kind of rebel against her parents. It wasn't a career for her. When she was done and over it, she was done and over it and nothing could change her mind about it. That kind of upset me. Do you know how many people would die to have a Wicked contract? She didn't even last more than six months on contract. She didn't even care that much. I mean, are you fucking crazy? I was thinking, 'if you don't want the contract, then give it to me. I'll take it.' (laughs)

Big D: Speaking of contracts, is that something you think you would want to pursue? Have you been approached about a contract or would you like to test the waters to see if someone would offer you one?

Eva Angelina: I would really love to have a contract. In a way I kind of got fucked with me wanting to go into the Navy. It was such a public thing that studios looked at me as if I was a risk. They might think that if I was willing to leave the industry then that if they gave me a contract I might not be that committed to staying with it. Those companies that might offer a contract do not have that security that I am fully committed to staying in porn. That kind of sucks because I am committed to staying in porn. People told me that the reason why Wicked hasn't offered me a contract was because Keri had fucked Wicked so bad when she bailed on her contract. I guess they were resentful because we were roommates and best friends. That sucks too because I was the one that was telling Keri 'don't leave the business, don't leave the business. Stick with Wicked.' The problem was Keri was so used to working so much doing gonzo that she would get bored when she was on contract with Wicked. She would shoot all of her movies within the first six months and then she had nothing to do. There are other things you can do. You can do store signings. You can market yourself in different ways. She didn't want to be a feature dancer so that was out of the question. There are still other things you can do. There are mainstream things or magazine work. She didn't have the desire to do that stuff. That's not the case for me. I would shoot my movies and do the things that I was asked to do. I think I already have a good fan base established. Club Jenna didn't want to contract me because I had already done so much already. That still could have worked for them because they wouldn't have to spend so much money on trying to advertise and promote me as a new girl. I already have a fan base that will follow to whatever studio puts me on a contract. There are a lot of different factors that I don't understand why I don't have a contract. Maybe one day one will come around. Hustler was interested in giving me a contract but I didn't want to be categorized with the contract girls they were signing. I felt that I have established a pretty big name for myself and I was not completely pleased with the girls they were signing. Also, they don't pay a lot. I am not asking for a ton. I was hoping to get the standard but they are below standard. Legend wanted to have me as a contract girl but I didn't think they would be a right fit for me. In a way it is kind of good I didn't go with that company because they ended up losing their Playboy contract. As a result of that, Harmony got dropped as a contract girl and they didn't have any contract girls at all. Chalk it up to having good intuition. Those are the only two companies that have wanted to contract me. I actually want to wait until people see how well I am performing once I start doing anal. I think they would like me to do anal exclusively for that company. I guess that is a little pitch point for me because I haven't done it for anyone else. Hopefully that will be enough. It's all a matter of timing.

Big D: First job?

Eva Angelina: I worked at a pizza restaurant.

Big D: First concert?

Eva Angelina: Hanson. I think I was something like 11 years old

Big D: First car?

Eva Angelina: It was a 1966 Volkswagen Bug. I didn't know how to drive it but it was my first car.

Big D: What's in your CD player right now?

Eva Angelina: AFI, the new CD, Decemberunderground. It's either that or Justin Timberlake.

Big D: Favorite food?

Eva Angelina: I like everything. I'll try everything once. There really isn't something out there I despise. I am a rather worldly person when it comes to food and tastes. I've had a lot of different types of food and I will try anything.

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Eva Angelina: It was one of the Real Sex programs on HBO when I was like six years old.

Big D: Favorite position?

Eva Angelina: On camera it would be doggy, up and over. Off camera, my legs over the guy's shoulders where he is kind of leaning into me.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Eva Angelina: Movies. I am a big movie junkie. I like them because I know how things are shot and the technical side of it. I like to see what is new as far as special effects. Plus the actors are cool and I like observing other people's work. I like horror movies and action flicks.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Eva Angelina: My sidekick

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Eva Angelina: Running Scared. I watched Hard Candy which is an indie type of suspense film. Requiem For a Dream was good too.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Eva Angelina: Italy. I lived in Europe for four years so I got to explore over there a lot.

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Eva Angelina: There are two or three that I would like to meet. Angelina Jolie, Paul Walker. I am a big Bruce Willis fan. If I could take Paul Walker to the AVN Awards I would.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Eva Angelina: Cuba

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