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Big D's Interview With Courtney Cummz
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It's uncommon that a hardcore, gonzo studio signs a contract girl. Then again Courtney Cummz is not your run of the mill gonzo porn goddess. By signing an 18 month contract with gonzo powerhouse Zero Tolerance, Courtney is extending her career not only in front of the camera but behind it as well. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Courtney talks about her new exclusive contract, why she won't do gang bangs anymore and why it is so easy for her to have orgasms on set.

Big D: First things first. Congratulations on your contract with Zero Tolerance. How did that come about?

Courtney Cummz: They have been looking for a new contract girl, or their first contract girl, for a while now. I happened to be on set one day and Mike Quasar told me that they were interested in me. I had told him that I had a couple of other contracts in the works and he told me I should talk to Greg (Alves).

Big D: Since you had other offers for contracts, what was it about Zero Tolerance that made you want to sign with them?

Courtney Cummz: They had more things to offer me, as far as my website goes and as far as working behind the camera. I'll have more signing opportunities. They are not as large as one of the other companies that were interested in signing me but it is a growing company. The people that are within the company are very loyal. If I ever had an issue I could go to Greg and it would be resolved as opposed to going through 20 people before it gets resolved. It's was a lot of things from communication to shooting to my scenes, their overall quality of work. It was just overall better.

Big D: Your contract is just not exclusively for Zero Tolerance but you will be shooting for their black and interracial studio Black Ice. Are you excited that you just won't be doing Zero Tolerance type films?

Courtney Cummz: Definitely. It's the new company. I love working for people when it is a new beginning. I can be with them as they are going up the ladder.

Big D: Since you had contract offers from other companies, had you always wanted to land a contract or was this a surprise to you?

Courtney Cummz: It just kind of came about. When I entered this business I had the mindset of 'whatever happens, happens'. In this industry you don't know how long your career is going to last. By taking the contract I do believe it will lengthen my time in the industry and I can do more things. This is my career for now. I want to move forward. I don't want to move backwards. If I didn't have a contract I am assuming that I would get shot out a lot faster. In one year I have done a lot of movies. I've done anal and DPs. A lot of girls don't ever do anal. I did anal when I first got into the industry.

Big D: Speaking of your start, how did you get into working in adult films?

Courtney Cummz: Initially I was a college student working at a nudist resort and I was broke. My neighbor was in the industry and she had just started about the same time as I did. She was telling me that if I didn't want to be broke anymore to start doing porn. I did my first scene that was a solo scene at the Fetishcon in Tampa. From there, I met the agent for Redd Rose and she brought me to LA. So it just kind of happened.

Big D: Working at a nudist resort you probably didn't have problems being naked in front of large groups of people but that is completely different than having sex on camera. Was it an easy transition or did it take some getting used to?

Courtney Cummz: I was nervous. I am not going to lie. I was nervous when I first did my solo. I didn't know what to do because at home it is different than on camera. Initially it was awkward. But I like to have sex and I like to have orgasms so everything came naturally.

Big D: Some girls enter the business swearing off doing anal and DPs. You started in with those types of movies right away. How did you make that jump to doing extreme stuff right away?

Courtney Cummz: My agent basically told me that if I didn't do anal that I wouldn't get any work. I was young and gullible and I didn't know the business. That's how I initially started doing anal. I started to like it because I really didn't have a choice. Initially it was a little uncomfortable and it felt weird. Then I learned how to enjoy it and I learned what it does to my body and learned how hard I can cum. I was having sex and I needed to learn how to enjoy it. I became in tune with my body and learned what makes me cum. And now I love anal sex and DPs.

Big D: You don't hear a whole lot of girls in porn exclaim they love anal sex and DPs that often. Most porn girls do anal since there are so many scenes out there with anal that you are more or less forced to do it because you won't get any work if you don't.

Courtney Cummz: The ass is the new pussy. I really like it. Even in my personal life I will have anal sex.

Big D: Do you consider yourself to be a highly sexual person before you got into porn.

Courtney Cummz: I was very sexual. When I got into the industry it opened another door. I got more into the domination stuff. Joey Silvera turned me onto being more dominant, like fucking guys in the ass with strap-ons. He broadened my horizons sexually. He opened that door for me. Red Light District does a lot of hardcore fucking. That turned me onto really hard anal sex, DPs and more than one guy. Since I have come into the industry I have become a different person. I've become more sexually active off camera. In my personal life I crave sex more than I used to. Before I used to just be addicted to my vibrator. I'd have a boyfriend or a guy I would see and have sex with him but it wouldn't be crazy sex. Now I like crazy sex. If it is not hardcore sex then I am bored.

Big D: Do you think being a porn star has spoiled you sexually because everyday you have this amazing sex? If you meet someone in your personal life they are probably not going to live up to someone like Manuel Ferrara or Erik Everhard.

Courtney Cummz: Yes. The thing is that whenever you are dating someone that is outside of the industry you have to look at them in a different light. I get sex from work but what can this guy offer me in my personal life? It has to be more than just sex because I can get sex at work every day. In my personal life they have to have more characteristics that are appealing. They have to be funny or successful or happy. They can't be negative. You have to look for different things in them.

Big D: Is that hard for you to separate work from your personal life? Is it hard to date someone outside of the industry since you have sex with different people every day?

Courtney Cummz: Actually I don't have a boyfriend and I am single. I was actually dating someone in the industry and he couldn't even handle it. Some of the guys I meet outside of the industry tell me they can handle it because they look at me like I am a sex symbol. If I don't tell them I am in the industry they are going to find out anyway so it is a Catch-22. So right now is my time to work, make money, have fun and then in the future worry about a relationship.

Big D: How long is your contract for Zero Tolerance?

Courtney Cummz: It is for a year and a half.

Big D: Beyond your contract with Zero Tolerance, how long do you think you will stay in this business either as a performer or behind the camera?

Courtney Cummz: I am actually going to start shooting from behind the camera soon and having my own series. As for performing, I want to perform for the camera but not for the next ten years. As far as the future goes I have the mentality that this is my career currently and I plan for this to be my career for the next five years. But after that it is whatever happens, happens. I have a degree in fashion design and marketing but right now I am doing porn. I have other options but I am a pervert.

Big D: What about the porn business that makes you want to stay in it for the next five years as a performer and possibly beyond that?

Courtney Cummz: It's the sex. It's capturing the moment on camera. Most women do not have orgasms on camera. I do. I enjoy sex. When I record it that is what I want to capture. That's what I like about it is just being able to enjoy it.

Big D: Since a lot of girls in porn can't have orgasms when the cameras are rolling, what is it about you that you can cum on camera?

Courtney Cummz: It's not a problem. I am in tune with my body and I know what makes me cum. I have a friend of mine that has never had an orgasm on camera but she has been doing porn for a year. I asked her, 'are you really enjoying your job or are you just working?' I just love my job and I like to have sex. I can get away with it. I can be a little whore when I go to work. In my personal life I can just relax.

Big D: What do you do in your personal life when the cameras are not rolling and you are back in Florida?

Courtney Cummz: I go to my nudist resort and just lie out in the sun and relax. I go to the park, go to the beach, shopping, hang out with my friends and go dancing. When I am in Florida, I'm a totally different person. I have my animals and I will watch HBO and just relax.

Big D: I know things will change with your new contract but when you were a free agent how often did you come to LA and work and how often did you go back home to Tampa?

Courtney Cummz: I would come and stay here four to seven weeks. I was in LA working everyday. I would go back to Florida for maybe a week or two and then I would come back to LA and work again. Now that I am under contract I am still going to be very busy. I will probably be here for about a month and then go back for a week. You know, back and forth.

Big D: You recently signed the contract. Do you already have some projects lined up that you know you will be working in for Zero Tolerance?

Courtney Cummz: I performed in Grand Theft Anal #8 and The Apprentass #4. There were a couple of Black Ice movies so a total of about five already. I did a blow job series. They were fun. They were all anal except for the blow job scene.

Big D: You mentioned porn has allowed you to express yourself sexually and let yourself go. Have you been in scenes where the direction has prevented you from doing that?

Courtney Cummz: Yeah that has happened. I did a scene for a website that was a gang bang that was my third scene ever. Ever since then I have never done anymore than four guys.

Big D: A little overwhelming?

Courtney Cummz: Thoroughly overwhelming. I mean I had a lot of fun but it was overwhelming. I did Bakers Dozen #6 which was sucking 18 guys' dicks. Having sex with more than four guys kind of creeps me out. I am not one for the bukkake.

Big D: Going from something that you felt you were out of your element, what would you say was your best scene or best adult DVD?

Courtney Cummz: Joey Silvera's Service Animals #19 with Sativa Rose and Patricia Petite. Anal Cavity Search was my first DP. Elastic Assholes #3 for Mike John. That was a great scene. It was me and Erik Everhard and I had him all to myself that day. Normally for Red Light you have two other guys with him. My new series that is coming out from Zero Tolerance, The Apprentass series. I really had a lot of fun that day with Evan Stone. He is a great talent. I've been in so many of them. Mouth 2 Mouth #4. The new one that just came out for Diabolic. That was a great scene. My favorite of all time was either Service Animals or Anal Cavity Search.

Big D: What about those two make them your favorite?

Courtney Cummz: In Service Animals that is the one where Joey Silvera has me and Sativa Rose and Patricia beating up Juan Cuba. Joey just brought out a different side of me that day. Ever since then I have been more into the domination. As far as Anal Cavity Search goes, that was my first DP and the guys were dressed up in police officer outfits. They interrupt the shoot with me and Erik. It was such a fantasy to have two police officers handcuff you and have someone sticking fingers in your ass. It was my first DP and the feeling was just amazing. I've never had so many orgasms on one set. It was just amazing because it was something totally new. Having both of your holes filled and the feeling throughout your whole body. I love every scene I do whether it is the director or the fantasy we are creating. That's why I like this job is because I have a new fantasy.

Big D: What is it about domination sex that you have gotten into lately?

Courtney Cummz: Before I worked for Joey I was so submissive. I was trying to be dominant but it didn't really occur until I started working for him. He opened up that different side of me. It's the control. I like to be in control.

Big D: If you could put together your dream cast for a movie, who would be the people you would want to put in that movie?

Courtney Cummz: Scott Nails, Erik Everhard, Tony T and Kurt Lockwood. As far as the females go I would like to have Sativa Rose, newcomer Charlotte Stokely, Melissa Lauren, Brooke Haven and Missy Monroe.

Big D: What is it about those people that make the list of your dream cast?

Courtney Cummz: They are dirty. Tony T likes hardcore fucking. Erik Everhard likes hardcore fucking. Melissa Lauren likes everything that is not normal. I really like the way they perform. Their mentality and the way they think. They enjoy sex. It's all of the above.

Big D: Who would you want to direct it?

Courtney Cummz: I would want to direct it.

Big D: Okay, besides yourself, who would you like to direct it?

Courtney Cummz: I really like Mike Quasar, Chris Streams and Joey Silvera.

Big D: First job?

Courtney Cummz: I worked at Applebees as a server.

Big D: First concert?

Courtney Cummz: Lollapalooza. I was either 13 or 14 so that was probably in 1998 or 1997.

Big D: First car?

Courtney Cummz: 1985 Nissan Altima

Big D: What's in your CD player right now?

Courtney Cummz: My Ipod? I have Kanye West to Madonna to Cher to AC/DC to Joan Jett. I have from one extreme to another.

Big D: Favorite food?

Courtney Cummz: Sushi

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Courtney Cummz: I'm not sure. Probably something on late night HBO.

Big D: Favorite position?

Courtney Cummz: In my personal life, missionary. On camera, missionary anal.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Courtney Cummz: Ballgame. If it was football I like the Raiders and in basketball I like the Sacramento Kings.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Courtney Cummz: My cell phone or my computer. I am addicted to Myspace.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Courtney Cummz: As a girl I loved Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Courtney Cummz: The Caribbean

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Courtney Cummz: It could be Julia Roberts or it could be someone like Abraham Lincoln. I know. Princess Diana.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Courtney Cummz: Australia

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