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Big D's Interview With Dana DeArmond
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Interview Date: April 30, 2010

What if I were to tell you that you need to meet this girl that's is funny, intelligent, sarcastic, playful and beautiful. Oh, did we mention she also enjoys large cocks stuffed up her ass? Would you want to make her your girlfriend? If the answer is yes, then you probably need to wait in line because the internet beat you to it. Meet Dana DeArmond the self-proclaimed 'Internet's Girlfriend". Dana took a break from her non-stop schedule of shooting porn and connecting with her fans via internet social networking to sit down with XRentDVD's very own Big D. In this interview she reveals what it was like growing up with a father who was gay, why she does not consider her job to be "fucking strangers" and how she's an expert on social media marketing yet no one wants her opinion on it.

Big D: You are not your typical porn star. You are not one of those girls that has had plastic surgery and you don't have the typical "look" that all stereotypical porn stars are thought to have. What do you attribute your success in this business despite not being a cookie cutter porn star?

Dana DeArmond: When I tell people that I do adult films they'll say, "What do you mean? You mean you do paper work?" When I tell them I'm a performer they tell me, "You don't look like a porn star". It's very subversive. I'm very "girl next door". It's like I'm reserved and kind of shy outside of my performances or during industry stuff and I dress very modestly. I like showing that side of myself because I want to show that porn stars aren't always on because they're normal people just like everyone else.

Big D: What attracted you to this industry? What was the turning point? When did you say "You know what? I may not have that stereotypical look but I believe I have a place for me within this industry." When did you turn the corner and jump feet first?

Dana DeArmond: Well just to say it's not like I turned a corner and became this porn gril overnight. I wasn't some kind of weird, prudish person that looked down on people. I like to make fun of situations. I was taught sarcasm at a very young age by my parents who are very hilarious people. It wasn't like I was repressed and then I flipped it on or something. I gave plenty of hand jobs when I was in high school too, don't get me wrong. I was, in a way, kind of like a late bloomer because I think I had certain ideas about sex. By being a shy person and being a little bit awkward and not knowing how to meet people and to express interest in sexuality or whatever, it just seemed like a fit for me to get into doing porn. I had always been an entertainer my entire life. From the time I was really small, I was a figure skater. I worked at Disney as a dancer. I worked at universal studios as a dancer. After I turned eighteen, I started working in gentlemen's clubs in Orlando and it served me well. I really do enjoy performing. Oh, and I saw fucking machines on HBO's Real Sex and on the internet and I found it really interesting. I thought that was so extremely different and interesting. You see pornography, you see men's magazines or you know soft core porn on cable and it makes you think about sexuality but you never see something like that different. Seeing fucking machines for the first time I thought that was so profoundly different. Like you see graphic sexual images of people having sex or people in bondage or exhibitionism, just like kind of the stuff that you would always expect. But I came across fucking machines and I thought that they were so profoundly different and interesting to me that I felt that it was something that I needed to try to do.

Big D: So was that the turning point where you had been dancing and been a performer but not in that realm until you actually started doing stuff for Kink.com and for fucking machines? Was that kind of the straw that broke the camel's back where you decided, "I'm doing this whether it's on the internet or it's going to be reproduced onto DVD". Is that when you turned the corner and started doing stuff where you know you became well known enough that you were approached by Vivid Alt to have your own movie Dana DeArmond Does The Internet? That kind of played into the whole internet's girlfriend type theme. Was that kind of like the turning point?

Dana DeArmond: Well, I modeled nude before. I've always kind of dabbled in it. I think that when people are getting in the industry, they kind of flirt with it and they kind of keep raising the bar with their comfortability. I think that pretty much goes for everybody and for a lot of people, at a certain point, the bar goes way down again. I was one of the original models on Burning Angel back in, I think it was 2001. I had already been naked on the internet for like 3 years before I actually did any video stuff for Kink. It's not something that was an all of a sudden decision that now I'm going to do porn. It was something that you kind of ease, ease, ease into.

Big D: What was the transition like? Seeing how you said a lot of people in porn just kind of flirt with it or just kind of dabble in it. Most of that dabbling and flirting is usually stuff that's up on the internet that is on one of those content sites or a cam sites. How easy was the transition to start working for the major porn companies like Elegant Angel, Jules Jordan, Vivid, etc.? Was that a natural progression as well because they knew you were gaining some popularity on the internet and they would want to approach you and put you on some of their DVD's? Or was it just a conscience effort that you wanted to expand into that realm?

Dana DeArmond: Well, I don't know. Sasha Grey is the biggest name in porn right now and she was 18 when she contacted ageant Mark Spiegler. She was going to do everything right from the start and she worked for two years solid like crazy and now she's out of porn. I kind of took a different approach. I was a little bit older when I started. I was already 24 years old and I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't doing something that I believed was going to make me feel uncomfortable or going to misrepresent me. I didn't want to do something that didn't agree with my politics and all sorts of stuff that I was really concerned with. Before I started doing boy/girl stuff, I had a real big debate about doing non-condom scenes. I thought at that time, I felt like those people, all of those people who know me on myspace, if they came across it, are they going to say it's okay to have unprotected sex just because Dana does it? It's setting a bad example, you know? So it's something that I always try to really think out exactly what I'm going to do and how it's going to be perceived by my fan base. I don't have a porn fan base. I have a fan base of the same people that are fans of Tila Tequila and Christine Dolce. Most of them don't even know that I do porn, it's kind of weird.
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Big D: What do you think the attraction is for people to connect with you whether it's on myspace or Twitter or whatever? If they're kind of oblivious to the fact that you are an adult performer, what do you think attracts them to become a friend of yours or to follow you on Twitter?

Dana DeArmond: Ummm, I'm super hilarious, of course. (laughs) You know you have to have a good mix of a good sense of humor and being attractive doesn't hurt either. I post pictures of myself on Twitter and that really appeals to a certain audience. For the most part, I think people appreciate my sense of humor and I do wind some people up sometimes. I say things that are maybe not totally PC but my attitude is that I get fucked in my ass for a living. Why would you ever consider taking someone like me seriously? I tell jokes and I like pretending I'm a comedian on the internet because it's fun for me. If I can get a good fan base and have fun doing it then it's perfect. At that point it becomes not work.

Big D: Touching on your sense of humor, what's your take on this whole To add category link Porn Parody phenomenon? I know you are appearing in the New Sensations parody of The Big Lebowski: A XXX Parody and some other ones. It seems like parodies are the exploding niche right now that everybody's just trying to grab a hold of and trying to get a piece of it.

Dana DeArmond: I'm not really a porn watcher. I'm just a porn doer. I can't really say. I think it's sort of like a whole mythological thing. Like in the mainstream you see people hinting and watching porn. They just recently had on 30 Rock they were having the Cable Town paper view porn and they had the kind of a porn version of mainstream movie titles on their cable business thing. That kind of humor I think appeals to mainstream people because it's like...it's not perverted. It's a parody of something. It's something familiar that's not like Gape Lovers #3. It's something that people can put on their shelves and I think that there's always a little bit of something that's popular that is that way. For years it's probably been like Andrew Blake stuff. Something that you can keep out or even play in front of people and have some kind of artistic aesthetic going on that makes people think this is not just something that's embarrassing or something that should be hidden away. So I think with the parodies, it just kind of goes in waves where sometimes the parody is more popular than the artistic solo high production value. It's like last year, there were five apocalypse themed porn movies. I don't know. I'm not a marketing genius. I know that I seem like I am but there's always got to be something that you can not be embarrassed to let people know that you watch because everybody does watch porn.

Big D: It just seems like years ago when I first got indoctrinated into this industry from outside of it in 2004, it seemed that then everything was all Gonzo and all anal. As much anal as possible. If you don't do anal then it won't sell. Then it moved to the soccer mom MILF/Cougar category started exploding. After that it seemed like the super feature like Pirates were the ones where everybody was trying to compete with everyone else. Now it seems like the parody genre is the hottest thing on the market. Since you've participated in a number of them. I didn't know if your attitude towards them was, "hey that's what's hot and that's what you do when you get called by your agent". You do have a sense of humor and you do have that sarcastic air to you. Do working on porn parodies appeal to the human side of you outside of porn?

Dana DeArmond: It doesn't really matter too much because porn is porn when it comes down to it. When I do get a chance to show my personality, like I get to do that a lot in Gonzo movies, so it doesn't really make a difference to me because you address the camera and you are being yourself. I don't play a character. I am Dana DeArmond. I've been Dana DeArmond my entire life so that really isn't a problem for me. I did get a chance to do the new Burning Angel movie Bartenders and Joanna Angel wrote the script. It's sort of like a heightened version of Dana DeArmond. It's just a little bit more kooky and more slutty. In a way, I played a parody of myself so it was good to work with those people because they get my sense of humor. We all get each other's sense of humor. We work together really well. We know how to make a movie. When there's all this dialog and stuff, I don't know if you saw the trailer, but there's a page of dialog of trying to get me and Evan Stone into having sex in the bathroom of the bar. I switched it. I asked him "would you care to see our gender neutral bathroom for sex?". He was with me and then we went to the bathroom and had sex. It just fit the script. It worked with my personality. It played well with Evan and we saved about an hour of trying to figure out how to get the script part done. I was like, "I'm fucking this guy". This is what crazy Dana DeArmond in bartender's universe would say. They gave me the artistic freedom to do script edits on the spot and do a lot of improv. That's why I really liked doing that movie.

Big D: You've just put yourself out there and you've been Dana DeArmond since day one. There are very few girls that get into this industry that choose to use their real name. We know that Janine Lindemulder used her own name. Cindy Crawford is well know for using her birth name because of the whole lawsuit thing with the supermodel Cindy Crawford. Was that a conscious choice of using your real name instead of going with a stage name that an agent would pick out of a hat for you? Or was it something that you wanted to say, "this is me and I want to be real and this is all part of it"?

Dana DeArmond: Well, again, I would like to say that I put more thought into it but I honestly didn't. I can't even lie it's so funny. Sometimes I do. Like the times I've gotten my mail stolen or people figured out where I lived and left stuff on my doorstep. It's times like those that I do wish that I had a stage name. I feel like maybe people who are going to do stuff like that would do it anyway. When I started, when I went up to Kink and did my first shoot, they would ask me, "what name do you want to go by". My responmse was "Dana DeArmond". I had already been on the internet as a non-porn person and as a nude model and I had used my name before. It's a good sounding name and I respond well to it. Sometimes when I think about it but I've been in the industry for over 6 years. Not to bring her up again, I'm not obsessed or anything... Sasha Grey has the movie called Sasha Grey's Anatomy. Every now and then I feel like I could've chosen a name that I could've gotten some kind of play off of it. You know what I'm saying? Like a word play. But I'm very comfortable being Dana DeArmond. It suits my look. It suits who I am and it suits my personality. A lot of people think it's not my real name anyway and they're really impressed that I made it up. They think that I'm smart. It also shows how cool my family is for being okay with me using my real name and being a pornographer. They're very happy that I've been successful in my career and they're very supportive and they think I'm like the best kid they ever had. My brother and I are complete blessings to my parents and they love us no matter what we do. We're also pretty well adjusted good kids so I really can't be wrong. I have full support from my family and I think that it's important to kind of let people know. That's one of the most extensive questions I get repeatedly asked is, "what do your parents think about what you're doing for a living?". I'm an adult and they respect me. It kind of irks me that people think that your parents should have some kind of a problem with what you do for a living if you're a sex worker. My parents are cool.

Big D: If your parents were open minded about it and they're very relaxed and cool about it, was going into porn something that you mentioned to them in passing? Was it like, "hey by the way, I'm flying up to San Francisco to do some internet porn shooting". Or did you discuss it with them and say, "I'm thinking about doing this. What do you think?". Or was it just, "oh yeah, by the way, this is where my career is headed."?

Dana DeArmond: I told them before I did it. Before I became a stripper, I told them I was thinking of going to go and apply at this strip club. They were fine with that. My parents have always been the same on their advice. They're not pushing or trying to sway anyone or load it down with any sort of opinion. My mother said, "just make sure you don't do anything that makes you feel icky." She knows that I can be conservative in my actions. The way I think out what I'm going to do she knows that I am that way and so that is the best advice she could've given. That's all you can say when you're my parent. She knows that I've already put a lot of thought into the idea already. If I've come to the decision that I was going to think about going to apply for a job at a strip club, you know she already knows that I've done some thinking about the logistics of it.

Big D: So I guess by her advice saying don't do anything icky pretty much rules out bukkake?

Dana DeArmond: Well...
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Big D: That was a joke by the way. I guess my lame attempt at humor is not as sharp as yours.

Dana DeArmond: I don't know I haven't done a bukkake or a gokkun. It just seems a little bit circusy to me. It's okay if people want to do that. It's totally fine. But yeah, it's a little icky. Then there's Ashley Blue who fried up a cum omelet and like that skeeved me out so bad. It was a JM Productions American Bukkake #26 and it grossed me out so bad. They collected all the cum and they cooked it in a frying pan and Dominique Swift ate it.

Big D: You mentioned that you were a figure skater earlier. So was Sunny Lane. You two were probably in the same skating club because you both are from Florida correct?

Dana DeArmond: Yeah we were. We skated at the same skating club in Orlando. My parents have pictures of us together. You get the big group photo every year when you have all your club colors on. I knew her for a long time. We didn't go to the same school. We just were in the same skating club and we went to all the same competitions. I think she was doing it longer than I was. I think that we didn't really compete against one another because she was a level above me. I think when she turned 12 she switched to ice skating from roller skating. So she was ice skating and I roller skated until I was 16.

Big D: So is it kind of weird when you bump into her years later in Las Vegas or in California or wherever it is?

Dana DeArmond: I actually ran into her at an office or something and it was kind of weird. I heard somebody who was roller skating does porn now and it was somebody I know by their real name. Her real name isn't Sunny Lane so it wasn't like "Sunny Lane does porn". It was like they told me "so and so does porn". I was like, "Oh, that's really weird". When we were kids she was a little scrawny bean pole and she had short hair. We were eight to 12 years old. We were little kids. So when you see someone so many years later and they're all grown up, it takes a while to figure it out. But once I figured it out, she had the same face. So now sometimes when I look at her I feel like a little nine year old girl. She's rubbing her ass on me and I'm thinking this is kind of funny. I saw her at an office and I told her, "You look so familiar to me." I saw her mom Shelby and I was thinking, "I know you from somewhere." They told me they're from Florida and I told them I was from Florida too. I was trying to think if we went to the same school. I went home that night and I got in bed and I closed my eyes and then I remembered that was her. I was thinking, "Oh my god. I know you." I think she hadn't heard that I did porn. She didn't put it together, Dana DeArmond, Dana DeArmond. Somebody had to tip me off that she was in porn. I just thought it was weird that two girls in the same skating club ended up doing porn. One of the girls in our skating club ended up becoming a Hawaiian Tropic model. Then a lot of the girls got fake boobs. So then we are all trying to guess who got fake boobs this year. She graduated college and got fake boobs and I was like, "Oh my god! I remember her when she was four." It's kind of funny to see how people grow up and they all become women. Everybody's a woman now.

Big D: You've had the opportunity to guest lecture at University of California Irvine and UC Santa Barbara. How did that come about? How did somebody approach you and say, "we want to bring in a porn star to present a lecture to institutions of higher learning"?

Dana DeArmond: At the Santa Barbara school they actually have a porn class and they have people come and talk about all different aspects of the porn industry. I went up there with Eon McKai so I assumed that they had somebody contact Vivid to get us to go. That's when alt porn was the thing and we were kind of like the figureheads of that sort of movement type of thing and we were speaking directly to the audience. The point of it all was trying to get people who don't typically buy porn and steal it to actually buy it. We were kind of taking it to the streets in a way when you go and you meet with people face to face and you explain to them what your mission statement is and what you are trying to bring to the table. So I got to go with Eon McKai from Dana Does The Internet and talked to a bunch of people. It was really cool. I don't exactly know what a porn class brings to anyone's major. I don't know if it's an elective or what it is. I think that maybe the professor maybe did it on a dare or somebody bet her she wouldn't be able to do it or something. But it's been taught for years and years and years and I think it's really interesting. I'd like to go back but I'm not really connected to her personally or to the school or her class personally. It was really interesting to be able to go and talk to people and hear their questions. Then the UC Irvine one, they have a sociology class and they occasionally have porn stars come and guest speak. They show pornography to an auditorium and they have a questionnaire where they ask people what they think about all the different clips. It's really interesting to see a group of a couple thousand people all watching the same porn movie at the same time. It's a little bit of a social experiment. Then you get to go and talk to tons and tons of people. The thing is that in that class the nights that they show porn everyone's roommates, people who aren't actually enrolled in the class, everybody shows up that day. It's like a party and it's interesting to see all these different people. They're all college students, but they're all so vastly different. All in one auditorium hanging off of every word that comes out of your mouth. I was introduced to that class by Belladonna because she was out of the country at the time and I was hanging out with her. She said I should go, so I went and I took my boyfriend at the time. We got to talk about relationships, how people always want to know about relationships, sex workers relationships and stuff like that. I don't know. I can only speak from my personal experience. It's not like porn stars are A, B and C and their relationships are like A, B and C. Everyone gets into the business differently. They live their lives differently. It's kind of interesting to go and be able to tell my story and it's cool to talk to an entire auditorium of people. It was pretty awesome. I think I caught a bug or something when I did that. I presented XRCO Awards and in January at the AVN Awards. I had such a good time. I really like getting on stage and being goofy.

Big D: Obviously being asked to be a presenter at any of the award shows you get to show yourself outside of what people see on film. Do you envision that you might be on a speakers bureau, or some sort of other type a tour where as you'll do more speaking at other universities? Do you think you have been in porn long enough that you could be considered to be an expert that you would be a highly coveted speaker?

Dana DeArmond: Right. It's so fucked up because they, at all the conventions like at Adult Entertainment Expo or Exotica or Erotica LA or whatever, they always have panels of people that are speaking. There's always panels about social networking and I'm never asked to be on one, ever. I don't know what it is. I don't know why that is because if anyone is good at social networking, it would probably be me. I think that people are more interested in seeing someone like Jenna Jameson or Tera Patrick or Sasha Grey or somebody that's like more of a name than someone who actually has experience. (laughs) That sounds awful. It sounds like I'm being a jerk about it. But you know, I think for a lot of times when people want people to do personal appearances, they don't really care about what people have to say. People want to know what I have to say. It's pretty much all already out there anyways so it's kind of like people can find that if they look for it.

Big D: I would think that if I were compiling a speakers panel, and this is just me thinking out loud, that you would definitely want to have somebody whose nickname is the "Internet's Girlfriend" to talk about social networking. Rather than have somebody who is a big name, someone who's been doing porn for years, who has a big brand name out there but might not know jack shit about how to get their name out there and how to promote via this new medium. That's just me. That's just me sounding like I'm on your team, which I am. But it doesn't make sense to me. Wouldn't you want an expert on your panel rather than a well known piece of ass?

Dana DeArmond: That's awesome, but I mean there's also a lot of people who want to promote themselves solely as porn stars. They want you to know they do adult stuff outside of movies. They'll promote by doing a promo by saying “hey call me." Kind of like a phone bone type of thing. Or they'll say "you can text me at this number and I'll text you back”. It's a new way for them to get people to join their website. Some people don't care about promotion for the sake of self-promoting. They care about promotion for the sake of selling something. I think that's how I'm different than a lot of people. It says on my bio I'm the porn star of the people. I connect with the people. I don't treat people like custumers and I tell it how it is. I think that's why I do really well as far as my fan base goes because I'm not selling anything. I'm on the Lee Network for feature dancing and I don't feature dance. I've not been booked for one feature dancing thing because I think that people they don't picture me as a porn star. I'm like their friend and you know I kind of shoot myself in the foot by being so friendly and so accessible to everybody.

Big D: Well I think I read on your blog where you said that you were approached in public and somebody said "hey, you kind of look like that porn star Dana DeArmond." You said, "Well that's kind of funny because I am her." Do you find that you get that recognition and you do get that fan interaction whether it be at the airport or at the grocery store or wherever you happen to be? People recognize you not just because they saw you on a DVD but because they are actually a fan of yours, they follow on Twitter or they read your blog or whatever it happens to be? Do you find that is happening more and more frequently?

Dana DeArmond: Oh yeah. I meet people and they say “I've been your friend on Myspace for six years”. It's not like they come up to me and say, "this is my favorite movie." It's always something like "Oh my God you're hilarious on Twitter! I subscribe to your YouTube channel. We're Facebook friends." I think that gives people a certain level of comfortability because unless it's a diehard super fan that comes out to signings and stuff like that, they don't want to feel like they're embarrassing me or putting me out or embarrassing themselves by admitting that they watch my movies. Nobody wants to approach someone and not know if they're going to be uncomfortable with whatever is going to come out of their mouth. So most people will say, "Oh, I like your work" or something like that. It's very cryptic a lot of the times because people try to be very respectful. It's nothing like if you see an actress somebody will come right up to you to them, somebody will come right up to them and say, "I'm you biggest fan" blah, blah, blah and try to shove themselves at their throat. When you are a porn star, it's a little bit more of a delicate situation in a way. You know people don't have bumper stickers of fucking Dana DeArmond like people have bumper stickers of bands all the time.

Big D: There's kind of something innocuous about the fact that someone can come and say, "I'm a big fan of you the artist." It's kind of like saying, "I'm a big Guns N' Roses fan" and they can say that to Slash or Axl Rose and not feel like they are being judged. There is that stigma with porn that if someone says, "I'm your hugest fan" it gives the impression that that is all this person is doing is they're sitting at home and they're just beating off to Dana DeArmond 24/7.

Dana DeArmond: Well the other thing is when people see me out they get the whole idea that I try humanize porn stars. I try not being the Robin Williams of sex and being crazy and always on and running around. I dress like a normal person when I'm out. People respect me. It's like I command respect. People wouldn't dare to come up to me and say something about seeing the inside of my asshole while I am at a restaurant or something like that. I'm a tall gal. I'm pretty serious looking you know? I'm quiet and that makes people nervous. I'm not somebody to be fucked with. When I don't want to be approached, I kind of put like a big thick layer of "fuck you" on, so you know it's hard for people to get a good read on me in public. It's because a lot of times I don't want people coming up to me if I'm with somebody else. They don't know what that person's relationship is to me and so I don't want people to come up and say something about me doing porn. They don't know if that's someone who doesn't know that I do porn or someone I'm dating. People don't really want to rock the boat. It's a sensitive situation. Also people don't want to like seem like their objectifying a person. Especially when they know they can read my Twitter page all day long. Then they don't want to come up to me with something about being hot or being naked or doing porn because it's like cheating in a way. If it's a good opportunity, they say something like, "You look like Dana DeArmond." You know it's cheeky and it's non-objectifying. Most people just don't say anything and they'll choose to write me later and say "I saw you at so and so place." It's a little bit lurky. I'd rather people say hello or whatever. I definitely don't want people to come up to me and start talking about how many of my porn movies they own. I mean I don't care. I'm glad they buy them. If people do talk about watching my movies I try to find out if they're stealing them or not. Then I'll reprimand them but normally people are pretty cool. Sometimes people don't really recognize me too much or they ask who I am. I say "I'm Dana DeArmond" and they'll say, "Well, I've never seen your work" Then if I followed them home and checked their hard drive, I'm sure there's plenty on there. There's hundreds of scenes out there. There's no way they haven't seen my work. I'll ask people who is your favorite girl in porn and they'll say, "Belladonna, Sasha Grey, Stoya, Bobbi Starr." These are all people that I've worked with. If you have their stuff you probably have me on your hard drive. It's really funny when people try to act like they didn't know who you were. But I'd rather people be nonchalant and say “you look familiar to me”. People like trying to dance around it and try to get me to explain to them who I am. I'll sometimes say, "I don't know. That's weird! I just moved here." I'll fuck with people. I don't care. I can smell a faker from a mile away when people fuck with me.

Big D: That seems like it's a little bit more fun than just responding with something like, "Yes. I know who I am. What can I do for you?"

Dana DeArmond: I'm cool about it. Like that one guy who saw me in the bar who said, "You look like Dana DeArmond" and asked if he could buy me a drink. He was showing me pictures of his girlfriend on his phone. He had all these pictures on his phone. He had all these pictures that he was inspired to take because he saw my twitpics where I have some like cum on me. He told me, "these are the pictures you and Dan take." It was like really funny. I was like, "Oh wow! It's like a home art project."

Big D: Are there any other projects that are coming up, whether they be your own personnel website, your blog or just anything that's coming out that you want to point people towards? Is there anything out there that you want to alert people to keep an eye out for?

Dana DeArmond: Well, I've been procrastinating on making a website for several years but I do have the Internetsgirlfriend.com. It's like a little blog that I update every now and then with my interviews and trailers and blogs and whatever the fuck I want. The Bartender's movie, which I'm really excited about, I believe comes out in June. I'm very excited about that one. The Big Lebowski parody is coming out. I don't actually perform in it because there was a problem. I was supposed to perform in it and then I couldn't. There's a bunch of stuff on my website like comedy stuff, stuff that I've done recently. Maybe you saw the Funny or Die Godaddy Super Bowl ad that came out. I've done shows where they have me guest star as myself sometimes. I'll come and I'll do little bits for comedians who do the show that use me. I forget the date, but there's a naughty comedy show at Melrose Improv. I think I'm doing it in June and you might want to check back on my blog for that one. I don't know. I'm just kind of flying by the seat of my pants right now. There's no award shows or nominations going on. I am hosting the UrbanX Awards with Misty Stone. I think it's June 29th. I don't have any of those written down or anything. I should have probably been a little more prepared. But yeah, I'm hosting the Urban X Awards with Misty Stone. I have the Bartender's movie coming out. I did a Wicked Pictures feature called 3 Days in June directed by jessica drake. I love her a lot. She's a great gal. That's about it. I'll let you know when I start a real website because of procrastibation. That's when you masturbate instead of getting anything done. I mentioned that to James Deen because he said when nobody's around and he's editing, he was editing Bartenders, he'll just get bored when things are rendering. He then starts jacking off and then he forgets what he's doing. He said it's like "I'm like procrastibating".
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Big D: What was your first job ever?

Dana DeArmond: My first Job was in Orlando, Florida. I was dancing in parades. I was a parade dancer for Disney.

Big D: What was the first concert you ever went to?

Dana DeArmond: Oh my God. I don't know. I wasn't really big on big concerts. I've gone to coffee shops where bands from your school play and stuff like that but I can't really remember. I feel bad.

Big D: What was your first car?

Dana DeArmond: I had a Mercury Topaz. I think it was a 1989 Mercury Topaz and it was a really really ugly light blue color. We just beat the crap out of it. We would go out to new developments out in Orland where you would see the urban sprawl happening and we would go out and do donuts on fresh asphalt and scare the crap out of my little brother.

Big D: What's in your iPod right now?

Dana DeArmond: I have in my CD player in my car I think I have Vampire Weekend, Phoenix and the Ant Word which is a South African band. I've got a mix CD of that artist which was ripped off the internet because they don't actually have an album out. On my ipod there's just a million things on there. Anything you can think of like William Shatner's spoken word. Just weird crap.

Big D: Favorite Food?

Dana DeArmond: I don't know. I just eat whatever I'm in the mood to eat. I'm really crazy about tea. I love tea maybe because it doesn't have calories in it and maybe that's one of the best parts.I like wet food in general. Most of the time I'm dumping sauce and stuff all over my food so you know it's not really acceptable to just do shots of salad dressing. I am really into salads and stuff you can pour barbecue sauce on with all sorts of hidden calories everywhere, which I'll probably make up for it in tea and water.

Big D: What's your favorite position on or off camera?

Dana DeArmond: I'm really into missionary. I like looking at people. Porn stars don't want to seem vanilla and so they'll say, "reverse cowgirl anal" or something outrageous like that. People want to say "Oh, pile driver is my favorite". Honestly, if you're having sex and you're trying to normally have sex, it's nice to like enjoy yourself and to be able to concentrate on what your feeling and connect with the person that your making love. Missionary is the best for that, you know? It's not all about being pounded like a whore. It's nice to have a connection with people, even if you're just working with them. I hear a lot, "you fuck strangers for a living". I've known Mr. Marcus and Sean Michaels and James Dean and Mr. Pete and Manuel Ferrara and all these people that I work with over and over and over with for years. I've known all of them pretty much my entire career. I'm not fucking strangers. These are people who are my associates and I connect with them on a deeper level than just like being whorish and fucking a stranger. I have the utmost respect for all of these men. Just trying to cheapen it by painting me as a girl that is fucking strangers or somebody that I work with, it's gross to me. I do really enjoy being around them and connecting with them and creating art. They are good guys. That always makes me say, "What the fuck?" every time somebody claims I like to fuck strangers. I say, "Eww, no I don't. That's absurd."

Big D: Movie or a ballgame?

Dana DeArmond: I would go to the movies because I don't like sports. I don't know I wasn't...well, I have a gay dad. I've never had an interest in watching sports. I don't know if it's because I have a gay dad or somebody who wasn't like a macho sports guy. My dad was in the army. He can kick your ass. He can kill a bunch of people or whatever but you know he's just not some couch potato, sports watching dad. My dad is more of a an artistic type of person who's into the arts and science fiction and science and culinary arts. He's a very awesome guy. He's not the typical “my dad didn't give me enough attention because he just watched football all the time so now I have to get back at him by getting fucked by black guys." It was absolutely nothing like that. I think it's really funny when people ask, "Does your dad jack off to your porn?" My dad is not interested in the kind of porn that have ladies in it. When I say that it kind of screws people up. It's kind of a cute story about how naive I was growing up. My brother and I were looking for Christmas presents one winter when we looked in my parents closet and we found all these magazines with men in them. I'd seen Playboy. My uncle had Playboy magazines and stuff so I knew that they were for adults or whatever. My parents had a kind of like European upbringing. Nudity is not something to be weirded out about. It's natural. It's nothing that ever phased me at all. I'd seen naked men, naked women, whatever. It was no big deal. So I saw these magazines with naked men in them. I like turned to my brother and I said, "Oh, these must be mom's." We put them back in the box and put them back on the shelf and continued looking for presents. It's funny because I was so naive at the time. I didn't even put it together that my dad was gay. It was just like, "Oh these are men, so these must be mom's." It's just really too fucking cute and silly.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Dana DeArmond: Well, I watch Ghostbusters almost ever day. I do love Ghostbusters and I can't wait until Ghostbusters 3 comes out. I don't know. I watch all sorts of movies. I'm not really a big fan of horror films and stuff like that because it kind of gives me an uncomfortable feeling. I like a lot of comedy and a lot of smart comedies. I saw Kick Ass the other day and I was shocked how much violence, like how bloody it was. To have like a child actress in the scenes, I was kind of shocked a little bit. I enjoyed the movie a lot. It was pretty cool.

Big D: What is a modern convenience that you could not live without?

Dana DeArmond: I have to choose just one? Hmmm... I'm trying to think. I don't know probably my car. Probably driving a car. I don't think I could live without driving a car, especially in Los Angeles. That would suck. I don't really know how I lived without text messaging before it was a thing too because I love text messaging so much more than anything else you can do on a telephone. I don't know. I'm not an outdoorsy type of girl. I really do enjoy having things like indoor plumbing, electricity, refrigerator, satellite TV and internet.

Big D: Favorite spot to go on vacation?

Dana DeArmond: I haven't gone on vacation in such a long time. The last time I went was almost four years ago. I went snorkeling with my folks and my brother and his girlfriend down in Key Largo and it was really fun. Basically wherever and whenever I can see my family. I'm not a big destination freak. I was working out in Europe in October and I really liked Berlin a lot. I got over Paris really quickly though. It was beautiful and everything but it was just sort of like.. it was too hard to figure out how to eat. Nobody would help us with any menus. Then we were in Budapest and it was really beautiful out there. I was in London and the last time was kind of crappy because there was a snow storm. The time that I went before was pretty cool and I got to do a lot. When I travel, I'm usually working so it's hard and I don't really get to take good vacations. I love going to Disney though. I really like going to theme parks. When I went back to Florida and saw my parents we went to Island of Adventures with roller coasters and crap like that. I just like doing stuff with my family more than anything. My little brother lives in San Francisco now so I get to see him more often than I have been when he lived in the East Coast. I love my family, they're really sweet.

Big D: A person you would like to meet but you have not yet met?
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Dana DeArmond: I really like I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt I think that he is good in everything and I think he's really adorable and talented. I'd really like to meet him but under the condition that he was not allowed to think that I was a creep. I really like him. I think that Will Forte is one of the funniest actors on TV. He played Abraham Lincoln in Clone High. He actually was on 30 Rock last night as Jenna's boyfriend who is a female impersonator. They make out and it's really weird but I think he's adorable and he's a really good comedian. He's really funny and he just really cracks me up. I don't know. I've met a lot of pretty cool people. Sometimes you meet somebody and you are kind of disappointed. I met Aziz Ansari and it was in Vegas and it was 3 o'clock in the morning and he just seemed like he wanted to go and party. I've seen his stand ups and I've seen him on TV. We have mutual friends but sometimes when it's just the time and place aren't working out, like it doesn't do it for you, you meet somebody that you're a fan of and then you realize that they're not really that awesome, it's disappointing. There's probably a long list of people that I'm better off not ever meeting.

Big D: Place that you want to visit but have yet to go?

Dana DeArmond: Someplace like Tahiti. Some place really far out there or someplace like nicer parts of Australia. I've been to Brisbane, Australia and I'd probably like to go to like Melbourne or Sydney. Not that Brisbane wasn't charming because it was, it was just fine.

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